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filarmonica $100 Bill alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah Shara filmbay mursaleen Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Sleeman kathira and Kathy Rama Babu by Devon sisters. There is a very important matter that I want to speak to you about. So please listen carefully and then do what I am requesting you to do.

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I had sent you a message just before Ramadan

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reminding you about our how fast

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they go fast food who used to come and Lita Ravi, for us in our massages.

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This Ramadan,

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we could not do turabian our massage, thanks to the COVID lockdowns

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and therefore, those of us

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would have lost their wages, they would have lost the income from the gift that we give them when they come to Lita Ravi Nava and I had a request to do to please ensure that you still give them whatever you used to give them because that is something which they need for the upkeep of their families.

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And also, I reminded you that

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the reason why we have to pay a half is of the heart and to come and lead before us is because we are too lazy or I don't know what but we don't bother to memorize the Quran ourselves. If we had memorized the Quran, then we would not need any word anyone, we would have been able to lead taraweeh not one person, but every person in that machine would have been able to lead. So all you needed to do for example, if you're paying credit card is for each person to lead to a card and 100 later, it would be complete. But we don't bother with that we don't memorize an N instead of that. We create a situation. I'm not saying you do it deliberately. But this has happened in our society,

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the situation is created where those who are the poorest among us, those who have the least resources among us, they are the people who go to the mother is they are the people who

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Allah did not give them

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the material resources, but Allah subhanaw taala because they go to the modalities and they make use of the hora gives them his color. Now you decide which one is better, and which is a greater reward and which is a greater wealth, whether it is your money, or whether it is the Koran in the heart of the hafeez. But anyway,

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I had requested you to please continue to support them and hamdulillah to the best of my knowledge, you did that? May Allah bless you, may Allah reward you in keeping with his majesty and grace and generosity. And may Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with you and never be displeased. Now I have another request for you of a similar nature. And that is for the continued support to the to our Allah and to our assert is to our teachers in our mothers. Because, you know, I know that these are people whose livelihood depends on the fees that the mothers or students give them either directly or in most cases, because of the donations that come to the mothers are. The students are not

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charged any fees. But the salaries of the teachers are paid from the donations. Now the mother is have been closed for many months, the students are not going there.

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Thanks to COVID. And so I don't know what the situation of the donations is. But I know for a fact that the teachers in motherese and the allamah are in dire straits, they are in a state of serious financial difficulties. And when I'm saying serious financial difficulties, I'm not talking about Treasury things. I'm not talking about frills. I'm talking literally about food. They have serious issues putting food on the table for their own families and children. My brother and sister remind me and myself rasulillah salam told us that the one who is merciful to the creatures to the inhabitants of the earth, Allah subhanho wa Taala will be merciful to him when he meets him on the

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Day of Judgment. I strongly urge you to write your name on the list of those people on whom Allah subhanaw taala will be Especially Merciful. And the way to do that in the context of what I'm telling you is to go look for the alama look for that.

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Teachers, mothers or teachers look for the mother is in your area, and to give them without them asking you,

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you are well aware of what batteries are in your area, your will, you're well aware, and many of you know those teachers, personally Alhamdulillah. So please go talk to them, and give them what they need. My suggestion is go to give them even without them asking. And this is very important, because think about this, you know, the relationship of a teacher to his students is the relationship of a father to his children, relationship of the student, and therefore you might say, Well, you know, I'm not the student of this particular teacher, I'm talking about the relationship of the two,

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two roles. So the relationship that our,

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the the the collective relationship of our allama, and our teachers, with us as the millet the Muslims, is that of the father to his children. Now, think about this. Let me give you this example. It's not a nice one, but it's a very, I hope, it's a very impactful one. Think about this, that if you came to know that in a particular family, the father has to beg his children, the father has to beg his sons and daughters

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to give him some money so that he can buy food to eat. What would you say to that father? And what would you say to those children?

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On whom is it a matter of great shame? Is it a matter of great shame on the father that he is begging? Or is it a matter of absolutely unspeakable shame, fullness, and shame on the children, that they put their father in a situation they neglect the father, they don't look after the father put the father in a situation where the father needs to beg, who is who should be ashamed. Please do not do that to yourself. Do not insert yourself, do not do that yourself. Do not have a situation where the alum has to come to you to ask because he has nowhere to go. Please do not do that. Go and give it transfer the cash or not. Even physically you have to go No, transfer it and do it

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regularly. Please understand as I've said this in the in the context of charity in in Ramadan, we wait for our son to come because Allah subhanaw taala give 70 times a reward. Please understand, giving a person when they need it is far more valuable and far more rewardable in the in the sight of Allah I'm not making that fatwa. rasulillah salam said this, there is a lesson observed that when you give a person a loan, Allah is more pleased with that and Allah subhanaw taala gives a higher reward for that than if you give the same person that money as charity. So this happens a gasoline alone we give a loan and we don't ask for it back, but in a charity, when we give charity, we asked

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for it. The person has been in a loan, we give a loan and the person has to return this loan. But when I give charity the charity is free.

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How is it that the the the reward for the loan is higher than the reward for the charity and as soon as you give the loan when he needs it, you will give the charity when you feel like giving it a brother sister Alessandra is not an accountant, Allah is not keeping a Book of Records in that sense. Give for the pleasure of Allah. And Allah will give you not 70 times Allah will give you in keeping with his majesty and grace, I don't even want to put a number on it. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala his generosity is beyond numbers. Please do that right now. Go and find the IRA and give them and give them on a regular basis settle and amount on them every month, until this whole COVID

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situation is over. And until things are are normalized, make that part of your personal budget every month, until that money reaches them don't eat your food. Seriously, I'm telling you to do that, because Allah subhanaw taala can put you in a situation where you have to go and beg somebody else to feed your own family Alhamdulillah You and I are not in that position. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah hamdulillah May Allah always keep it like that, but the way to ensure that the way to ensure that this umbrella, this protection from the anger of Allah subhanaw taala continues to exist over and above our heads is by protecting those who need protection by helping those who need help

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by giving to those who are in need. And today, these alama and these Asakusa these teachers and the mothers, they are in dire need. Please my brothers sisters, I remind you again and again, please do this. Please make sure that those teachers don't have to come and ask you please make sure that those alama do not have to come and ask you give them without asking. And may Allah subhanaw taala put it in their hearts to make dua for you. And may Allah accept

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Da for you, and may Allah subhanho wa Taala give you and reward you in keeping with his majesty and grace, may Allah subhanaw taala take this action of yours as a vasila to accept your da when you need Allah subhanho wa Taala the most ask Allah to be pleased with you and never to be displeased with Salalah harana will carry while he was abused may be Radhika, camino al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.