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Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi Don't be able to mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Sliven Catherine Cassia Hama Bardot.

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Evelyn sisters Allah subhanaw taala said yeah, you will Alina Amanita Hola Hola. Hola.

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Hola como la cumbre robocall? Well My UT Law or also the who thought advisor was

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so lost right that I said oh you will believe speak the truth. Hola colons speak the truth speak what is correct what is just what is fair what is

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and if you do that and have Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala as it is right that you should have his Taqwa.

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And then Allah said, if you do that, you slay like a bomb Allahu Allah subhana wa Taala will correct and beautify and

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make your deeds good. He will make you do this law. You will do the correction of your deeds.

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We have welcomed Robocop and he will forgive your sins. And then Allah says, Well, my ut la our whole world solo, the one who obeys Allah and His Rasool forgot Vasavada Nadia,

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only that person will achieve or has achieved final success.

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I was up

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in chef

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Abdullah Khalifa house. He has a main Khun a main corn is is the largest cat in the world. It's an American American breed. And what he has is only two months old. So that was about this week. But the full grown men corner and what eight months or nine months is the same height as if as a four year old child is what this big.

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Yeah, it's like a Lego like a tiger. It's a beautiful cat. And he also has two birds. He has two African packets

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in a cage.

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I have a video of that which will go with this further migration. So the video is main coin is sitting out there and his bird is flying in and out. And the concentration on the face of this cat is amazing to see.

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I always believe that Allah subhanaw taala gives us opportunity to learn everywhere.

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So I'm looking at this and thinking what do I learn from this?

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And this is the idea which came to me

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because in Islam, especially today's modern world, everybody wants to be free. No problem be free. I was gonna

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be free.

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You want to be free in everything. I want to be free in my actions. I want to do anything whatever I like to do. I'm gonna

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I'm not harming anybody. Maybe I'm doing that action with another person who is also in agreement with me so we are not having anybody

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so we call it what do you call it? We call that in this country? Free choice. Right? lifestyle choice. You're not having anybody.

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So why should you object?

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I want to eat something drink something hamdulillah What is your problem? Why do you say no? I see

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what's the one thing I'm wondering alcohol?

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Why What's your problem? I'm drinking alcohol

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but we sell a freedom free number I'm free.

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I'm free.

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And let's add

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Abdullah Ahmed Allah freedom, so I'm thinking to myself now that bird which is flying in and out is free, but what will happen to that bird

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that cat is waiting for it.

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So when the bird goes into the cage, there is a cage. So there are there are there is a boundary

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but that boundary is safety.

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To be inside the boundary is safe to leave the boundary and go outside. You become the

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food for the catch.

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In our case, who was the catch?

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Not the main group.

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Actually don't even this is the cat waiting for us

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last year

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So I'll have to be with the Java, not alone somewhere.

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So I remind myself and you

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to stay within the rules and the boundaries of Islam, don't invent, don't go into this freedom free thinking business.

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Allah subhanaw taala when he sent his column and when Rasulillah Salam taught this column, he was not teaching this to people who are fools, right? You take intelligent people, he was teaching them teaching this to some very, very, very intelligent people.

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So they had intelligence, they have brains, they could think

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digital, they did, he said to them, here is the kalam of Allah Allah subhanaw taala said this, you are Arab, you know the language. What is what do we mean in colors? Think about it, whatever in your mind Hamdulillah this good? Did you say this?

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Did Allah subhanaw taala say this

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year through Allah MIT or yuzaki him while you are leaving home, we'll get a bodega

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live either your limb

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for what because there are people there are up there coming is coming in their language.

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So what is the advantage?

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If anybody had the right to do the seal, the seal be right. It was the Sahaba of processes.

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Right? This is the act of the Quran. In my opinion. If someone had the Huck if someone had the right to say that it was the Sahaba of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala he was I was

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did this it

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for me one Sahabi I don't care who it is once a hobby who did have SEER beer right?

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Rasul Allah Himself. Is there any code and I'm gonna I've got people much more knowledgeable than me.

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Is there any hotties were also Rosanna Sam takes and I have the Quran and says in my opinion, this is what it means.

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Is it the VI niggle? No way?

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Everybody's got some you know view or in my opinion, in my opinion.

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Who are Bob O'Shea Dan Isla Muto Jayla, now Johanna.

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In my opinion,

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because this is what Shaytan said.

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HELOC don't even know or HELOC Towbin T and a hydro Minwoo. Maya Hala Rahu shaitan. Has Allah Allah Allah serata is you are better he is no Allah is Allah said make sense to him? He's a no no no, no no no hold on. Do you are saying that but in my opinion.

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P Rai. And a hero Minho.

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lumada collegato maintain wakatime In

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a NAR who one of them in teen mother has ri

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Omani had who? Narayan

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So I remind myself when you please

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the cage the bars the the boundaries the seatbelts for our benefit.

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Yes there is some you know I would like to free place for freedom Jana inshallah

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know about nobody know nothing, whatever you want.

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Whatever you want.

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But here, safety lies in staying within the huddle, north of zero whereby

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if you don't have zero Quran, Allah Subhan Allah

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may Allah have mercy on us.

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Because somebody like us will imagine this is the interview of Allah.

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Wa Allah What did he say? In NAFSA?

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Amara tembisa La Mara to miss

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so if the navy of Allah is saying this, what about me and you

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and very bit tacky in Nasir llamar a bit tacky in enough Salah Amara Don't be so

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None of that. You leave it to the laughs You leave it to write in enough sun Amara Don't be su there is no doubt about this. Illawarra Hammarby will accept the one on whom Allah subhanaw taala has mercy He has gone over it was

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So everyone says I remind myself when you please stay for your own safety before Allah you will stand alone I will stand alone he will stand alone he will stand alone nobody with nobody

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when I stand before all I cannot say my brother please come with me I will stand next to me with Allah right? Do do

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he's ready to run now.

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This is

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Ilaha illa Allah Allah this Dean is the dean of Cambodia This is not the dean of me and my enough send my right and my nan Allah Allahu Akbar

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Allah Allah model Muslim sujood

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This is a site time that was

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such a complete submission Allah

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we ask a lot of our data to keep us in the safety and boundary of his day in this beautiful day in which he sent us and give us the Deauville to stay inside his boundary and not leave it and not become the the the prey and the shugar of the cats. Of Shetty

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Salado. He was gonna have to go