Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders What Is Success Part Iii

Good Deeds – result of Imaan is doing good deeds (4 qualities are not independent). There is a congruence between belief and action. The expression of truth is to speak the truth. Best of deeds is to worship Allah.

Prescribed salaah 5 times per day done correctly will be a means of wiping ones sins. Salaah begins outside the masjid…wait what? Yes – Ibadah is a training for the rest of the day. it is the focusing on Allah and remembering of Allah. Your actions for the day should mimic your actions in Salaah. Take everything back to Allah and do that which is pleasing to Allah. During Salaah – One follows the Imam, stands with his brother shoulder to shoulder all as slaves of Allah, forgetting nationality, race etc. Salaah teaches us how to live our lives.

Respect those who are elders – especially parents. If your parents have to ask you for something it is a shame on you. Make sure their needs are met. There is honour for YOU in serving your parents. Raise your children well. Best of deeds are the deeds of the ambiya. Deen should be a priority in our lives. Am I among those who do good deeds for Allah’s sake? Am I applying myself? May Allah make us truly of the successful.