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Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © Theularbing practices of Islam involve measurements of theering effect of the Salah and physical movements of the act. It is important to consider the mental state of the person in order to determine which workers are valid. Prayer with concentration and intentions is crucial to avoid mistakes and embarrassment. The physical presence of the act in people's minds is important, and it is crucial to pray with concentration and use the body's movement to improve the quality of Salah.
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salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen while it was heavy was made of ad

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unless ran out on a run Caboose

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in Salah that and had an infection it will Moncure

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unless it verily the Salah separates you from the fascia or Moncure from things which are shameless Sins of that nature, and from all kinds of rebelliousness from all kinds of munkar all kinds of sin, all kinds of evil.

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I even myself, I knew that this Salah,

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which is a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala it's a gift from Allah subhanaw taala It is an honor from Allah subhanaw taala. It is something that Allah Subhana that has given us by which we can connect with him at any time that we wish,

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is also a meter. It's also a measure for us to measure our own image to measure our own taqwa.

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Because the Salah has an effect,

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visible effect on the life of the individual.

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And what is their effect. And

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the effect of the Salah is that it must separate us from sin. It must keep us away from sin, it must keep us away from everything which Allah subhanaw taala has forbidden. And this is the measure of the Salah.

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And we have the famous hadith of fossilized Salah where somebody came and complained to him about a particular man. And they said that this man tell lies and he steals and he drinks alcohol and many things they described about it. And I sort of said does he pray? And they said yes, he prays so soon as Rotherham said tell him to continue to pray.

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Now, this does not mean that it is okay to commit sin and also pray because you should not get the wrong meaning from the police. What it means is that the prayer is the nature of the prayer is such the nature of Salah is such that if one does the Salah with a class, then inshallah that Salah will separate you from evil, because it is entirely ridiculous to imagine that somebody can actually come and stand in the masjid or he can stand in Salah with the awareness and with the realization that he's standing before Allah. And then when he says Salam Alaikum Salam alikoum then he goes out and he lies any church, any commercial court something it's not possible, if a person is seriously and

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sincerely engaged in Salah, then when the person goes out of the salon when he finishes, goes out into the world, then that awareness is with him and he is aware that that is watching me. So when Allah that is watching me How can I commit sin I will be ashamed of itself that is the meaning of that does not mean that you pray and then you go to the casino or something I mean this is not solid then there is something majorly wrong in the event of the person individual himself. So in a solid Anil flash I will Moncure This is the therefore the Salah is a measure

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of what the

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of the of the level of Eman of the person and therefore I think we should really seriously look at our salah and say what is this allow for us. Now the Salah has an external part and the third part is all the physical movements in the Salah. And of course it begins from before the Salah, when we prepare for the Salah in a guru properly and we put on clothes. We are not saying we have to you know dress up towards Allah but also you don't come out from straight from your bed or something. You wait for Allah subhanaw taala so you make some preparation for this and then you come to for the Salah. And then in Salah itself, I'm talking about the physical, external part of Salah inshallah

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itself one of the most important thing is to stand still without any movement. I mean some people are like, trees swaying in a strong you know, back and forth back and forth. It

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is it is bad for your sunlight is bad for the soul of the next person whose other people do people are standing by the side of you also because you're disturbing them you keep on hitting their shoulder because you're swaying back and forth. onto other people do other things and people are you know, they adjust their clothing and they do this and they pull their beard and they learn all this and this is not Salah, then you're standing up was ran out on all of these movements like a dance in the Imam Abu hanifa and others they have said there's eight invalidates the Salah is not valid you have to repeat the Salah it's not even there is not not even any subwoofer This is that you make too

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many movements and

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then you want to do I make this again, I'm not going to the morale of physical as far as that is concerned. What I'm saying we have to seriously think about is what kind of Salah is this if you're standing in Salah

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said that by looking at a person you should be able to say that he is standing in Salah if by his movements if you have a doubt he really that means is that is not valid

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because somebody is putting it I have seen people in Salah is wandering the plot the form from his pocket that he will say I'm in Salah, put it back to our hotel, why

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don't have one off or do something. I mean, this is the before you come into the market. I mean, this is the I think we have to really look at this our physical versus Allah, you have to stand straight, we have to stand still. You're standing before Allah subhanaw taala there should be some pleasure to learn that there should be some sense of standing before Allah subhanaw taala it should not be standing in. If you are standing in front of your boss, how do you stand if you if you are in your workplace? You stand in front of your boss, how do you say? If you people who have a knee every today we have to think twice before asking these questions. Because there was a time when you could

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say if you were standing before your father, how do you stand? But today there is no Taliban in the home. So before the Father He will stand with his foot on the table. I mean, you have enough water level so even that question we have to ask. So I'm saying that if somebody who has tarbiyah

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How does he stand before his mother

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how it is done before his father doesn't stand anywhere, as you sit in front of his father with his leg pointing towards his father what i mean but today is random. This is the tragedy that there is no tarbiyah in the home there's no Serbia in the schools there is no therapy anywhere. But that's the reason why that'd be so important. So if you're standing before your house data before you're allowed to stand, and I was standing before Allah, Allah Allah and if there is no other band, there is no sense of you know where am I standing then what kind of Salah is this? So we have to start absolutely still there is to say about desire isn't like a language right? That when there was then

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when that when they would stand in salah and this refers to somebody praying outside and that which means nothing Salah at the river or somewhere that they would sandstone so still that it was almost like a bird sitting on his head

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you know so in what they would have listening to all these stories, when we are standing in Salah via like like a tree sitting in a storm

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that absolutely still and then the logo and the salute as far as possible if somebody's got a back problem or something that's a different matter But otherwise, in the logo, the back should be completely flat. Absolutely level not not like this not have the sort of rhythm and everyone said this. He said the worst people is the one who steal from Allah and Allah How can somebody still when he is in Salah, he said you steal from Salah when you do not do the movements properly.

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So when you make Rocco sometimes you will see bills over some people you may grow, they just get up half and they won't decide that this is not the after Rocco left to Stansted, that is part of the moment of PSA. So you stand straight completely, and there are in a in a position that address and one must learn this. So you stand straight, and then you go into soldiers. And even in the How do you make that that I don't want to go into the whole detail of what should happen and so on. But in fact the the different parts the eight parts must must have the ground floor it must have the ground the nose must have the ground, the two hands the two knees and the two feet must touch we must be in

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contact with the ground. When we are when we are praying sometimes we invite people when they're going to do their their feet rise up so the two feet are in the air, only the two knees are off the ground the two feet are in the air or they go forward so much that the nose is not touching we're at the top of the head which is touching the forehead must touch the ground and then the forehead touches the ground automatic the nose will touch but is the top of the head. Therefore it will those will not touch these moments. these are these are remember this is not invented by somebody this these are the specific movements that Allah subhanho wa Taala taught NaVi Salazar and from whom it

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has come to us. So to respect these moments, it is part of our a bother. This is the best story but the best rather is what's up and therefore that must be done properly in the way that has been prescribed and that's why today tomorrow maybe we'll do something else in terms of the internal buyer or seller, but for today it is enough that inner salata can handle fashion and for the seller to separate us from the vo Jabberwocky era, it is very important that we pray with concentration that we pray with sincerity with the class and with the awareness that we are standing before Allah subhanho wa Taala and that we pray the prayer and try to be as correct in it as possible. Whatever

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the state of our Hulu and Hulu inshallah we'll talk about that how to bring that about, but certainly our physical movement we can do

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what prevents me from standing straight without moving nothing is just that the the awareness of standing before Allah subhanaw taala. So, let us try to do that. These are not difficult things. These are simple things. Let us try to do that because that improves the quality of Salah. And when the quality of Salah improves, then automatically the surah separates us from the foe shotwell mancora solo la la ville Karim Allah Allah

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Are you

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