Winners or Losers

Mirza Yawar Baig


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So here

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was that I was selling my lotion for them even more saline or her mother was a little nice, I love it when it was sent him to sleep magazine because

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we were talking yesterday about

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the issue of effort

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and the importance of effort.

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I want to say to you that there are two kinds of people in the world,

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any field

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winners and losers.

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There's no third kind.

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There's a winner or loser.

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Now, what makes a winner?

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What makes a winner is four qualities. Number one

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is clarity of goal.

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The ability to focus on the world, number two, is attention span.

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To stay on that goal long enough attention span.

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Number three,

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is perseverance.

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Continue with the effort. And number four, is the willingness to learn.

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Because not everything we do is right sometimes your boss persevere in the wrong direction somebody teaches you learn, you don't get stuck in analysis by you know,

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the idea is to succeed.

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So, four things, what are the four things first one is focus.

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Second, attention span.

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Number three,

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And number four learning

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will lead you to learn willingness to learn.

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the world the resources, knowledge, teachers, all of these are like a river.

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So rivers flowing

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the water is there for everybody.

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But who drinks how much water who uses the water for what purpose doesn't depend on the river, it depends on the individual.

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Somebody will go to the river, they still will not drink, other people will go to the river they will drink they will bear they will swim in it.

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They enjoy it, they take maximum benefit from it.

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Today one of the confusions that is there that I find more and more

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in the among the Allah award people among the scholars and teachers is that they have confused the road.

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They think that their role is to attract people.

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And people also tell them, sometimes people tell me you should make shots, you know 32nd shorts.

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So I my answer is very simple answer is I teach winners.

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I don't eat goldfish. I don't eat monkeys.

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32nd is the attention span of a goldfish or monkey.

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I don't need monkeys and goldfish, or monkeys and goldfish necessary. Of course, they're beautiful creatures. The question is do you want to be a monkey? Or do you want a goldfish? It's not about goldfish is it about you?

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So if somebody says I'm a monkey as a bulldog please go find a banana

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I'm not the I'm not the place for it

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whoever is interested will have the interest to come and sit and engage and I'm gonna do plenty of those I mean I have not short of people who want to learn in any case it doesn't matter to me I'm not the source of learning for the whole world. I mean for me, what is the matter

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the point I want to make is it is very important to choose early in life what you want to be if you want to be a winner it was choose early enough and do what it takes to go winner

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take take tennis for example or take golf right

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ask any world class tennis player

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and yoga see ask Andrea she has bought his beggar

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ask Rafa,

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Rafa Nadal

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what age did they start?

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What age were they when they first held the racquet? As Tiger Woods what was the for what was the age at which he first got a golf club and then

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he held a golf club before he was taller than the Golf Club

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here to get a small one for himself.

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Because winning is hard work.

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Winning is hard work this is something that people forget

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we have to understand we have to differentiate between a wish and a choice the two different things two completely different things which you can enjoy you can wish for anything

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but if you choose then the choice has a price tag

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choices or price tag

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you can have anything you choose provided you pay the price it's like going into a superstore you know go into Macy's or whatever or heard

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everything there is you can browse around you can walk around you will look around zones, but you can only walk out with that which you paid for

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so if you want to choose something there is effort involved which noble I wish I was this I wish I was that I wish I was I was Quran very nice. So today How many did you memorize? Nothing.

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So the hills How is going to happen?

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How will it happen?

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If I'm not able to say every single day well how many I did you memorize today? And you say nothing tomorrow, nothing thereafter nothing. Then what you are talking about is a wish I wish I was it will ever believe it will never you will die with a wish that wish will go into your cupboard with you.

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But if you choose I would choose to be a habit of the Quran believe me nothing on the face of the earth will stop you except that

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you will become a habit without a doubt. Because you choose which means what which means now you will make the effort

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you will make the effort you will memorize every day something and you will always know is no Roberts and not magic.

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And same thing applies to everything.

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So he must differentiate between wish and choice

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between winner and loser. And we have to ask ourselves this question. Nobody believe me. Nobody in the world chooses to be a loser. Everybody would like to be a winner. But how come they aren't? Because people are not willing to pay the price.

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People think it will just happen. Nothing just happens. Nothing at all just happens. Everyone wants happy marriage has just happened. Oh, takes a lot of work. Takes a hell of a lot of

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people want good children.

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Have you found anybody who says I want the worst kid in the in the world? I want my child to grow up and absolute. You know mafia don, or something? Anybody like nobody? People want to view them on beautiful children better in Serbia is that is happening?

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Because we don't put in the effort that is required for the therapy or the children.

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That we are not easy.

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Why do you think Allah subhanaw taala says the jinn that Jana is under the feet of Phaedra. Look, look at that. Look at the payoffs. It's not a simple thing. Allah is not saying I'll give you okay, I'll give you the reward for one hijra, you will reward for one month or over the No, Jana is under your feet. The Mother, the Father is the daughter of Jana.

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Such a huge reward for what? For feeding them. You feed your cat.

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People think raising children is to feed them, clothe them, give them a dry place to sleep, you do that with cats, you do that with dogs, not children.

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With children, you got to do a lot more than that.

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So effort, winners and losers. And we get to choose between me and not choosing the choice.

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So don't think that if I if you don't choose your free No, nobody's

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not choosing the choice.

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So attention spans, taking the time and trouble ask yourself a simple question. What book Am I reading right now? How does that relate to my life goal? Have I written my life goal down? I've said I keep saying the same thing again and again, like a broken record. That's all that's all there is. That's the reality. Do you have a goal? Is it written down? Are you focused on it? Do you know what you need to do to achieve that goal? Are you doing it?

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What does it take? What are the resources, money time energy people mentors? What not what not everything is money. Maybe you need somebody's advice that the guy is not available do what you do I have all the money in the world but that person is not there. So what to do. So effort has to be made

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and the

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opposite is equally clear. As long as you make the effort, you will succeed, nothing can stop your success. Both are equally true. If you don't make the effort you will not succeed. And if you make the effort you will succeed. Allah subhanaw taala created these rules and these are equal for everyone on the face of the earth. The only difference is you or me Insha Allah, you also get John Hamdulillah.

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But this rule is for anyone. Most of them not Muslim makes no difference. If he is making the right effort, you will get the right result.

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Whoever it is, right, we know the examples of that around us in the world. There are people who are doing fantastic things, achieving grits, great stuff and I'm in a material and worldly way.

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So we ask Allah Subhana Allah to help us to choose to become winners, and to give us the perseverance to give us the focus to give us the attention spans to be winners, and not to keep making excuses. You can make excuses or you can progress make progress. You can make progress. Or you can make excuses. Well, you can't do both.

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At the same time, you can't do both. So if you want progress, reverse doubling excuses, make the effort. One way you choose the one go ahead, no problem. Write a book excuses the world at least that will sell some copies.

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We ask others to help us to do that is pleasing to Him and to save us from that which is not pleasing. Some of our Hala Nabil curry Murali he was happy then