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The segment discusses the issue of choosing between two good things, which is the good and the bad. The shaitan will try to make the choice of the good of two good deeds and will not do harm. They will examine their lives and make choices made consciously. The segment also emphasizes the importance of having a positive attitude to see the benefit of actions.

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Al Hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah. No but

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we spoke about leaving a legacy then we spoke about the goal.

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Today we'll speak about the issue of measurement.

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Allah subhanaw taala said calafell Mota will head Alia will work on a ucommerce anomala

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lesson that is created death and life so that he will just which Who among you? Are you

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know Allah does the best deeds

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the Quran invites us to compare between two good things

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and pick the better one.

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Unfortunately, we seem to be stuck between the good and bad

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in terms of the Muslim man in terms of people of Eman,

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there is no

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dilemma between good and bad.

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The question of choice is between two good things not between good and bad. And this very tragic thing that we are stuck between good and bad and halal and haram what it does, but don't get

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me wrong again it The issue is we have two good things, both of them are gize both of them are halaal both of them will give you some reward from Allah which is better

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which is better

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and that is where we have to pick.

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So, between the monster happened the Santa Monica Santa Monica is better 100 lavi tried to do that now that does not mean you do not do monster we do that also what we tried to do Santa Monica de mer and so forth. Now, the question is that the shaitan also knows this.

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So what they will try to do is the opposite. Now they said that knows that if it is a person of a man then inshallah he will not do something which is obviously

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if someone is doing something which is clearly haram then we are to actually question or leave that person himself we don't have to question but they themselves have to question their own Eman itself because what kind of event is it which does not even prevent you from haram

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you know gambling is haram no alcohol is haram you know interest is haram you know other things are Haram, but we are still doing it then we have to actually question our own Eman

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itself. Do you believe in Allah in the first place? Or do you believe that there is a day of judgment in the first place? basic question to that extent we have because somebody is deliberately doing something which is wrong, then he has to question whether he is a Muslim at all in the first place.

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Because you are a Muslim and you believe in Allah subhanaw taala and you know Allah made this Haram, how do you do it?

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We are not talking about that here. We are talking here about people who have a question of choice of doing something which is of a higher reward and something which is of a lower rate now, both are getting reward. Now, what that does is that when he meets

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or even in the in the case of somebody who will not do harm, the shaitan will try to make him do the lesser of the two good deeds

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not the higher one for example, he went for obrah

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I went all the sudden could not prevent you from going for a run. But having gone for Rama, Rama, Rama, Rama, Rama, medsafe, se and so on and so forth. And it was difficult but in spite of that do that. Now the question of cutting your hair, the hair that was ever denied is permitted also to have a haircut You need not shave your head

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and not conduct not wrong yes it is permitted. But which is the better of the two

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to shave your head or to cut your head.

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So the last minute the Japan makes you can do this from get on millimeters from China. If you have gone Brahma and Hutch and if you have not shaved your head. And if you have only cropped your head your hair that is from Jetta, even though there is nothing Haram in that, even though it is permitted, even though in sha Allah, Allah will reward you for your own Raj. But yeah, that made you choose the lesser of two beneficial options.

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You could have had the benefit of Nevis Allah Allah is that was allowed to drive not for three times

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and yet that made you lose x.

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So, it is the lesser of two beneficial things. So naturally, that if you did that, then it is not said that love will not make you do something which is of less benefit.

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Similarly other things

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and we need to examine our own lives. I burn this further reminder, we don't want to extend. So we should we should examine our own lives and say, so literally sit down and think as I always say Islam is to live thoughtfully. Not to live thoughtlessly, not just to exist. kb mRNA. Islam is to live thoughtfully. So therefore we sit and we reflect and say in my life

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From the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep, what are the choices that I'm making, and we need to make those choices consciously.

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So when I have this choice, I have a choice of bringing Salah to father at home, or in the masjid, I'm not missing Nigel I will pray, but joy is play at home, which do I do?

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The choice to wake up before vodka and bread. If I don't wake up for the job, there is no sin. Allah will not put me in jail because I did not put it but the benefit of that is also you will not get obviously somebody is praying that you are leaving the EU cannot be equal.

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So here is an opportunity where you would have woken up early and bred the hedges and got the benefit Was there no problem after all, it is not what

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I've brought, it is only

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the issue is of attitude, the issue is of attitude of seeing the benefit in some actions. And therefore I asked Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us to be able to make the right choices and to choose the better of two good options.

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May Allah protect us from the bad options completely. But when you have two good options, the better thing to do is to pick the one which is more beneficial.

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Because that is what the whole point of Islam is and that is why the I have sort of the book was rather I said the purpose of life helical moto had fought Why did a great death and life Li Abu Hassan Allah so that you can be tested to see which of you will do the best deeds

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and that is what we need to

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remind ourselves and consciously act on inshallah, ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us to do this. And to accept this from us. Or some Allah Allah and the real Karim Allah Allah. He was happy he made that article.