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Good Deeds – result of Imaan is doing good deeds (4 qualities are not independent). There is a congruence between belief and action. The expression of truth is to speak the truth. Best of deeds is to worship Allah.

Prescribed salaah 5 times per day done correctly will be a means of wiping ones sins. Salaah begins outside the masjid…wait what? Yes – Ibadah is a training for the rest of the day. it is the focusing on Allah and remembering of Allah. Your actions for the day should mimic your actions in Salaah. Take everything back to Allah and do that which is pleasing to Allah. During Salaah – One follows the Imam, stands with his brother shoulder to shoulder all as slaves of Allah, forgetting nationality, race etc. Salaah teaches us how to live our lives.

Respect those who are elders – especially parents. If your parents have to ask you for something it is a shame on you. Make sure their needs are met. There is honour for YOU in serving your parents. Raise your children well. Best of deeds are the deeds of the ambiya. Deen should be a priority in our lives. Am I among those who do good deeds for Allah’s sake? Am I applying myself? May Allah make us truly of the successful.

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In America

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salatu salam

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ala he was happy to hear Manuela.

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And the level the last two days, we have been looking at the lessons from Surah Surah Al Asad.

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And we started with looking at Allah subhanaw taala said that all of mankind is in loss.

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And we said, let us look at the mental models that we have of who do we consider winners.

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And see if those winners are the the if they have the qualities of those who Allah subhanaw taala called winners.

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Otherwise, they are not winners, they're losers.

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And if they are losers, then if we are following that model, then we are also losers.

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And then yesterday, we looked at the first of the qualities that Aleksandra described, which is the quality of human

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Well, levina armano.

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In bellinzona, that you hoser illa levina Iman,

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today we look at the second quality, where Allah does it, for our middle solid.

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People who do good deeds.

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result of a man is that we do good deeds.

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There is no as I said, as I mentioned on the first day, these are not four independent qualities.

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You do not have in Islam, there is no

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silver, or there is no

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model of somebody who has a man of claims to everyone, but then who lies and cheats and steals and

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love you man. How can you lie? If you lie, man, how can you deceive anybody?

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So in Islam, there is a congruence between belief

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and action.

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There is a complete congruence between belief and action, who is a Muslim, the one who does not lie?

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What does lying have to do with belief? Lying has to do with belief because the belief is truth. And therefore, the expression of truth is to speak the truth.

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You got to believe in the truth but if the lies

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illogical well as a matter of banality, today, Muslim has complete discordance between his beliefs and his actions

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which I believe in the truth, but then I will lie I will cheat I will visit somebody I will call somebody a gay man. What what you want? Is this from Verizon? How do you say something which is that you are believing the truth and then your actions are all false?

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So in Islam, there is complete congruence between what what you feel what you believe what you say, what you do complete congruence, everything is

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is in congruence with each other. So Illallah de la mano y mano, sorry,

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Eduardo, and they are tomorrow we'll see the other two. So Amazon had good deeds are a result of belief.

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The best of good deeds is the watch of our last run of that

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logic built

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in a shaker, the gold one as he

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enjoys a lot man. Allah Subhana Allah mentioned is that the first and most important of all good deeds is the notion that the virtue of Allah subhanaw taala therefore the best of good deeds is Salah,

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is to rejoice in Allah. The famous hadith of Abu huraira Delano were also logarithms asked, he said if there is a person or if any of you has outside your door if there is a river and if you bathe in it, if that person beds in this river five times a day, will you see any sign of dirt on his body? He cannot tell if he's bidding five times a day or will he have any dirt on his body?

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That is the nature of the fives Allah Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will wipe you clean of sin.

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inshallah Just think about it just the five solid, he has not done had he has not gone gorumara is nothing is all of this is extra bonus bonus bonus bonus. Just the ordinary five solid in the novel times of the year. We're not talking about Salah in Nevada in the last 10 are on the line by the net acaba all of this is bonus inshallah, but normal five sat if the person does in the correct manner in the correct place at the correct time. Allah subhanaw taala wipes him clean of sins if somebody does this five Salah then he does this continuously all your life inshallah when he dies, he dies.

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But what is the meaning of Salah

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as I mentioned earlier, about our little units what is our hamdulillah is to say Salah begins outside the masjid.

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It seems like a strange thing.

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Burma loveless developer they give you an understanding of what the deen is. He says this actually begins outside the masjid

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because this is a battle that you have done here is a training for the rest of the day.

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In this divider What have we done? We have come and we have focused our attention on la semana de la Like what? within a lie though but which means that the fog of Allah will be October in our whole life.

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Whatever Allah subhanaw taala said I will do anything other than that I will not do that is what you are saying when you think about

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losing everything in the world is haram to me except Allah Subhana Allah which means that anything which takes me to the disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala I will not do it no matter who it is what it is where it is, I will not do it.

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Then it is the hand of Allah and the Sunnah of Allah Subhana Allah and you play praises a lot and he makes sure one is what does he do when he goes out to the masjid? He's always praising Allah is always sugar of Allah, any difficulty you have, how is that handled?

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I will ask Allah knows that I will make I will make whatever effort is required in order to alleviate this difficulty, but no kalama of copper will come on my tongue I will not be thankless role as well. I will not complain

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I will not complain

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but the I think it was to say how can the slave complain to somebody who cannot do anything

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about someone who does everything

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as if

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he's governance somebody else

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whether even if it was one thing it was a loss of Ganga tomato or a sugar musica la la escuela Cuba tegula

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it is not it is not you know it is not so bad go put on the air conditioner or van or whatever have a salami go have a cold water bath or something you know what is the point in complaining either Hamza is a condition foreigners rhinos Allah is that that he there is a reason as rather as a reason why there is a summer and why there is a winter and so on and so forth and if the climate changes we know why must you complain Why must you complain about things

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but this has become this has become for us for the Muslims has become a habit for everything The first thing on the tongue is a word of complete

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so sugar data in the Salah and we haven't even gone to the source source of it right there it will be so much less

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then it is the current data then he reflects on the gullible as well does that make Roku miserable? And then this is following the map

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to learn obedience, right you're gonna you're gonna do it but I don't feel like doing it is invalid.

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If the man goes into the hole and you reveal to us through an email stands out from God.

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So he follows the man he stands in the sub with his brother shoulder to shoulder

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he does not stand back and forth and so on. I can't stand next to this fellow who is he? Where is he from? No.

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No matter which nationality no matter what

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it is of Mecca obey my motto is all in the same stuff, whether you are the king or whether you are the slave or in the sense of the one as well as the everybody just

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so you know that the Salah alone that it makes sense that well as well that is close to Allah subhanaw taala make that Allah subhanaw taala

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so Salah begins outside the masses, why because he learned the lessons of how to live in the world, in the masjid inside the Salah.

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Then, meanwhile is any Sana Allah what is the good deed?

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To be good to your parents,

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to be good to your elders.

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To be good to people who are in your life who have done something for you do something for you.

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The serving of the veterans may digging their door not allowing them to be in any need of anything even before they ask. It is a shame if your father or mother have to ask you for something it's an absolute Shame on you. If your parents have to ask you for something it's a shame on you.

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Even if it's a glass of water they should not need to ask. If they get it it's very common to see I don't know when we were growing up these things we never saw in our lives. Today very common to see the father will get up and go and get his own you know water or something. And these are not the daughter they're

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not as if they are you know doing some odd checking thing or saving somebody's life.

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Somebody who's watching TV somebody gives you

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about $1 or two Jackie liquid bola.

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Then only you go. Absolute shame.

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Absolute cheap and it's a sign of total lack of tarbiyah total lack of service and because

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of that I've got negative oligopolies

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who said we will not do our own work we are paralyzed. What about you what what about your duty

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very very important these the children these things

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there is honor for you in serving your elders there is honor for you is not for the elders not as if you cannot get his own water you can get his own water How do you think you have you grew up to this age by yourself is because of what all that they did for you.

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If they had left you we would have died you grew up to the dead because of all that they did for us and our do something sir for them not whether they should let them do or not it's your job to do

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it's your job to do get up and do things even the smallest of things take that dry take there's a drop on the cardboard for your father or mother let them let them say dude shut the door then you go and sit inside if they come in the room you stand up you don't you give them their your seat all of these small things, but you see the problem is not that we endorse

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the biggest problem is is a parent themselves are responsible. On the one hand we tell the children but the parents themselves are what do you teach your children? How is it a children grew up like animals in the house.

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So we have to train we have to we have to give this Serbia so will Valley Dania Santa and then very, very important, unless 100 data centers into this world to do the work of them via cuando by Rama Dino project lateness

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along the hours, that the best of it is the deeds of the best of the people who are the rest of the people can be eliminated.

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So to spend time in the path of Allah subhanho data to spend time in the work of dow very, very important this has become a part of our schedule a part of our life. It's not something that you go you sit and listen to some band and then after that you go into battle or no this is something we have you don't need any band Alhamdulillah the plan is a vision for us.

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That the life of Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah is sufficient for us You don't need someone to go on and constantly keep on instigating and constantly keep on encouraging for what?

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How come we don't need a man to go to the office every day. Because we see benefit in that. You know, you don't need anyone to come and give you a band what we're open your shop every day.

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You need a ban to go in the path of Allah subhanaw taala to come to a manual of Allah subhanho that

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which do we do give presidents

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your worldly work or the work of the citizen think about that what what takes the what is the casualty? If there is a level of the dean if there is a class going on, if there is a Delta out of there is a Salah or whatever the the work of Dean is there on the one hand and then you have got something in your so called business or whatever.

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Which which is a casualty every single one of the times

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because we are all created in our heads. This is all great dads. We have the power to reschedule our day in such a way that the work of Dean does not become a casualty. This thing starts now the German start that in this budget starts at one o'clock Why are you here at 10 past one.

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This is our reason.

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Every reason you give me the fourth reason

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if you had

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you know structured your day, you would have been a year abroad other people I get it what

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that how is it you are not here at one

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is all false foot that we are living we are living a life of fossils. We have to change the name make Toba and make the work of Allah subhanho Donna macadam

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala will make the rest of your life easy.

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You say the work of Allah comes first, the rest of the world can go to hell. And the rest of the world does not go to hell, the rest of the world will be there. If it was well, it's because you don't know how to plan your day simple. Nothing else. If you know how to plan your day, there is no earthly reason why you will be late or why you will be something you will be there on time

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and you will do your work.

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And that work will also happen is what we'll observe.

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So I'm in Salhab consists not only of a Salah it consists of structuring your day. It consists of ensuring that the work of then gets done at a priority level.

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And it consists also of ensuring that the rest of your life also works at a priority level.

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Don't tell me that there is no one in the world who is doing both things. Well, there are plenty of people

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If you're not doing both things, well then set up your life. Learn how to do that. Go to somebody who can teach you learn how to structure life in such a way that the work of being gets done at a priority level. And then whatever else follows

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it's not my intention here to give a whole list of all the good deeds, we know what the good deeds are.

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So let us think about that and say, Well, I'm so sorry, that which are the deeds the people who do good deeds and may among them, as well as the makers all among them and give us the topic to change our lives, there is no sense in making the same mistakes over and over again that only shows that the person has really not not applying their mind at all. Therefore, we have to apply our mind and ensure that we do the right things and that we make the right choices, because that is the route to general inshallah, you ask us Renata to make it easy for us to make us really successful in terms of what Allah subhanaw taala called success, because that is the only success which matters in this

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world and the after, was a Lola Highlander. We'll get him while he was happy.