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In the London law salatu salam ala Amir Allah Allah he was having one Wallah about to continue on the series of tarbiyah we will talk inshallah, about the importance of the Hara today.

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The issue of the Hadith is So, important that the books are hedis they begin with this issue and the reason for that is because the herot of the body is the condition of the acceptance of well

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without whoo there is no Salah with our vessel, there is no not even any dilaudid no definitely there is no salah and so on. So, the Hara of the body is the primary foundational important thing that one must

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be concerned about.

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This requires two aspects to the Hara first is the actual physical verification of the body in terms of making although and or in terms of puzzle, when was

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the other second aspect of it is the ritual purification. So which is the

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mosyle that are related with Voodoo and with a puzzle.

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It's very important for us to understand what the mosyle are. And for us to pay attention to them when we are making was or wasn't.

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And of course I am not going to go into the details of the material here that requires more time. But important thing to understand couple of major things first of all is the need of it. Without the NEA there is no and also and we'll go arriba so if you just go and you know get wet in the rain doesn't make doesn't amount to fall into a into a lake or something and climb out you don't it doesn't amount of water. So the the issue of the NEA is very important. And when we make this Nia we also make dua to Allah subhanaw taala that Allah rewards us for this particularly bother with the whistle and with with who we know that sort of famous Hadith he said that if a person has a river in

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front of his house, and he waits in this video five times a day will hit will he have any

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dirt on his body and this is Allah this is not possible that he can have any dirt on his body. And he said this is the issue of making Judo that Allah subhanaw taala because he purifies you from sin, just as you watch five bucks a day would purified you from dirt of the body. Similarly, in Arizona Salam once

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narrated by someone and facet of Iran, it was winter,

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took a branch of a tree, he shook a branch of a tree, and all the leaves fell off. And he said to someone faster, do you understand what I'm doing and so on. And he said, Oh, Delano, he said the London listeners are sort of understand best. And he said,

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he said when you make although the sins of the person fall away from him, like the leaves of this tree have fallen away from the branch. So this is a to do with this awareness of what we are doing not just go splash water on the face and the head, the issue of awareness of what we are doing. That's very important. Make the Nia of although it's a Nevada, we do it as a Nevada. Second thing is we make sure that we do it properly.

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In 100 days now Mr. solemn was coming back from Korea and the Sahaba said we camped in a particular place and we were doing Judo and we were not very careful with what we were

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how we were washing our feet. And as soon as he said to us, he called out and he said save your feet from the fire save your feet from the fire. So it is very important for us to ensure that all the body parts which are to be washed are washed properly. Now this does not mean that we stand in front of the tap as if it is the river Ganges or something we don't spend use water also, conservatively we don't waste water, but we ensure that we do the job properly. ensuring that all the body parts which are to be washed are are washed properly and that they are properly wet on big issue with regard to the women which is the use of nail polish. Nail polish is not permeable. If you have nail

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polish on your nails, the water doesn't reach the nails and therefore there is no dough and therefore there is no Salah so very important to understand this don't fall into this trap. I believe somebody has invented and now a nail polish which they claim is some Polish guys invented this nail polish and some so called alum in California was given him a fatwa that this is okay.

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That this nail polish is permeable eyes. I always tell myself you know what, let us have Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala. Right. Don't fall into these traps

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of people.

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May Allah protect us from them, where they ruin our Riba by trying to commercialize everything, use of henna use of Mehndi is fine, because it doesn't there's no coating on the nail as such, it just stains the nail and that is okay. But other than that use of nail polish

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invalidates those rules. So therefore, obviously there's no bother if you have nail polish on your nails.

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The other important thing as far as Voodoo is concerned is that if water is available, then making time home is not valid.

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This is also something which I find many of the sisters doing which is that they don't want the

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the painted face faces to be washed away. And therefore they make time even though there is water available for all right. So I suggest that this is not done make sure that you if there is water, this is simply not valid, your salary is not valid at the end of the story because you know, so your your

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face paint is not as important as maybe if you do do what the

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Native Americans used to do in a good way sort of permanent form of face paint we doesn't wash away with

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that please let us make sure that all these cosmetic reasons don't invalidate our a ballot the Hara is absolutely critical. The other big issue with the high rise one of the reasons for the shutdown to enter into the house for Jin to enter into the house is the lack of

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one of the major reasons is the lack of the Hara. And may Allah protect us.

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I'm not blaming the women as such, but many times it is because of improper care with menstrual cycles, improper care with you know, with the cleanliness of the house, this is the cause of chattin and Jindo to take residence in the house. So

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I suggest that you don't

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sort of you know, sublet your house to some gene, it's not a good idea.

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So keep the house clean the surroundings of the house, the heroine of the house. Very, very important. It's very important it's so nice to be in a beautiful clean home where there is you know, beautiful smells and perfumes and so on. So let's be very clear about that. So, the hair of the clothes the hair of the body, final point is that the Hara internal the Hara, which we will talk about in detail when you go when we go into the the elements of mosquito nets. But also remember just because we are on the subject of internal data which is to keep the in the inside of the body will keep the heart and the mind as pure as possible, free from negative thoughts free from lustful

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thoughts free from all kinds of stuff like that, which also is also part of the Halloween we can't be standing in Salah or be you know, purifying ourselves externally, but inside the heart is all kinds of stuff. So, as I said all of this in detail, we will go into when we go into the skeleton knifes but just as a matter of

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opinion beginning of this is to ensure that inside the our hearts also are pure, and these are this purity of that is also maintained inshallah so therefore the heart of the surroundings, the house and so on the heart of the clothing, the heart of the body, in terms of Voodoo and also as it becomes wider. And then of course the heart of the of the heart is very important. One final point, which is that sometimes people don't pray,

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especially people who do physical work. They don't they don't pray because maybe they sort of the summer long time. And so they have they sweated a lot and you know, they don't smell very pleasant because of the sweat. Or maybe they somebody was a motor mechanic for example is has been working under car he's got some oil on his clothes, or he's wearing overalls which have got oil on them or maybe worked in the in the field or something and you have dust and so forth and people feel somehow impure and therefore they don't pray. Now this is wrong. Because impurity is specific. Dust is not impure, oil is not impure. Sweat is not impure. I'm not saying that you know you should come in that

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state. But if you're, if you've done some physical work Alhamdulillah that's honest sweat, there's nothing wrong with that. Ensure that you pray and you make your windows valid and you pray. The things which invalidate the widow is whatever comes out of the body,

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which is which is urine and stools and silver and blood which is flowing and any deliberate. You know vomit which is done deliberately. These are the things involved in blue

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And of course, the ejaculation of Steven also invalidates. Therefore it makes us all worthy. But other than that, other things that they do not invalidate your close audio. And therefore, not to pray for those reasons is completely wrong. So we must ensure that we pray on time and we perform our Voodoo and now also and we pray we pay a lot of attention to the purity of the body and the mind and our surroundings, a lot of attention to the Hara, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to purify us externally and internally and accept us when we come to him in a state of complete purity, which is a state which is completely free from sin in sha Allah, Allah Allah Allah will carry him while he

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was savage man