Mirza Yawar Baig – Leadership of Rasoolullah #05

Mirza Yawar Baig
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Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara philam, bi even mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam to Stephen caphyon cathedra from Nevada. My dear brothers and sisters today for this July we are on the

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part five or lesson five from the lessons of leadership lessons from the life of also Life Center.

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I want to say to you that in certain Fatiha in is the dua that Allah subhanaw taala taught us in a Serato Mustafi guide us to the path of steadfastness.

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The first quality of leadership which we talked about was

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total and complete faith a yachtie in in his prophethood and in his mission to convey his message of Lila Hale Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah to the whole world. The second

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quality of leadership of resourcer Salem, is his steadfastness. Truly He was on a Serato Misaki and Allah subhanho wa Taala reaffirm that when he Gela general who took an oath by his book and by his column, and he said, I will be live in a shirt on rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Ya see, well Quran Al Hakim in a kilometer more Selena is erotic Masaki. Allah said Yazeed. And this is from the varuval Macatawa the meaning of which only Allah subhanaw taala knows.

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While Quran Allah came by the Quran, which is full of wisdom, and that is Allah taking an oath by Scarab truly yo Mohamed Salah Salem, in nickel, Amina mursaleen, truly you O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are among the messengers, the marsali the Rasul of Allah subhanaw taala, Allah Soraka Mr. Gates, and you are on the path of steadfastness.

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Looking at this through the lens

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of our materialistic vision,

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the whole beer of prophethood of Macau of 13 years, appears to be a period of disappointment after the after disappointment. If one word look for material signs of success, there are none. Any less a person would have given up, especially if you take two other things into account. One that he did not know that it was going to be 13 years, we say 13 years today, but when when Russell Osasuna was going through this, he didn't know that this would end in 13 years. And secondly,

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the fact that he was the messenger of Allah Jalla jalla wa sallahu wa sallam, he knew this, and therefore he had a right to expect some exceptional help from a loss manager. So how did he sustain himself and not become disheartened? How did also sell him still continue with his mission, his energy, his commitment, and diminished, standing in the right and connecting with Allah subhanaw taala connecting with Rob Tila gelato and working through the day to take his message to anyone who would stop to listen. How do you do that? No matter how they reacted, or what they did, he never lost patience, never got angry, never reacted to their bad behavior. And he never gave up his

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mission or even slacked in the slightest in propagating. For him his mission, there were no weekend's no holidays, no intervals, he worked constantly, day and night, without respite, other than complete and total faith, what can sustain such effort?

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The MBR mo Salam had this to a level of excellence in our lives. One of the many critical lessons to learn is how to sustain our effort in the face of disappointment and apparent failure to the wonderful story of a chef who was very bias and sincere. Yet, one night, one of his closest disciples saw in a dream that he chef's name was written in the list of people of Johanna. The disciple was very upset, and he was in a quandary in a dilemma about what to do, should he mention this tuition or not? Eventually, he decided to mention it to him because he had seen the dream and it was bothering him and troubling him so much. His teacher listened to him in silence,

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and said nothing.

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However, the student noticed that his teacher increased his number field his prayers, his fasting, vicar, increase that even more

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Some more weeks passed, and then the suitor. Soudan saw another dream in which he saw his chefs name in the list of people agenda. He was very happy. And next morning, he told his chef about it. His teacher once again listened to him in silence, and said nothing, but increased his Ibadat his devotions. The student was very perplexed, and he couldn't hold his impatience. So after a few weeks, he asked his chef about this whole matter. He says it to him, Allah subhana wa, tada created me to worship him. So I am concerned with that. And I'm trying to do it as best as I can.

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What he does with my worship, is his decision. And there is no benefit in me being concerned about that. So I am engaged with what concerns me, trying to fulfill the purpose of my creation to the best of my ability.

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And I rely on Allah subhanaw taala and His mercy and forgiveness

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for the results.

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Now this reflects the prophetic method to concentrate on our mission, with single mindedness above us, not allowing anything to divert our attention from our goal, which is to please Allah subhanaw taala diligent, nothing is more important.

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Everyone, sister, sometimes we give up too easily.

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And we get discouraged. When we don't see material results. We forget that Islam enters the heart. And that entry is for the most part, invisible.

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From the biography over again Katara. Delano we have this beautiful story, which illustrates how Islam enters the heart. But it takes a while for it to show itself for the effects to be seen outwardly. Whatever Katara Galarneau narrated this incident himself.

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He said that he used to like his liquor, and he had his drinking partners. Now one night very late on Katara Dylan who wanted to have a drink, but he couldn't find any of his drinking partners.

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Since Cinzia, he was a loose end and nothing to do he decided to go and make the off of the cover.

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When he went to the Kava is very late hour. He saw us almost standing in front of the Kaaba pray.

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So O'Meara Delana wanted to do some mixer mischief. So he went behind the cover, and slid himself behind the Kiswa the cover of the cover and then came around until he was standing in front of Casasola.

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His idea was to frighten the powers of the settler and

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at that time, he heard so as I said, of reciting so to haka,

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Amara Raja Raja Lana heard the word heard the words of the Quran

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and was impressed, but he thought to himself, these must be the words of a poet.

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And at that time Rasul Rosa Salam resided wama whoever you call Alicia kalila ma to me, no. This is not the word of a poet. Literally it is that you believe one of our Dylan was shocked. And he thought to himself, and definitely these are the words of a Kahin These are the words of a saucer of our suit sale. And then,

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at that time, resetted, the next hire, which is what have you colloca hin kalila Mata, Kuru nor is it the word of a soothsayer or a saucer. Little is that you remember

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one of the emails, Alana was shocked and he simply stood there unable to move. However, it was several years before he accepted Islam. As I've said many times, the Quran was revealed as the spoken word

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and has its maximum power when it is heard. Listen to.

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There is something in its cadence, its tone of address, its majesty of command, and its clarity of communication that touches the heart of any man who is genuinely seeking the truth

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also relies on ourselves faith affected and changed hearts, even of the worst of his enemies.

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To develop steadfastness, we need another quality and that is resilience. Resilience is the capacity to rise from every fall. As the Chinese proverb goes, if you fall six times, right seven times, the race doesn't end. When you fall, it ends when you fail to rise.

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This was the quality of the MBL amo salah.

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Imagine how new Ali Salam was able to continue his preaching in the face of opposition for 950 years. Resilience, resilience kept Ibrahim alayhis salam going

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traveling from one land to another with a handful of followers, preaching the glory of Allah Subhana

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Allah subhanaw taala like this so much that he made Ibrahim Ali Salam, his Holly and called him a nation in himself. Allah Subhana Allah said in Naira Hema Karna Omata carnita Lila and Eva wala Maria Camila Mushrikeen. Allah is Witness Allah says, Verily, Ibrahim alayhi salam was an OMA he was a nation in itself, a nation that is obedient to Allah subhana wa sallam uneven, which is monotheistic, and he was not one of those who were a missionary goon who were polytheistic. So also was the case of all the prophets and messengers of Allah subhanho wa Taala geladeira. They were all steadfast and resilient. * as typically comes after sometime, sometimes after a long time,

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steadfast steadfastness is that quality that ensures that you are still there at the tipping point?

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Have you ever seen a traditional weighing scale in a shop in India by Stan we have it in our, in our countries, and maybe this is true also of,

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of countries of Africa.

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What we call a balance, it's, it's, it has two pans. There's a pivot with a hanging from a horizontal beam at the top and the two pans on either side, the weight measure is put in one pan and the material being weighed is put in the other pan. Now, the very, extremely important lesson to be learned from this first observe let me describe what you will see the shopkeeper doing.

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First the shopkeeper puts the weight, whatever you ask for,

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say 20 kilos, he puts the 20 kilo weight in one pan. The pan now is sitting firmly on the countertop, and the other pan is up in the air.

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Then the shopkeeper uses a scoop. And He scoops out say you're there to buy rice He scoops out the rice and pours it into the pan which is up in the air. Now as this band feels, even when he has put 19 kilos in it, what do you see happening to the pans? Nothing. Nothing, there's no change. In this situation. The pan with the weight 20 kilos, sits firmly on the countertop, and the other pan with the rice remains in the air. Now let me ask you something.

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Does the man stop putting the rice saying that? Well, you know nothing is happening. So what's the point?

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Have you ever heard it? Have you ever heard the man say that there's no point of you know, try and do this thing is not working. So go find somewhere else or go somewhere else he would he continues to put the rice in the pan. And he's not concerned about the result of that. He knows the result will come and he continues to put the rice

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with his scope until he sees a small movement in the pants.

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When the two bands are almost level

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first it was like this, then it's almost level then the man instead of using the scope, he takes the rice in his hand and he releases a few grains at a time into the pan until the pan with the rice comes down and the pan with the weight is a little bit higher up and the mind then he deliberately puts a little more so that you are satisfied and he gives the rice to you.

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Now rather than sisters when I saw this, I learned to tremely or other two extremely important lessons. Lesson number one until 19 kilos, nothing will happen.

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Lesson number two, the last few grains always make the difference.

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So also in life, when 19 kilos of effort have gone into the struggle,

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and we seem to be on the point of losing hope because nothing is happening. It's good to remind yourself that nothing is supposed to happen to why you're disappointed.

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One who understands is does not lose hope or energy but smiles in anticipation because he knows that at 20 kilos the pan will descend to the countertop the balance will tip

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result with survivors of great calamities, wars and concentration camps shows that there are three critical attitudes that they have three things they do, which differentiate them from the victims of those tragedies, the survivors do three things which are different from

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the victims. First, they face the brutal facts

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They face the brutal facts. Number two, they never lose hope in eventual success. These two things seem to be paradoxical, but they're not. And number three, they work to make a way out of the mess. This means that they don't deny the seriousness of the of the challenge, which they face. And they don't deny the potential of that situation, to destroy their mission or destroy themselves.

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They don't paint

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fantasy pictures, they don't pretend that everything is alright. They don't wait for someone to come to their rescue. But at the same time, they do not despair or lose hope in eventual success. They rely on the Promise of Allah subhanaw taala they accept that they need to make the effort since that is the Sunnah of Allah subhanaw taala who reward effort and they place their reliance and thought Hold on I'm not alone.

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But they place their reliance on Thor cola. And I know because they know that effort must be made because this is the son of Allah subhanaw taala but effort alone does not give success. Success will come from Allah subhanho wa taala. In the Sierra personas are seldom, the downturn of his popularity started from the moment he announced Islam. When he stood on the Hill of Safa and called his people to Islam. They turned against him. Difficulties started to mount his followers like beloved and the alarm who and others were tortured, to force them to leave Islam and to start following. Some others like so many I've been hired. Delana was a slave of Abu Eva YBNL Vera Alma zoomy, and her husband

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yazar banana, who was from the Malik Clan of the Madej tribe in Yemen. They were both tortured and murdered by Mr. Venetia. Alma zoomy, also known as Abuja.

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They were the first to shahada in Islam, the first of them being somebody I've been through the Elana yet not one of them left Islam.

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Struggles succeed because those who are struggling never lose hope.

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They don't complain because they are too busy enjoying the fight. Someone else isn't a beloved member of their land who many years

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later, which was the best time of his life? He replied, the best time of my life was when my slave owner may have been cut off, used to put me without my shirt on the hot baking sand of the desert in the blazing sun, and would put a heavier rock on my chest, demanding that I leave Islam to escape punishment. I would reply by calling out loud, I had done I had I had done I had, they asked him Why did you do that? He said, because that drove me mad with rage. Now imagine this, say then I belong to the land, who knows what makes Amaya mad, and what would have cooled his anger so that he would have stopped torturing him?

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Yet, he deliberately does what enrages his master

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by raising the call of Allah subhanaw taala.

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That is the meaning of courage

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and being true to Allah, everyone Sisters, we must choose when we choose Allah over the dunya

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he geladeira who opens doors for us where there was no door without Alana was freed by workers is there for the Law No, and became the Masud offer Sol Sol Sol and one of his closest companions and a member of his household. I want to end with a story of steadfastness and resilience from our times and community. Someone who chose Allah subhanho wa Taala over her career. I quote partially from Wikipedia. Bill Kriza Abraca.

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born November 11 1990, is an American former collegiate basketball player. She was notable for playing basketball while being completely covered, showing no skin except for hands while wearing a headscarf the hedgehog. Wikipedia identifies a by this SubhanAllah.

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Bill, he's scored 3070 points in our high school career, setting the all guy all time scoring record in Massachusetts. The following 2010 2011 season she played in 34 games and averaged 3.9 points and 1.3 rebounds per game. This season marks the first time in NCAA history that a player played in a hijab.

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Milk is a book that was awarded the United States basketball Writers Association, their most courageous award

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at the NCAA Women's final for, for being recognized as the first Muslim woman to play covered in NCAA history. Milk. His hopes were to continue playing professionally in Europe, but were diminished when she was informed of the rule from the International Basketball Federation, FIBA that prohibits headgear larger than five inches.

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Very strange, because of the father fought for her rights as a Muslim woman, and eventually, FIBA ruled in her favor in 2017.

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Now the question to you did Bill keys, sacrifice her career? I say that by her choice, she changed her career, she didn't sacrifice it, she just changed it. Because of her choice. Allah subhana data because of that choice, open a door to a legacy for her that's bigger than basketball.

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Her legacy is to inspire millions, generation after generation to aspire for the stars, while retaining their identity and pride. That is what the hijab ban made possible. Without that Bill Murray's would have been a top basketball player with the ban. She became an icon for others in the struggle, not only women, and not only Muslim, for others to look up to, and take their courage and hope from that is truly something worth fighting for. For in the end, we will not be asked what happened. We will be asked, What did you do?

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Military is his greatest moment will come when she meets her general and he will ask her, what did you do for me? And she will say my rub for me. You were always first.

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And Allah Subhana Allah will be her witness.

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I will sisters difficulties are the qualifying exams.

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They come to build our strength and to take us to a higher level but only when we face them and not run away. Only when we face them with our best effort and our quote on Allah subhanaw taala only then will this happen. Allah subhanaw taala showed us how to do it. He said in his other Bacara Yeah, you are living in a monastery you know with somebody or Salah who believe sea kelp take esteana from invasions and assala

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truly Allah subhanho wa Taala is with the savvy and does not say I'll give you this or that LSA I will be I will be with you. Ask us what is the value of having Allah subhanaw taala with you?

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Our ancestors, as they say, they tried to bury us, but they didn't know that we were seeds. That's the fruit of resilience, etc. and steadfastness ask those who are there to please with you, and never to displease as well as Martha to help us to do that which is pleasing to Him and save us from that which we did not please him was up while he was savage.

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Salam aleikum wa going on

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