Mirza Yawar Baig – Tarbiyya 07 – Clean your life from Shirk and Bida’at

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The shaping of Islam has been shaping up to be a culture of fear and confusion, with the use of "ship" and the importance of following orders. The Sun shar'ed and "order" of Islam are discretionary things left to oneself, and the use of hugs at the Sun is a way of rewarding individuals. However, issues with writing wills and the safety of public spaces are also important. The importance of avoiding accidents and being clean is emphasized, as well as the need for proper titles and titles for rewarding individuals.
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In llll, salat wa salam, O Allah, Colombia, Allah, Allah, he was having gone bad. Today in the tarbiyah series, we'll look at

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verifying ourselves on three major issues, which is shipped go for and with that

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the biggest shark that we fall into as Muslims,

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two major pieces of it. One of course is the very clear and open shift of asking help from anyone other than Allah subhanaw taala which involves all the going to the graves and asking the help from this saint and that saint and so on and so forth. But even those who don't do that,

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fall into another form of what Allah subhanaw taala called ship when Allah subhanaw taala said, Monica Allahu

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Allah subhanaw taala said in sort of our clan, Have you not seen him who has taken as his Lord, as his Illa as the one who worships his own his own desires of under the moon while he works Allah, Allah monitors it and you are you going to become the work of such a person? Allah subhanaw taala st was organized Allah Allah do not even ask forgiveness for such people do not become the working of such people who are the people who take their desires, as objects of worship.

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Now when you say desire is the object of worship, what is what is meant by that, it is meant that you give your desire to decisions over the orders of Allah subhana wa that one does not take your desire and doesn't take a desire and put in front of himself and nessa obviously, but making a desire an object of worship means to give that desire precedence over the hook over. So there is a token of Allah and at that time, I have some desire and I give this desire precedence over the hook of I ignore the hook of Allah subhanaw taala or I go against the hope of Allah subhanaw taala in order to fulfill my desire. Now it is for each one of us to look into our own lives and see where we

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are doing this and if we are doing this, this is and this is served as a last resort Allah Himself mentioned in the Quran, and this must be cleaned and removed from our lives completely and totally without any leaving any remnants of it in our life. So anywhere where there is an order of Allah subhanho wa Taala and do remember I want to add myself in you that to obey the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is an order of Allah. There is a big, big, big fitna in this oma today where we feel that to obey the Sunnah is a discretionary thing left to ourselves, if we do it Alhamdulillah This is good if we do not do it, there is no problem. This is from shaitan your and simple.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala as order Allah ordered us to obey Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and to do his Eva both of them clearly. And therefore the Sunnah, is in two parts. One is the director of the Novus Allah salah and the other one is something which he did not directly order, but which he used to do himself, which is also equally worthy of being overweight or being followed. And to do both of these is the home of Allah subhanho data, it is not a discretionary thing left to ourselves to do if we please and to leave if we don't like it, that is a very big fitna and the one who is doing that is also committing in in a in a way, because he is allowing his own desires to

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supersede his submission to Allah subhanaw taala to follow the orders of Muhammad Rasul Allah, and to follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah Hassan and obviously, he deprives himself and he or she deprives itself of the Baraka of the sun. What sense does it make, I mean, one way of looking at it is to look at it from the perspective of the punishment which is, may Allah save us from that, but the other way to look at it is from a positive angle, which is to say, that if I do follow the sun, what is the benefit for me? So, let us look at that and say, why should we Why should I follow if I follow the sun?

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Is there any benefit for me and if there if you think that there is benefit, then what is the point of not following the sun? Similarly, the

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Salah, what is the benefit for us because one important thing for us to understand is that all the orders of Allah subhanaw taala that Allah has given us, the entire

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way of life, which is called Islam is for our benefit, it does not benefit Allah in any way. We just finished Adam further, if we had not prayed if we had been sleeping, Allah would not be harmed. Allah subhanaw taala His glory would not have decreased. Allah subhanho wa Taala wouldn't have missed our Salah. We prayed because we want to include ourselves as the slaves of Allah.

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Ran out that the lady with the blessing of the prayer is for us. And Allah subhanaw taala gives us the reward of this of this Allah. If we did not perform the Salah it does not affect Allah subhanaw taala one way or the other by performing the Salah by establishing the Salah by praying we have also not added to any anything to the glory of Allah Subhana Allah. It's not as if Allah became greater because we prayed. No, Allah is Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Hakuna had this is Allah subhanaw taala whether we pray or we don't pray, we pray for ourselves. And that is the reason why it's very important for us to ensure that we always always give precedence to the orders of Allah subhanaw taala one of the ways also where we commit the shark is where we write

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a will, which is against the Sharia. Many people try to

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they think that the Sharia is unjust. And they write these wills, where they give equal share to the daughter and the Son and they think that they are correcting the mistake which Allah made. Now the villa, these are things which are this issue, there's no two ways about this, if you want to change the law of Allah Subhana Allah Allah knows the the justice of this Alhamdulillah not my not my my intention here to go into the details of all that, but the outcome of Allah subhanaw taala just if we don't understand is a problem with our understanding, we must go and clarify our understanding and ensure that we understand it correctly. But when people write these things and write these

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wills, they're committing ship, if someone writes such a will and that person dies with that will being there, then that person has died in a state of shape, let us be very clear that does not fall into these traps of shutdown. The second issue is the issue of purifying our lives from cover cover is to deny anything which Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned to deny any of the items and to deny anything of the promises of the vibe, all of this comes falls into go for it is to hide is to go for is to hide, it is to deny cover is also to say anything which is not according to the to the A's and the and the position of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam to criticize the NaVi Salah Salem to speak

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about the Nabi sallallahu Sallam without the respect that is due to his high position. Once again, when we do this, let us be very clear, we are not having that I was

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the one who denigrates the profits on a cell I'm the one who speaks disrespectfully what's wrong surah Salam is like the one who's trying to spit at the sun, the spirit falls in his face, the sun is not affected, the position of rasa Salim is is given and it is guaranteed by Allah subhanho wa Taala whether anyone respects him or not, it does not affect the position of his or seller all that it does is that shows up the shows up the salon and then shows up shows up the you know the miserable miserable nature of the person who is being disrespectful and of course that is over and someone who speaks about sort of Salah Salem without respect who laughs at the Sunnah for Sora Salah

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Salam is committing go for if he dies in that state, then he dies without Islam. May Allah save us from that. And may Allah save us from saying or doing anything, which is even remotely disrespectful of a novice Allah Allah Allah Sawzall, and there again, the issue is to be understood, which is that someone may not be disrespecting the solar cell, or speaking disrespectfully about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam personally. But if the person laughs at the Sunnah of Rasulullah salam, if the person treats the sooner versalles lm as if it is unimportant, like many people, this is a it's become fashionable. When we talk about the for example, the trouser being above the ankle, you know,

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people laugh about this, and then they have make all kinds of jokes about it. The beard, they laugh about this not keeping a beard for some reason, you know, our own weakness and so on is a different matter. Somebody may not have a beard, but the person might feel that, you know, if I could do it, I would do it. And I know I'm doing wrong and I'm weak and that's a different position. But if somebody is laughing at someone for keeping a beard, he's making all these very derogatory remarks about the beard. And he's, you know, trying to that's it that's a very different position that that position is a position of cover, right? Someone not doing it out without a weakness something is a

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different matter. May Allah forgive that, but the one who is deliberately not doing it who's who thinks it is, you know, unbecoming of, of, of his beauty or he thinks he's more handsome because of that, and he, you know, pressurizes other people and they make all these I don't even want to repeat those comments. I mean, I've I've said this in different places, but it's so disgusting that I don't repeat it here in the first reminder, but there are people who make these comments which are derogatory, about keeping the beard This is score for bear. Let me be absolutely clear about is this a score for the one who's saying this has is committing Cova and therefore it is something which is

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We highly avoided and we need to fear Allah subhanho data with regard to this and we ask Allah to forgive us if we have said any of these things we make Toba immediately and stop saying this nonsense and follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. The third the other cover, which is again fashionable today is the cover of those who call themselves by mistake. Quran they should correct them, they're up either or they should correct their name and one of the truth if they want to be different, they should become known for an angry laugh we would like to be on all of us would like to be known for an analysis because that is the position of the Muslim. But if you say I call

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yourself Koran and you're going against the Quran, and Sunnah, then you should call yourself a hollow narrow Allah shaytan because that's the correct correct name for you know, people who do that it's not an Quran that again, very, very big fitna, which people fall into because of the ignorance because of their arrogance. That is, well I called them Solomon Jolla, he said, Solomon jail together. And that's not a nice position to be in. So that's also covered. Let us be very clear, stay away from such people.

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If you apply them, fire them, if you if they belong to your associations, kick them out. Don't follow, don't fall into that trap. Absolutely, absolutely. Absolutely. The third very important thing is the issue of with that, now with that is something which is not in the deen, which has been entered into the so and then we have the famous Hades army, Salah Salem, which is decided from the member every Joomla almost anywhere in the world, where he said cool de la COVID-19 de la, la, la, la, la,

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la subset all b that is misguidance. And all of that is in the Hellfire and we ask Allah to save us from that. Now enter something into the dean very important very quickly I let me explain that because some people fall into this trap and they say you know, catch everyone up in a big pan when

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statements of ignorance but you know, let us

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let us be kind to them. So, the point is that the Buddha is the now what is Dean Dean is something where you do an action with the expectation of reward from Allah subhanaw taala for this action.

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This is the irrespective of what the action is for example, you feed the poor, this is then under the law because you're feeding the world not because you are in love with those poor people, you're feeding them because you want to please Allah Subhana Allah is pleased with this action so we feed some poor people, and we add we expect a lot to give us a reward you build a Masjid Alhamdulillah you do it why? Why are you doing that you're doing it to praise Allah subhanho wa Taala right, and so on and so on. You're good to your guests and whatever it is you anything you do with the expectation of reward from Allah subhanaw taala. This is the now in the in the basic principle is

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that anything which nourish Allah, Allah, Allah Azza wa sallam did not do or did not order is not permitted Simple as that everything is haram except that which restaurant did or which he asked others to do. Now, if we are introducing something which did not do, no matter how noble our intention, this becomes a bizarre because we are entering this into the B that does not refer to our daily lives and so on and so forth doesn't refer to whether you're sleeping on a bed or sleeping on the floor or whether you're sitting on a chair or sitting on the ground or whatever.

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But issues where we do something with intention that are sort of essential rewards. Now, in this context, come a lot of things that have been introduced into the in for example, celebrating the birthday of NaVi Salah, Salah we are in the month of February, and you will find this now all over the world. People are celebrating what they call the birthday of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. First of all, the day itself is not known it is not known exactly when he was born.

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When he passed away that day is known. That's a recorded piece of history. But when when he was born is not regarded as a piece of history. Even if it was Nebuchadnezzar seldom is in his entire lifespan never celebrated his own birthday. He never asked anyone to celebrate it, the Sahaba didn't celebrate the whole of Russia did not celebrate it, some

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300 years or something in the time of before, at the time of when Saudi Arabia was

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was the Sultan at that time. One of the fatimids hola Eva from the sheer Fatima dynasty in Egypt. He started this practice, someone advised him and he started his practice and later on when Salah will be throughout through the mouth and reestablish the Abbasid Caliph and so on. So for that, that that

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Fatima dynasty was was finished. But this is this is some practice which started with the Fatima Shia kings in Egypt. And that is what has spread in the world and people today think

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This is a bother they think this is Sona. And they celebrate this and they say oh, but you and they have all kinds of excuses. I don't want to go into all of that wastes a lot of time talking about things which are wrong, we don't want to talk about that. But irrespective of what excuse might be given, the fact is that you are doing this thinking that Allah will reward you, you're doing this with the intention that Allah should reward you. But as we know Allah does not reward anything with Allah Salim did not do as far as we're concerned as far as the deen is concerned. And therefore we expect the reward from Allah a makes this into something which is a Buddha, which is something to be

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avoided and not done. I won't even go into all the things that are done in the name of Milan Levy, which are among which amount to complete schicke absolute open ship complete, you know, make the make a joke of, of Islam. So let us not even talk about that that's a waste of time. This is one issue. second issue I have with that is with mostly with marriages and with death, death ceremonies and marriage ceremonies. Now, a marriage in Islam is bad, because the nikka is about a we are following the tsunami Salah we are doing the nikka withholding Allah subhanaw taala as the witness Therefore, it is invalid. Now if somebody introduces things into a matter which are not there, then

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this is again something which is to be highly reprehensible and to be avoided. And so also what happens after death, people have all these ceremonies after three days and after 40 days and after one year and whatnot, whatnot, and all the various kinds of things they do, all of these are that all of these things are to be avoided. Once again, I it's not my intention to give a list of with that and it's very difficult to give a lift to do that, because they they seem to have new ones every day. So, oh, where do you begin and where do you end? The very simple one, there is a bit that that has started I remember in my childhood this did not exist. So, it is started in the late in the

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in the last maybe 15 years or something like this, which is that before the exam the mouse in loudly recites the truth he sends a Latin Salah Manasa before the other right in some places they do it only before the Father other in other places they do it before all the other. Now, this is not this will not

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say that our beloved Ilana when he was asked to give us some did not say first says you know drew on me send Salam on me and then he didn't say this right. So where who brought this in? Now again the same issues of issue of as an easy matter as anybody's partner. Now before the whether you are sending ceramah and then the excuse given no but Gee, what is wrong with that means there's nothing wrong with sending Salam and Abu Salah salam to send sarama which Allah Allah Azza wa sallam is the hokum of Allah subhanaw taala that is a bother to send salatu salam, O Allah, and Allah subhanaw taala rewards this bad, but that Eva has to be done the way rahsaan taught us to do it. It's like

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saying Salah is bad, but I will bring the direction of the White House or something you know that this does not distort Salah, right? Even if even though you're performing the same, the same actions that the seller has to be performed in the direction of the cover that you did, if it is performed in any other direction, this is not valid. So similarly, the salatu salam wa sallam must be sent in the way and the way he prescribed not in some way which we have invented. Now we have people who will, on after after Juma they all stand up in a circle and they send salatu salam, O Allah, some loudly, and not even the guru, in their own words, in some cases, on a Wednesday night or Thursday

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night, they all stand in a circle. They keep a chair and empty chair and then somebody goes

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into the chair. Why? Because Russell Russell Russell was sitting in this chair while he's sitting in the chair in your house. And then so who is in the grave in Medina, is I don't know what he's there also, who is there also. And then similarly, modalities are being maybe there are 500,000 modalities of this kind in the world. So he's sitting in all those chairs and he's also in his grave and so on, so on. So what have you done now within a week of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this is absolute open ship. This is a beta which is open ship. And that's why this beta is worse than ship can cover because a beta is sheer can cover together. And that's the reason why we must be very

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clear and very careful in our lives. Keep life clean. Alhamdulillah we have a beautiful Dean, the dean is clean it is simple. Don't complicate it. Don't complicate your own life. Don't fill it with all sorts of filth of bizarre Shere Khan, our own figments of our imagination. Let us keep it clean. And let us follow that Dean is a beautiful simple Dean, and therefore clean our lives from all shapes all.

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Go for an RV that do not allow your own desires to supersede the account of Allah subhanho wa Taala do not allow our desires to overcome and supersede the outcome of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in Asana and do not introduce anything into the dean which does not belong there. We clean our lives from all of that we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make this easy for us to give us the power and beauty of Asana to protect us

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By by making us amongst those slaves of his who he loves, and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to include us in that base even though we don't deserve to be there. We asked him to include us because and purely off is Rama and his mother was aloha Nana will carry him while he was heavier

Clean your life from Shirk and Bida’at

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