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The speaker describes how writing has had a profound effect on their mental health and mental well-being, as they have been able to organize their thoughts and communicate them in a way that is no longer possible. They share their experience with a series of writing projects, including a book on Islam 21 C, a inked remedy publication, and a graphic collection of diaries. They encourage others to help fund the projects and bring their own experiences to light.

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I have always loved writing. I don't know about you but putting pen to paper, or today typing your thoughts onto a screen has this huge therapeutic effect on myself. It helps me arrange my thoughts, my ideas, my messages that I want to communicate to myself in a way that nothing else can seemingly replicate.

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I guess that's probably one of the reasons why I began writing for Islam 21 C, many years ago. How do you relate to date, I've written a number of articles and series for the website for my own betterment and salvation first, but also because I would like to be a part of the growth and the transformation of others. Now, when that intention comes a burden, because you're always pestered by the question, how do I take this to the next level? Pause that thought for just a moment. Do your brothers and sisters I introduced to you the inked remedied project. Maybe you've seen the trailer by now maybe even one of its episodes. But did you know that all of it started a few years ago

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from an article that was published on Islam 21 C, titled 15 cures to sadness, to help address the sharp increase in Muslims suffering serious mental health issues like depression, sadness all around the world.

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So I approached the team of i 21 c during the height of the pandemic, actually. And I said to them, I want to record this article as a lecture. Simple project, nothing grand. They said, No, no, no, no. We have a better idea. It was like a lightbulb moment for them. All of a sudden I started seeing these storyboards appearing, a key actor was brought on board, a full story was scripted, amazing sketches were drawn. Animators came on board and brought them to life. Filmmakers jumped on board. sound engineers were motivated. They said, let's let's do it. And for me Subhanallah that was the answer to the how do I take it to the next level question that I shared with you earlier. And as we

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were recording the series, emails flooding in saying, where's the inked remedy book we want to buy it. We said there isn't an increment the book. The team said we will create one Inshallah, introducing the idea of the inked remedy publication, a graphic collection of diaries and advices, where the users not only read but live within its pages, ideal gift for the bereaved for the depressed, the bankrupt for the suicidal even to help them shake the dust from their feet once and for all and proceed as confident and impactful Muslims.

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Lastly, we thought let's do something even grander, and bring this issue to life through a short film production, inspired by the inked remedy that write a professionally produced film to really touch the hearts and the minds of the sufferers. And those who are not really aware of the seriousness of this issue. We live in such a troubled world, and being troubled in your body is one thing, two issues when you're troubled here.

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And subhanAllah as we were recording the series, they're very dark and tragic events unfolded in Dallas, America, shocking the world in horror, which shows that the issue is real. And millions are suffering in silence and contemplating the worst of ideas who will address this. We are tired of just sharing statistics about mental health we need to do something more. And we need your help right now to your brothers and sisters help us fund this project and its likes and literally change lives. The reward is unimaginable and I hear you ask what should my intention be as I give for these three projects and their likes I say to you, what have we learned in Allah He sold on to the kilo

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Allah muslim, the most beloved of deeds the most

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to Allah subhana wa Tada is happiness, which you bring into the heart of a Muslim.

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Capitalize on this month for what on my blog and donate on the link below.