Mirza Yawar Baig – Ta’alluq Ma’a Allah #7

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The use of "na" and "naught" in Islam is common to describe success or failure, and is used to describe various situations. The importance of "na" and "naught" in explaining various emotions and events is emphasized, along with Jesus's teachings about "naught" and "naughty." The speaker emphasizes not giving things up too much and not giving things too much for pleasure.
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Allah subhanaw taala has showed us in which euro samaya

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opening I have Luca Maria what are the opening tomorrow? Anybody? gov is what they call or a bigger

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recruit Rama replica of the whole zaccaria and then what it is it

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is another hora, Bonita and Javi

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Allah, Allah Judah How to Make dua, Zachary Allah, Allah made for a son. What is what are the what are the last ones on the show?

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is also the matter of of making demands of Allah.

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Allah said, Zachary, Allah is Allah Emir de

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NIDA and Javi

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he's standing in Salah in making soft toys quietly speaking dollars $1 What is he saying? He says all I have become old. My hair has become white. My bones have become weak. My wife is at an age which is beyond childbearing. She's gone into menopause

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A long time ago.

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And then what is it?

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What is the after that?

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Give me

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there is only

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Allah give me a give me a son.

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did did did Zachary Ramsay, give me a 19 year old wife from whom you give me a son?

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He said

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Why Why not?

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Why not?

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Why is it my wife is beyond the age of childbearing.

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So therefore medically she cannot have children. So therefore Allah let me help you out by suggesting to you and a way

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to first get me married to a younger woman. And then give me as a son through her because after all, you can give me a Sandra a woman who has already passed. You get the point I'm making.

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What is the method of making God for children or anything else for that matter? Number one, than before Allah subhanho wa Taala

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speak to Allah subhanho wa Taala about your own weakness, your own smallness, your own helplessness. And then ask Allah subhanho wa Taala and when you ask Allah subhanaw taala give you another on the glory and majesty of Allah subhanaw taala Allah is not bound by your rules.

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The one who can get a pregnancy camel out of a rock can give you his solemn good son or daughter if he wishes, irrespective of what witch doctor told

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us with complete yaqeen The thing about da is to ask why with total yaqeen that Allah Subhana Allah can give if he wishes

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our problem was making burgers we make dog but inside that is you know i don't know but you know I'm asking for your Allah give me but I just went to the doctor and the doctor the scan says that I can't have I can't I can't manage my sperm count is zero or something else is there some problem with the whole

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so make up your mind was oh you are asking for? Are you asking from I mean

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are you asking from Hollywood develop?

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Are you asking from the one who said about himself? Yep, Allah Masha

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Akuma you read?

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Are you asking from somebody else? Yeah, go Maya. Well, yeah, what yakou Maya,

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Maya, well, Jaco Midori, he can do whatever he wishes.

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In Alaska, he can do whatever he wishes provided it is within the boundary of your little scientific knowledge.

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May God stand and up?

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And how many times does

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I give you the example the other day? I gave you the example of the living year or year and a half old kid always wants chocolate from his mom. And the mom doesn't want to give. What does that kid do? That kid makes that mother's life so miserable that eventually she succumbed and gives it he will scream and rave and rant and roll on the floor and cry and Oh

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no, I'm not I'm not saying do that with Allah subhanaw taala. But the concept

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you make God you make blood till the last breath in your body. What do you what do you tell him that Allah subhanaw taala

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Three ways of the acceptance of Da

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Vinci one is that what you ask Allah will give you.

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And he said the second way is when you ask something at that point in time, in your cover, some calamity was to befall you. And Allah subhanho wa Taala removes that calamity, because of your thoughts, we will not give you what you asked, but he will remove this calamity. And he said there is a third situation where you ask for something and at that point in time, there is also no calamity that is to befall you realize that such dogs Allah subhanaw taala keeps with him.

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And then he said when the slave is produced before Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will actually show us and Allah will say you asked me for this and I gave you and Allah will say you asked me for this and at that time I did not give you that, but instead of that, this calamity which wants to be volume, I removed it. And then Allah subhanaw taala will say but you know what, these do as you asked me and I did not give you and also at that time, there was no calamity that was to be volume. And now these doors are with me, ask what you want and I will give you

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where it is happening on the Day of Judgment.

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Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah Solomon he explained this because I've asked him the questions he asked me why we don't get what what is does Allah listen to us? And that's what the explanation when he made this whole explanation and then he said something very important. He said if you realize the value of those drugs, which was the ones within courts which are not accepted, he said you will wish that you make God to Allah subhanaw taala every single minute, and that none of them is accepted. He said you will wish for this you will say ally will keep on asking you don't give me so hon Allah. I'm not saying you make you bigger do I like that you ask Allah, but what Allah subhanaw taala does

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not give imagine on the Day of Judgment today or saying child

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you will get a child, the child even if everything goes fine inshallah, May May, those of you who have the desire to have children ask Allah subhanaw taala in his name, and by His Majesty recorded

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to give you children who are Salah, who are Salim who are healthy, who will be good for you in your dunya and inshallah,

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when my point is even if I was accepted, and I have yochanan inshallah, Allah will

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still one day you will die.

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And that child will be away from you. Still, one day that child will die,

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and you will be separated from that child, so anila but that glow of yours, which Allah had not granted in this dunya that drove yours when it is in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Day of Judgment, what is the value of that door? Because there what you ask will be yours forever and ever, all eternity.

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There's no separation there.

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So when you stand there you say Allah, there was this man called yamabe who came to our knowledge Hi, yeah, like even Ghana?

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Well, I don't miss an opportunity Believe me.

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That is the power of so those who don't have children

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make all the way in the world standard what Allah subhanaw taala as with polio again, but don't get sad in your hearts. Don't get discouraged and and you know, don't get depressed and so on and so on.

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have complete again, the developer does not give you what you want. There is higher in that and say Alhamdulillah Hamdulillah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah making dua for a child or children you give me and put her in that NCL I'm asking you for something I have no knowledge, but you have knowledge.

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So give me with head always ask Allah subhanaw taala of whatever you ask us for Allah, Allah. For that thing with head. There is a beautiful hadith of one tab you will get the result of that is lm and JD Angela, please make dua for me for well.

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So ignored him a couple of times he came he was being requested him and then Allah told him Don't ask me for this da he's annoying. Ursula, please make the big law for me. Let Allah make me wealthy. So finally he you know, you bugged him so much that he made twice a day Allah give him

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now, bathroom people, they have sheep and camels and so on and so on. Now his blog started increasing. Now, because this blog started increasing, he was living he used to live next to Mars near near Moscow. He was to pray every Salah

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now he couldn't live there anymore.

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