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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh brothers and sisters welcome to our first session of the Nigerian Names of Allah azza wa jal. We are here to discuss the Beautiful Names of Allah Israel and how we can connect to Allah through these names. Now, hear me out. One of the most important things is that we've got to understand that you can you can say, Okay, I'm here. And Allah's existence is there. How do I connect to Allah? Do you know that there are more ways to connect to a lot than the sheep that then the hair on a sheep's back? Okay, meaning that there's millions of ways to connect to Allah. Don't get don't get fooled by anyone who tells you Oh, you must take a lot just through

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this way or just through that way. That's not the case. There are millions and millions of ways to connect to Alaska. So anyway, the 99 names I've just one way and within those 910 names, there are many ways to connect what lies within these names are very beautiful. They have been the nicer names given to us. They will come in handy to me they

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were Abu Dhabi Allahu repos from Brussels and these nightclub names in a whole generation, which we're going to cover separately to this in Aliso Buhari, the person law when it says, In Melilla, he Allah azza wa jal has only law he, Allah has, and he has 100 names, but one, meaning that he has neinstein names. Man, I saw her the halogen now whosoever will, whosoever will, God these names will enter Paradise. Now what does that mean? I saw that word I saw her. There, the mahina the scholars of Hadith have said that one of the meanings of Assad is that you get to know the names properly. And you try and observe the names and you try and adopt the best of the meanings of names in your in

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yourself. Another meaning is that you try and memorize the names some scholars have said it's memorizing the names, and some scholars have said that you you try and live a life with the best of the qualities of these names. So you're always aware of Allah azza wa jal throughout your you know, throughout your day throughout your life and so on. And you try your best like for example, when Mercy is mentioned, you try and have mercy in your heart where there is the mention of Alaska gentle, you know, he being the one who is a provider, so you try and provide for others and so on so forth. Okay, so there are many ways of looking at them but what we're going to do I want you to make

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an intention with me right now

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that you're going to try and memorize these names. If you want to have a if you want to go through a lengthy you know a good few hours of each of these names, and I've already got something on YouTube with 99 Names of Allah azza wa jal This is going to be a shorter you know, amount of time dedicated to the nighttime and we are going to mention things that I haven't mentioned over there in the other night guy names and a lot I'm going to mention things that have but together what we're going to do is go through a journey to try and get close to Allah has gone through these names. Now these names allows you to have said in the in the Holy Quran in surah al Ashraf, he has said Manila smuggler has

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not fed the rule who be here. Allah said he has Allah has the most beautiful of names. So call Allah through these names. It is these are all these names. So look, we're going to call a Lhasa through his names, and we're going to find a lot inshallah we know through his names. Now I want to share something with you that I came across when I was when I did the Hajj in 2011. And I remember being next to this doctor from Manchester, a beautiful brother who said to me, he said, he's a chef. I said, whenever I got to a problem in my life, whenever I got to some kind of problem, I always refer to the 99 Names of Allah. And I tried to find the name of Allah that corresponds towards the to the

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problem that I'm in right now. And I try and call Allah Israel with that particular name. So imagine that you know, you're lost, right? You're lost, you can't even you can't find your pathway or you're lost in you know your loss and direction so you need to be guided so you go to the nine dots and then go online and you find had the unhappy so you say yeah, Heidi Yeah, how do you just take the leaflet off whenever you include whenever you add Yeah, on you just take the leaflet obviously. Yeah, had the higher the higher the Oh, one who guides Oh, one who guides on who guides you carry? You carry on saying that as many times as you can, and then you find guidance. Let's say for

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example, you're looking to get

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You answered.

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And you're thinking, Well, you know, I really want to find a way to connect to a lot to get my daughter answered. I've made the drive but I want to carry on asking a lot for my daughter to be answered. So you find the name of Jeep, a new Jeep and you say, yeah, Mooji Mooji. Now, again, like, I want to say this to you, please. Whenever you use these names, you got to use it with your heart. The main thing is the heart. Okay? So it's not just a tongue. Yes, we want to use the tongue but we're going to use the heart and we want to connect the heart because the heart has got that essence of of connecting directly to the heavens, okay, you can you know, one one great way of finding a lot

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is to is to connect the heart. I can't I can't express this more but I will. I will you know explain this more when we get to the name of Allah azza wa jal his name Allah when we get to that I'll explain a bit more but that doctor told me he said any name that I would in any difficulty or any any position in my in my life I find myself in when I when I wanted to get something. I just said that name. Those of you who don't have children, for example, one of the names of a lot of them is what have he gifts he gifts. Without you know he gets without a reason to gift, right? Or Zach Razzaq is the one where he provides because we are His servants and we are need and there are

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necessities that we have that that is a mama's up. But when it comes to our hub, when it comes to that he provides without a reason to provide these are not your necessities. These are extras that I'm going to give you. So that's where you say, yeah, we'll have we will have we will have for example in the hopper and in the 41st

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so sorry, the 42nd sort of the prime near the end, you'll find Yeah, bully Manisha inasa weigh heavily Manisha Zuko Allah provides without, you know, any reason to provide he provides daughters and he provides some for whoever you want, and he will combine for whoever wants anyway, the point is that what have or that name has been, actually, whenever his gifting whenever he's given that, for example, it's a courier, so let me saying grant me a child, he doesn't have a child, he's he's in old age. And he says heavily, he says, Grant me but the word he uses hub, which is again from that what hub is to gift without, you know, you have without without a reason for him to give to you

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that is the extras I want something really extra from you. And and, you know, heavily melancholy attempt by Eva, you know, grant me a very good progeny from yourself. Now again, the one I want to say to you is that you'll find a lot of junk through these names. And the way to find them is to connect your heart out and to have used the tongue as well when we call him but remember when we call him we want to call him with you know from the heart because look, the Hadith is clear. What he says in Allah Allah but Allah doesn't accept the drama of a person who is absent hearted albina walking the words exact words albina off in front of the person whose heart is absent Allah doesn't

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accepted raw so we're going to engage the heart when we save these names. So you know you want something you can just you know, just say yeah Allah Allah but but but you want to use it, you want to do it with your heart. And now here Look, here's where you find your own way of calling Allah there are hundreds of tunes you can make yourself. I'm not going to say to you that you have to use my tune or use anybody else's true but when you want to when you want to use a tune, make it very personal. Make it your true make it something that you like, call him in a way that that you feel connected. Yeah.

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Yeah, hello.

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You can use that you can say, Allahu Allahu Yeah, Lovely.

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Lovely. I'm Ahuja. maglia. Allah. Lovely, lovely. Lovely. Yeah.

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Well, yeah.

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Yeah. What are the tune you want to use? Right? I'm not prescribing for you to tune I'm just giving you something that I would probably say how I would call Alonzo gym. Now you've got your own way. Okay to call Allah now this is not good. Because the thing is, you are you are given you know, I'm not restricting you to a number of number of amount of calling Allah you can call Allah as many times as you want. You can call him once to as many times as you want, you can use the same one, same thing.

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Israel a lot of the same name of allah from number one just once, all the way to hundreds of times hundreds and hundreds, or 1000s or, or just, you know, any number you want.

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Okay, but you want to

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Connect your heart that is really that's really important. And you want to find a tune. If you cannot, let's say, for example, you're amongst people and you still want to call a large region, then you don't want to put a sound to it. All right? Because you want to keep it to yourself. Alright, we understand that. So one of the beautiful things of the first name of those 99 Names of Allah, okay, which is Allah is the from the first names of all the night. ghanians is Allah, that name is so great, because you know why it's so great. It's one of the only names where you're not using your lips.

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So you don't have to move your lips to say, now if you just close and see your lips, and just say Allah, you will see that just your tongue is moving. Just your tongue is moving. And that's one of the beautiful things about this particular first name, it's it's the devil. It's the greatest of all of the names of Allah azza wa jal, okay, it's the greatest of all of the names of abaza and this particular name Subhana Allah you say that name you say it from the heart, and you say it with connecting to allows you to connect well as well and you're amongst people.

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Your lips are sealed. We can still say you can still say yeah, a lot. Look Yeah, is when that tongue inside his moves.

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And then Allah is again the tongue moves to a particular place to get that let let sound Your mouth is sealed. And you can just sit there amongst people and you say

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that you can't you can't remember what I'm doing is that is Allah, Allah, Allah Ya Allah but my lips, my lips are sealed.

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And I'm connecting my mind to Alaska, even though I'm amongst people, right? I'm trying to ask a lot to be with me. Right? Beautiful. One of the beautiful because if you say a man is a young man, you got to move your lips. If you say yeah, oh, foot foot, you got to again your lips got to move most of the names Yeah, Malik. Right, your your, your your, again, tongue, tongue moves, but your lips are going to have to move so people know you're reading something. And sometimes you will get to be uncomfortable. You know, when they when they're watching you and you're just sitting there and I'm feeling

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sometimes, like people get people get me You know, I've seen this like some unless people know that you're doing the visualizer or unless people are aware, okay, he's doing the thing of Allah. Sometimes people can get really shocked and feel weird and they can feel oh my god is he? Is he praying something that is probably casting something on the people around him that how Lola you get all sorts of people. So one of the most secretive of the names that you can say is that Yeah, Allah and you're calling Allah Allah says, These are my names. So call me through my name. So you're using the most powerful of names and you're using it the most, you know, most in the most secretive way

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just by moving your tongue and just saying Yeah, Allah Allah inside your your your mouth, and nobody knows that you're saying it, and yet you're connecting to Allah. So anyway, look, to find the last region, we're going to use these names. These are one of the ways there are many ways to find a love millions of ways to find a love. This is just one way and within those ways, we've got plenty of other ways in all the nighttime names, you'll see how many ways we can connect to Alaska, one of the main things is to connect your heart to have the tongue as well. And then I said about the tune, right? Try and get that tune in. So when does the tune come in the tune comes in when you're alone.

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So when you're alone, there's no one around you and you could be doing your work where you know you're doing work alone, or you could be sitting alone and I want to say this to you that a lot of people in the past have found Eliza gel in the most secret time in the time when they were most lonely in the time when nobody else was was around. And let me explain to you why. Because Allah azza wa jal You know, he likes he likes it so much when when we have a philosophy what's a philosophy philosophy sincerity. So when there's other people around when when you're on you know, you might be being seen by others Oh, by the camera or by people or you could be noticed. And that

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time you have a possibility of, of showing other people what you're doing. But when you are alone, when you're alone, then no one's seeing you soldier yeah and ostentation of showing off is out the window. Now this increases the the fact that it's just you and Allah, okay? You're not gonna even talk about electron so one of the things not to do please is not to go around say oh, you know, last night what I did, I did this many records and I call Allah this way and that way I use this tune. Don't do that. My friend you're messing up You're a bad Allah doesn't like that. Allah doesn't like that. So look, we were supposed to keep our, our ibadah secret. Now look, you might be saying

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something about someone's may you want to try just encourage them to that's different. But don't go down that path if you don't have to go down a path and don't tell anyone what you're actually doing. So now when did people find a lot if you

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Looking for and if you look in the sooner if you look in their lives, they found a lot were in that time when they were all alone. Look, Allah azza wa jal, he sends a revelation to musala salaam, when, when he goes to mount tour, he leaves the whole bunch, right? He leaves all of them, he goes all alone to a mountain for 30 days. And then Allah tells him a complete 40, right? He's all alone on a mountain. And Allah gives him, you know, gives him the tablet. Right? This is the most secret time you spend with Allah all alone, and the more longer you can prolong this, this time, the better it is for us to connect to Alaska. What was easily Ceylon again, he says I'm going to a mountain.

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Okay, Andre, I think it was a zaytoun tree in Philistine and he found Allah xuejun. Right as in Allah Islam gave him the engine at that time, Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam our beloved Prophet, may Allah bless him in both worlds, the province of Milan, send me Where was he, when revelation came down? It was again, in a cave in a mountain. Think about this. Think about this, what allows, you know does for these prophets, he gives them at a time when they were secluded, when they were there, when they were sitting, when they were focusing when they had nothing else to distract them without no other human being connected to them? What did the professor wants to tell us about you know, one

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of the most beautiful times he had, you know, he says, He says, you know, in a society, he says that, I have a time and I get so close to Allah, that not even realize that I'm going to get close to him. He's on yours. And he's speaking and extending his I have a time when I get close to Allah that not even realize that I can get close to him. Right? What is that moment? That moment was his dad, God say I'm late. Again, it's dark. It's nighttime. Okay, it's a time when nobody's around. And don't forget, I want to add this as well. The problem was when used to previous you know, do standard in the dark, okay, in the dark. We know this from Assad is a Muslim where I should be

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allowed on I went out to search for him in the masjid. And, and she was on her falls trying to find the personalism and her hand fell onto his onto the soul of his foot or while he was in sujood. In the in the masjid and just that there's a place just by the, by one of the sides of the muscle, he was there. And her hand fell onto his the soles of his foot, she couldn't see that's how dark it was. Anyway, in darkness. In that time, when you call Allah azza wa jal, you can Wow, this is the real time to connect with Alaska. And as we jump because you haven't got distractions. Now one of the things you can do is this, you can try this tonight, because I know a lot of you you're going to

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have thought you throw away and then you're probably going to be around for a while, please try and do this. Just Just keep your phones away just for a little while, just keep your phones where you sit, just sit alone, if you're scared of the dark, no problems have a little bit of a dim light to something else on and this is called Allah with your heart, nobody around just call Allah, you know.

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Just think of Allah as. Now what you can also do, if you want to add a little bit more into this, okay? is completely fine for you to do is to go into sujood and then to still call Allah just through these names. Okay, so you're going to sudo or you're inside that enter. Some people can do that for a minute. Some people can do for three minutes from within five minutes, some even carry on, depending on your health, depending on your back we can depending on how long you can stay there because you know your face on the ground as well. But you know what, if you if you want to add that you can add you don't have to do incident, you can just sit down and do you can raise your hand You

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don't have to raise your hand you can even have your hands down if you want. It was only because you want to connect your heart. You want to connect your heart to Allah. So your

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Allah, Allah, Allah Allah.

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these an idea in the end of Surah Surah Surah number 17 velocimeter says when you make Graciela last 10 how long in South Africa. Don't raise your voice too much, well are too happy to be here and don't like make it so soft and quiet. Meaning that look, you're alone all alone, you're going to do that a lot. Okay, and you're going to make a drought right now or you're going to call it a lot from your heart from your tongue. Allah says you're allowed to have it Yeah, don't make it so low and don't make it so so so you know. Yeah, there's so much of a high pitch. Put it a lot in what tell the vein has been the valley sebelah find a moderate, you know, a moderate or moderate way of

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calling me between the two extremes. being completely silent from being you know, you know, from raising your voice. Allah says find something in between. So whatever you're comfortable with so that others don't listen to you, others don't hear you. And then you call it a lasagna. You know what it does? Slowly it starts to melt the hub. You will see any of these names want to use slowly you will see that it will melt the heart, especially if you're going to going to sue and you're going to just think of Allah's gifts. This is another way of connecting

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alasa you start to connect you start to think, what are the what are the gifts that Allah is giving me and you remember gifts one by one and you just start saying the names of Allah Israel anyway let's let me say this with this name of allah Israel there is many you know many of the decrees that we have associated with Israel but souhan Allah we've got on handling lab collide and the love for love. Can you see the name of allies in each one each, each and every one of these? So again, you can use these names also to connect to Alonzo just by saying Subhan Allah so you're not just saying, Oh Allah, Allah means Allah. But you're also you know, you're bringing somebody else in a souhan

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Allah Alhamdulillah you know, so so pure is Allah Allah, you know, Allah All praise belongs to you, Oh Allah, okay. You can you can use use these names. Now.

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You can you can find you can find Allah azzawajal his name and his names all over the veranda. What we're going to do is this particular Hadith that we got from Timothy we're going to cover that from from beginning to end with a different name. So straight after Allah's name has been the first name you find there's two other names use which is a Rahman and Rahim. Okay, so again, what you can do you can even say Yo, man, yo Rahim, yar, your ahi

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ahi. Ya

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nahi. Now what is what are these names mean? Rahman is the Most Merciful of all of everyone, the Most Merciful, when we say the Most Merciful. This means that Allah azza wa jal is so merciful, that you will find that you will find Subhana light on them that there is, you know, there's infinite, an infinite amount to His mercy. Now, I know we can't comprehend infinity, we can't comprehend infinity. But you got to understand just as Allah azzawajal he is infinite, meaning that he has no end to any energy, he has no end to his existence or his being the same way. All of his attributes have no end. Which means that when Allah has mercy, its infinite mercy, there is no end. So rough

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man means that look, all his creation, we're talking about everything he created from the angels, right down to let's just say, his, you know, the, the humans, the genes, the animals, the the plants and the the whole of the existence around us, all of the universe, the whole of you know, all the plants and everything that are that are around us, okay? Allah azza wa jal, right down to the end, that might be on a particular tree, that that may raise its hands to the sky. Allah has mercy on that, and Allah has mercy on, you know, there's so many examples of His mercy. In fact, in a Hadith, he says, that when Allah, He created this whole creation, he divided his mercy into 100 parts, in a

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hadith of Sahih Muslim, he divided into 100 parts, and then he sent 1% so out of the whole 100 divisions, one particular division, he sent it to the earth, and from that 1% we today can witness every type of Mercy of Allah azzawajal

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we can we can see that sort of any type of message that you see on the earth is from that, to the extent that you've got a an animal that lifted roof, from its young one, the heavy says, that is also from that 1% of Mercy of Allah azza wa jal anytime we have mercy on somebody else, anytime your whole life, your parents lives and all the family was you know, they've had mentioned somebody else, that is from the mercy of Allah. That is from the from that mess because without his mercy, we can't have mercy. Without his mercy, we can't have a mercy. So anyway, that is that is allows really him having mercy now, that extend infinite amount of mercy goes on to everything we're talking about

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people, gins and others who even disobey Allah, Allah is still merciful towards them. And that's him being rough man. So, look, the one who is a disbeliever, right, who may refer to as a Capital One of the disbeliever these days a lot, you know, dustings against allows Allah Dean and his religion on the earth and tries to you know, do everything to stop the deen of Allah from from continuing the earth. And everyday, he's probably using foul language towards you know, towards the people who believe in a lot whatever the case is, unless it has met a lack and have mercy on that person as well. That's from his cifa

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And now Who are you and me to say, what Allah shouldn't have mercy on. You know, one of the things I want to say to you is that it's so it's so gross and it's so inappropriate. And it's so out of place when people start to make, you know, comments about y, z, you know, why did I do that? Why did I like give him that and why does he have that? Who are you? Uh, who am I? In fact, a Hadith of the brush. Lawson describes a person from slavery, okay. He was a person who was willing to lie, he was very close to Allah. But he made one statement once and because of that, Eliza gel said, Okay, I'm going to deal with you. What did you do when he came across a sinner? And as sinner was a really

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bad, you know, really bad sinner and this one of Allah just happened to say, Allah will never forgive you. And because he said that, Allah azza wa jal, he said, You know what, I'm going to forgive him. And I'm going to put you to punishment for saying that. Now look at that. When you have a person who's close to Allah doing something bad Allah gets to that when you when you are to something like that, who am I? Who are you to make such statements? of even if allowance Have mercy on the worst Kafeel on this earth? Who am I and who are you to try and question that? It's his kingdom. He has got, you know, his he, it's his mercy and he gives it to whoever he wants. Because

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the Quran says, You are at the moment Nisha, where hammer magnesia he can punish who ever you want. And he can have mercy on whoever you want. So let's leave that kingdom to him. Don't you start saying that? No, but that's not fair. What do you know about fairness? And what what do I know about fairness? And what do I know that you know where Allah should do things because one thing we know for certain is that we're going to get to the day I've done an ally explains I had mercy on this particular person who was a disobedient person for this reason is all going to be clear and we're going to say you know what, Allah you are you know you are the most just with this name. You've got

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a Rahim which is, Allah is specifically merciful man, this Rahim is towards the believers as we look around man is the non believers and believers He is merciful to the non believers and believers. And our writing is he is specifically merciful to the believers. Because on the Day of Judgment, Allah will show his specific message the believers and he will show them to whoever he wants on the Day of Judgment. We know this from from the tradition from from the Hadith from the Quran, Sunnah that we've received. But on the Day of Judgment, when he has specific mercy on the believers, this is when a lie is showing his his his utmost, you know, mercy just towards the believers. Okay. So we

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have our man we have a Rahim will recognize his general mercy from Iraq man, we will never recognize his specific message for from a Rahim. And that's where we find some hydrilla when we open up and when we start when we start to do something. Look, the Hadith says the Hadith says, every single thing that you want to do if you don't say Bismillah or say Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, it's going to be something which is not completed, right? So we encourage you to say Bismillah Bismillah R Rahman Rahim when we're when we're about to do something from the Hadees. Okay, and again, when we look at the four and the three names, again, the same three names use it in the beginning of the 99 Names of

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Allah is what is Allah Rahman r Rahim? So Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, I start in the Name of Allah the Most muscle they demand one magical in a very general sense. And r Rahim, the one who's merciful specifically to the believers. And that's who I start with. Anyway. What I'm going to do right now is please brothers is I'm going to encourage you, please, can you stay here for another for just another few minutes? Please stay please don't don't go away. I've got a few more things to say to you. But I'm going to bring brother son into into here. So up to you, brother, so I thought I wanted one with a lot guys. vakula Hi, for tuning in. I'm not going to take much of your time. I'm gonna

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ask molana if you can click on the right hand side on the banners and just put the other 313 link on. So guys, exciting news. Mashallah. Last year we we started this initiative after speaking for a while back and forth with milanesa we started this initiative called chef Hassan Ali's brother 313 challenge. And voila, hey, I did not expect it to do as amazing as it did. I mean, your support panel was just fantastic. Forget the camera, just the support from the people in raising sadaqa jariya project for all our amazing projects that we had done in Bangladesh. At that time, it was just fantastic. So with that said, Guys, we are relaunching our model 313 challenge 2021 and it's

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even better this year. Okay. So this year, I'll just start by straightaway saying we have a

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Medicaid SR is definitely Daya, who will be at your service inshallah, we're going to give you her mobile number or the work mobile number which you can reach her on on WhatsApp. You can text her, you can even call her. Okay. So if you're International, then you can text on WhatsApp, with the with the number that I've, I'm going to give to you guys. She will help you to reach your target. Just to remind you guys what is bother 313 bother 313 is a simple challenge that we have where we want 313 people to sign up, right? Raise just 313 pounds, How simple is it to raise for the enhanced panela you literally need guys 30 people that you know, to give 10 pounds and that you reach your

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target. And you know how simple that is. It's literally like going through your phone guys, right? Finding 30 people and messaging them privately saying hey, it's like, Brother Mohammed cloud comm sister, you know, just the Hannah song from Sister Maria and literally saying, hey, I need to raise 280 pounds, and I need 10 pounds from you. It's very likely they're going to give it to you, right? But we've upped the game this year. For last year what we had is every person that enters the 300 and the other three and three challenge and every person that raises the 313 pounds they were entered into a draw and one person was randomly selected to win an all inclusive firestar on

00:31:20--> 00:32:02

repackage as SR one a Mashallah she was very emotional when she wanted. In fact, she's entering again this year. What we've done right to make it simple for you guys is we've kept it the same. But again this year, one person will win out an all inclusive five star fully paid for by helping me today, Omar. Okay, first Omar, but what we want to do is we want to make it a little bit more special. So the person that raises the highest this year, they're gonna win to not one, two, all inclusive, five star Omar tickets for all in all guys, we're giving away three or more tickets, this time from Han Allah. And we really need your support, it will take you guys about 20 seconds to sign

00:32:02--> 00:32:43

up at the link that shahana just put up, Brother 313 dot UK with also LinkedIn on Facebook. So if you're watching on Facebook, the clickable link is there. If you're watching it on Subhanallah more than 400 people watching on YouTube. On the description box below. You'll see it has the other 313 or Eventbrite link right there. Please sign up, please sign up, we will make the page for you today, you will get your page ready by tomorrow inshallah and sister Heather will be in touch with you herself with your page with all the content written out for you. So your job will then simply be to send your link to 30 people or even 10 people that will give you 30 pounds. And

00:32:43--> 00:33:18

that's your target met and you'll be entered into the draw. But more than the draw brothers and sisters panela this, this, this will change lives. on the page that we will create for you there will be a video, you can watch the video just to see where your money is going part of where your money is going to at least. And that will help other people also donate and make it easy for them inshallah, and I want to add one thing, I had one person just telling me just two days ago, they did the bad 313 challenges last year. And they found the immense difference in their life just after Ramadan. And they were asking me is that going to be up again, they want to do it again this year

00:33:18--> 00:33:19

that's want to share that.

00:33:20--> 00:34:00

Oh, you know, what shall we just want to be actually on that note? You're right. Not only did we have people that were sort of contemplating whether they should donate or whether they should even join or not, but the reason some of them didn't want they were hesitant in the beginning they were like Exxon, I don't know if I can raise three 313 pounds. And honestly Wallah I'm saying some of my friends they raised the money I think within the very first day so they made the link and within that day they within that very same day that reached the target and lo behold by the end of Ramadan they raised even way more than 313 pounds, right so that is look if you look around right now in

00:34:00--> 00:34:36

Ramadan, you will find lots of different charities doing lots of different projects like this, like people are gonna be asking you to raise money for this and you know, orphans and so on, donate wherever you want and do every height that you can. This is the month of given this month of Ramadan, that's fine. But I'll tell you one thing, guys, the difference with helping me today and this specific project that we're in, but the three on three, coming from someone who's been in the charity sector for about 10 years panela this is one of the easiest, because everyone right they normally have a target I want to raise 1500 owners to run on raise 5000 to go Kilimanjaro and I want

00:34:36--> 00:34:52

to climb this mountain. We are saying 313 pounds. Let me put that into perspective for you. I know I already did it, but let me make it even easier. It's literally like 20 people giving you 15 pounds. I think that was my if let me just check it again. Right just so that I know I'm giving the right information.

00:34:54--> 00:34:59

Yeah, guys, literally 20 of your friends giving you 15 quid you reach your target.

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

It can't be any more simple than this. So guys, I'm gonna pass it back over to Shanna Lee he can get me off the stream but I'm urging you guys you're still watching Subhan Allah so take out 22nd hit that link brother 313 dot Uk at because I need you guys to do this right now and the reason is we're gonna start making the pages immediately after this stream finishes therefore if you're gonna sign up Bismillah just do it and your page will be ready by tomorrow in sha Allah for me As salam o Allah Quran Bolivian ardente Moshe, please feel free because all I'm gonna say that inshallah tomorrow 6:30pm and every day for the next good few days 6:30pm I'm gonna see you here

00:35:37--> 00:35:49

inshallah, I'm going to go through the names and try and at least memorize these first three names. And from there, we're going to add the names and inshallah by the end of the 20 days you should have memorized the full magazine named Zach Lucha Salaam I

00:35:50--> 00:36:12

want one thing on shahana is no tomorrow at 6:30pm is going to come on today we had about 500 plus people watching all together allow Mubarak Mashallah, of course I sent out the text messages to all the people who've registered. What I want you to do as other kajaria for yourself is at least bring one more person to watch it tomorrow at 6:30pm let's see if we can increase the numbers and take it to double

00:36:13--> 00:36:28

numbers of people that are viewing it for their benefit inshallah and for ours as a sort of Nigeria. I'm asking you guys, please bring one more person in tomorrow to watch it with you. Six to 8pm ad on Facebook for slash shahana Lee on YouTube for slash share Hassan Ali Salaam, Allah