Redefining Net worth

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu lillah

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wa salatu salam ala sherfield mbi well Masurian Mohammed little sort of like I

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my brother one brother and sisters

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if I ask you what you asked me,

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What did Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam bring? What was the key one key thing that he brought with changed

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the entire life of the sahaba?

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What would you say?

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Because if you see

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his message, what you if you say, what did you bring? He did not bring, for example, a new economic system. Right? He didn't bring a new methodology of doing business or something and don't do it. Like he didn't bring a new currency.

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He did not bring a new method of agriculture, arrival husbandry, which is what they used to do the agriculture. So he didn't say raise animals like this, do farming like this, no,

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he did not bring any new technology.

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So, what did you bring,

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what he brought was a new way of looking at things as a new way of looking at things.

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And that new way of looking at things was where he moved the finish line.

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From the end of this life to

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the finish line of the race, the race call life

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the novel finish line of the race even to this day,

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when we talk about up borders is a you know you get up you have a child the child is in school, then you say which kind of college should you go to which carrier which profession after that, which are the companies what carrier so which which are the organizations that this you should want to join, I want to work for this company, that company I want to work for the government I want who it is. And then you say, well, now I'm getting I'm 40 or 45, I should have a retirement plan. So I must invest in something that is real estate or its shares or whatever our retirement plan.

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And that's it. So I have a good career. And then I have a good retirement plan, I have trust fund setup, for finances and so on, so on. And on camera by that is a good life, well thought out, well planned.

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Even, even to this day, you go to you go to any consultant or you know, life coach, or what did they will teach you this.

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As a result and broader system, we said it doesn't end with this life, it continues.

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And where it goes is forever.

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That doesn't end.

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So, one point second point was whatever you do in this life, this life is the sphere in which you have control, like we talked about the sphere of control and the sphere of influence, circle of control, circle of influence. So this circle of control that I have is with Rick is in this life. And this circle of control I have in his life, I can enhance it by using my head by thinking by planning by strategizing. Because people just live life like wake up yesterday. If you eat something you feel up use, I feel sad, you sad, glad bad, mad and you're dead.

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But people who have intelligence, they don't do like this, they think about things, they reflect the introspection, they you know, they do all this very good.

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So when you do that, your circle of control is within this lifespan until this life ends,

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but the effect of those deeds, the effect of those actions continues in the hereafter.

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So today in this life, for example, I get to choose whether I want to get an interest based mortgage to buy a house, this is my choice. I can do it or I may not do it.

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But the effect of that house stays here houses go anywhere.

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But the choice I made goes with me into my hereafter.

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In this life I get to choose whether I want to come to the masjid and pray Salah by Jehovah or I pray at home or not

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Talking about not praying used to pray, but I pray to

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the effect of that choice. If I put it at home, I get one reward if I come into the budget, I get 27 rewards effective, it goes into the other. This is what wrestlers wrestlers brought. And this is how he so I call this the moving of the finish line to race doesn't finish here race continues. So now when you have people who are thinking race does not raise finishes, here, they are thinking in a certain way, they are acting in a certain way they're doing certain things, they're taking certain decisions, because there is a sense here. So what is the point of doing it? I shouldn't do it myself right? I must have a nice house and a nice car and this and this and so on. So if somebody says no,

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no, no, but you know, what, I forget all this is I must have a good life here. Okay.

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But when the when you change it to say race and somewhere else, you get a very different mindset.

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Very different mindset.

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So people then for example, one of the simple things,

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we have parents, elderly parents,

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usually what happens especially in these countries, you take Ill repair when they get too old when they you know, take too much trouble take care of them, put them into a nursing home.

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Whereas you might say no, no, I'm not gonna, I will not put them in nursing home, I will take care of them. Even if I put them in a nursing home, I'm going to go there every single day and be with them and spend time with them. So, all of this is investment in the era.

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So as soon as he is that and that is why he changed the

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definition of the term networks.

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Today we say network what

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is the what is what is Bill Gates network it is whatever it is a what is Elon Musk, that what it is, whatever it is,

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this was a result of change the definition of net worth from value of material to value of

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from bar to AMA, and that is why H Ni high net worth individual the definition changed from Abu Lahab to Abu Bakr Allah

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subhanho wa Taala have both a man with a lot of money a walker

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was a man with a lot of alcohol

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so network change from

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mild to Amazon from so now if you the net worth is changing from mild to Mr. What do you think the life will change? How do you think life will change? You're focusing on that because everyone all of us we are focused on increasing our networks

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so when I change my net worth, but I'd say my definition of net worth,

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then action ch

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so if you see people take for example the big names in the in this era take

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take courage and all these people they did whatever they used to do but they did it with a different focus

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when the focus changed lives change and Allah's we're gonna promise them Jana

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you know in this in this life itself

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and that is a challenge for us because this is the same message the message has not changed the same message of resources is there till today and it will continue till the Day of Judgment.

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So I asked myself I remind myself when I requested one yourself, how do I define networks for myself number one number two question is where is my where is the finish line of Paris? Allah subhanaw taala 0410 and in Nadi Modafinil Jana pocket VAs Allah says the one who has been freed from their hellfire and enter into Jannah only that person is successful

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that's going to happen in the assets are not here we don't know.

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Here we don't know. But the one who has been freed from the hellfire and entered into Jana only this first thought was only this person is successful. And that is why these two things I remind myself one, define the finish line of your life. Where is that? And to define networth What does wealth mean to me?

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How do I define what am I? I say what am I worth? I've always said it's a it's a very demeaning and degrading thing to refer to a human being as he is worth so many million dollars in a labor and energy and let's run with that as

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I said we I have given the the Children of Adam and Eve I have given them a crumb I have you know raised their honor and you want to say this person is worth so much money that is how you judge a horse or a cow or a dog you know I want to go buy a dog how much this match what is the worth of the rug so much what are the words was hurt so much not a human being

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this is what this is how do we look at the business people what do they say?

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So and so is what is so much in money not in not in character right not in compassion not in a slot

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in money

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I mean I did his one lobby to be we come from cultures where our languages are different you know in Hawaii in Hawaii I've never like we never had to go to Marriott again

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what kind of advocate are there

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they can remember the dot Academy and it will always go through here Dota Giga

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Lola hotel level. But this is what this is the problem our materialistic world. Materialism today is the biggest religion. The fastest spreading people say the fastest rate is the fastest spreading religion was materialism notice.

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So I want to end with this. Let us remind ourselves this is the message of Muhammad Salah Salem. Were the does your race and what is the finish line of race? And how do you define your net worth? We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to do that in a way which is of benefit to us so that we can win the real race which ends oh there we ask Allah to free us from the Hellfire interest region and I'm with us all our families and our ancestors everybody insha Allah wa salam ala Bukhari when it was

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