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Stelara mother evil hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala sherfield MBA Eva mursaleen Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam de Stephen Catherine Garcia,

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for my brother, my brothers and sisters, there is a court that I use quite often.

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And that quote is that every one of us must suffer two kinds of pain, every one of us must suffer one of two kinds of pain.

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The pain of discipline or the pain of regret,

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every one of us must suffer one of two kinds of pain, the pain of discipline, or the pain of regret.

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The truth of our life

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is that everything in life is painful.

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not ill health, illness is painful.

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To stay healthy is painful, because it takes exercise and controlling your diet and this and that. Different kinds of it

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can be friendless, is painful. To have friends is also painful.

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Because you have to give time to people and so on. Be nice to people and whatnot, people are not always nice, but it's you have to be nice to them forgive people

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to be ignorant is painful.

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To get an education is also painful.

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Right? To be lazy is painful.

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And to work hard is also painful.

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So really for success in life, you choose the pain you want. That's it.

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Many of us want to choose a life which has no pain, Allah didn't make it like that.

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The Muhammad Ali, how to Lally the boxer. He used to say that anyone who says that I love going to the gym is alive.

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Anyone who said I love to go to the gym, he's a liar. Because nobody loves to go to the gym, you go to the gym, because you know, if you don't go to the gym, you will lose the ring. Simple as that.

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If you don't fix yourself in the gym, and you don't do the exercises, and you don't suffer the pain in the gym, you are going to lose out there in the ring or wherever in the in the game because you will not be up to the game.

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I remember reading I did a hop on Kobe Bryant after we won that.

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And among the things I read up about him

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two things which really stand out

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his teammates, they said that when they would come back from a match where they had been successful, listen carefully. They're not talking about losing something, right? They went to this game and they beat the daylights out of the opposition. They were highly, highly successful. When they got back from the match, this teammate says all of us would go home or we would go have a party. But Kobe would go to the gym. And he would practice the two shots that he missed in that whole game. Now the game that they they were they won the game.

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missing two shots in a game. I mean, give me a break. This is live, right? No.

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He would go and he would practice those two shots and he would do that hundreds of times.

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Did anyone tell him tell you that? No.

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Second thing they said was they said before a game when we are now in the other place we go to go for the game. The coach would say I want to see meet all of you at 8am at breakfast.

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And he said most of us would moan and groan and you know you want to get some rest and get some sleep and other court wants us at 8am in the work. He said when we go to the restaurant for breakfast Kobe would come and he is soaked in sweat from head to toe.

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Why? Because he has been in the gym since 5am. And he has already put in three hours of practice before that breakfast meeting.

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That is painful.

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That is painful. But that is how you become Kobe Bryant.

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Right? Believe me if I were to lose weight if there was a pill, right, it is once a day. And the alternative was don't max out on carbs. Leave the sugars do this do that. Which person with even one gram of bread in his head would say I want to do that and not the pill anybody? Nobody

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is a pill arbiter winner

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But there is no such thing. There is no when you want to have a decent body, you have to put in the pen.

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When I was young I used to write to my school in college, I used to ride horses every single day.

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And what I loved I used to play polo and I used to do research.

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Now doing dressage on a club horse, which is a public horse, right? It's not my personal horse, which I can train and so on.

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I didn't have it. So I'm riding a horse, which is, belongs to the club. So everybody, right? Now, dressage is a very, very complicated thing, and you have to train the horse for that. But then I'm telling the horse, and everybody else is riding the same horse.

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So what I would do is I would go to the club, two hours early, I will mark out the stables. And if you don't if you want to know what is bugging or disabled you ask him are you we're back are disabled, you will you know, the beautiful smell of ours done, right? So

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I would make out because I want the horse to know me, the horse is seeing people all day that I want the horse to recognize me. How does that happen? When I groomed a horse, not going to ride the horse.

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So I used to mock out the stables. I used to groom the horse, saddle the horse, bring the horse out, then I would write I would take the horse back, Maga. deceivers, again, grimoires. Again, put up all the survey. I used to do that every single day. Now I'm a member of the club. Right? Nobody in that club, the the the instructors or the the groups, no one can tell me to do that. Because I'm a member of the club. I mean, you don't tell the member of the club to go oh my god. So I'm doing it for myself.

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And so I would win this as competitions on a horse which belongs to the club, not my personal

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horse, which I trained myself. Same thing with golf, and I started playing golf, I got a golf caddy. chap called

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Frank Augustine, I used to call him Frankenstein. The

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Frankenstein. Now Frank obviously was a bit like a shrimp. You know, he was like for food, nothing was on the way for nothing. And, and he was he was skinny. But he would hit a ball. Amazing, amazing. He will hit the ball, the ball was traveled straight down like a like a bullet out of a gun straight down to the grill from one window to another gate. That guy was so fantastic. And because it's the Golf is not about strength, it's about the style of shooting. So he would train me and we do the nets, we put a big net and then he would sit on the on the ground behind me. And he would throw balls and I had to hit the ball. And every time I did something, he would go

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so as you call it

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like a chicken when you talk talk talk

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and he would make me hit balls and hit balls and hit balls until I felt like my shoulders were to come out

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I didn't need to do that. I'm not a professional golfer I you know, I will even what I learned now I think I must have forgotten but the point I'm making is that it's a question of which one you choose.

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You want to get close to Allah subhanaw taala

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what do we need to

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stand in the night?

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Yeah, y'all bizarre below common Lele Luckily, this was me Nocardia O Z daddy. He was still Quranic.

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Allah smart Allah mentioned. You want to get close to Allah subhana standard.

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Allah said yes, to wake up in the night here I should, what our common feel about it is the best thing to understand the kalam of Allah and to govern yourself and to be close to a Muslim.

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It's not easy

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to wake up that is the sweetest part of the sleep close to

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Sweet, that is a nice time to see. But

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you want to get close to Allah subhanaw taala that is

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Cara and Sunday for Allah.

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We all say well, I want to go have you asked? Yes.

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Is it easy?

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It is you have to suffer. You have to suffer. There is no there is no shortcut. There is no

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I mean some people will lie like they live on one page he would read you would memorize just like that. But just by reading that's a special gift and so on. We don't have them yet. I don't have it for me to watch.

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It will take me 10 years. But the point I'm saying is that if you really

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Want to do it you have to take the pay.

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And therefore we come to the fundamental question which is we have to ask ourselves Do I really want this thing?

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Because if I really want the thing, the good news is, you can get it anybody can get it.

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Because I went to a shop, right?

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I want to buy this chair, can you well of course, what must I do pay the price.

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That's it.

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And that's what life is. This whole life hour is like a shop. You can have anything you want in this life, anything at all. Everything's got a price tag.

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Everything has a price tag. You want a beautiful happy marriage, there is a price tag. You want living hell there is also price tag.

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People have people have marriages, which I like living in Ghana right here. But otherwise people also are married which is like living in Ghana.

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One very, very good and close friend of mine I won't mention his name. He just sent me a message today. He said all the years that I was living here. I used to send money home and I did not I didn't earn much so I couldn't send much. But he said now when I got back home I find that my wife has saved enough money for us to do Hutch.

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So we are going for Hajj and they have to get their daughter married. She has also saved money to do that

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it comes with effort.

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So ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our minds and hearts to this truth that if we want something we have to work for it and if you work for it, you will get it. So choose the kind of pain you want. Or salon and be very well. Ally. He was good man, but I had to get away