Mirza Yawar Baig – Tazkiyah 20 – Spirit of Generosity

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speaker reminds the audience to focus on the idea of generosity in helping others, sharing toys and sharing knowledge and teaching. They emphasize the importance of being generous with one's own behavior and extending oneself to help others. The goal is to improve the lives of people and extend oneself to benefit from the the environment.
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In America, salatu salam Allah, Allah Allah he was having one Well, about. Yesterday we spoke about miserliness in stinginess.

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Today, I want to remind myself when you have a general sense of lack of generosity that is there

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in the hearts, which must be good as part of the sweetness. And this includes, for example, the unwillingness to forgive each other, the tendency to

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keep small things in mind,

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general tendency of not being generous with one another

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in relation to things other than money, money we spoke about yesterday, which is dangerous. But other than that, and willingness, or unwillingness to help each other,

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in our other lives Llano of delivering Omar Delano was in Ithaca, it was an hour and a man came, and he saw him there and he said, Oh, you are in Africa. So he said, so what? Why are you saying that? He said, No, because I came with the intention of asking you to come and intercede for me with somebody else in a matter which is very urgent and important for me. But now you are unethical, so you cannot leave. So you've never said no, I will come with you said he will break off. He said yes. He said,

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he said because to help a Muslim brother is more important.

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So he went out with his from the Telegraph, to help his brother to get him whatever it was that you want. This generosity of spirit, the willingness to help, the willingness to go out of the way to do things for each other. This is what wins the hearts of people.

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It's not anything else. So therefore, it is very important to

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inculcate the spirit of forgiveness, the spirit of helping,

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generosity of sharing.

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That is important for us to inculcate. Now that begins early. And that's reason why it's very important to inculcate the spirit of sharing in children from the earliest age, your child has some toys, some other friends come, some relatives come their children come.

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It must be inculcated to the child, that you have to share your toys with webcams and the team it doesn't matter, things are supposed to break. So if it breaks, we'll you know, replace it or repair it. But you must share your thing, share your toys, if something is given, to eat and share the food. All of this generosity of spirit of sharing.

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These people are even part of our culture. I mean, I remember when you went in on a train somewhere. And if there was no time for lunch, or dinner, whatever it was, and we used to carry our own defense. And there was no question of eating food by yourself. In the compartment, food would be offered to whoever was there, and we will read together. And even if they didn't read you, at least you offered and you know what

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we don't seem to do any of that, which is very miserliness of the Spirit. So, therefore, let us try to remember this and inculcate this in our minds, that we must be focused on, being generous with the spirit with, with our generous with our time, generous with whatever else that we can do, generous with knowledge and teaching, for example, this generosity extends also to extending yourself, to help others to teach others, to mentor youngsters, and so on, that's very important to do that somebody has to do it. You know, today, you and I are, wherever we are, because somebody spent some time with us. If they also didn't spend time with us, we wouldn't have got it. So

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therefore, it is our job to you know, extend ourselves and help and train other people and then spend time

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in order to do something good to somebody else, without any monetary benefit for it. I mean, of course, we will get resort fees and so on, but I'm just I'm talking about doing it out of the out of the desire to please Allah Subhana that so do to do things, what we call extension motivation, which is to do things over and above your normal curriculum

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for the benefit of humanity for the benefit of people for the benefit of the environment. So that Allah subhanaw taala will be pleased, this is the issue of being generous with ourselves generous with our lives, and this is also part of the way of earning sericata because one of the ways of earning Sahaja jharia is to teach somebody something beneficial and that person teaches somebody else and therefore, this goodness continues long after you have departed. So therefore, I remind myself and you let us think about that and let us focus on this. We have been doing the this whole

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series associate scale tarbiyah Well I think now more than almost 435 or 40

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at the end of that we will also send out some notes on this inshallah but hopefully somebody is keeping some track of this and trying to implement some of these that's the whole purpose of spending this time few minutes every morning after further escalation monitor to make it possible for us to implement what we learn and not just to keep it as knowledge or entertainment and to benefit us from this inshallah. masala Harada will carry while he was heavy

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