Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P01 008A Translation Al-Baqarah 30-39

Taimiyyah Zubair
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No matter who I know Sally or a lot of Sunil Kareem I'm about for Aurora bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, rubbish. Rocklea Saudi Wei a Sidley Emery wash lunar appdata melissani of Kahu Kohli, Robin as in our Elma. Lesson number eight Surah Baqarah. I remember 3239. When I say that word to a translation, what are you supposed to do? Highlight, only highlight.

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Keep a pencil in your hand. And if you want to highlight the translation, you can do that too. I recommend keep a pencil. Why? So that if there is any different translation that I am giving, make sure you write that down. And if there's any specific word that I have said, make sure you underline that and if there's any correction that I'm making, that it's not this word, then cross it out. Ready? What if and when? Paula? He said, Rob Booker, your Lord, Lil mela Ekati to the angels in the indeed I Jerry loan, one who makes fee in ugly the Earth. Holly fatten a deputy is successor ALU they said.

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Will Dodger ALU you make fee her in it, man who UFC do he will do mischief fee her in it work and yes Fico. He will shed a dimmer the blood, work and national we know sub be who we glorify behind the car with your praise. What and naka de su we sanctify lacquer for you. Color he said in need. Indeed I are lemmo I know. Ma watch la not Darla moon you all know what and I lemma He taught Adam? Adam USMA the names called Lucha all of it. Suma, then out of LA whom he presented them. Allah upon. l Mala Iike the angels for color. Then he said I'm the only you all inform me be Esma II with names her hola II have these in if quantum you were solid, you clean ones who are truthful. Kalu they said

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super Hannukah Your glory or glorified Are you law not? Or Ilma any knowledge learner for us Illa except ma what I learnt Anna you taught us in Naga indeed you and you alone. I leave the always all knowing al Hakim the always always caller he said yeah. Oh, the mu Adam M BT whom you inform them be Esma him with their names for Aloma so when I'm at home he informed them be as smart as him with their names. Color he said LM did not a call. I say luck. Um, do you all a knee? Indeed I are Lomo I know labor unseen. A summer word the skies will up and the earth what and our level? i No matter what dooba Duna you all disclose warmer and what? Gone? Don't you all wear duck to moon you all

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conceal? What if and when? Khulna we said lil Mala Iike to the angels was Do do you all prostrate Lee Adama for Adam fossasia do so they all frustrated Illa except IB Lisa IBLEES Abba he refused. Wo n is stuck. Bara he became proud. Wa and Ghana he was men from El kheir feeding those who disbelieve WA and cool now we said yeah, oh, demo Adam was gone, you dwell and you will end

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Zoe Juca your wife, Elgin. Netta the paradise work and cooler you do eat minha from it rather than freely, abundantly, Hazel wherever she Duma you do willed Wallah and do not duck rubber. You do go near heavy this is shedule Radha the tree further Hakuna, then you do will become men from a volley mean those who do wrong

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for as Allahumma then he goes to slip them to a che if I knew the shape lon I'm her from it for a Harada Houma so he got them to out mimma from what Ghana? They do, we're fee in it. What and Allah we said it bill to you all get down. Bar LUCAM some of you libre open for others, or do one enemy will come and for you fee in an ugly, the earth Mr. Carbone a place to stay a place to dwell, work and muda own and enjoyment Illa deal until Hainan a time. Fattah Lapa. Then he received a demo Adam, men from rugby he his Lord Kelly Martin words for the ABA. Then he turned in mercy. Or then he accepted repentance or lay he upon him in who indeed He who he is at the web, the greatest acceptor

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of repentance

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of Rahim the all was all merciful Khulna, we said a bill to you all get down minha from it, Jimmy are all together for ima. So whenever yet the unknown, it definitely comes to you many from me who the guidance from then whoever, who he followed, who they are my guidance, fella, they're not KOFUN any fear, or lay him upon them. When a and nor whom they yahooza known. They will grieve well Lavina and those who care for rue de disbelieved. What can they do, and they belied Biya Tina with our signs. Our vs. Una Iike those us horrible our companions a natty of the fire, home, de fi her in it, Holly Dune, ones who dwell eternally

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