Mirza Yawar Baig – Tazkiyah 18 – The Evil of Finding Fault with Others

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The root causes of division and division are discussed, including avoiding critical criticism and creating layers of division in the world. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding false accusations and creating a real person to be around. They stress the need to find fault and appreciate the message of Islam. The speaker also discusses the importance of finding faults of people and being a real person to be around.
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salatu salam ala Shia philomela, while Allah he was having

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a bad

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day, inshallah, and that is Casey's look at the issue of

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being focused on the evil of being focused on other people's faults,

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a tendency to criticize.

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And this is one of the biggest evils that we can find.

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And this is the root cause of the divisions in the oma

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as well as resulting in when in many, many cities where in one case as well, as Rob said, that the one who covers the faults of his brother in this dunya, Allah will cover his faults in the asset.

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The key is to become the last half of Allah subhanho den to become the blanket of Allah Subhana Allah

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and to hide the faults of our brothers and sisters, not to make them visible.

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Allah amount of the Hadith he said, the one who forgives his brother Allah will forgive him. And he said in another one, he said, forgive your brother 70 times 70 times

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May Allah forgive us, because we don't even forgive each other one time, forget about 70 times. We don't forgive each other one time, and we remember whatever it was, whether it was real, or whether it was imaginary. In some cases, it is imaginary, because the person may have said something, but we imagined it to be something else. And we remember that 70 times. Instead of forgiving 70 times, we remember it seven times.

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And this is the root cause the critic being critical of each other is the root cause of all divisions.

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So the immediate question is, if somebody is doing wrong, what should I do?

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If someone is doing wrong, what should I do?

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What you should do is two things.

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Or three things seriously. First and foremost, ask yourself, Is it something that is doing wrong? Is it something that really concerns you?

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Number one, if it really concerns you, then you do the next two things. One, is you go and talk to that person directly.

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Don't talk to somebody has talked to that person directly. And tell him whatever he's doing, explain to him why it is wrong. And third thing is stand in the night in the hedgerow and cry before Allah subhanaw taala for Hidayat for that person.

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Now, you may say, Well, you know, I don't care about you. Why should I stand in the night? If you don't care about him, then why do you criticize him? Why do you tell him anything? Let him go to *? What's your problem? Right. So if you are really so concerned, and that's a measure of your concern, if you really, if you are really so concerned, stand in the night and cry before that, if you cannot do that, then it means that really you are not concerned in which case Keep your mouth shut. That is better. Right? It's not necessary for you to be concerned about every human being on the face of the earth. So don't do that. There's a famous incident which you know, it's a humorous

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incident, man called Samuel Johnson, not to Samuel Johnson, who wrote the first English language dictionary. So Samuel Johnson, when he wrote this dictionary became quite popular and so on. So used to be invited to various parties. And at one party,

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one of the noble ladies a Duchess came to him and she said, Oh, Mr. Johnson, but you have some naughty words in that dictionary. Samuel Johnson Johnson turnaround is dead, but madam, you are looking for them.

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So the key thing is that like yesterday, I had an email Well, I had an email from a brother, who sent me a fatwa from that room dibbens

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about a particular matter. And he said, How can one study in an institution which can give a fatwa like this?

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What is your opinion?

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So I asked him, I said, Are you planning to go and study in the room German? First question.

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If you are not planning to study there, why are you bothered?

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Number one, I said number two, one fatwa does not make or break an institution.

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As a number three, if you are serious about studying the government is not the only institution in the whole world. Go find some some other place which you like.

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And number four, why were you hunting for whatever from their loved ones?

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And because number six before you found this fatwa, which you did not like, how many other fatawa Did you see which you liked? You must have said because if you are hunting for all these words, you would have read many further right? So obviously there are many others which you which you liked reading

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I'm saying that with certainties, that if you did not like them also you would not have sent me one photo you would have sent me 75

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see that see them is actually the see this tendency of our people, we go hunting and looking for faults. And the minute you find a fault,

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you publicize it to the whole world. Who am I? Am I the Am I the Nazim of that job? Am I

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Am I the head of the darling of Java? Why are you telling me about the facade of who you are so concerned? Go to the oven.

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Talk to the Mufti who gave that photo I explained to them after the war, why you think this fatwa is wrong? Right? I mean, that is what you should do. Why are you telling me who the * am I mean,

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but this is the tendency.

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almost invariably, in all my travels across the world. I'm always asked questions about what do I think about this person? Who is shy or something? Some public persona? What do I think? What is your opinion about so and so? Or they will ask me what is your opinion about this Yamato?

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And my standard answer is to everybody, my standard answer is I haven't even come to an opinion about myself. So I once I finished that, once I decided, what Who am I? What am I, then I will bother about Mr. So and so and so on. So that's not my cup. My concern was what is myself, when I stand before Allah subhanaw taala what will happen to me that is my first concern, right? When I'm free from this worry, then inshallah I will give you an opinion about this one, and that one has

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this tendency, this day, the massages will have this tendency to find fault, and not just to find fault to go and dig for the vault to go and look for the fault. And the minute to find his fault to ensure that the whole world and his wife knows about this fault.

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This is a this is the source of the divisions of human and what the people don't realize is that to have this fault, whatever that fault

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is, maybe it's wrong for that person to have this fault. Maybe somebody quoted as a Hades or maybe somebody recited an ayat of the Quran without the proper disease or whatever it was, Allah knows best.

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But to create divisions and the oma is haram haram Haram.

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It is a far bigger fault than any of these faults, whichever are being pointed a far bigger

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and that's what we are doing. We are creating divisions in human. somewhere we have this completely false belief about ourselves, that I am hungry, Huck.

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Anyone who says that I am on the hook.

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And he says this with certainty is surely on the bottle.

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He's surely in the pocket of shatta. Without a doubt, why do I say that? Because if I'm a Java Hamdulillah, who it is the relative opinion of the oma Walter of the of the Oliver of all time that you have a sharper angle Ali was a mujaddid. He was a person who was not just an alum, but he was an alum of a of a level, which seldom has been reached. melas ran into Allah bless him and it is covered with no What did he say about himself.

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He would give a fatwa and he would say I am correct, with the possibility of being wrong.

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And the other person my, you know, the opposite side who gave a fatwa different from mine? That person in my opinion is wrong with the possibility of being right.

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And Allah knows best.

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Not on a single occasion, not on one single occasion did Mr. Jaffe say that I am on the hunt. And wherever whoever has disputed with me is on the body not once,

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in his whole life, not even once.

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And the same e thing is about Abu hanifa, Mr. Maliki Sudan authority.

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All the people all the Imam of this Deen those who are well known those who are not well known, there is their collective position on issues was, in my opinion, to the best of my knowledge, what I am saying is correct, but I am not the I am not the entire collection of knowledge. I am not you know an island with all the knowledge therefore, to the best of my knowledge. This is what I know Alhamdulillah I am confident this is correct. But there is a possibility I might be wrong.

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And that is why every single person was the name said Voila.

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Allah Subhana Allah knows best. That is not just a column that is not just something which is written at the end of each opinion, that was actually their belief.

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But today we have Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah Allah, Allah I know best. In that Allah who in La Jolla. really seriously, we have to think out think to ask ourselves, no matter what it is, nobody would nobody would nobody can take the stance to say I am on the No, sorry. We don't know this. I hope I am on the HAC. I will do my best to ensure that I am on that. And I will make Toba to do so that Allah subhanaw taala will forgive my words and will keep me away from the body. But how can you say with certainty you cannot say and that is why this whole massage of finding faults of people are hunting for the faults of people of uncovering the faults of people is the

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surest way to ensure that Allah subhanaw taala will uncover your faults in this dunya and Allah Subhana Allah will uncover your faults in the ashram Allah May Allah protect us and for us from this, Eva milacron Allah said, I knew people who were very good in their Deen, who are very knowledgeable and who are very, very, you know, in terms of their practice, very good, but they used to find faults with other people. And Allah subhanho wa Taala uncovered their faults before the people.

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And Eva Malik said that I knew other people who were ordinary people, but they covered the faults of other people. And therefore Allah subhanaw taala covered their forms and Allah gave them his endogeneity.

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In another place by Malik said, If Allah subhanaw taala wants to uncover your faults, you will uncover your worlds in your own house. You cannot escape inside your own house, people who you know on a day to day basis will lose respect for you. And you will become real with your own family with your own people, your own children will not have is that for you, your own wife and husband will not have isn't for you. Allah will make yourself feel inside your own place. Allah will make us a little on the chair on the throne on which you are sitting. And we have seen so many examples of this in the world. People have not big presidents and prime ministers and so on. They have not lost their

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seat. They have become the laughingstock of the world while still being in the presidency. The whole world is laughed at them while they were still sitting in the presidential chair.

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Let us be aware

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that if we want to be covered by Allah subhanaw taala if we want our faults to be hidden by Allah, Allah Allah, let us make sure that we hide the faults of people and as I said, if there is something in some Jamaat or some groups or some organization or Association, or in some individual, which you are really so bothered about,

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you are bothered about more, you're bothered about that more than you are bothered about your own agenda. If that is the case, if you are so bothered about it, then do two things, go and talk to them directly and stand in the hedges and cry before Allah subhanho wa Taala for He died for them. If you can't do that, if that is too much trouble for you, then you are telling a lie to yourself, you are not really bothered, you are bothered only about your own name and fame and you are making all this noise therefore Keep your mouth shut and fear Allah subhanho wa Taala and fear the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala will uncover your faults, you spend your time slandering people you

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come you spend your time doing Riba because that's what happens. You are really digging a vault of somebody else and telling someone as what is it called it is called Riba It is called slander.

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If you do that, then you have given away whatever good deeds you add to that person you have taken that person's evil on your shoulders, and that may Allah protect you and me if if Allah subhanaw taala does not forgive that will take us into Jan.

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So let us be very clear, this is a very, very big evil of finding faults with other people. Let us monitor our own conversations. And let us monitor the conversations of each other to say is my conversation more full of concrete than that if he's my conversation more full of criticism or appreciation? Which one is more in our conversation? Do we thank people more? Or do we find fault more? Do we find fault more? Do we appreciate people more? Let us monitor our conversation and see this whether it is people or situations or whatever? Are we more grateful? Or are we more ungrateful? Are we more thankful? Or are we more thankless? Are we more critical are more

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appreciative? Let us monitor our own conversations and we will see what we will see where we stand. ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from all these evils and to clean our heart from these and to give us some purity in our hearts so that our ama will be good before Allah subhana wa tada and worthy of His mercy We ask Allah to forgive us because only he can forgive was Allah hi Nana veal, Karim, Allah Allah. He was happy he made the erotica.

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