Tarbiyya 19 – Between Fear and Hope

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Baiynal Khaufi wa Tam’a (Between Fear and Hope)

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In the lamella salatu wa salam, O Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah He was happy whether

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or bad

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it was around Abdullah said in the Quran in surah that we recited in the first circuit today, tomorrow. So to say that Allah subhanaw taala described the position of the Muslim

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and he said that the Jaffa you know who Meinl magaji Luna Bong homophone what Mr. camara de nom and so on. Allah said the moon are the people who get up from their sites who get up from their beds, and stand before Allah subhanaw taala Bernal hovi wautoma between the fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The anger and the hope of Allah subhanaw taala is forgiveness vary in a whole field of

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Omarosa phenomena, and they spend from what we have given them?

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Well, enough, so now fellowman, hora, de Ionian jazza American Ramadan, and as I said that if they know for this action because of what they do, because of this position of standing between hope for tomorrow, if they knew what we have, what Allah subhanaw taala has kept for them, it will be the coolness of the race.

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This is one of the ads in the Quran, which also support which mentions and supports and re iterates and emphasizes the importance of the hedges.

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This is one of the ideas, some other ideas as well in sort of the Muslim ban and so on. But the point I'm making is that in this ayah, apart from the fact that Allah subhanaw taala is speaking about agile, and was granted as mentioning the position of the Muslim, the

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position as in not only as in physical, but the position of the Muslim in terms of his life, the position of the Muslim in terms of his attitude, and that is binal hovi What am I between hope

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and hope, between hope and omit? Some are

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issue of standing between well Javi Otama is to have so much fear of Allah subhanaw taala that prevents us from doing anything which Allah has provided.

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The issue of fear of Allah subhanaw taala is that this fear must be visible in our lives and what is the visibility of that fear is that it should prevent us from doing anything which Allah has provided.

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And the issue of hope from the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala is never to despair from the hope of

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having hope in the mercy and forgiveness of Allah does not mean that a person continues to do wrong, and then has hope in the forgiveness of Allah

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does not mean that a person deliberately does wrong knowingly.

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And then he says never allow for him and that is one of our many problems that we have today with regard to our attitude that we treat Allah subhanho wa Taala without respect, knows will we show disrespect to Allah?

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Where we treat Allah subhanaw taala as if it doesn't matter.

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What else do you call it? If somebody is deliberately doing something wrong, they know it is wrong. But there's an arrow Allah

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schemata guy hurriedly

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a lot of rain was given

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in a lucky it was to me three after he does the

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miracle in Africa Rajkumar Farina knows Villa knows Villa knows villa. So what was janta? They know perfectly well what they are doing is haram. They know perfectly well what they are doing is prohibited by law. And then they on top of that they make the state How bad can the tamala milaca bolito

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allegan Erica Mena? Well, I mean, think about this, the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam never uttered these things. The Sahaba of Allah of Rasul Allah, Allah never said this, none of the ambia had this attitude. But our Muslims today have

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they say they will speak to Allah, they say they will negotiate with Allah. They said they will Allah will forgive them. In any case, why? If he doesn't forgive me, forgive me who will forgive? in nearly a win analogy. This is a sign of arrogance. It is a sign of complete generality. It's a sign of somebody who has doesn't even have the brain of a chicken.

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completely ridiculous nonsense.

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Immediately it was make Toba

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and ask Allah not to take our lives before we make the stowa because somebody who dies on this kind of attitude, May Allah forgive them And may Allah have mercy on them because Allah knows best what will happen to you

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destroys attitude of arrogance with regard to that.

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So having hope in the mercy of Allah does not mean that we have no respect for Allah subhanaw taala.

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It does not mean that we deliberately do wrong we deliberately commit sin, we deliberately do something which is haram. And then we say no, but Allah will forgive me this is not the meaning of hope. This is arrogance, this is

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having hope in the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala means that a person lives his life to the best of his ability, doing the best that he can do, and then he has hope in the forgiveness that that is what it means.

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That is what it means.

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We do the best we can do. And why is this? Because and this is why I just delana asked us on this specific question.

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And this was his answer. He said Allah subhanaw taala is not much war, Allah subhanaw taala is not compelled to accept your Riba

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don't think you are doing a favor. By worshiping Allah, you're not doing a favor Tomas Van otonabee spending some money in the path of Allah subhanaw taala the money which Allah gave you, it's his money.

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Your money belongs to Allah and you also belong to Allah.

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So if you are spending some money in the path of Allah subhanaw taala, you are not doing any favor to Allah. It is Allah subhanho wa Taala favor on you that Allah subhanaw taala chose you and gave you this davic to spend in his path.

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There are many people in the world who have far more money than you have. And that money is not being spent in the bottle of lies being spent in all sorts of nonsense.

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But Allah gave you those of you and therefore the position of the Muslim is that if he does a good action, then he thanks Allah subhanho wa Taala for the tofi to do that good action. And he makes Toba to Allah subhanho wa Taala and begs Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept that good action.

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It is not Allah is not much more that he has to accept our rabada No. Who are we what do we what do we do now is Allah Salam said that when he went in marriage, he was shown that there are Malika we're doing the Wrath of Allah subhanaw taala 24 seven, there is no question of even time in the case of of other dimensions. In other words, time is a is something which is confined to our four dimensional world.

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Where we have day and night in other dimensions, there is no day and night.

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And also, as Allison said, there are Malaika

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which are engaged in the worship of Allah subhanaw taala. Continuously

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the maraca don't have to sleep and they don't have to eat and so on and so forth. The twin the company continuously watchable as well. And as well as a lesson observe that there are Malaika who are in a state of sudo continuously,

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never get, there are like our state of ruku continuously, they never get it from Roku.

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There are malayaka who are doing the tawaf have the urge of Allah subhanaw taala, which Allah

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Allah subhanaw taala himself mentioned

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in Surah, two comma in the ayah, just before Serato Rama

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element, there are Malika who are doing the top of the monitor continuously

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gibberella salam said that baijal marmore, which is the house of Allah subhanaw taala on the first seven above the GABA division SLM zetros, Arizona, Shalom jasola.

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You come and your people come and make the top of this house again and again and again. But he said this is not something that we have been granted the Moloch have not been granted this. He said we our people, he said the the Moloch the barista the the the angel, who makes a taco burrito mom or once does not come back into the Day of Judgment.

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Every tawaf is made by a new Mark by a new engine.

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So we need to thank Allah for tengas he gave us by de la Cava go as many times as you want. We every day.

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Go 10 times a day.

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Nobody to stop, nobody to stop.

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People make these stupid comments, you know, why do people do over every year? What's your problem? He's not going to your house. He's going to the house of Allah. Allah did not stopping you to stop him.

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Let him make over every day. Who are you? is he asking you for money?

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We don't concentrate on our lives. We're looking at other people. Why does he do he

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to move around a lot. You have to discover a narrow gap.

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seriously, we have to, we have to think about this. The position of the Muslim is very unhealthy whatever, between hope and fear.

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Xavi of Rasulullah, Salah young, Xavi was passing away,

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and the boundaries

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and he went there and he saw his companion.

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He asked him, What is your condition? And he said, jasola I'm afraid of the love of Allah,

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I'm afraid along with punishment.

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And he said, I am hopeful that Allah will forgive me. And as soon as Allah subhanaw taala will save you from that which you fear.

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And Allah will give you that video.

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He said, I'm afraid of the fire of Johanna

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is Allah will save you from that which you fear and Allah will give you that which you hope this is the position of the Muslim between fear and hope. So the position of the Muslim is never ever to deliberately do something which is wrong, knowingly to do something which is wrong. This is this is so annoying, I don't want to make statements you know what I'm saying? And, and I know what I'm saying, to deliberately do something which is wrong. This is not the work and job of Muslim

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because it's it's the see the issue is if you know that Allah is seeing if you know you believe in Allah, you know like this, how can you deliberately do something which is

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seriously wrong? How can I deliberately go somewhere which I know is wrong? How can I deliberately speak something which I know is wrong? How can I deliberately do something which I know is wrong?

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How is it possible

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and that is the issue of half of the punishment

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and the hope in the mercy of Allah never lose hope in the mercy of Allah Allah Donato morality law

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in the LA Zoo by Jamia in Ohio for him. Yeah by the laziness of Allah and fouzia la toma Rahmatullah Allah subhanaw taala said, Oh by slaves, who have transgressed against you or against themselves, do not despair of the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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In Elia furusawa Jamia, Verily Allah subhanaw taala will forgive all sins. You know for him, Verily, He is the one who forgives, and he is the one who has Rama.

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But the condition is that the person must make Toba

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Allah subhanaw taala also forgive sins without forgives minor sins, by His mercy and His grace. And of course, we don't know, even to say forgive minors in major sins is our understanding. Allah knows best what he will forgive,

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because minor and major are the

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are the classifications are the categories that we have made.

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In the fifth,

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human beings are made with regard to the prescription of punishments. You don't chop somebody's head for everything. So therefore, you say, Well, this is a major crime, for example, murdering somebody there is a crime. And the punishment of this is

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that but what about someone who assassinate someone's character?

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The result of that is worse than murder. But there is no death penalty prescribed for that. So is it is it a minor sin, that someone has has destroyed somebody's character, he has assassinated his character, he has slandered this person he has made you know, he has spread all sorts of rumors and so on and so forth about this person, he never touched him, but he effectively has assassinated this person's character. There is no death penalty prescribed for that. So is it just once in

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small and large is the question big and small and minor and major is the issue of fifth is an issue of prescription of punishment and so on and so forth? What is minor and what is major with regard to an alternate is nothing minor nothing major with regard to

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any sin is the disobedience of Allah and who is Allah? Allahu Akbar.

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Allahu Akbar.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is not minor. We do not sell now as we say Allahu Akbar.

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So any disobedience of the one who is acquired can only be acquired.

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That is Allah as mercy that Allah subhanaw taala forgive some things without asking. It is the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala ALLAH forgive something, even though we do not make Toba but if a person thinks of himself and his own actions, that what I am doing is after all, a small thing

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That thought is awkward,

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to consider a small sin to be small is a sign of rebellion against Allah subhanaw taala

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That is why they say one of the reasons for a bad ending soon aloha Thema is Elisa almasi

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is to insist on sim

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is to insistency.

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That is why, a small sin which is can which is done continuously deliberately again and again and again takes the level of a major sin.

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And a major sin which is done again and again and again takes the level of cover because you are denying the hokum of Allah Subhana Allah.

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I am not making fatawa I'm only explaining to you what I have been taught.

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And therefore, never consider any sin to be minor. There's no such thing as you're disobeying Allah, Allah.

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That is the position of safety for the most, never to consider any sin to be minor.

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Then we save ourselves from sins.

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And then we have hope in the mercy of Allah. We do our best to save ourselves from sins, we do our best to do the best that we can do to please Allah, we do our best to obey Allah subhanho wa Taala and to follow the Sunnah of his NaVi Mohammed Salah, Dolly Salah. And then we have hope in the mercy of Allah, we beg Allah subhanaw taala to accept our river that you accept our Amal, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to free those Ama aniba that from the faults which are bound to be in them. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make those ibaadat and those ama perfect enough to be accepted by him.

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And then we ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept this from us. Because we are not worthy that our animals should be accepted. Our Amal is not worthy that it should be accepted.

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The standard of of acceptance with Allah subhanaw taala is the standard of the Zab of surah Salah that is the gold standard. That is the standard that is the benchmark against which the Amal will be will be tested and will be compared.

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The actual standard is down to the level himself. Because Sora serves at Salou Kamara, tamanu Sally Bray, as you have seen me pray, which means what which means the prayer the valid prayer is the prayer of the Nabhi. So any prayer which is not like the prayer of the Navy is not valid by this definition.

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So what do you think happened to ours? In other words,

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it is not even trash. They will have to create a special garbage bin for this Allah

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because it can't even go into the regular garbage bin. It is so bad. I'm talking about my Salah compared to the Salah, mahamudra Surah Surah salam, what is the position of the Salah

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it is not even worth going into the garbage bin. The How do I expect a lot to accept this

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except with his mercy, there is no other way is know if anyone thinks that his father is accepted by him by itself, then his volumes are because the standard is Mohammed Salah.

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The standard is is

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and this is where the mercy of Allah comes. This is where we hope. And that's the reason why we have to do the bother. We have to do the Amell we have to do the hierarchy. We have to do the Zakat and hygiene and then beg Allah subhanaw taala Allah did whatever I could do, this is the best that I can do all please accept, Oh lovely, that's

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that is the position of the believer.

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Not to deliberately do wrong things, and then justify

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and so on and so on. No.

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binal hovi wautoma. So in the tarbiyah series, this is where we are today that we the position of the Muslim, the attitude of the Muslim is to be between fear of the punishment of Allah and hope from the mercy and forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala We ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from that which we fear and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us that which we asked him for. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with us, and we pleased with our ama and to accept our ama make them worthy of his acceptance, make them common and then accept them from us, and to forgive us for whatever we have done, deliberately or, or by mistake. And we make Toba from this and we ask Allah

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subhanaw taala to free us from from sin and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to take us in a state of

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Complete in total obedience to Him was Allah Allah and Karim Allah Allah. He was happy he made erotica.