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Ash-Shuara 141-191 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 176-191

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Let's continue

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Coronavirus, herbal ekati mousseline,

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the companions of the thicket, they denied the messengers they took leave of the messengers as well.

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alayka is from the roof letters, Hamza? Yeah, calf.

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an acre is used for the thicket, a place that is surrounded, that is covered in trees, many, many trees that are dense.

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So it's used for Woods a forest. So the people are the thicket, the people of the woods, the dwellers of the woods, who are these people?

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It is said that these people are the people of Medina because who was sent to them?

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The Prophet Srebrenica.

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So the people of Medina they're known as people of Medina, and they're also known as the people are alayka.

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But others say that no, they are different.

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At that time, there were some people who lived in Medina, and there were some people who lived in LA.

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And sure Eva, Sam was sent to both of them. He lived amongst the people of Medina, but his message was for who it was also for the US herbal agar

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and alayka This is an area that is in the region of the book. And at that time, this region of the book it was covered in forests

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is caught in our home sure even once you're a bird is that I'm set to them another takuan Will you not have fear of Allah

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in the Nakamura Sonal amin indeed I am to you a trustworthy messenger for the hola hola only your own Sofia Allah and obey me, woman to come early human aged and I do not ask you for it any payment. Because in Nigeria Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah made my payment is only from who? The Lord of the worlds he is the only one who can give me the desert for my efforts. Therefore I do not expect anything from you. And this is a sign of my sincerity. So believe in me, follow me listen to what I'm telling you to do.

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Our full Kayleigh give full measure while at the corner woman and Laci Green and do not be of those who cause loss.

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If you think about it, all the people during the messengers were sent, they gave a general message first. What was that? A fearing a lot of obeying the messenger of listening to the messenger.

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And then the specific wrong. That was in that people that was pointed out, and the people were corrected with regards to that.

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If you think about it, new Hardison What did he fix in his people? Check? What did he point out in his people shake.

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Similarly, Lutheranism What did he point out homosexuality over here? Sure. Everybody said and what does he point out?

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The cheating that people used to do in their business in their buying and selling. So he said to them, oh four lokaler while at the corner Malmo serene Ofu welfare Yeah, whatever. What does that mean? To fulfill something?

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welfare of Galle means to measure out fully.

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welfare of word is to fulfill a promise, welfare of another is to fulfill a vow.

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So our full what LKL.

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And remember that LKL This is different from wasn't, wasn't as to give something by weight. And alcohol is to give something by measure.

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Like for example, you give something by, let's say, a cup, two cups, or for example, volume, if it's some liquid, you give it according to volume, like for example, one liter

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or for example, if it's something that has to be measured by for example, a piece of cloth, then you will not give it by weight, but rather you will give it by length. So one meter is this much two meters is this much.

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So whenever you're giving something by measure, how should you give it

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give it in full. If it's supposed to be one meter, make it one meter, not less. If it's supposed to be one cup, make it one cup, not less. If it's supposed to be a liter give it a liter, not less, oh, full Kayla.

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While at the Konami animosity, and do not be of those who cause loss, those who will reduce those who cause loss to who to others How? By reducing what is due to them by not giving the measure in full.

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So give it in full and do not be of those who give short measure well and xenu meaning and way, Bill is for sale Mr. cream with an even balance.

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was you know from the roof address was a noon wasn't?

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What does wasn't mean way to give something by weight. So for example, give something according to kilograms by pounds right by grams.

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So when you give something according to wait, make sure that you were it were on a balance on a scale that is almost a theme that is even

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the sauces from the root letters obscene for this emphasis to be just this other. What do they mean justice.

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And this loss is used for a scale because the scale is used for measuring how justly to justly balance.

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Because you could give it by just your assumption, or by guess, like I think it's about a kilo, I think it's about five grams, you could do that. But when you use this loss, what's the objective to make sure you're doing this, to make sure you're doing justice, you're not causing harm to the other, nor are you causing harm to yourself.

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And pistols is used for a very accurate and fine scale that picks up the lightest awaits even

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you understand some scale, they're very average, like you stand on them, or you put something on them, they give you a rough estimate. But some scale, they're very, very precise, they're very sensitive,

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that even if you place a tissue on it, it's going to wait,

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isn't it

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even if you put a little bit of pressure on it, it's going to calculate the weight according to that.

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So, this loss is a very fine and a very sensitive skin.

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So it should be at the stores and what kind of customers Mr. Cream, upright correct, meaning it should not be a scale that is faulty, but rather use a scale that is accurate. That is just why so that no one is cost loss. Every person is given what they deserve.

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Well as a person as a share a home and do not deprive people of their do the pursuit, boss and bosses to reduce something. Now this is a third thing that he's telling them not to do.

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First thing was buy, measure. The second thing was by weight. And this is by counting

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that if for example, you're supposed to give something to someone of a particular number, you're giving five bags, you're giving five boxes, then make sure you do not reduce the number letter but also NASA share a home

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a share a home their things meaning what they have bought from you what they deserve from you, while at arco and do not commit abuse feel ugly in the earth as muscadine as one to create facade. There are so well or idea sir.

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And it refers to both tangible as well as intangible facade.

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So do not create abuse on the earth as we've seen.

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Because when you commit abuse on the earth, you are becoming upset.

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And if you look at it, these people, they were businessmen, they used to buy and sell a lot. They used to trade with one another a lot.

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And they had a lot of corruption in this regard. How that whenever they would buy and sell, they would cheat one another in order to make more money

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in order to gain more benefit in order to cause loss to the other

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into the motor 15 what do we learn whaler lil moto Fifi.

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And remember that the thief is to cause only a little bit of loss to someone,

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only a little bit.

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Like for example, if a person is giving a kilogram of stuff, the label says one kilogram. But he knows that it's not exactly one kilogram.

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It's let's say two grams less. It's 958 grams in total, but he's taking the price of 1000. How much loss is he causing to the other? And how much is it gaining? A little bit only? Isn't it?

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Only two grams What are two grams compared to 958? Nothing, it's very little.

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So when a person tries to cause loss to the other in these matters, then in reality, the loss is very little in the tangible sense. But its effects are very, very great.

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its consequences are very great in this case

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And also in the,

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in this dunya what the people will not trust you anymore, isn't it, you will lose customers. People will not feel safe and secure anymore. They will not trust anyone.

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And if they have been cheated by you, they will have the confidence to cheat someone else, isn't it? If you can cheat someone today, you can cheat another person tomorrow.

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The consequences are great in dystonia and the loss that you've caused to the other person, it may be very little in the tangible sense, but near Allah, it is very great. So that there are so few of them of sitting, do not commit abuse and the earth as Mischief Makers,

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what the who and fear who led the one who holla kakum, the one who created you fear the one who created you fear Allah? Why does he say that? Because it is the fear of a law that keeps a person straight, that keeps a person careful,

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then only you can be concerned about giving the rights of other people not treating other people unfairly.

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What the corollary Hanako fear the one who created you, and he also created who was given level of welline and the former creation, he is the one who created you and also alladhina min COVID, eco

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algebra Allah is from the root letters Jean balamb. What is gentlemen, mountain.

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And from this, the word kybella is derived from the word jumble. And dibella is used for a large group of people.

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Because even they're like the size of a mountain, in their number in their multitudes. And it's also used for a generation.

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And LG Villa is not only used for a generation of people, but rather it's also used for the nature of a person, that we are of a person, the nature of a person.

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So he created you. And he also created the Jamila before you, meaning the previous generations, all the people who created them, Alyssa pronotum.

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So he advised the people to be fair in their dealings with one another, to make sure they're giving the rights of one another, they're fulfilling their duties to one another.

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Because when a person does not do that, it leads to suicide in this dunya and it also leads to loss in the hereafter.

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ALU they said, intimate and terminal mazarin you are only those who are affected by magic. Why did they say this?

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Because what he was saying made no sense to them. They could not understand why he would tell them to not cheat. Because when they cheat at one another, they thought they were making a lot of money. Isn't it so many people say today that in business, you have to cheat.

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You cannot be honest and sincere and truthful. Because if you're honest and sincere and truthful, you won't get anywhere. Isn't it? So this is what people say.

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So when he told them be sincere, be truthful, be honest. They said to him in number antamina mazarin you've gone crazy What's wrong with you?

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If we deal with one another according to your instructions, we won't get anywhere. We will only incur loss.

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And they said to him, why am I under 11 shadow Miss Luna and you're only a human being like us. We're in northern New colonial Caribbean. And indeed We think you are among the liars. You're only a human just like us Why did they say this to belittle him?

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And they said we think your other liars that you're claiming to be a messenger and if you're truly a messenger than for us with arlena kisser feminism are so cause to fall upon us fragments of the sky.

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Case offend is the plural of case and case Pfizer broken part of something a fragment of something.

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So if you're truly a messenger and you're warning us that if we continue with our ways we'll be punished then Okay, cause the sky to break up and cause the pieces of the sky to fall down on us. So that we are destroyed. In contaminated soil clean if you really have those were truthful.

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There is something very similar that kadesh said to the Prophet satellite isn't in total Islam is an entity we learn that the machine of Makkah decide to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to speak of Samurai come as Elena seven or you make the heaven fall upon us in fragments as you have claimed

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that you have threatened us. Okay, go ahead and bring the sky upon us make it fall down upon us.

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In turtle and fall i a 32 we learn what is called Allahumma encana Heather who will help men or indeed for unclear Elena hayata Minnesota, the Michigan of Makkah they said oh this is true from you, then cause the sky to rain down

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stones upon us. They asked for the punishment to be sent upon them. Why? Because they became extremely stubborn. They didn't want to change.

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And this is something very sad that people they become so confident in the wrong that they're doing. They become so stubborn and firm upon it that no matter how much they're warned, no matter how they are told, no matter how they're corrected, they don't want to change. Visit, go ahead, do whatever you want. I'm not going to change. I'm not going to do what you're telling me to do. And eventually who suffers them? The person himself. The other people don't suffer at all.

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God or be around them. BRM will be Mater Malone. He said, My Lord is most knowing of what you do.

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Allah knows of your actions. He knows best about you. He knows if you deserve the punishment or not. He knows if he is going to send the punishment or not. Allah knows best about you. I am not a judge. I am only a warner

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for camdeboo but they denied him for the home either Abuja Missoula. So the punishment of the day of the black cloud, it sees that it sees them they were punished.

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If you look at it constantly, all the people who denied the messengers,

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when they became stubborn, did that change the reality? Did that change the truth? No. What happened? They suffered, they were punished.

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This is what we see constantly. When people became hostile towards the truth when they refuse to accept it. The truth remained what it was, when you deny reality, it does not change reality.

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For caribou for the home, either boom is when the punishment of the day of the black cloud system.

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What does it mean by this yo means winner. A Winner is from the ruthless law, lamb lamb.

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And Lola, first of all means shade from z.

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And we have read the word willl. Earlier, Zola is shades. So something that overshadows something that is like a canopy, that something like an umbrella that gives shade to the one that is underneath it.

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And the word Lola is also used for a small cloud, a small cloud that overshadows

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sometimes you might see that it's very small cloud, but you can see its shade on the ground, isn't it? Let's say you're on a plane or something. And you can see the shadow of the small cloud on the earth.

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So what is it an overshadowing cloud, but it's small, and it has a negative connotation.

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So our that will Yeomans leather overshadowing cloud, it covered them. And the punishment, it sees them in the who can either be Yeoman or leave. Indeed, it was a punishment of a great day.

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So what kind of punishment was sent to them?

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We learned that their punishment, it came in the form of intense heat, which covered them for seven days. So they were in intense heat for an entire week.

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And nothing at all, could protect them from that intense heat.

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You know, for example, if it's extremely hot, what do you do?

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You go inside the house.

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But let's say if it's extremely hot, and it's extremely humid, is being inside going to hell, not unless you have air conditioning,

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isn't it?

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And let's say that's not working, or you don't have it available, then you're constantly exposed to the intense heat. So this is how these people, they were exposed to the intense heat for seven days.

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And then what happened? A small cloud was sent upon them. And this cloud, it was overshadowing so it gave shade as well.

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Now, when the people they saw this cloud approaching, what did they do?

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They went towards the cloud in order to be under its shade. And they expected that very soon it's going to rain. But what happened when all of the people had gathered underneath it lost the Panthers and sparks of fire and flames and intense heat upon them. And the earth was caused to convert we need them. And a say hell was also blasted and as a result, all of them were finished.

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So we see that several punishments were sent upon them. Just imagine intense heat. All of a sudden the cloud people think it's going to rain. They run outside, and it starts throwing fire and sparks on them.

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And the earth starts to quiver and huge blasting sounds

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We are off by a 91 for a Honda tumor lodgify two for us by houfy daddy him gentlemen over there we learned the word watch for what is Russia earthquake

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into the hood is 94 we learn we call it letting a llama say how to for us bahuvida him gentlemen over there we learn about slay her. And over here we learned about Lula. So three types of punishments were centered on these people.

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And if you think about it, they were told not to do three things.

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They refuse to change themselves and three types of punishments were centered on them.

00:20:37--> 00:20:53

In the feed Erica is indeed in that is surely a sign. Well mark and mean but still, most of them were not to be believers. What a knob burger, Lola Aziza for him and your Lord, surely he is the mighty and He is the Most Merciful.

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We listen to the recitation

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It was a no brainer for

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on Oh,

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So what's the I, in this incident?

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they asked for case F and Minnesota to fall down upon them. And literally what happened?

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A cloud came upon them throwing sparks on them.

00:23:39--> 00:24:02

So many times in arrogance, in stubbornness, people demand things without realizing the consequences. So we should be very careful about what we ask for. Because sometimes just in our stubbornness against someone just because we don't like someone, we say such harsh things, we demand such things, the find this should happen and find that should happen and then we'll see. And when it happens, and we really see.

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So we have to be very careful. We should use our mind, even in the most emotional state.

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What else do we learn?

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What's the i in this incident for us?

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That they were told not to cheat one another. But I thought it wasn't a big deal because after all, they were cheating only a little bit. When you cheat one another you only cheat a little bit. It's only one thing here one thing there. But we see that even the smallest of deeds, they can have great consequences. So we should not belittle any deed. Any deed whether good or bad, don't belittle it.

00:24:40--> 00:24:57

Sometimes this is on a bigger scale that these people in their business they were cheating one another, but sometimes it happens that people they will go for groceries and certain things are only sold in packages and what will people do they will open up the package take one box out, take one juice box out, take one toilet roll out

00:24:58--> 00:24:59

or they will go towards the

00:25:00--> 00:25:23

Produce Ireland, they will start eating the fresh fruit over there. This is cheating the other people. And people think, oh, what's the big deal? It's not gonna cause any loss to them. They're billionaires anyway. So what if I eat one grape or two? So what if I take one box out of here, they're not going to incur any loss. This is exactly what the truth is that we think it's only a little bit. But in reality, it's big.

00:25:24--> 00:25:27

Because it starts with little things and leads to big things.

00:25:29--> 00:25:58

That when it comes to especially these things, treating one another, taking the right of each other, we think nobody is going to know. Nobody's going to find out, nobody will catch us. But what do we see over here, that my lord knows about what you are doing? Or there'll be Ireland will be matter, Milan, that a person should remember that even if the store manager doesn't see me. Allah is watching me. Allah has seen me, and he will hold me accountable if other people cannot.

00:25:59--> 00:26:00

What else do we learn?

00:26:02--> 00:26:22

That if you think about it, this intense heat was a form of punishment for the people. And when the Zola when the cloud came, it brought punishment to them. And we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam whenever clouds would be approaching his face would change the color of his face, which is because he would be afraid that what if this is bringing some kind of wrath from Allah soprano.

00:26:23--> 00:26:37

And we don't even care, we don't pay any attention. We don't even bother to look up to the sky. And to take a lesson from the intense heat that we experience, the constant rains, the constant storms that we experience, we don't reflect on our actions.

00:26:38--> 00:27:22

If you look at all of these nations, that we have learned about thus far, each one had a particular crime, isn't it? And because of that crime, they were punished. But we see all of these crimes together in the same nation in the same Muslim nations, isn't it? So imagine if these people were punished for just one crime, how careful we have to be how concerned we must be? How much is too far we should be doing and how much our macrofauna eromanga we should be doing? If those people were destroyed just because of one crime. Then what about us in the feed Erica, I wanna kinda meaning still people do not take a lesson.

00:27:23--> 00:27:35

So we should become very, very careful. And we should become very concerned and out of well, wishing just like the prophets of Allah head. We should reform ourselves and we should also try to reform other people.

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We listen to the recitation.

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You can feel Mussolini in

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Algeria in

00:28:09--> 00:28:12

Syria was

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See the

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DVB s.

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really coming to the light