Tarbiyya 20 – Sabr Wa Shukr

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Sabr Wa Shukr

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In the lambda

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Salatu was Salam O Allah shuffelin via via Allah Allah He was heavy on Manuela obod.

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inshallah, in the series on tarbiyah

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we will talk about two other things

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which is suffer and sugar.

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Yesterday we spoke about the position of the Muslim Muslim which is between hope

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Today we will talk about the position

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of the importance of in the position between, not between but the importance of these two things which is silver and sugar.

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Allah subhanaw taala

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with regard to silver Allah subhanaw taala made a very amazing statement where Allah well as it yeah you will live in a monastery you know, the surgery was solid.

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Let's take the help of silver and Salah

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in Allah Hamas savarin Verily Allah is with the people who do suffer, Allah did not say Allah will help those who do suffer.

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Although Allah say take the help of our Allah did not say Allah will help those who suffer Allah said Allah is with those who do some

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which is a much higher level of reassurance because if you say Allah will help, help can be limited help can be to some extent no may not be too overextended and so on. But if Allah is saying I am with that person, then there is no limit to the power and to the help that the person will get because Allah Himself is with this person.

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So, therefore, what is server.

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So, as I mentioned before, server is not simply to sit passively and wait for something to happen. server in Islam means to make the best effort possible to the extent possible use all your faculties or your resources or your intelligence, all kinds of planning all kinds of material

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things that we have use it to the fullest possible extent

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and then have reliance on Allah subhanho wa Taala after using all of this, to know that success will come because of the home of Allah subhanaw taala and not because of these things and the very for that is that Allah subhanaw taala used the terms Abilene when he mentioned Mujahedeen,

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Allah subhanaw taala whenever you mentioned which ID and wherever file and other places where Allah Allah said that he helps and when he said that one is equal to 10 and 10 is equal to 100 and so on. All those ads, Allah subhanaw taala did not use the word Mujahideen. Although he is speaking about Mujahideen, Allah subhanaw taala used the word savarin.

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Now, the word zaveri if the if the Magi is this is the person who is doing some work, there is nothing which is more active and more action oriented and more action focused than just visa visa.

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That is the ultimate of action where the person is actually putting his life online for the sake of the deen of Allah to handle that. And for that person, Allah use the term zombie, for those people that have civilians. So cyber is to make the best possible effort, yet not believe and not have this aqidah that self made man kind of nonsense.

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Whatever is happening, because of my effort, no.

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Whatever is happening is because of the armor of Allah, because of the hellos.

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Because my effort can be successful or unsuccessful. If effort alone was successful, then every person making effort would automatically be successful, but we don't see this is not so like, some are successful or not, despite all the effort. So therefore we no effort we should we have to still make why because Allah subhanaw taala told us we need to make the effort, but we rely on the help of Allah this hour. And when when that's that is the reason why Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala said is that you know, this surgery was Salah, the sequence has been taught, make all the effort and then start in Salah you stayed with somebody was Allah, Allah subhanaw taala could have said is that you

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know, be Salatu was

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the same thing could have been said in the opposite way. Go first and in salah and then you go and make the dough first make all the effort then Stan is Allah and this is very clear from the Sierra Club in the Battle of buzzer because that's what he did. First all the effort, and then he stood in salah and when he's ready

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Allah He did not rely on the effort he said, Oh Allah you have to help. You have to help these people are wiped out and there will be nobody to take your name on the face of the earth.

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So it comes after that. So somebody was Salah, and the reward of this is Allah subhanaw taala then is with that person in Allah Mara Savi. As far as sugar is concerned, sugar is one of them.

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The one who does sugar is doing the word of Allah.

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Which means the one who is not doing sugar is doing over of Allah.

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And Allah subhanaw taala This is the lead also in the Quran where Allah subhanaw taala said well in Sha Khartoum does he then

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and the opposite of that well in cafardo in as a military, Allah subhanaw taala said the one who makes sugar was the one who is grateful to me the one who makes sugar I will increase my bounty I will increase the reward for this person. What I enjoy cartoon there as he then

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and the opposite of sugar is cover and that's why I'm saying sugar is

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all about begins with sugar. You begin with which I after Bismillah Alhamdulillah calorie or sugar all tags all phrase? Only dolla dolla

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so sugar is

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the one who does not do sugar is not doing the work of Allah subhanaw taala The one who is saying the opposite the one who's complaining. One is not to do sugar because you forgot or whatever you took it for granted, that's not a good thing, but it's not as bad as somebody who complains. And this is unfortunately very sad situation in the life of the Muslims. Yesterday somebody was mentioning to me about some one of our big society weddings. And this is invariably I've seen this with every single thing. Big society wedding obviously they would have spent millions of rupees on whatever they were doing. And the person said, but the food was not good, you know the catering of

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I am I have yet to hear. And that's what I always talk about. Besides, that's insane. People spend millions of rupees on weddings. I have personally Allah Allah maybe your experience. I have yet to hear somebody say that so and so did this wedding and Masha Allah gave us such a good dinner. And may Allah bless him and May Allah bless his family. And may Allah subhanaw taala increases. Well may Allah put Baraka in his life, I have yet to hear one single person ever say this, about somebody whose wedding they went and attended. They will fight to attend those weddings. If they don't get an invitation. They feel insulted. They go and ask for the invitation. They have no shame. They were

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asked for the invitation.

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But I have yet to hear somebody actually give it to someone else. Because of this lavish wedding that this person did this lavish spread and lavish, you know, party that the game till two I have yet to hear the horror of whatever I say to people why why you're so ungrateful. And whatever the person had. I'm not saying what that lavishness was not good. Certainly, it's against the the to be lavish and to, to spend, but I'm saying that person was doing it. He was doing it with a good intention, he was doing it so that all his guests will be happy and they will get the best food and so on and so on. At least be thankful for that. No, you went there Who told you to go You should not

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have gone? Why do you do in the first place? But you go and then you are ungrateful.

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And that's why I tell people why are you so foolish? Why do you want to spend all this money on these stupid lavish weddings? For people who will not even be grateful at least give it to your children? I'm not saying give it to me, I don't want your money your children instead of spending all the money on the catering and the flower and this and that and the other people will you spend millions on the flowers and people will go and say what a waste of money or a boss

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or at least have some gratitude well as one of them.

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This is this is a business become a problem is become an issue with our people May Allah forgive us. We always complain. We complain about the weather we complain about the traffic we complain about the house we complain about electricity, every single thing we have a complaint

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May Allah forgive us. All you need to do is just read the papers.

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read the newspapers. And while I if you read the newspapers with some sense, you will put your head in such there and you will not live to it.

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How many things are happening right here as we sit how many things are happening this world? And none of that has touched us 100 reliability May Allah keep you safe always.

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But we have no graduate for this. We can only complain. Bermuda, Bermuda, Georgia. Yeah, I was. I was

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Tell me

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what all is happening. You stand under the shower you turn on the shower as if it is the river Ganges or something. It runs for half an hour 45 minutes. I'm having a good shower. Do you know that there are people in this world who have to walk

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10 miles 50 miles to a place where they can get water and then they carry that water on their head back to their house, to drink and to cook their food.

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You know that people like this

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and if Allah wished he could have made us like that. You and your wife would have been walking on the street with a pot on your head carrying water.

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You think Allah cannot make us like this?

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No sugar, no sugar.

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Please, please please. As I said sugar is a bada. Not doing sugar is not doing a bother. And complaining is COVID I didn't say Allah subhanaw taala said cgiar What did Allah say while I in sugar? Daddy then aku wala in cafardo.

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In mula Shadi, Verily, my punishment is very severe.

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Unless you've handled that the opposite of sugar is COVID.

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And even in our language, the Quran anamod

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to deny the narrative Allah subhana wa, Adam and myself and you, let us be grateful. Let us be thankful to Allah subhanaw taala continuously constantly, constantly, I wish Allah may draw and he said, Well, I give me food one day so I can make sure and do and do not give me vote the next day so that I have some

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he said the best, the best, the best fasting was a fasting without a ceramic was used to eat one day and he would fast another

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very, very important for us to understand this individual tarbiyah sugar and sub two very critically important things. You ask Allah Subhana Allah to make it easy for us and open our eyes to all the blessings that He has given us. And thank Allah subhanaw taala and keep on thanking Allah. Allah make our lives full of thankfulness. Until the day we die and when we die we die when we die with the tech boom is on our tongue inshallah. Allah Allah will very Manali was heavy as mine, Veronica.