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hamdulillah let's get started if we want to learn to recite the Quran correctly, let's put our attention here. We're going to be working on Surah Qureshi today who do we learn he Nina che on your Raji let's start today with some clean clear sounds

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Ruby laheem In a shame on you, Raji.

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Uzu BilLahi Mina Mina ash shame on me, Barney. orgy

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Rulu we love Him enough shame on you Raji

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Rusu bring the tongue out of out of the to the end of the top teeth be law he mean be like he me me me he me he mean che che on your orgy the album noon sheen yeah noon Jim Yeah. Now the r e o code

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ru zu biller he mean nice che all I can even put that there Neil Raha je me now how do I get sounds to connect themselves Uzu Ozu

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ruse to be Billa he mean che that's your A on your Raji now how do I hold sounds

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who one to one iRULU bill he Bill Bill love he mean Nash Nash anytime I hear the sound connecting and holding our CW Mina che or near ne ne ne ra ra near

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G him now tell your brain don't just skip over it. What am I doing with the blank letters? What do I do with letters that are not saying anything to me? I can comfortably remove those letters from my mind so I don't feel like hey, but why what do I do? Why are they there? Uzu B bIllahi min ash shade on your Raji now stretch the sound one to one hold to belie he mean che all on your ID 121221111222221 Uzu B learn he mean shame on you Raji Mina che hold the Noonan sheen and the two for the meanness shame on you Raji bumblebees by seen me blow through base

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Mila Mila and if lamb raw Miss Milan your raw, spicy Spicy ra manual. Ra E M. or manual ra eeem Bismillah ra manual Rahim you can't you can't do it. stressfully five times in a row. I'm egging you on to get comfortable with saying it soft on your voice. This This means

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Lala Hill rah rah man y'all. Ie bass Mila Hill rock manual rocky cream

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supermoons blow the sound bass, Mila here, rah rah rah rah rah rah, rah,

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rah E.

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Now my W's hold that sound. This mean mean love me learn your made love your raw, raw manual, raw IE,

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to see how the W changes the sound completely. This means

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your man my name, Rahim. Now with the letters that you don't need, go ahead, take them out so you feel comfortable. They're just not being used, so there's no need for your eye to have to fall on them in the beginning. So you're taking them out to make it easier for you the eye. Then later on, you're just gonna glaze right through them. So here we go. Bismillah to heel ra ma to new rocky Bismillah he'll rock man you'll rocky

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how're we doing friends?

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Yes, I feel good.

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Let's continue

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pardoned more.

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Yep. And now we're going to do li laughy voice will put out a few verses for us. This is Surah poolish.

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li, li,

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li li fi or I wish Lee li laffy off raw. Now here comes the a sound

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or a school Roy Roy H. E. Fi here.

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Here's your one im

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e II. Fee him

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for a one here.

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Let's dot it up first.

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E is a HUBZone.

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II fee him spells.

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I'm sorry. It's Lee Luffy go Roy finish. Please make your Yahia Cooroy. Wish I was misspelled or mispronounced E Fi him?

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Let's write out that whole second letter that's going to leave it a little confusing. Isla fie him or her spicy the letter. The letter and Sheeta Alif Lam she The E was slave. Wow. Alif. Sloths slave. Now let's put in Li laughy Alright, H E feed him with a letter letter sheet.

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Sheet. He was likely

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li e la fi who ration li laffy ration

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e Lo

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Fi him in the last sheet.

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He was always believe was slave

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excuse me friends. Now sukoon one two. Lee II. Love you all righty righty or rah rah rah rah rage. Sheesh. II fie him he

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it he

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commit him blow it a land down. Land does schita II was leave slave old age slave

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Good Good question Jr. I really like it. And yes, juniors question Canadian rule A Ye is still heavy even though it's always going to be light. Happy

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Because even if it's after an awesome letter, like what about here? Oh, why you right? Eh? No All right age correct. It is always going to be happy. It is always going to be happy even if it's after it is an awesome letter. It's not going to be Soyuz rather slide leave. Thank you Jr, Li, finical H il fi Media Lab dash, dash sheet

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II was was slave was slave.

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Now, is there anything that not a lot of letters that you need to cancel but if you want to we can cancel them out. Li ILA if you go by H il fi himedia letter sheet.

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You will slave so you take out the letters that you are not using presently. And that leaves you with the stretches. li e Love Love Plus to feel EU rage does anyone know a why is this going to be a plus two

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while it was slammed please head for Fajr prayer what is what is this going to if it's in your timezone? This north to south equals plus two when I see the squiggly line it's going to equal plus to Lafayette Cooroy ish

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II fee him so it's I'm going to put the little yellow here that's the little yeah that's gonna stretch for to E Fi him or what if I put a north to south on the bottom here. II it's all the same to E Fi him plus two plus two. I'm not trying to I'm not trying to slide this by you here. It could either be the line on the bottom followed by the year or a north to south on the bottom either way to 212 e fee him blow through the sound really loud. Really we don't have it in English the very light tipped raw if he if he if he led

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the sheet

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and here Why are you going to stretch this one for four is anyone why you're going to stretch cheetah

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because the squiggly line is stretching the east to west stretch for for you got it was slave Wow to saw it was saucy was sleeve sleeve. So I am going to do reminders that's a plus two. Why? Because of the Canadian rule. So I ye sleeve?

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Excuse me friends.

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And that is also a plus two why pura ye ora ye you're holding it in the jaw? Let's continue. Li la vie Roy e la vie him read letters schita

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you will slave would anyone be able to give me a thumbs up if you feel good on the first two hours. Suddenly our Buddhu video will cut momentarily

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fell yeah boo doo

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Rob ah ha the debate

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excuse me friends thank you

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fellas failure boo. Bah ha ha

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please deep breath in pull the pasture back in together

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fairly our boo falam commit fell. Yeah. Boo doo boo doo failure abou do a lot to one. Ha

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ha ha. Bye Yatta harder al bait. I know I scrunch that in a little bit. They're not keeping it as beautiful as usual.

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But I want to use it. That's okay with you all I'm going to use it

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far with my dots. Fun. Yeah. Buddhu fire alarm. Yeah, I ah, yeah. Boo do iron or bah. Bah yah. Bay.

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Yeah, Boo doo no D please. No, D feliz. Boo doo

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Got it. Sheen is not so much a tongue. The question is, what about where does the tongue go for the sheen? It's more leave the tongue flat and close your back teeth and say it a lot does she? Does she tell me if that works for you?

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So it's the tongues flat as she comes in the back of my mouth. The teeth are closing fairly are boo doo Rob Ah ha

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ha ha E, baby now connect commit fun fun fun commit Yeah, yeah, yeah. To 123

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Blue do 212 Sorry 2212

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Gu do Rob.

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bait that bait and he said that's valuable do Rob bank robber bang ha

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ha I'm taking out my double letters that are not using fun Yeah, Boo doo

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Yeah, this is

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fun. Yeah, Boo doo Raba ha

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ha ha there are two others that I'm just leaving alone. Ha

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ha. thali boo doo Rob Baja.

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Buried to a oh two two to have bait and what happens at the end? Pop bait bait don't take this out.

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Finally our boo doo do Rob Ah ha ha Wait 212 Hold 1222 Pop.

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Yabu do Rob Ah ha

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ha Wait

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is that intriguing to anyone?

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Because all these years you might have been like, Dude, it's an impossible pattern. It's not that impossible, right? Make these equal these equal one two so 2212 whole 222

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I think it's a nice way of course you're not going to always do this but it's it's a nice way to be able to approach and say well I can say first

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boo do Rob Da

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Ye And is anyone finding that you can't read it in bandage weep? Because if I said fairly yah yah boo yah boo Do you wouldn't be able to do further boo do now then it would break the sound rubber. So, the write that you read is going to allow it to flow properly. Fell Yabu do rubber ah

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he the final iron Are you prepared? Shall we do the final IO together? Bismillah.

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AR Gu or bahagian bait and levy Are there any questions? At the end? lezzy l Bama one to bounce out Bama goose

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made out llorando who made man made jewelry you

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know home

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me a whole

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now take a look let it happen let it happen.

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At levy l bomb

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Minge me, Joe you're you are

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now home man now.

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Me follow me

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make it all happen please.

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And Lizzie oramo home Alpo Alpo Alpo amo home

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so home Me

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me me me noon new new Jia Jia Ming Zhu Min Zhu in

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Ma now

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mean hoh min KOFUN Oh theme

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at the elbow elbow elbow 12111 to allow home allow home l Bama warm me do do a you

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know home one to 112 or

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now I

00:21:10--> 00:21:14

mean go home hold off

00:21:16--> 00:21:25

they might shut us at Lozi Allah, Allah and Levy

00:21:29--> 00:21:49

who is stronger? The meme connect or meme W who is stronger? The meme Connect is definitely connected hold the stronger meme connect or meme connected hold so outlaw amo goon me Do you You

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mean Cove home

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Oh putting your stretches Allah Zi la la mujer and what a homie close and I move to that quickly so now let's take out the letters we are not using and let the outlaw home

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meet you Are you

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now home

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yeah watch what's happening here and let's see

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this meme is gone so I'm going straight to home

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made me do in now rain connects to the wow so I take out one of the lines it's not you are in its do Are you Are you

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do you

00:22:58--> 00:23:01

know who take this meme out

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now who's mean clove and this is stretch for two it's around the world. So make that sound her move and lezzy elbow elbow bounce the sound elbow elbow elbow bounce

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and learn the

00:23:31--> 00:23:40

stretch this one for for How come is to us and love the stretch for for elbow out BA home

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home lifted up

00:23:50--> 00:23:53

your you

00:23:54--> 00:23:58

know home me oh

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if you know this one is that you do know all the rules of rhythm. P A are they are a rhythm all the rules of it are inside this

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and lovey alto alcohol I

00:24:15--> 00:24:19

mean I mean do you

00:24:21--> 00:24:23

mean clove

00:24:24--> 00:24:59

How do you feel a lot going on there I understand but I need to be able to say hey I can hear law Allah the bomb outta my hoo hoo hoo home min min. Joo okay I don't know what that thing you did my own. I can't do that but men, man Zhu Zhu pucker the lips stretcher for to do. And I in with my throat. Are you are you

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Oh yes from your throat to your nose. Re re re re re you re re re re re Are you

00:25:11--> 00:25:15

it's like a cat trying to play the guitar. Do you

00:25:16--> 00:25:19

know who mean or

00:25:21--> 00:25:32

now whose main home home stretch for two because of the north the South? What 21121

00:25:33--> 00:25:37

Now home mean main clothes

00:25:39--> 00:25:42

and then below at the end here. Oh

00:25:46--> 00:25:47

how move.

00:25:49--> 00:25:53

Salah Kumar will love him indeed God has spoken the greatest of truth