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all believers who die from COVID-19 to be considered martyrs.

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So this is a really important issue which started to become apparent even more so than what it is originally when we're watching the deceased and there are some that saying no, you don't need to watch them because they are Shaheed. So this NEEDS CLARIFICATION, let alone the suddenly the the feeling of some kind of, you know, settlement and peace that will give to the family as well. Let me say this, the scholars of vast majority of the scholars, they divide the concept of the martyr the Shaheed are the one who reaches that incredibly high level of literally being in the Presence of Allah subhanaw taala literally like witnessing as the word indicates linguistically into two types.

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One is the Shaheed who is considered to be a monster in this life and in the next life, and then those that are only considered Shahada martyrs in the next life. So the absolute creme de la creme alpha, primary level Shaheed the one that is no difference of opinion is the one who is killed, fighting the enemy whether that happens on a battlefield or in some other kind of arena. But that's the real Mujahid who has died and for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala set out with that intention sacrificed everything and did it for the sake of Allah. This is a person who has great great honor they are not the only wash they are buried in that exact same state using the clothes into a *

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state that the new blood will be evidence and a blessing and a protection from the fire that will be raised like that and all of the everything that you know, he'll be known as a Shaheed the family will be known as the family the Shaheed and it doesn't get any better. It's the absolute best that person's a hero. Everything's great. That's in this dunya let alone in the Acura so this is the full Shaheed everything else is now secondary to this. Now,

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where does this question come from? For the discussion comes from the fact that we have a huge number of Hadeeth which am bit past bit parts to discuss other types of Shahada. So the purpose of life seven What have you For example, He said macoun Shaheed mother own Shaheed, so have you had them Shaheed he said

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the one who dies from stomach condition Shaheed The one who dies from plague Shaheed The one who has had them end something has fallen upon him or crushed him. Yeah and he, he is Shaheed in another head is an officer, those who are

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in labor, they die, they're the baby or the embryo will will, or the fetus if you like will drag them into gender Jani like Shaheed other hydroperoxide salam said, I'll help the Shaheed and those people in assail Shaheed so those who burn those who are drowned, so I will jump, the one who dies of pleurisy of pneumonia or a very kind of painful chest condition. Shaheed

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so many Hadeeth actually, that talk about these different types.

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Those who are suffering from COVID-19 could come under. So I have jambiani, those that are having this problem

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of pleurisy or pneumonia, or really painful condition of the respiratory system, they could come under that. And that's why number of scholars are considered them to have died of

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as martyrs died as martyrs. And some just said, look at a motto neonate, which is plague itself, in the pandemic that we have right now is like that. And just for the record, I just want to say that I do not consider COVID-19 to be the plague, and I do not consider it to be and I don't mean that from her, obviously, like you know, or really Sherlock. I don't mean that in the general sense that it's not the plague, of course not the plague. But I mean, it doesn't take the full legal rulings of the plague. That is up to us. malphur. As we say, from our points of view, there are too many differences for it to take the same legal rulings. However, in my actual opinion, I do not believe

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that it is only these categories that are Shahada, we have so many evidences that would indicate that actually the Shahada of those who are Shahada in the ultra, they get the great reward and the honor of Shaheed that I think they get that if there's some incredible difficulty or pain or shock involved in their death, such as unlawfully being killed, such as someone who's defending their family, such as someone who dies in an attack, and so on, or assassinated, etc. I think all of these shocking kind of deaths, painful deaths, any drawn out kind of death, that that has real, you know, these are all forms of martyrdom. And so therefore, I do think those that are COVID-19 victims are

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Shahada. But I want to again, emphasize what is it technically mean that they are Shahada? It means that they are honored in the next life and it should be you should feel better that your deceased has gone out that way. But that does not mean that

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are treated like Shahada in this life, they must be washed they must be shrouded they must be prayed over janazah they must be buried properly. They don't get the actual technical realities of the normal Shaheed the ALA for the one who dies on a battlefield, the one who dies fighting the enemy. All of these are crocheted hookman not the only the one that we get actual legal rights for in this life. So I hope that clarifies that this Shahada is an honor and a respect so give us some kind of a sovereign happiness with Allah decree and honor in the afterlife. nazioni something which gives them a legal ruling of not being buried and and not being washed and shrouded in this life. And Allah

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