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salam ala Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara film beaver mousseline, Muhammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah who was having to send them to streaming because he and mmabatho

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medieval sisters,

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Allah subhanaw taala created his world with two sets of things,

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two kinds of things,

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some things which ALLAH given our control

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and some things which Allah did not give our control.

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Now how do you figure out which is in your control which is not in your control? You will look at what will ALLAH ask us about what will we be questioned about?

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Allah will question us about things which he gave in our control. What Allah did not give in our control Allah we're not questions. For example, Allah subhanaw taala gave us life, the duration of life whatever time 50 years, 100 years, 20 years whatever.

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Allah will not question us about how long did you live? Because that is not in our control.

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But Allah will question about what did you do in that time is

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right what do you do this thing?

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Allah subhanaw taala wrote for us, the amount of wealth

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total quantum of wealth, how much money but by wealth, I mean everything how much money how much knowledge how much influence and listen this

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so Allah will not ask you why are you not a billionaire?

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Why is Elon Musk wealthier than you even i This is not a question but Allah will ask you what well they gave you what did you do with it? Where did you earn it from Hara Laura, where do you spend it halal or haram?

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To understand is very, therefore a reason I'm saying all this is because

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shaitan plays a game and the game that Chetan blazes shaitan gets us involved in things which are not in our control

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and takes our attention away from things which are in our control.

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To help you understand Islam to give you another example for example, if you are a farmer, like rain is it in our control or not in our country? Can you make rain come no

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you only and if it is raining Can you stop it

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but what is in our control is the land so I have my land this land what I do with this land is my god do I plow the land? Do I make sure the land has got menu or do I make sure the soil is ready for planting do I make sure I plant the seed all of this is in my control.

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So say for example there are two farms one farm here and the next farm next to that so one man is and there's no rain right guys blank skies white no clouds that one farmer is working on his that he is plowing the land is clearing the land tilling the land is making sure that everything is ready and he's planting the seed the other farmer is what can I do there is no rain

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then rain comes

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now what happens

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who gets the crop

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right the rain falls equally on both but the man whose land is ready, he benefits

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but the man that is not ready the Word of

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this is our life

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this is our life.

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Allah subhanaw taala gave us energy gave us time he gave us

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some wealth he gave us knowledge and each one he gave different, but what I will have done has is different reward authority has is different from what our worker has is different from you know, what Bohannon has and so on.

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So, he will be question 100 about what he has he will not be questioned about what a worker is no.

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And that is the that is the whole secret of this. Now what is Shan Shan flip this, Allah subhanaw taala as I mentioned to the most common

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troubleshooter is in the issue of risk is your earnings.

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The amount of earnings the quantum of money or the quantum of wealth and power and influence and all of this. This Allah determines nobody can make it less nobody can increase

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But Shannon tells you what

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you have to

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take a bank loan and start your business. Say well I take a bank loan I am dealing in interest Allah subhanaw taala declared war on the one who deals in interest. Hey, he said oh no don't worry, this is America.

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Here interest is Hello.

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And if you're tired no spoke eat some marijuana gummies they smoke a couple of joints in all your tiredness will go away. who's always wanted I mean this marijuana is haram. Not who told you there's Halal everywhere

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is Iran who told America it's not

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there are people that were like there are people who believe this right? There are Muslims who believe this Muslims are who have they have something called Green millionaires you know what people are using farms to grow weed marijuana

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Chetan involves us since the point is no matter how much you do all this

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what is our Akita what is Allah's Raja is a call in Nairobi. Yabba Soto risk Kalama Yasha way up

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well, I can axon Nasional and that's right and I said said O Muhammad Al Salam to the people it is your Rob who increases or decreases provision.

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Not you Allah did not say that happens because you work hard because of this. No.

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Allah gives a lot of

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courage Amanda was alone.

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And unlike us ASA, while the person may be nothing in the eyes of the world, Allah will give the Allah will make him saline, even if he is sitting in the

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on the throne of the king.

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So what should we be concerned about? What is in our control?

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What is in my control my oven,

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my oven.

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So we must not allow any second to bias that is not accountable.

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We should be able to account for it. I should know even if I wasted five minutes, I should know I was five minutes. It should not be that you see oh my god, what happened is just oh, one hour. Where'd it go? Where would it work?

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Where Where would it go? It's not a rabbit. It does not go somewhere. It's time in my life. Right.

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So very, very important for us to ensure that we do not even allow one minute to be unaccounted.

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And the way to do that is to start with a purpose to start with a goal.

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How can you start? How can you ensure that your life is counted? When you have a goal?

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If I'm going from here to Boston, I know I'm going to Boston right? Somebody in say two people both are gonna start from where Springfield

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and they are driving. You asked one guy Where are you going? He's our boss. Okay. So after one hour, you're gonna ask him where did you reach his ID? I reached 60% of the way.

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Right. The other one is ever going. He's I don't know. I'm driving.

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Okay, so right.

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After one hour, you ask him where are you? Where are you? I don't know. I'm still done. And still.

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Did you reach your reach where I am diving?

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Sounds crazy. No. But so Allah if you think about it, there are how many people in the world who live like this. I'm not talking about what driving I'm talking about life is like this. You wake up and you sleep and you wake up in a sleeve so by Houthi Sham, Houthi Hey yo he's in the heat of Iran with the a new in order. It said the morning comes in the evening comes in this is the way the whole life is finished.

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whole lives. I'm driving. If somebody actually said this, you will tell him we have some people or whatever. You have no brains. How are we driving? Learning to where there's some has to be but life we are living like this forget about driving.

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No goal, no idea what happened? What didn't happen? Did I succeed? Did I fail? How far am I reached? Nothing, nothing, nothing do we answer

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but time is going

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and that time is not coming back. And we are still answerable to Allah subhanaw taala so this is the game that Shannon is playing.

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And that is why I remind myself when you let us not fall into this trap. Let us wake up in the morning and have a goal today. This is my job. This is my goal. I will finish now even if you do not finish the benefit of having a goal even if you don't finish at least you know I

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started out thinking I will do this I have not finished it.

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I thought I will read one just Quran I have not finished one job I've read I've read only 10 pages we've been out of there have just I thought I will read this I will do that I will go here I will help this person I meet that person every day. I'm not saying I'm not saying only the Quran, hamdulillah do whatever but have a goal. And then at the end of the day, you can sit and say okay, I was successful, I was not successful. And even if you feel if, at the end of the day, if you can say I did not succeed, you say Alhamdulillah because you had a goal. So you are able to say I did not succeed you're not simply driving

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there's a big difference right? Big, big big difference. I was I wanted to reach Boston. I have not read reached Boston I'm still at Wooster, but I know there is that place I have to go to when I am there halfway. Wherever I'm simply driving, I'm driving I don't know did I reach not reach they know what reach

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so I remind myself when you let us not live lives pointless lives. Right? We're not animals don't wake up and eat something and drink something and go to sleep and wake up next morning eat something doing something go to sleep this is not like this is like an animal like a cow or

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camel or something. We are human beings.

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And therefore we must have a goal. And we should have an idea how to get to that goal and we must have some measurement and we'll see are we reaching it or not?

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to live lives which are profitable which are beneficial which are productive, which are full of hair and Baraka, trying to reach his reader, which is the only goal that is worth was working for. Was Allah Allah Allah Bukhari Marathi he was avid member article