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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah, ala Alihi, wa Sahbihi Hoban, we're

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talking about, therefore the way forward.

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I'm trying to be as brief as possible.

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There are two critical aspects to the way forward, which we must take care of two of them. The first is a foundational aspect in which everything is rooted. And that foundational aspect is

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true fullness to Allah.

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To be rooted in hate,

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to be rooted in the hope and the love of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu sallam.

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This is the foundation, which means that the first and fourth most important thing to do is to develop

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this understanding of the glory and magnificence of Allah

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and see how this relates to us. Allah is Glorious and Magnificent. So how does that come to me? How am I connected with Allah subhanho wa taala. And to build that connection,

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this is where it all begins. The reason I'm saying this, with a hopefully, enough emphasis is because this is the first fireplace where things go wrong.

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Shaytan is extremely, extremely smart in case you

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didn't cottoned on to that yet. Very, very smart.

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Certainly far smarter than I am.

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And I guess most of us

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so what he does is that he spins his web,

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in relation to the individual in relation to the person.

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He doesn't try to deceive everybody in the same way.

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He deceives different people in different ways.

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And obviously, the key thing to do is not to get stuck, and not to be deceived by Chaitanya ology.

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So the way shut down deceives,

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the so called educated people, and I'm saying so called, because education that takes you away from Allah is not education, it is misguidance.

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So shaitan

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misguides, and the spin the web he spins,

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with the so called educated people is that you are educated.

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This is an old religion.

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not relevant anymore. And so you need to get out of this. And therefore not get out of it as in stop praying, and so on. So I know he doesn't go there, he knows that you probably won't do that. So he says no get out of it, meaning, don't look for solutions in the framework of Islam, because they're not there.

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If you want solutions to modern life, you have to look for them in modern places, not in a book, which is 1400 years old, not in the teachings of unabIe, who is from the same time. And so you will not find them there. You need to find those in

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modern times, look at who are the most successful people in the world today. And go behind them, follow them do like they do imitate them, make directiva and not the diva of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and you will succeed this is

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what shaytan teaches us.

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And that is the reason why I come from the opposite side. And I say that

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build a foundation that is so firm and strong. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us firmness and strength, which can beat this logic. And that is also the reason why we got to history and why I specifically mentioned the time of Louisa Salem, and today to show that, number one, we seek answers in the life of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because this is what Allah subhanaw taala told us to do. But also that that time so closely resembles our time, our so called modern tech, that even if someone comes with the argument to say, we need modern sources, I say to him, we have our resources. We have a very modern source that happens to be located historically, in the seventh

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century, but philosophically and

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ideologically, it is located today. So we are looking at a very modern society, which was very, very close to, if not exactly, like what modern,

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closed society is, it has begun.

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And on top of that,

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we have this beautiful example

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of this one man SallAllahu Sallam who came

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and stood alone without any supporters,

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none whatsoever,

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completely helpless, and defenseless.

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he turned that world around.

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In his own lifetime,

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he became, and he

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took his

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followers from being people who were oppressed, and who nobody cared about, to becoming the role models for the world.

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Now, the question, therefore, is, how did he do that?

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And that's why muscular history.

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So the foundation in Tauheed and Risala, the foundation in Quran and Sunnah. And the two articles, believe me, the two are together, is the foundation is the fundamental thing required for going ahead. Number two.

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So that's where the root is number two, now we look at the whole tree, what is the

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what is the trunk of the tree? And what are the branches of the tree, the trunk of the tree is politics. Now, one of the things I know has acquired for himself, and I think quite,

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justifiably, very evil smelling, connotation. So but I don't mean it that sense. Politics very simply means the ability, or the technique, or the

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importance of influencing others. Now, nobody can deny that if you're living in the world, you need to influence other people.

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The most influential people in the world are two years old.

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And somehow they lose their influence. The most helpless people are the worst in the world of the parents of those who is two years olds, who cannot stand up to the oppression by those two year olds. I mean, there's nothing there's nothing no creature in the world who's more self centered and more

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selfish than a two year old, a two year old cares about nothing, nothing and nothing except what he or she wants. And they know exactly how to get it. And they get it by making your life as miserable as they can, until you captured it and give them what they want. Politics, Politics is the root

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politics is the absolute root of

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what we need to become masters off and this is where the link between the foundation this

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where are the roots of your tree, the tree which is

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the trunk of the trees, the politics, where are they rooted in,

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the hobo with Indra, Salah and in the complete and total certainty, not disbelief, complete and total certainty in the

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in accountability to Allah subhanaw taala.

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From whom nothing, because

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this is the foundation this is the fundamental principle that we are operating from.

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That's the reason why it's important because in politics, you are going to be challenged, you're going to be challenged every single minute, intellectually, ideologically, morally, spiritually, with all kinds of

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situations where you are told that your system doesn't work.

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Your system doesn't work. Islam doesn't work. Mohamed Rasulullah Salam doesn't work. What the priest doesn't work. It's all old fashioned stuff. It doesn't work. Yeah, go and pray no problem, but look for solutions in the modern world. Not with Allah. People will not say that in so many words. Please understand this very clearly. Nobody, especially a Muslim

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will actually say this in so many words, but they don't need to say, you can hear it in their voices, you can hear, that's the backdrop of everything they're saying. You can hear it in the,

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in the fear in their voices, where they're speaking to you, and you can see, and you can smell the stink of their fear. And you can see how afraid they are. And we thank Allah subhanaw taala

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that we are not among them, that we are not afraid. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep us in that state where we are never afraid. So politics, good politics, positive politics, politics that is based on morals and ethics and values as prescribed by Islam. Once again, not because of the video it because of the religion, we do it because they believe in that. But every single one of them is one of those, even if you remove that Islam tag from it would still be quite simply the best way of doing whatever we are doing. There is no there's no change that it will still be the best way because the Islamic way is based on justice. It's based on compassion, it is based on mercy. There

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is nobody in the world who can have a problem with justice, compassion and mercy. And if they have a problem with that, then we have a problem with that person. As simple as that.

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So we have a system mashallah which is based on justice, compassion and mercy. And this is what I'm saying to

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moving forward, what must we do a foundation of the head and resell

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an asset and accountability tell us about tell.

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Which means obviously, fulfilling of the fire, whatever Allah made for whatever Allah made obligated we fulfill that we live our lives free from everything, haram, everything doubtful. We build taqwa in the hearts, ours first, and then those who come to us. And then from that foundation grows the tree of influencing others, which one word politics, influencing how to influence, communicate communication skills, conflict resolution skills, presentation skills,

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counseling skills,

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you know,

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negotiation skills, and so on. So all listening skills, probably, I should have said that the first

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all the things that lead to great communication, building relationships.

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And building friendships, and learning to collaborate with people.

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That tree has two branches. The first branch is, again, an outcome of influencing skills, which is the area of journalism, Journalism and Media Management, which I call mind steric. So influencing the minds of people presenting to them facts, presenting to them things that showing them the face of the world, as it is, not as somebody might

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pretend on audit, somebody might want them to see it as, but as close to

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the fact and reality as possible. And

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learning how to present that in the best possible way, which is media management. Just imagine I don't think today we don't even need much imagination to understand what I'm saying. But just imagine things like Instagram, and Facebook, run by people with a high ethical and moral standard.

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Right? Think about that.

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Run by people with a with a high ethical and moral standard. Not unlike people who are manipulative, who just are doing it to make money. They don't care how many people they hurt in the process, but people who are fundamentally rooted in all that is good in this world. Just imagine that what can what would be the

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the influencing and the world changing power of that. That's the first branch the second branch

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the second branch is law.

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Now, again, links it back here, which is I'm not talking about law as in interpret interpretation of laws. I'm talking about attorneys. I'm talking about judges. I'm talking about in the judiciary. So you have the lawmakers, as in the politics. You have the influencers

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Not the trash that could call themself influencers today, talking about people who are really influencers, in the best sense of the word would be the journalists and the media, people with that power, and the wealth that goes with it inshallah. And

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in top interpreters of the law,

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which will be attorneys, and the judiciary, these three things,

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or four things, foundational to his

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politics as in influencing skills, and including in in government, I'm saying forming of governments, standing for elections, not just voting alone, or standing for elections, winning elections, and then bringing about change in life.

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And then

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it every aspect of it.

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And finally, advocacy, which is attorneys, and judges, please understand this, because today,

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almost every brightened person, I talked to almost every one of them.

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Ask them, What do you want to be? What have you decided for yourself, I want to be a doctor, I want to be a pharmacist, I want to be an optician. I want to be an engineer. I want to be an accountant, believe me.

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All nice career options for

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you, personally.

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But let me assure you, not a single doctor, or a single engineer, not a single optician, not a single

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accountant sits in any house of parliament, in any Senate, in any place, where decisions are taken, that affect huge populations.

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You might be a doctor qualified and then you might go into politics all power to you, you just wasted eight years of your life. But that's okay.

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You should have gone into politics eight years earlier.

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But the point I'm making is that get into places of power, where you will have the ability to take decisions that affect populations. You cannot do that in these careers

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in areas which are all very good Alhamdulillah. But in terms of influencing the world, they are zilch, when those decisions are taken in those Parliament's and Senate, and in those houses of representatives of one kind or the other. And when those decisions are

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implemented in society, and when those decisions are interpreted in courts of law. And when those decisions are presented to the world. We all love to complain about that. Right? See how the twisted, see how they don't show they see the door to that?

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Of course. Of course they do. And you're surprised if you're surprised there's no one dumber than you.

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That's the reason why you need to get in there.

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So that was saying, if you are in these careers,

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then when those decisions happen, you will be standing shoulder to shoulder with every farmer and truck driver and fruit seller and street sweeper all of which are eminently important professions.

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But they are not the ones who will make the decisions. They are the ones who will suffer the consequences of those decisions. And that is what I'm challenging you. The time has come for you to chair take your life into your hands and see which gives you the best leverage.

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Final point

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and it's I'm not going going into it in detail. The final point is all this has to begin Young.

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What I'm talking here is not high school stuff. It's not University stuff. Just primary secondary school stuff. So high school, yes, but primary and secondary in high school. We need to set up schools which creates this foundation of the heat from which and in which we groom people.

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You're not going to teach them everything about politics and journalism and advocacy in those schools but you will groom them and give them the basics and you'll be surprised at how

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competent children can become

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in mood Parliament's in taking out newspapers in presenting on a

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on television and social media and everything is on how beautifully creative they are, how powerful they can become. If they have the right guns, get the best teachers that you can get. And I want some messages money can buy because it's not money, you want best teachers, who are, who have the dedication to spend their lives to create this goodness, which is so terribly and tremendously require. Get the best teachers and get those children and give them that education and set up the foundation and then let them loose in the world to go and change the world.

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Or salon on a very wide alley. He was meant to get her life