Mirza Yawar Baig – Ta’alluq Ma’a Allah #6

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam in creating schools and environments is emphasized, along with its potential harm to family members and the need for people to be aware of their behavior. The upcoming World Cup in Mexico is discussed, where organizers will be holding groups to express their opinion on the event. The "offensive" event is also discussed, where people will gather to express their opinion. The "offensive" event is also discussed, with a mention of a job and a curtain that will grant forgiveness of Islam. The segment ends with a mention of a job and a curtain that will grant people forgiveness of Islam.
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was a room saying satan worshippers

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is the University of Massachusetts in Amherst there's a whole hospital block with a huge big granite

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you know i don't know you can't call it a board it's a big wall granite wall with big letters huge big letters this size written there homosexuals and gays

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in the middle of that environment of jahannam you want to put children and you want do you think they're going to get a great education so Allah

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create Islamic universities create Islamic schools create an Islamic environment in your home spend money to create those things in your country.

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Otherwise you will have to give his or for all the all that stuff that you are accumulating.

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You create there at least it will become a source of of deliverance for you on the Day of Judgment you accumulated and die you will have to give his up for that

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creates an environment inshallah.

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questions comments.

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May Allah bless you in in Hindi, they say that somebody sat and listened to the Ramayana the whole night. And in the morning he said the Rama and Sita were the brother and sister or husband and wife.

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May Allah bless you. What do you think I was talking about all this while

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I was talking about what to do in an Islamic environment in the home.

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So give them a Don't touch anything. Don't touch anything. What an Islamic thing will you have in a Muslim? Do you have idols?

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Ask you seriously.

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You don't have idols? No.

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Then don't worry about anything else. You go and pray and recite Koran and do tally everything else will go by itself. Don't worry about it.

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You go and start moving things around you will create a conflict.

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Don't do all that leave it.

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Let it be there. When the word how do you how do you make

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a call.

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He will annoy

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you bring the word of Allah into the house, the word of Allah will leave the word of shaitaan will live.

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You get what I'm saying?

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Anything else?

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How To do what?

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All right, very good how to give this is to how to give Dawa on a daily basis at home and so on. But how do we give power to family members and so on who will see on a monthly basis and wonder you know what to do.

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And make it into a practice of yours. Any family gathering you go to whether it's free or it's for some some you know marriage ceremony or some party or whatever any family gathering you go to make it a practice, to mourn to go there and we'll sit there start talking about the greatness of Allah

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link with whatever topic is happening there and bring it back to Allah subhanaw taala

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if somebody says World Cup football when does the game playing is as well as the the greatness and glory of Allah subhanaw taala Allah subhanaw taala has made people who can run so fast, and they can throw the ball in the in the goal. Now see the importance of what do you think about a team which does not know which side the goal is? Supposing they hit the goal in the wrong but what do you think will happen to them? So while and where do we where is our goal? Are we thinking about our goal? You see, I brought World Cup in three sentences back to Alaska and Russia.

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No matter what subject they let them talk about anything in the world.

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Bring Iran to the agora and the world. Now one of two things will happen. Either they'll stop inviting, which is good. Angela gives you more spare time, or what will actually happen. I'll tell you what this is this has actually happened with me. You know what will happen? People will look forward to you coming. People will gather people and say please come and talk to them. Who are who will do this. The same people used to criticize you. They'll gather people and they will come they will gather people and maybe that won't happen to you but certainly the men it will happen or can happen. They will gather people and they will say please don't press ally in your budget. Please

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come and play Sarah here and lead us in JAMA.

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When everybody's gathered, they will say before we go for lunch, please, before we go for dinner, please speak for five or 10 minutes about Allah subhanaw taala same people whose to criticize you will start doing that the hearts of people are in

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In the hands of Allah subhanaw taala

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some will stop inviting Woods okay

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one one elderly aunt of mine and she is in her close to 90s and all that man in her in her own in her days she was a very beautiful woman and czar very fashionable and everything even today she is in I mean if I look like that when I am 90 I'll be very happy when she's so she was dead against a job and you know beards or whatnot. So we met once in a recently in a in a wedding. First thing she told me he said you are responsible for all these girls who are wearing his or now and for all these boys who have got beards. So I said Alhamdulillah

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sizer Alhamdulillah I said you know what I said Auntie I'm going to be able to make you my witness before Allah subhanaw taala So, you must say all this on the Day of Judgment you must say this is the fellow who did all this.

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Then she said what is up and what is not forgotten me? What is the what is the hook him for his job? I said the hook him for his job is if you have gone past the age of childbearing and so on, then his job is not first but as a for you. His job is 100% for total 100% for his a What do you mean? I said You're so beautiful. You know, there's no way you have to wear hijab and niqab

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crazy. You have to absolutely wear hijab and niqab. So I said this, then that whole afternoon? Every time she met my wife, she said See? How is how is that beautiful?

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anymore? She's fine, she's fine with me. Then she's telling me all these fellows who have beards they look ugly. The only one whose beard looks nice as yours

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you know the biggest mistake that we make when we talk about data is we think that our means being nasty that our means being rude. That means looking like you're going to a funeral Who told you don't smile Don't laugh Don't joke i mean do it nicely do it nicely do it win the hearts of people slaughter your egos Isabella log bar and make one proper zombie ha you know both the both the windpipe and the gullet and both the veins make sure it's all cut nicely. blood is flowing. Then you go for

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if somebody says I've offended somebody else personally I fall at your feet go actually and dive

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they'll never tell you when and after that.

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Seriously what is where is your ego your drama The greatness of Allah if somebody says Shut up, I will not shut up but I will. I will you know do while kiss your feet I'll put your slippers on my head no problem but I will speak about the greatness of Allah

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remember the even the people today that we are talking about who we think are is one of the problems of coming to Islam and do remember shaitan has a million ways of

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you know deceiving people. And the biggest way that shaitaan has have defeated deceiving people who newly understand Islam is by creating kibber in their hearts. They start believing I am better than so and so because I am praying I bought a beard I wore a turban I bought a hijab and look at this fellow he doesn't even have a beard and he doesn't even pray and he doesn't even do this and the house is full of haram What does that have to say what I'm what it was in your house until last week.

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So we start feeling I am superior what is the hottest one restaurant um say about the one in whose heart is covered

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and how much giver is required for that?

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That much.

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He said he will not even smell the fragrance of Jana

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Chetan deceives in many different ways because Adam knows now he can tell you know let's go to the pub let's go to the discos. What does he do? He says wanna la? bar oh my god i mean you might look at your knowledge you know you met me I was nothing in front of you. Mashallah.

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So you start believing this crap this drop shadow and pure shadow and nothing else.

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The people who we think are religious one like they are not the enemies of Allah let us understand this very clearly.

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They are not the enemies of Allah Are they the enemies of Allah somebody watches a television program is an enemy of Allah.

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Don't treat them like the enemies of Allah. They're not shaitan in human form, champion omega linzi while ginger is this charity no matter what a level.

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Masha Alhamdulillah you know, I was telling saying to somebody the other day, Disraeli was one of the prime ministers of Britain. He was an atheist, but his famous quote by we saw some beggar or something going on the street and he said there but for the grace of God goes Disraeli.

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He didn't believe in God but use that term. He said there but for the grace of God goes Disraeli seriously we should we should say this every time we see something and we see somebody who's like therefore be there but for the grace of Allah goes our way.

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It is the mercy of Allah that Allah subhanaw taala has put a hijab that you don't see the job that I am filled with

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If Allah showed you my job, what would happen to me?

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Believe me, I'm not modest. I'm not I'm not modest at all, you must have discovered that by now.

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I'm not modest, delete the fact. And I in that context, let me end we have to end at some point. And let me end with this hadith where rasulillah salam said, And may Allah subhanaw taala make us all that person, he said that a person will be called on the day of, of judgment before Allah subhanaw taala and Allah subhanaw taala will say, oh my slave on such and such a day did you do such and such and such and such? And the person will say, Yes, yarrabah Lama and I did that, then I will say on this particular day, didn't you do this? He will say yes, I did this, then he will say on this particular day, didn't you do this? And he will say yes, my IRA and his, his entire all the sins

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that he committed in the world will be listed one by one by one and he will make a tariff and he will accept and you cry, I did this I did this I did this. I did this. I did this. And then he will say era but you know,

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when I was in the world, you hate me. You hid all these sins from the people. Nobody knew that I did all these things. People respected me they loved me. They they thought very highly of me. Nobody knew that you covered all this. But swara Yara bellami are today in front of all these people. I am humiliated I am disgraced. Because all of these people are watching. So Alice what I will say turn around and look.

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And when he turns around, there is a job. There is a curtain Allah will say my slave This is between you and me.

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I covered you there, sir. Oh, is my Rob.

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I covered you there. I cover you now. Now I forgive you go into john.

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May Allah subhanaw taala make us that person who would be granted Jana, despite whatever we have done, who will be granted Jana Bella who is up who will be granted genuine forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala Allah will not ask us he will not take the Huizar from us. He will grant us Jenna fear those will Allah the company of Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and for us and for all our families, and for all those we come into contact with and for all those we make dua for May Allah subhanaw taala grant that Jana And may Allah put it in your heart to make dua for me and why why my wife in this context is like a lava and so Monica Lama BMD on a shadow Allah Allah

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Highland, Mr. Faruq, a llama, wanna to willick

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