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The couple's desire for a close relationship with Jesus, physical appearance, and a desire to have a close relationship with their partner. They also discuss a situation where their brother is not birthdays, and the use of emotions to assert their own rights. The conflict between the brothers leads to a problem with families and their work, and the speaker discusses the importance of a culture where people live in rooms and eat together. The speaker also discusses the complexities of blood relationships and the need for a new generation of immigration workers.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shara freedom bi even more saline. Muhammad Rasool Allah He is among the highly he went early He will save you salam to Sleeman Kathira for my by the way development sisters Alhamdulillah

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we have been talking about the fear of soil and sediment, the formation of the,

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of the Ummah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, especially in Medina,

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where he created this new

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basis of bonding, which was on the basis of faith, instead of on the basis of family and tribal lineage.

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And I mentioned you the story One of the stories, which is the story of

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the Brotherhood of Saudi Arabia and absorbed married now for the Allah Allah and what happened with them.

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Let me tell you another one, very good for the soul as a Salam formed the partnership between Salman al Farsi or the Allah no and I will do that inside. So one is a Salman al Farsi or the Allahu was Persia.

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He was a non Arabic speaker. I mean, he knew Arabic, obviously, but you know, that was not a mother tongue. His mother tongue was Farsi.

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And he's got Farsi, that's a Farsi, Farsi Farsi. So it's somebody from Paris and Paris was the name of Persia. So Salman al Farsi and Pharisees he was the Salman of Persia.

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On top of that, he was a slave. It was only later that also Eliza Salam

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helped him to manage himself to buy his freedom from his,

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from his slave master, he was a slave of one of the Jews in Medina. So he saw it as a salaam takes this man who is a looking at it from the tribal, and, you know, blood

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lineage concept, and as well as Jesus man, who is a foreigner, so he doesn't even come into the, into the, into the picture as far as Adam bloodlines are concerned. Secondly, he's asleep. And he farms him and makes him a partner, it makes him a brother of our gala and Sadie who's one of the

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big names in the UNSA of Medina. So,

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you know, one of the leaders

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what happens with that, they become, as I said, they become like brothers, they become much more than brothers, because these people were, they loved each other much more than we can imagine. In our world today. Very, very, I mean, the love for one another's legendary to,

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to say the least.

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Now, just to give you a picture of how this thing

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you know what, what is meant by this closeness?

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Imagine put yourself in this place. I mean, I cannot even I have I have a brother, I love him very much, but there's no way that I would, you know, speak to my brother in the way that somebody

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spoke to a Buddha Lazzari or the alarm

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because we have changed so much we have you know, our values and our, our Aflac and our do's and don'ts as far as dealing with people are concerned are so far removed from the time of resources and I'm not talking about Halal haram, this has nothing to do with this issue of, of, you know, building Brotherhood or being together and so on.

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Some advice, you know,

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one day comes home and

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he finds the wife of our delta omega or the Elana

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he finds her disabled condition, disabled state, you know, maybe your hair was not combed or something and this is before the Act of, of hijab and pardons. Okay. So

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he thought maybe maybe a clause was not, you know, the best and whatnot. So anyway, when he came home, because he's the brother of Africa, he's living in the same house. As he comes home. He finds his, his

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brother's wife in this state. So he, she doesn't look where I mean, she doesn't look happy. She looks kind of you know, unhappy to look at her face and so on. So yes, this is what happened. I mean, what's wrong with you? What's happened? I will not Well, are you sick or something? She said, No, no, I'm not I'm not sick or anything. I'm fine.

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So he says

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Why you like this? I mean, you're, you're, you're you, you know, you look like, you haven't taken care of yourself, you don't look, you don't look like you have, you get up in the morning you do things and so on and doesn't look like you have done any of that. She said, there is no point in me taking care of myself and looking good, and so on. Because your brother is not interested in me anymore.

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So she

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gets a shock. He says, What do you mean, he says, my brother's not interested in each other. She's not he's not interested in anymore.

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I don't see him at all.

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I mean, all day, you know, he's at work and so on. And then he comes home, and he is fasting, he fast every day. And he's out at work and so on all day. And then when he comes home, in the in the evening, he breaks his fast and so on, and then all night he prays. So he's standing in Salah all night, and he has no time for me. So what's the point in me, you know, dressing up and so on and so forth.

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So someone who

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heard this is okay, let me deal with this.

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So that day, I would rather than sorry, came home around midday. And salvar fancy was there. So I was gonna say to him, will you eat? He said, Yes, of course. So he brought food, and he put food before so someone says he said, come sit, eat with me. I will have another language I don't know, I'm fasting, feminine. But she said no, you're not fasting today is not it is not all that today's is not a fourth fast. And even if you have enough, we'll fast break it. Right, bring it come and sit here with me and eat with me. Or whatever this is what the other learners are. No, I'm sorry, I will not sit here if you if you don't eat with me, I will not eat.

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So now he put him in a spot because he is his host Jesus guest someone versus the guest and he's put him in a spot. So, I will know with great reluctance and obviously, he must have been irritated, he must have been angry, he sat down he broke his VAs it was

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sometime past now time

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in the night to sleep. So, you know the the way these houses and so on is like a big house, maybe there was one room at the back or something where

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the husband and wife would probably be secluded, but otherwise it was a public customer of life people sat and ate and so on. And we lived in our time when I was growing up this is how we also lived on build houses but you know the the life of the house, this whole concept of a drying room living room, this room that room is a is a very western concept as we as far as our eastern ways of living in the Middle East and in

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the in the subcontinent and so on is public ever very, very communal living people hold on we live together. So at the time of breakfast or full time, mealtimes, they will bring a sofa and spray it on the carpet. Food will be brought it puts it's put there we don't have you know, courses, first quarter, second quarter, whatever it is to be eaten is put there. And people all eat together. And when the ovens on the out of the head, the customer of eating from the same plate. So they had these big plates, big round plates, like like trays, and food would be put in that and people sat around it and they ate from this tray and so on. And then the whole thing would be wrapped up and taken

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away. And you people will sit and chat there they will treat drink tea, they're in the same place. And then you know you pray that if you didn't, if there was if the muscle was not close by if you're praying at home, you prayed in the same place. And then in the night to sleep. You just pulled a pillow and you lay down.

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So this was the gossip. So anyway,

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when the time in the night time to sleep game. Salman al Farsi lay down and he saw Donald Delano standing up he said what happened to you? Why are you not sleeping? He said I'm going to pray. I'm going to say I'm a lady said oh no, they're sorry. This is not a vocabulary. Sleep now.

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capillaries in the third part of the night. He said no, I pray all night. It's an opposite sleep.

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Come here in light on

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whether the Delano thought you know this is oppression, what is this? So anyway, still, he's being nice. He's being polite to his guests to his brother. And he doesn't want to offend his brother. So it's okay to cut he comes in he lays down. He waits until he thinks that someone in Farsi has gone to sleep and then quietly tries to get up around parties is very way.

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He says what is this he said I'm going to pray that he does not fall asleep.

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Now this happens a couple of times, and then time for the

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last hour of the night.

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Someone finds himself gets a little

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bit and also gets up the printer and

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and they go to the masjid for Salah to failure, which also relies on salah. Now Rasul Allah is Allah salams. It was his practice that after Saddam Fajr, he will turn around and he would sit and he would.

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He would he would give some Katerra, he would remind people about something,

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anything he needed to say, and so on. And he would also ask people, does anybody have a question? Did anyone see a dream? And if someone saw a dream, and if the if it was a dream that was to be interpreted, as soon as possible, I would interpret the dream. And if someone had a question or something, you would answer those questions. So that day, when he turned around, he said, Does somebody have something, I would have done other language videos? Well, I have a complaint,

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which was an upset about who he said about my brother, Simon Farsi. And so I've asked is that this is not happening, we added back East.

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So as soon as I said, I'm sad.

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So what is the complete

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alarm, who then narrated the whole story he was obviously he was upset. So

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he said, this is

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this is what my brother is doing.

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And so on, so on.

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So I'm sorry, meant told the whole story to Resource Center,

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as well as an asylum said, so what did your brother tell you? Did he just tell you to stop and so on? Or did he give you an explanation and why was he stopping you? Why was he telling you to break fast and so on to did he give you an explanation?

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I said yes, he gave me an explanation.

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And he said what's that?

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He said, My brother says that yourself and your body has a right on you. Your wife has a right on you. Your Rob has a right on you so fulfill everyone's rights.

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Right? You said

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in early in Africa, Alec, aka we're in early Alec Alec, aka we're in early Rob bigger Alec, aka

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for RT called the hatin Hapa. So he said yourself and your body has a right on you, you yourself, have a right on yourself. Your wife has a right on you, your rubber is right on you. So fulfill everyone's rights, meaning don't take from the right of one to give to the other.

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So as I said, I'm said sadhaka Salmaan. He said, What Salman said to you is correct. And see also the beautiful

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way of Rasulullah saw Selim

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were two brothers, two of his beloved Sahaba his companions, they have a disagreement. And the and the disagreement is on a religious matter. It's a matter of Deen, it's a matter of the practice of Islam is not a small thing.

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It's a big thing. It's also a matter where apparently, one of the brothers is apparently infringing on the privacy and the rights of the other brother, how does the whistle of SallAllahu Sallam How does he handle it? He listens to the first person, the complaintant. And then he listens to him completely. Then he says what is the brothers say, and all of this is happening in the presence of the other person. So the other person has the right to, you know, to interject to contradict and so on if there is a need. And then he said, Okay, so this is what happened, and then he gives his ruling. So this is also a

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lesson for us in how to

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arbitrate and how to conciliate between

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between two people who may have a disagreement on something.

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Now, what happened thereafter? What happened thereafter? Was that Elon who followed the advice of survivors of the law, who completely and his issue with his wife and so on, so forth, was a lot. Right. So he didn't, he didn't get into the garage. He didn't say, oh, what you know, this happened that happened. He listened to the advice and he took it forward

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the answer, then, when there's a certain form these partnerships, the answer were the people of Medina so I mean, they own property, they're all the palm groves on the daytime orchards belong to them, the land belong to them, and so on and so forth. Them hygiene were refugees. They were poor people who had come they're not poor, in the sense of you know, the, they were not always they had they hadn't always been poor, but all their wealth was gone. It was left back and later on we will see in history, they never got it back.

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The coresh They confiscated it, they stole it. And that's how it came in. So when they came to one another literally, they keep saying all the time they were literally refugees. They were not immigrants as in the sense that we understand today when people magnet

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did they were immigrants like for example, the refugees that we find in different countries who come, who may have been people of material wealth in their own countries, but when they come to whichever country they come to, they come as completely destitute without anything. So, now what what is the answer to these are the people of Medina the people or property people or wealth, who are soldiers or settlements paired off with one to one one and sorry, to one muhajir and made them into brothers? He is creating a new community, which is based on faith not on blood or tribal lineage.

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The answer game to restaurant salad they said yes, we love please split our properties, our bomb grows groves between the mahadji rune and us, they said here is the property you please split and give half to the people that Mahajan

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who came wrestlers are some refused. He said I will not do it.

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So they said then let them hide your own work in the farms and we will split the crop with them. So as long as I sell them agree it isn't okay, that's up to you if you want to employ them, employ them and you can. Now

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what actually happened was the muhajir or the unsa.

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Having gotten this agreement that the hygiene are going to work in their farms and they will split the crop with them. So they are going to work in the farming decoding get paid by interval

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by means of the crops will have the crumbles to them. Then what happened was that the answer the farm owners, they did a lot of work or most of the work and then come harvest time. They still split the crop 5050

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that what was already agreement or disagreement was I am the landowner.

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This person who's the Mahajan who is the the refugee who's the immigrant from Morocco or wherever who come who's now my brother. I am the landowner I own the orchard this brother of mine is going to work in the orchard. I will not be working he will walk in the orchard. And

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in recognition for his work compensation for his work. harvest time. I will give him half the harvest. This was the agreement.

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What did they actually do? The board they actually did was I am the landowner is my archer.

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I get my brother becomes oh you please come work manager, my Mahajan, brother, my refugee brother. But along with him, I also worked like I always used to work and I work and I do most of the work because I know the work better than he does is a new guy I know I'm exploiting this thing. I do most of the work and then come harvest time. I still give him half

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I still give up. Now. This created a problem with the

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with the people who are receiving this money. They came to us all as an asylum they said yes what Allah Allah, Allah, we have never seen people like this. We have never seen people like this. They comfort us when they are poor. And they are generous when they are well off the work in their farms, and then they still spread the harvest with us. We are afraid that they will take all the reward from Allah subhanaw taala and leave us with nothing

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amazing today when we think about people like this in terms of dealings and so on, you know, it beats me I mean, literally, I cannot I cannot sort of figure out how is it because we are so far away. Today we have to worry about deception and somebody stealing from me and so on. Here it is the opposite here you have to worry that the person is giving you too much.

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Subhanallah That's what I said. I said I'm said

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they will not steal your reward. As long as you are grateful and you make dua for them. Allah will also give you a reward.

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See how the

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how the

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day how the this brotherhood of faith worked? And this is the reason why it worked so well because people considered and they put themselves

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they put their their their their brothers in faith ahead themselves.

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Did they put their brother's affair ahead of themselves?

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And that is why this whole thing worked so well and so beautifully. It could not

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I've worked so beautifully without this

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without this whole

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thing being so

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without these people having that

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kind of faith, and having that kind of love for one another, which was not just you know, verbal, the Indians talk about, you know, brother so and so brother so and so they actually treated each other as brothers and as I said, in our present current day context, they treated each other better than you would treat your own brother.

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This brotherhood of faith

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had even the rules of inheritance, like in the case of blood relationship. So when the, when one of them died, the other one inherited from him like a or like his own blood brother would have inherited. Now they took it to that extent. So when he said brother, it was a brother in every single sense of the term.

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This continued until Allah subhanaw taala

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revealed one of you know, Armando membawa hijo Jah huduma Khumba Hola, Erica Minko, but all our harmy by adore home, I will be bad in vikita We lay in Allah because Alicia and I live Allah subhanaw taala said and those who believed afterwards and emigrated, and straw hard and worked hard in the Cause of Allah subhanho wa Taala with you, they are off you, they are your brothers, they are from you, they are off you. But Kindred by blood,

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relationships of blood are nearer to one another regarding inheritance in the decree, ordained by Allah subhanaw taala verily, Allah is the all knower of everything to Allah's, rather than saying that Allah is very pleased with the way that the

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people and the land that they have,

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that they're treating one another and so on. But as far as the relationships are concerned, the rules of Allah subhanaw taala are clear, and those rules will apply. And that is that your, your brothers and sisters of, of your blood, have the have the,

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the right to inherit from you. Whereas these beloved brothers and sisters of faith, they will not inherit, but they continue to be your brothers and sisters have in faith, and they continue to be people who you love and so on. You know, this is the beauty of Islam, where Islam takes into consideration also some very basic fundamental

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principles and rules of life, which is that when it comes to money, and if you are going to

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treat people, no matter how

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noble your intention, if you're going to treat people in a way that other people feel

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is unjust on them, then that is not something which will last over time. So if somebody, the children of other the blood relationships of a person, the children of the person, the brother and sister, the person, the benefit of the person, and so on, if you are going to give them

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less, if you're not going to give them precedence over the others over the blood, over the the affiliation, I'm using a term just like that, to differentiate the affiliative brotherhood of faith, then the people who are blood relations will feel

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that they have been

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unjust dealt with unjustly.

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Now, so Allah subhanaw taala takes care of that. And that's why that says no, that there is no need 100 Law, your your beliefs and your

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reasons why you're doing something this is accepted and this is appreciated by Allah subhanaw taala and you will be rewarded. But as far as blood relationships are concerned for inheritance, this is something that will remain the brother of faith will not inherit from his brother, the political situation. Medina, as I mentioned to you was very complex with several communities

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with different political ties. As I told you, there were three major tribes of the Jews and there were two major tribes of the Arabs, and they also had their own

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interrelationships between them. For example, the huzzah Raj were closely related with the Bonneville tribe of the Jews and so on. They used to trade with each other it was a very pluralist

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A multi religious multicultural society

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and that is what we need to also keep in mind because we think that this is some uniquely unique place where there was no no one other than Muslims and all of these Muslims were 100% the most pious people going with you of course they were pious but there were a lot more people than the Muslims alone

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and also in this very complex situation was building a new nation based on faith which was a new bond as I mentioned do and went against the grain of the traditional bonds. Now it was right that I was revealing I had to declare the need to break the old relationships and form new relationships

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new based on Islam so I was around it that I said

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yeah, you will

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let that be you have

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a Hawaiian only nice to have bull go for I'll eat well, we at one level meet confer hula Iike who was Ali Moon calling

00:26:21--> 00:26:34

a Hawaiian Okinawa as you call my Shira talk on while I'm while Unicode are off to Moo ha tiara. Doc Shona Casa said we're Masaki noodle dough and I

00:26:35--> 00:26:48

have balay comin Allah you are also he word jihad fi savvy and he also Fatah rhombus who had died at the Allah will be

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one law who lie have you look home well first up and Allah said oh you will believe

00:26:56--> 00:27:11

do not take for Alia. Now this is another important word to understand in Arabic the Wali is not just a friend actually is a confidant is a supporter is a

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you know is a personal advisor is a person who knows everything about you that there is to know ivali is a lot more than friend, right? So it's very close relationship very close friendship. And that is which is based on faith in this case. So Allah is saying, Oh, you will believe do not take for earlier, your fathers and your brothers if they prefer this belief to believe. So Allah is forming a basis of a level of friendship. It's okay to have acquaintances, it is okay to have friends. But when it comes to the level of friendship, where you were this is a friend who knows everything about you, he has access to everything in your, in your home. He is like another member

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of your family. This is the person you go to if you need advice, if you need consolation, if you need anything, and so on and so forth. This person has he knows all your secrets, the if that is the kind of friendship that level is meant only for believers. Let's see if you're even if your father and brother knows look at this, if you're not even talking about, you know an outsider, don't make him that close of friend. If that person is not a believer, he's saying even if it is your own father and your own brother, meaning of course your mother's sister also, if that person is not a believer, by all means be good to them, be nice to them, be kind to them, be friendly to them and so

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on. But do not disclose everything in your heart to them. Don't make them close conference don't take their advice, because their advice is going to be based on principles which are not Islamic because they're not Muslim. So let's say oh you will believe do not take for Alia do not take for odia

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your fathers or brothers if they have referred this belief or belief and whoever does that then he is one of the wrongdoers. He is somebody who is dissolvable is somebody who is the

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who the wrongdoer. And then Allah said, say if your father's your sons, your brothers, your wives your kindred again, this is not gender specific. So Father means father and mother. Brothers sons means sons and daughters. It means children, your brothers means siblings, brothers and sisters. Wives means how spouses wives and husbands.

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Say if your father's your sons, your brothers, your wives, your kindred means your extended family, the wealth that you have gained the commerce in which you fear and decline and the dwellings in which you delight are dearer to you are dearer to you listen to this, what are dearer to you if you love them more

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than you love Allah and His Messenger salah. Then you love Allah and His messenger if they are dearer to you than Allah and His Messenger SallAllahu sallam, and striving hard and fighting in his cause, then

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Wait until Allah brings about his decision of torment.

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And Allah does not guide those who are

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alpha support those who are rebellious and disobedient to Allah subhanaw taala.

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See, this is why it is so

00:30:22--> 00:30:24

powerful it is so,

00:30:25--> 00:30:34

frightening because Allah subhanaw taala is setting the, the trend here of you know of what is

00:30:36--> 00:31:00

acceptable and what is not acceptable with him with regard to how we, what we do, who we deal with and what we should do and we should not do inshallah more about this in the next class. I don't want to hurry through this is very important for us to understand. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our hearts to his Deen to learning and to

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practicing in our notes, solid grip, or Allah Allah he will save us member after God