Abu Bakr Zoud – The calamity was decreed for you

Abu Bakr Zoud
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You must know that this sickness and this pain, this illness, this calamity, is aimlessly by now, what exactly is a masiva? If you understand what masiva is, your sickness and your illness that you go through now is going to become way easier upon you listen, mostly comes from the word of saw, or saw their meaning that you have hit the target, right? So let me give you a brief example. If I had a bow and arrow, and I recalled, or what is it, you take this arrow backwards, and I pointed the arrow towards the target, and I focused on the target, and then I release the arrow, and it hit the middle of the target. That's called a soluble header. In Arabic, we see he hit the target spot on

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our soluble header. Even the word mostly comes from the word or solver which means when a person is sick, or ill, or going through a calamity. Yes, that is a more Saliba which means Allah intended this calamity for you and no one else. Allah sosial precise precisely decreed that this calamity this illness, this sickness affect you, and no one else a lot like what? It was intended for you. It's not like random things that are happening in the universe. And if I avoided this or if I did this, or if I did that, and I wish I hadn't done that, oh my god. No, don't say that.

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This was intended specifically for you. That's why it was called a what it was called a masiva. Meaning or saw ballhead if it hit the target exactly what a lot social intended for it to the llama.

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llama called Allah azza wa jal, he says, Man, or saw by me mostly, but in fill out of the well, Effie unfussy comme il Effie keytab, will complete a Nabla Allah social, he said there is no calamity, illness, sickness, poverty, anything that strikes upon the earth or among yourself. So there is no calamity that strikes you. There is no sickness and illness that affects you in Laffy keytab, except that it was already written in the book a low hammer,

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mill calmly and nebra even before this calamity was ever created, even before Allah created cancer. He had already written that you person will get sick, and you will experience pain as a result of it. lamarca so don't work yourself with thinking, if I had done that, had I done this? If I only avoided this person, I wouldn't have got sick to avoid all of this. Wouldn't it be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, When at the whole lower knee fall to cover our cover lacquer nacada work for in nello the hawala, shareport Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for Buddhists. He said do not say, if I had done that, and if I had done this, don't say that, say, Abdullah, when I share a thought, This

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is what you're supposed to say. Say. Allah has decreed what he wanted. And Allah does whatever he wants level activity happening. There is no second opinion after Allah azza wa jal has decreed for in the low data Rama shavon. Then in the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam told us why we shouldn't open this door of if if I did this, if I did that, had I done this, I wouldn't have been sick this much. Why? Because the word if opens the door of a shame, because these ifs are endless. And the more you engage in this conversation, had I done this, I wouldn't have got sick. But if you did this, this calamity wouldn't have happened. If you open this door, slowly, slowly, you begin to

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drift away from accepting a loss other and you have fallen into the trap of a shared bond. And that's how a person loses his faith in Allah and his trust in a loss sergeant. That's how a person loses even you see how you lose your Eman from the door of if. And then why do you keep saying if, if is a word that implies possibility.

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So it's nothing even sudden Where are you taking yourself with all these if sniffs

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