Tafseer Of Surah Al-Baqarah 06

Zoubir Bouchikhi


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Sheikh Zoubir cover some more of the first verses of Surah Al-Baqarah

May 2009

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My son, daughter, Allah knows everything. I might not be with you my son all the time. But there is somebody who is always with you. He sees you. He does this and how important is that?

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Not necessary to kill him but also to be mindful of him.

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This is something we don't do when we teach our children we don't connect them to Allah knowledge.

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And that's bad.

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What did I say to Abdullah?

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Is with them when he took him for a ride, and it was just a kid. Just a kid.

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Like those kids six, seven years old. He said, Yeah, Hola. Hola.

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say Oh, all kin.

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Preserve Allah we preserve.

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Be mindful of

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all the time. If I did that, did you do to jack? Remember, love would always be in front of you will always find him

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in the status and

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this is

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talking to children who are not even at that age of maturity.

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One thing we do very wrongly in raising our children, we don't talk to them as men and women. And that's why at the age of 25 years old, the person is still afraid

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of taking the trash outside

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his home.

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Why? Because the way we treat them not as men. And that's why they are not being mature. They are not mature. This kid's

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what he is all you talk to him like, baby. He's 12 years old. He's a man

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at the age of 12. What did the proper wedding the proper size and angle

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barefooted on his feet,

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from Mecca and in Syria.

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You see some brothers never accompany their children with them. Even at the age of 1819.

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They are left for xboxes and TV

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and internet to raise them. And then they say Why? You see a sister never bringing her daughter with her to the masjid. They don't even come to the machine.

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And let's say where the girl is doing her homework.

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What type of homework they do in their private rooms with the internet.

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Be careful brothers. Be careful.

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Be careful, please. You and I maybe didn't have the chance to grow up with the internet. I'm not saying the internet is bad. But be careful. be extremely careful. The way you talk to them, talk to him like a man, he will start behaving like a man. You talk to him like a child, he will always be

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so much harder to understand

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why you didn't answer me

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when he said in the animal is similar to life.

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I know

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the secret world of Heavens and the Earth.

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Why so important in this context.

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And I know what you live in, and what you hide. And he's talking to the animals. If Allah knows the secret world of offense, talking to the elders about being you, we the sinners, we say they don't

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We do. We do make mistakes.

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They do not disobey a Lost Planet Allah when it comes to whatever he commands them. And they do exactly what he tells them. We don't. We don't do exactly we may not just obey Allah but we don't do exactly what it says us.

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May Allah forgive us? So it's a powerful verse that always delivers if Allah has said to the elders, I know even what you you may hide in your hearts, in your own creation. How about us?

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And then he says, What is it consists Judo the Anima as a gentle

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we told the angels to make food for other

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essential nonprofits.

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Who is always

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you know,

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when Allah tells you to make schedule, and you don't when Allah tells you to pray and you don't pray,

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I would like English or like the animals.

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People who don't read they know prayer is mandatory in Islam.

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Brothers in police didn't have a problem with Allah.

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He had problem with

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Adam. Okay. Pay attention to this. Please pay attention to this. I must know what the opposite is.

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The Lord of Glory

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is telling

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the animals

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bow out of welcome. It was not suitably better. It was not a bad nobody should think that anybody can make sushi to anyone. No, no sujood except for Allah. No prostration except for those who don't except for Allah, okay? But Allah is telling the animals to bow out of welcome, respect. And because Allah says only because Allah said, otherwise we don't do it. They do it quickly, without any question without being late, except

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one, one creation of a law that is in place at that moment, he will still call the police. When he disobeyed Allah, Allah called him shavon. shavon is safer is an attribute is the name, de shavon shavon anaplan. When he joins a word, it becomes sliver. So I'm a human being.

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And that's why I must find them shouting and when the shouting among the humans and among the things that are shouting among us,

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when a person like you and me, who Allah says in worship me,

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come and worship me come and do report and social refuses? Is he like the shapefile? Or is he like the animals?

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Talk to me, is like the shape of

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what the same time that refused to make social did he refuse to make some judgments to Allah? Or to a creation of Allah called Adam.

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Now what are you gonna play?

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You are worse than the shape an equal to the shader or less than the shaman. Was that a shaman?

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Because the shape

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view I have problem with this guy is nucleation.

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Please tell these people who don't play this, maybe they it wakes them up.

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Tell them tell them

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and if they just understand that, if we practice Islamic law when it comes to people who don't pray, they don't deserve even Salat and janazah.

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They don't even deserve salata. jazza

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they don't deserve even the burial in Islamic cemetery and Islamic manner.

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Maybe this way, because I know some people wake up say brother, I made a lot of bad things in my life. But my last Farewell, my departure from this dunya to the hereafter. I want it

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with some kind of

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witness that is solid and

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generous at least 10 other than that, if we practice Islamic law we would we are not supposed even to prey on you salata jenessa don't even wash your body don't even prey on you not even very open Islamic. Why?

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Why are you on

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the show?

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I'm better than him.

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And he even says, By Your glory

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by your glory or not, I will do this to this person.

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So the people who don't try to ally especially the Muslims, and worse

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shape I never said I don't bow to you Allah, I don't like him. Jealousy

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please. And then the ayah continues to inlet even the other interviews was terrible, he had two problems ever who can object a loss of the loved one

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was stuck by our organs.

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Our organs is a very dangerous disease of the heart that one day with inshallah, we will just highlight and give give one lecture or two just about how this disease gets to the heart. You might be a very good person, if this was a good

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creation of God

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until he saw either

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one of the worst ways

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that the shaper gets you to be outed by him. This he triggers you to be jealous.

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And that's why Be very careful from jealousy because

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what can

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shape our out of Allah's mercy?

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What made the first sin on Earth, which is killing the first sin on Earth was killing murder happen? What made it happen?

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Why what made

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the brothers of use of Alex Sarah, throw him in the web.