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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Shula freedom bi evil mursaleen Muhammad Rasool Allah He said Allah, Allah, Allah He was, he was able to send them this demon cathedra and cathedra. For my battle, my brothers and sisters,

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a friend of mine asked me to

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suggest a structure for the day,

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how to structure your time.

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One of my

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one of my most

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What can I say?

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emphatic pieces of advice from my own life is that structure beats talent, every single time.

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Structure beats talent every single time.

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Structure is what helps talent to get to get ahead.

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You can you can be the most talented person in the world. But if you do not have structure in your life, if you are not, if you're not working to schedule if you do not have a clear goal, if you do not have determination to do whatever it takes to succeed,

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you will not succeed, no matter how much talent you have. And this is one of the strange paradoxes and quite a tragic paradox. If you ask me, that a lot of talented people really become I mean, they lead mediocre lives. And they have mediocre results.

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Again, not because they didn't have the talent. But because they didn't have the discipline, they didn't have the structure.

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So as the saying goes, every one of us must suffer from one of two panes, we must suffer from one of two panes, the pain of discipline, or the pain of regret, the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.

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I have spoken about this before. And I'm sure you, you must have heard it.

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The pain of discipline is temporary.

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And after that, you start loving that structured life.

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The pain of regret

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is never ending. And the worst part of the pain of regret is that you can't do anything about it. To change that situation. You have to live with that regret until your end. So my suggestion is don't put yourself in that position get structured in life.

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Now what is a good structure for the day the good the best structure for the day, as far as I'm concerned is to wake up for tonight.

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I would say wake up at least one hour before the time for further starts. If you can wake up one and a half hours before that's even better. But if you at least one hour before the time for further starts not that I'm further as being prayed in your muscles, I'm talking about the time for further itself. So look out the time for further and set an alarm for one hour before that time. Now obviously, when you do that, it means that you have to structure the rest of your day to ensure that you sleep early enough to be able to get up if you have the lifestyle where you are on Facebook or some you know Universal Life reducer like that.

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Then you are not going to be able to get over that for the agency that this is the whole point of structure. It forces you to become disciplined it forces you to

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to prioritize it forces you to choose actively make a choice to say which is more important. Being on Facebook or sleeping early so that I can be I can't wait for the hydrogen be in front of my Rob jelajah row. It's as simple as that right. So think about that.

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Wake up Sleep early enough to be able to wake up so one hour before the time for that it's time for further starts. Wake up.

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Pray that

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there's no end to the number of records you can pray resource elements to create. You can pray to your pay less you can pray more as you as you wish. And then read at least one Jews of Quran so one para one supporter of Quran, read that so pray the Hedgehog, make all the DUA in the world you want to make because that is the time for God this is the time and Allah subhanaw taala descends to the first ever in a man in a manner that suits his majesty and grace and Allah subhanaw taala announces

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you the announcement is made to say who is there who wants something from me let him ask who is there who needs or ceasefire protection? Let him see protection.

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Who is there who wants my help let him ask for her. Right. So make sure that

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that announcement is not falling on deaf ears or sleeping on sleeping bodies is be there and then ask Allah subhanaw taala anyone who believes that they really need something, they really want something and they are not praying that you believe me, they don't really want it. Because if you want it then you are you must be praying to God for not being targeted. It means you're not you don't want whatever you whatever you say or think you want

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presided and then read one to the Quran. And after you finish reading that Judo Quran, then go to the masjid and praise a lot of Virgil with the German

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as well as the wrestler told us that the one who prays rather a Shabbat, Shabbat and a lot of otherwise he gets the reward of praying the whole night. So go and pray so rather than further by dividing the masjid, then depending on how much sleep you got, and depending on you know, whatever you have to do, ideally stay there until schroeck in the same place sit in the same place that doesn't mean exact spot it means be in the masjid

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in the girl, read summer Quran and so on if you like but don't chitchat and don't that's not gossip time, that's not socializing time, please.

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And then pray

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Serato, pray

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two plus two for a cat. And then go home. And if you have the time and if you want to sleep for some time go to see for some time.

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This should be your routine every morning. Now think about that. If you do that, then effectively, you would have gotten two hours of prayer two hours of being in the presence of Allah subhanaw taala and exclu exclusive opportunity to speak to Allah subhanaw taala and ask him at a time when he which he has set for that purpose

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and exclusive opportunity to start your day with one Jews of Quran. Now think about this. If you read the

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I'm talking about this manuscript, which has 15 lines per page. One juice is over 20 pages or 21 pages

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15 lines per page. So as a result I'm set for every half. For every letter of the Quran, Allah will give you 10 Hassan and he said I do not say that our if la meme is one letter he said Olive is one letter lamb is one letter meme is one letter. So if you simply say olive law, maybe you have 10 Hassan at 10 Good deeds. On the Day of Judgment, the difference between Jana and Johanna is one good deed

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you will have 10 simply by reading Alif Lam Meem nothing about that you begin your day.

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And those of you who have the patience or the or the desire to open a page randomly and count the number of hoof I'm talking about letters, right not not words,

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count the number of roof the number of letters multiply by 10. And that is the reward that Allah subhanho data will give you when you read that one complete page of the Quran. Multiply that by 21. And you have got one Jews of Quran. This is your beginning of the day and we haven't even talked about the reward for the Hajj. We haven't talked about the reward for praying Salat Fajr, bye bye Jamar one as I said one of the rewards of it and that's not the only reward one of the rewards of it is that you will get the reward of worshiping for the whole night. This should be how the day begins. Then what is very important is that you say okay, I've done that now what do I do?

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fundamental rule, eat 1/3 of what you now eat, and exercise three times what you know exercise.

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I spoken about that in detail. I think today's for the reminders, I won't go there. But this is the this is the fundamental rule. Eat 1/3 of what you eat, and exercise three times what you exercise and normally what people tell you but is you must need enough nutrition Believe me, we have vegan more nutrition than we ever will need. We got plenty plenty plenty of nutrition. So don't worry about that's all that is foolishness trying to, you know make excuses to overeat and, and become obese and fat. Believe me. It's not a question of shaming anybody but fat people are telling the world I have no discipline in my life. I cannot control myself

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and quite apart from anything else. They physically become slower because they are so fat, that the hara becomes highly doubtful depending on how fat they are, whether they can reach all the places to clean and so on and so forth. As a matter of doubt.

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Fat people, most obese people will never get a good job, they will never get a job of leadership, they will never be able to succeed in anything.

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So please lose weight. If you are in that situation lose weight, there is nothing romantic about looking like a pregnant cow, please understand this. And there is no age to do that. There is no age to do that. I'm speaking from experience and noise through that. And the only thing that is required is for you to be serious about it.

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If you say I want to change that's all that is needed. I want to change nothing else just seriously and then do it. You can stand at the bottom of a staircase and visualize being on top of the staircase until you're blue in the face but you will still be at the bottom of the staircase until you take the first step active action you actually have to take active action to see results

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right. So let me end this one at this say at this stage. More later inshallah Watson Allah Allah Allah, Karim, Allah Allah He was happy I remember how to get her I mean