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I'm not an expert on the Quran you are, but I've read the English translation. So I just want to ask you about something I read there in one place where

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the prophet Muhammad Allah Islam, is told, if you are in doubt about the things I am showing you then go and ask the ones who have been reading the books before you, which I presume are the Jews and the Christians.

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So I was thinking from these verses in the Quran,

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if the Torah in the Injeel in the water, or the word of Allah, and that Muhammad Allah Salam is supposed to ask the Jews and the Christians, if he's in doubt about what's being revealed to him, then how can how is it that the Bible is possible to be corrupted by a really good question whether and whether you're with us? Very good question you told in your question, Allah told Prophet Muhammad, if you don't know go and see in the books of the Jews, again, misunderstanding.

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Now we realize that nearly you have just read the Quran not an expert, based on the third question, what less telling a less telling Prophet Muhammad you as peace be upon him, you as the Jews and Christian, if you don't believe look at your scripture, it is not telling to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, alas, telling Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, you tell the Jews, and the Christians, if you don't believe in this law, look in your scripture. Why? Because this is the Last Testament. And Last Testament contains part of the Old and the New Testament. Because this is the final word of God. It contains part of the Torah and the Injil. So Prophet Muhammad has been asked

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by Almighty God to tell the Jews and Christian if you don't agree in this lesson, I'm telling you, if you don't agree not to eat the pork, look in your Bible, Book of Deuteronomy, chapter number 14, verse number eight in the Book of Leviticus chapter number 11.

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In the book of Isaiah, chapter number 65, verse number two to five, I mean, I'm quoting, it's not mentioning a fur coat like that is mentioned that you have to tell them, Look, I'm helping you because if you go and find you may take one or maybe two, or if I give reference two minutes, if you know how to open the Bible and go through it, if I tell you book of Deuteronomy, chapter number 14, verse number eight, if you don't know Deuteronomy is the fifth book, you look in the index on the D, it will tell you page number open that after you open that chapter number 14, easy every page is numbered, every chapter is numbered was numbered it easy. If it tells you where it's not meant, then

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go into concordance with inaudible concordance, look on the P look on the OIC, you may find you may not find, depending on the concordances. So same way Prophet Muhammad is learning from that I'm getting guidance from Allah subhanaw taala. And the way Prophet Muhammad convinced the Jews and Christian, I'm trying to convince the same way. I'm trying to be a student of the Prophet

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trying to follow His guidance. Fine. So the same the Prophet tour, for example, same Nigeria's case be upon him did same thing, that all those who have not done in evil is the first one who will cast the stone on this woman is not mentioned sooner or later. Is it not mentioned in your law in the Scriptures if gay people said, Cindy, Mama Salah Salem that you open your book and see what is the law, so many things that Prophet Muhammad told with the Jews and Christians disagree that that time he said, This is what is mentioned in Scripture, that means you are the messenger of God, not that he read the Torah. Not that he read the angel. He didn't know Hebrew, he didn't know. And there was

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an Arabic version of the Bible that time had a big version later on. So Prophet Mama's gonna read that you're the illiterate, fine. So because he was told by Almighty God, being a messenger of God, he has a direct revelation. He was told by Almighty God He doesn't look and when they look at it, they get convinced. So the way mamas Allah Salam, Prophet Mohammed convinced the Jews and Krishna on that time, I'm trying in a smaller way, my level best to try and convince you that better if you think this is wrong, forget the Quran. You don't believe in the Quran, even aside.

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I'm saying if you believe the Bible is the Word of God, should you follow the Bible on the you agree Bible is the Word of God. So no.

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Yes, the Bible says don't have hope. Do you have

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the question of yes or no? Or you say Bible doesn't say please let me respond. Sure.

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Aren't there some things in the life of Muhammad which he says they were at one time

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allow for you and I have made them haram or they were at one time haram and I have made them halal. Doesn't it sometimes happen like that? So we, we believe that for the people of Israel, for the Jewish people when, when Allah gave

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The Lord to Musa alayhis salam. We believe that for them the pork was haram and this is why it is in the donut. Rather, in any organization. When any command is given to you, you have to find out who's giving the command. Any command given by a higher authority can be overruled. Suppose a teacher gives a command in a school and the principal overrules that he has a right, but a teacher has no right to overrule the command of a principals. So in every religion, the person giving the higher authority can overrule not a low authority. If you read the Quran, Quran mentions that what has been prohibited for the Jews in the Quran, the fact of the ox, it was meant haram for them. But for you

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who said that has to thaw the Almighty God in the Bible. I know what you're referring to St. Peter, he sees a dream. If you carry send Peter

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that's why he sees a dream and we see that the pork is good and eating of pork is there. It's a dream one thing, whether it be any apostle, whether it be St. Paul also The self appointed apostle of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, they are not superior to JFK speech be upon him. If Jesus Christ peace be upon him said in the Gospel of Matthew chapter number five, verse number 17, to 20 that Think not that I have come to destroy the law the prophets have come not to destroy but to fulfill until the heaven and the earth pass away. Not one jot or tittle shall pass away from the law until all be fulfilled. And whosoever shall break one of the least commandments. Least you're taught,

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Whosoever shall break one of the leash commandments and teach men to do so shall not enter the kingdom of heaven. And whosoever shall keep the commandments, and at the same shall enter the kingdom of heaven, unless your righteousness exceed the righteousness of scribes and the Pharisees in Norway shall you enter the kingdom of heaven, so Jesus Christ peace be upon him said, I have come not to destroy the law the prophets have come to fulfill, not one jot or to teach will pass away until the complete law is fulfilled. If any of you break one law, even a minute test shall not enter the kingdom of heaven, and this is present in the Red Letter Bible. If you know what a Red Letter

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Bible I read your Bible. Mashallah, you? Very good. May God bless you. Red Letter Bible is the Bible, those people who don't know it is a red letter means those words with Jesus Christ be himself I said, because everything of the Bible is not the word of Jesus Christ up upon him. In Quran everything is the word of Allah of God. 100 person, not one jot or tittle is not the word of Almighty God. Now, in the Bible, those which are the Word of God, if you put in a newspaper, it will be less than one page. There's too long columns of a small percentage. It's present in the New Testament Old Testament is new in the New Testament also mainly in the gospels, and your other

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little bit in Acts, very few. So if you analyze it is a very small percentage of the complete Bible. And this portion is that word of Jesus Christ will be upon him no black letter can overrule a red letter with a red letter is a word of Jesus gave black letters maybe somebody else maybe apostle maybe historian maybe x y Zed, maybe narration, no black letter can overrule a red letter. Why red letters, GCF is be upon him unless you consider Paul Peter Thomas higher than GSK is no. So in Islam also we have Almighty God we have a prophet masala Salam, we have our Saba as the Companions, how you have apostles, we have companions. You have the followers of Jesus Christ, we have combined with

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the formulas Russell, but no companion efficiently. The companion has begun against Prophet Mohammed, throw away that word.

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Prophet Muhammad, number one, in the human beings after Allah, Prophet number number one, then come the sahaba. So there is a gradation, no word of the Sahaba can overrule the word of the Prophet, never. In every religion, there is hierarchy. The Word of God cannot be overruled by the word of the messenger, the word the companions of the messengers can never overrule the word of the Prophet. So what you're quoting me is lower grade right or wrong, we'll discuss later on.

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What you're saying is right or wrong is different. But even if I agree to write what you're saying, it is a black letter. Right? So no black letter can overrule red letter. If you know, if you are a scholar of Bible, you will know if you're not a scholar of Bible, and if somebody has told you so that was finishing a third part of the question, not main question the remaining of your earlier question.

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I'll give you all the time. I just finished the I will finish Manson I'll get back no problem. Even if the others don't get a chance. We'll give it you're a guest brother. You're a guest and we love to speak with you. But let me finish your earlier question. After the third question, you post that is it not possible that via comparing Quran, the Bible is right. And Quran is wrong. I didn't use the word Quran wrong. You're very humble and appreciate that.

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I know you didn't say that.

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Add but you said that the Bible is that in a comparing with the Quran comparing the Quran with you're comparing a wrong thing with the right thing you have to follow right thing I agree with you, but is the Bible right is the question I've given a separate talk is the Quran, God's word, and any person who's unbiased, who even doesn't know much about the Quran. But when I have given the talk along with a question I was searching for approximately four hours, any unbiased person will see that talk. I've proved it logically with reason, logic and science, that Quran is the word of God. I've given the talk is the Bible, God's word, and use the same logic here. There are so many

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contradictions in the Bible. I don't want to quote them, according to an article more than 50,000 Don't go into that

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which you have read I don't all Muslims book I don't agree to be correct. Yes, with the Quran, I agree with it, I stand by it. If you name the book, may agree it may not agree may agree part of it may not agree with part of it. So first highest authority, number one Quran even if in my book, this is more superior than my because, number one Quran, then come the same of the Prophet. That's how even coming back to your question. So when we use simple logic, when we use times, we find there so many scientific errors in the Bible just give you a few samples, time doesn't permit us to go into great detail. For example, the Bible says in the Gospel of Matthew chapter number four was number

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eight that the world is flat. It's mentioned in the book of Genesis, chapter number one was number 16. To 19. It speaks about the creation of the universe, that no light, God said the light for the second day, third day, then come then he says On the fourth day, on the fourth today, God Almighty, He created the sun

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and the stars, and the light was created on the first day. It's illogical the source of light came later on. And the light came earlier. If I say that I made a bold banner switch on the bulb and then there was light. Then I said the light came on the first day in the first star and the bulb was switched on on the fourth of the building. I don't know science. Furthermore, it has mentioned the creation of the earth on the third day and the vegetation. And the sun was here on the fourth day. No Earth is a part of sun in science, fine to say that the part was created first and the sun came later on is unscientific. Furthermore, if you read in the book of Genesis, chapter number one was

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the 16th and 18th. It says that God Almighty created two great lights, the bigger light the sun to rule the day and the smaller light, the moon to rule the night. And the word out there you know original text indicates that it has light of its own. The Quran says to refer Khan chapter number 25 was number 61. That the light of the sun is its own light and the light of the moon is reflected light silver scientists read the Quran and the Bible, you will agree with the Quran but not the Bible. The light of the moon is not its own it previously, a few 100 years back, we thought the light of the moon was its own light. Today, we know that the light of the moon is not its own light

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reflected light. So like that we can go on and on and on and on and on that hundreds of scientific error in the limited time I had in the debate and now have lifting

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high point or 38 scientific errors to Dr. William Campbell, who was the best the Christianity could produce in science and Bible, right? He's a medical doctor got a PhD.

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I'm telling you very famous, or otherwise famous.

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And everyone, many of the Americans if they want to tropical slim, they use this book, see Quran algo scientific era they will not know and rigor and the person who's not well versed in the field may get impressed or may not be able to answer so I had to go all the way from here to Chicago to America to USA and I had a dialogue there hamdulillah God's help us that was very successful, and you can have that cassette inshallah and I'll give you a copy of this debate as well as him not with some Krishna ID. So therefore, I say that regarding Bible content possible Bible is true it can be possible, but not is. So you analyze, when we analyze that the Bible contains many mathematical

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errors. If you add up there are mistakes mathematical errors means the same verse repeated twice. And the figure that different contradictions to tell them but she does in verse seven, so many not one many can be reconciler. No, that

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is the 10,000 pointed out on the internet. Maybe 50% 80% can be reconsolidated but many hundreds cannot be

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I've gone through them 100 With all your logic with all your sins, I traveled the breadth and length Mashallah. And I've gone to various countries spoken with scholars, I'm not a scholar, Amazonian and no one could Deconcini it these contradictions, the scientific errors, these historical mistakes. So when we use whatever knowledge of a God has given us and put it to test, we fail to agree the Bible is the Word of God but have been put to Quran

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We agree for that. We'll have to see my cursor inshallah. Now we come to the next question, but the most welcome.

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Just a couple of clarifications. I'm not trying to debate you.

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I'm sure I am because you're very knowledgeable. But I'm not trying to debate you, I'm just trying to learn, as well as we are all trying to learn about Allah. So

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if I can learn something from you, or you can learn something from me wonderful.

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I just want to point out I personally do not eat pork, because out of respect.

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But I think also there is a reason in the red letter of the Bible, why Christians feel it is okay to do so. Not simply because of the black letter. But

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is, Elijah lamb has also said that there is nothing that comes into a person through their mouth, that can defile them. But it is the sinful tendencies that come out of our own heart, the evil that is in our heart that defiles a person. And it's because of that saying of other of these alleged salaam, that

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the Christian teaching is that he has declared foods clean, that it's not a food that you consume, that that defiles a person. So

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whether you agree with that or not, that is at least something in the red letter that explains why Christians do feel that in the time of Moses, Allah had prohibited work. But then this was something that Ezra Desai had made, allow for his followers. I replied to that. I do agree with you, Brother Do not come here to debate neither do I want to debate you, we are learning. If you tell me something, which what I've said is wrong. Or when man if and I'm willing to change, see a person when he has the To Do you accept it?

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If he has the truth in by mistake as a tuple, two sides say Brother two plus two is not far before. And you prove it to me. Thank you, brother. As luck Allah, may Allah reward you, we have to accept it. But if I say two plus two is equal to four, and someone says no decide when I say that, two plus two is four, it's not five. It's a mistake, an error correction. So we was right, we have to agree. Now coming to a question, a very good argument that in the Red Letter JS case, people said, Whatever comes in your mouth, that doesn't define you, it is what's in your heart.

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I agree with you for sake of argument, then it's a contradiction between what according to you, Gospel of Matthew, chapter number five was number 17. To 20. Think not that I have come to destroy the law of the prophets. So that was a mistake. That means Jesus Christ these women told a lie knows biller May Allah forbid, we don't agree with that. You cannot tell a lie. Even if you break one law or jot or tittle is the lawyers You shall not have pork. So whenever there are two statements given we have to try and follow both together that means the other thing which you eat no problem but don't have pork why? Because Gospel of Matthew chapter number five, verse number 17 to 20 says you

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cannot break a single law or you're taught similarly in the Quran. There are various things in the Quran where it says that these foods are haram but that doesn't mean only those four foods are haram. There's one more food made haram some ways like one page which are coded dead meat, blood and flesh. So in some ways, it's mentioned I call haram. That is not you cannot eat one verse of the Quran and say that is full Islam. Fine. So anyway, which mentioned Haram is haram. And then it says everything is is halal here when we come to know that one verse of the Bible in red letter says that I have come to keep the commandments not break a single of them. If any of you break one jot one

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tittle You shall not enter the kingdom of heaven. So we all hear the verses cannot contradict this otherwise, Jesus Christ, please be upon him is telling a lie in one place knows, beloved, you don't agree. So we cannot belittle Jesus Christ peace be upon him to upgrade Paul or Peter? No, we cannot that is a law. So when we realize we say just because all of Peter said something or Thomas said something you want to go against Jesus Christ said no, what we say what Paul and Peter and Thomas said is wrong. We can try and get a reconciliation if we can. If if, if this wasn't the Gospel of Matthew chapter five verse number 17 to 20 If it wasn't there don't make law today. Maybe maybe not

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for sure I can give you a documents again is that time is limited.

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I put my ace in the front maybe if this was wasn't yet brother very good agree with you. But because this verse is the Gospel of Matthew chapter five, verse 17, to 20. If you break one law, one jot or tittle

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You shall not enter the kingdom of heaven then you cannot under any circumstances where the Paul says that Thomas says that operators

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says that anyone says that you understand. This is how you understand logically what you're doing just to upgrade Paul, you means I'm talking about some of the Christians. When I say Miss Krishna, to upgrade one of the apostles, you're believing that Jesus Christ God forbid told a lie, which I cannot agree. So, this is how you study how to compare to study. So based on the comparative study, what we say that is Christian is a person who follows the Teachings of Jesus Christ peace be upon him, then we Muslims are more Christian than the Christian themselves. If you don't have poke, I congratulate you. Maybe after you go to this auditorium. If you having alcohol you stop having

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alcohol. If you're worshiping Jesus case, Please be warned him maybe after you leave this auditorium, you will stop worshipping Jesus QSP will be appointed mascot. So you pray to Almighty God to give you and me guidance.

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I'm very happy that before he came in his autumn, you're not having poke. Maybe after hearing my talk, you may stop having alcohol if you're having if you're worshipping Jesus Christ peace be upon him after you do this or do you not worship Him? We will have given you proof or you may go to your study room or go to a library check up the references and then find out yes, what that person that boy you know, I saw lean looking boy, wearing a cap and the things that are small beard lean person coding, coding, coding, fine, what he said is right. From today, I will stop pushing me to scale but yet I'll respect him yet I love him yet tell him I will read my Bible and find out that one more

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profit is going to come His name is Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. I read that book. And you and I will come to the to the truth. So you pray to Almighty God to give you any guidance of the answer the question

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yes, I'm also going to give both those VCs hope you obviously the player brother, the two VCDs dealing with the talks similarities between Islam and Christianity. So obviously references everyone can remember is the most vulgar.

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Sure, sure. You're most welcome. Walker Dhawan and handler Balaam.