Tazkiyah 19 – Stinginess

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hamdulillah Malala mein

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salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen Allah Allah He was happy he has made

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a wide

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range Allah we will talk about the

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the evil of vocal.

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The evil of stinginess and miserliness.

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This is something which is

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just strange because this was one of the things that is the hallmark or the trademark of this oma is that this is a generous oma

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people with an open hand.

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But a lot of them, sometimes we have to wonder whether this is still the case.

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The issue of miserliness, Allah subhanaw taala. mentioned this many times in the Quran

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about the issue of being stingy the issue of being miserliness in Surah, Mohammed and various other places

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why you have to

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find a way of Colossians The one who is

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who has spoken, he has vocal on himself by himself he is he is stingy only on himself.

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And then he looked around, I said, Yeah, you are nice and tall for Cora ilala.

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Look, let's write it all of you are familiar with for almost

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everyone, no matter how rich he or she might think they are. They are actually beggars. They actually people who are who are Farah before Allah Subhana, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala also mentioned in sort of in sort of the Bukhara, and other places, the benefits of spending in the battle and in sort of the Muslim millions in Surah Baqarah that I mentioned, Yakuza, Allah Hassan, Hassan Allah, these are the people who give to Allah subhanaw taala a good loan.

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And Amato got the Boolean fusi communicating over in the law. And whatever you have said before you you will find it with Allah subhanaw taala in a very much increased state.

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Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in sort of the Baccarat where Allah said that the one who spent in the path of Allah subhanaw taala is like the one who plants one seed. And from that one seed comes out a plant and that plant has seven

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branches or seven years in which each of which is 100 seeds. So that is seven, one is to 700.

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And then I was rather as an analyst, that increases the bounty as he wishes. So it's not even a matter of counting, it's a matter of Allah subhanaw taala giving out of his own generosity.

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So there is a lot of a lot of

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encouragement in the Quran, to spending in the path of Allah subhanaw taala sharing sharing what Allah has given us with those who have who do not have that much.

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The way to understand it is in this way, one is to understand that Allah subhanaw taala what we have in our possession is a is two kinds of things. One is that which is our risk,

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one which is that which is our risk, which is meant for us written for us, and we can consume it and Allah subhanaw taala will take account of that for us. What we consume, Allah will account for it.

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The other part of what we have is what we hold interest for other people.

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It's not ours,

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it actually belongs to other people.

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And Allah subhanaw taala sends the other people to us to collect,

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sometimes in the form of individuals who will come and ask sometimes in the form of causes that you come before you which you should support, sometimes in the form of various kinds of disasters and calamities that happen and which are brought to you or notice. Not everything which happens in the world comes to the notice of everybody, certain things come to the notice of certain people, why it's not accidental,

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sending that information to you or me, because what we have in terms of our wealth, some part is supposed to be allocated to that. So it is being brought to our notice this thing happened in this place.

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Now of course we ignore it and walk away.

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So what are we doing with the trust that has been given to us? So two kinds of things are two parts to our wealth. One is that which is for us to consume which has been written for us and the other which we hold in trust. Now see the beauty and the generosity

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Let us monitor that which we hold in trust, if we spend in the path of Allah subhanaw taala, for the purpose for which Allah gave it to us, then that becomes part of our risk because Allah subhanaw taala will give us reward for it.

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So if we want to convert, what we have everything entirely into something that is not only our wrist, but which Allah will give us a reward for, then we have to spend it to the bottle and

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otherwise, that thing becomes something which we will be held accountable for.

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Very important to understand this, we really can't, there's no way that you're going to escape that. If you have if you're sitting on somebody else's property, and you don't give it to them, then what happens with it?

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Right. So therefore, it's very important to understand this another way of understanding the benefit of spending is think of this say there are two people, right? There are two people,

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both of them have $1 million each.

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And they both go out into the market.

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And they both spend that complete $1 million.

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They spend it completely right.

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Both of them at the end of that day. They do not have a single cent of cash in their pocket.

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But when you look at the list of what each of them watch,

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one of them.

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He bought nice clothes, he bought,

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branded watches, he bought, you know, Bali shoes, he bought handbags, and he bought a car and he bought this and he bought that. And he bought a holiday and he bought, you know, first class passes on a world tour on QE two, or the and so on and so on z but all of this stuff, right? He went to the finals biggest, most expensive, hot cuisine restaurant and he had this fantastic meal. And he did this and he spent all this one on $1 million. He spent and he had a good time and he bought a lot of things. And so on the other person. He also spent the same $1 million. He did not have anything more, right? He didn't have a cent more here 7 million. But that 1 million What did he do? He bought

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He bought stocks.

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He bought shares in

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high value. Steve bought high value stocks in a very high realization shares and so on. He spent his whole $1 million in that. In the process while he was doing it. He got angry. He bought himself a sandwich, right? You also filled his belly, he didn't. He didn't walk to the place. Maybe you got a cab to go to the stock exchange, right? But his whole million dollars. He didn't buy the car, he just hired a cab to go to the stock exchange. But he's $1 million is spent in stocks and bonds. And

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now what was the word used? So you will not correct spending right?

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We even have a different word for it, even though it is the same thing. It is the same thing. What is the difference between buying a car for $100,000 and buying gold for our $1,000? Is there a difference is the same transaction, you're giving the money you're getting something for it. But when you call spending the other one you call investment. We even have a different word for it. Please understand this, we will have a different word we don't call it spending. Somebody goes and buys you know stocks, blue chip stocks. You don't say he spent his money. He invested his money.

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appreciation depreciation. Well, we have different words our language has different words for what you do with that money. Think about this, what do you say when the one you are investing in the bank that you are investing in? is Allah Allah Allah himself?

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Now why don't why don't we do that?

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$64,000 question Why don't we do

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because you know that faith Allah May Allah protect does that otherwise what is the reason you tell me if the only reason you invest in stocks in a stock of a particular company is because you have faith in that company you know, this stock is going to go up right if someone brings you some fly by night stock and tells you you know, you have to put money into this thing is a brilliant thing was about a year Don't tell me this

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story. I don't never have them in my life. I don't know who they are. My money will go down the drain sorry. Right. I will invest in GE I will restore IBM I know this company. I know what's happening there. I put money in that. I'm not going to put money in some fly by night stock which I have never heard of in my life. Right? Why? Because we have no faith in that thing. Now therefore, we let me ask me a little bit a little little megawatt of power. If we are not spending in the path of Allah subhanaw taala despite Allah subhanho wa Taala assurances of the return on that investment, which I can tell you without a doubt there is not a single investment in the world which gives you

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One is to 700 return guaranteed, there's not a single and then plus in addition to that not a single stock in the world, no matter how much the market is booming is nothing is going to give you one is to 700 with a guarantee absolutely cost and gold plated guaranteed nobody on the face of the earth can give you that right now still Why don't we invest? May Allah subhanaw taala save us from this we have asked this question ourselves, why do we not invest because we do not have faith May Allah protect us from that you don't want to die in that state, let us make sure that we put

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put the money to invest invest different word as I told you, it's a different word we are we do not use the same word, we don't call it spend you call it invest right, we have a different language for this day. So let us make it very clear in our mind, we are investing in the bank of Allah subhanaw taala for which we will get a return Allah subhanaw taala is guaranteed that return in the Quran.

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There is nothing on the face of the earth, which can say that this return is maybe not you I will give you

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Allah if you if you don't have faith in that then where is our faith about what kind of Islam is this? So, seriously, we have to ask ourselves this question. final example and with this I will end which is I always give an example I give the example of a water pipe between a tank and the tap right now, as long as the tap is open and as long as the water is flowing, that pipe will be wet inside

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the pipe, the only way the pipe will become dry is if the tank dies up in this particular case, there is no question of the tank drying up. So, as long as the tap is open, and people are taking water inside the pipe will always be wet. So, as long as you keep giving you will always have wealth, please understand, this is the difference between Western financial thinking and Islamic thinking the concept of Baraka and the concept of the Western finances the what is the concept of Western financial thinking more is more less is less, if you give it decreases, this is the concept, if you give it decreases, more is more less is less Islamic Baraka concept is what less is more.

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Why, because with less, Allah will give you more the small will increase that we shall as Adam said food for one is enough for two, food for two is enough for three food for three is enough for four

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Baraka less is more, and if you give, it increases

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the our nominal variable consumption if you give it decreases, if you give it increases, why? Because the pipe remains wet, only as long as the tap

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is open. If to shut the tap one of two things. First of all, that thing doesn't benefit you anymore. And secondly, if you blog that pipe, Allah subhanaw taala will either replace the pipe or he will break the block, both of which are very painful.

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So we I remind myself when you let us understand this thing, and invest and keep on investing and keep on investing, because the more you give, the more wealthy you will become, in this dunya and akhira. And this is the guarantee of Allah subhanaw taala This is the absolute guarantee of Allah subhanho wa Taala I can give you a million examples from the life of Rosa Rosa Salaam, from the Sahaba from other people, all the examples are not necessary.

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We know what the truth is, let us do it is a very famous philanthropist, very generous man and quit, who passed away. And at his funeral after Israel, somebody was giving a speech there was a

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conversion function to remember him and make dry so somebody gave a speech and the man made a very

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important comment. He said, so and so he said, you know, so and so was wealthy, he said, we are also wealthy is not that he had all that money, we also have money. He said the only difference is his money was in his hand. Our money is in our heart.

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He said that's a difference. He said his money was in his hand. So it was it was it was it used to be given easily. He said our money is inside our heart so it doesn't come out.

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So that's the very important for us to understand. Keep the one in there. keep giving it the more you give, the more Allah will give you. And this is the issue of Boko stinginess, is something which invites disaster

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saga who's the anger of Allah?

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If Allah subhanaw taala is upset with us for something giving sebata the anger of Allah subhanaw taala so let us use this tool. May Allah forgive us

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do many things Allah forgive us for that, but the way to get this forgiveness is to keep giving in the Battle of Allah subhanho wa Taala Hannah will carry while he was heavier