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to layer on our Rahim

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam right I should be able will Sully Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah, Allah you and Allah He was able to sell them to Steven because he and

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other sisters this morning I woke up. And the first message I saw on my phone was one of my very dear friends from Taiwan. His name was John Javid, Delroy. First of all,

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he was in his 50s, perfectly healthy man just died.

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Heart failure.

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suddenly, I want to ask you that question.

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I know in my head I will die if I never claimed I won't die. But suddenly today after I got this news, I had this brief internal feeling that this is real.

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One day this will happen to me.

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We don't know the way but we ask Allah for Shahada. But the point is that this will happen. So I want to ask you this question. Does this come into your mind and hearts you don't have runs away? Think for yourself? I know we all believe it. I mean, obviously you're not crazy. But inside do we really know that I will die.

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And I think of Jared I remember

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almost the only conversation I ever heard from him or heard from him is about educating our children

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developing leadership characters in children and youth do my book on leadership lessons of the life also seldom the Sierra book to run courses of this.

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So this is his legacy legacy is the speaker for the next generation to bring them up and raise them on the way have rasool Allah is Allah Sinha

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so quite sure as myself the request you ask yourself as well. Question as myself is when I die what is the memory that you that will be there from the hand with me? If you think of you What will you think?

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How will you think

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you think something

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what will never be?

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asked last marathon Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. You have one who are criminals or who was over what was the motto of Silla will my will serve you well borrowed, one of the winner gotta come on. The winner will win a Denis Allahumma Thiele, who will general for those who are very servant, even enough. When I was when I was with him and his woman are not here. Today we're gonna We ask Allah to forgive Jerry's faults and to accept his good deeds and 27 Digenova for those without reserve and we ask Allah to give to give someone whose family this is the sum total of lives that day, which will come.

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And the thought in my mind from the morning is sort of set aside and said This can happen now.

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Is that a reality for me?

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Again, I believe the word is and

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obviously we don't deny that. But is it real?

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Is it real as in the sense of, for example, COVID. I mean, the idea the number of listeners might read a book or what is COVID the number of lessons which are nothing to do with medicine, there's lessons of life that we learn to code.

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We believe there are some people even till today they will they walk around with a mask, they will not go anywhere without a mask. They believe so you know,

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so strongly

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that without a mask, they will die.

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The whole hotel.

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I'm not arguing about that. You want to wear a mask, please go ahead. It's your face. What do I care?

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What my point is, is that the level of your cane that we have on the word of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

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where he said that your death can be at any minutes a minute from and he gave us an example he gave he said if you say Salah on the right shoulder, don't imagine that you will complete this alarm on the left shoulder What more do you want?

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What more do you want?

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To read this thing was very, very real for me. I'm the right still they're mad but in the money I can still recall. I told my wife I said this is so real for me now.

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I Jeep

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so what we want to do is we all have goals. Our goal is to get to Jana. Our goal is to have a beautiful family. You might say well, I want to be the best father for my child. I want to be the best mother. I want to have a great career. Whatever it is, we all have goals.

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but very important it is to think of the process by which this goal is going to be reached.

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If you look at these two things, goals and processes, when you ask, which is more important goal or process, right? You might say, Well, you might say process, but I'm saying that my view,

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the process is very, very important because

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any goal can be reached by multiple ways, multiple processes. I mean, for example, he was my goal is, is to get wealthy get wealthier and selling drugs.

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Right, probably one of the fastest way of getting wealthy become a drug dealer.

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But that is the process, how do you become wealthy by becoming a drug is that right process.

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So if you focus on the process, and you say, I want to focus on the correct process to get to this goal, and then you stick with the process, you continue with the process, the goal is inevitable.

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The goal is never to there, there is no way that you can that you can miss the world, as long as you are on the right process, and you continue to persevere on the process.

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The reason why most people miss their goals is because they don't perceive your long enough.

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There is a time factor involved, right?

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It's like a balance, if you are if you are it's like a scale if you are weighing something, you would have 20 kilo weight on something on one side and you start putting the you know wheat or grain or rice or corn or something on the other pan.

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As long as you keep putting the corn in the pan, there is no way that this

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grain at one point will the pan will come down and the the bandwidth the weight will go up they have to happen is the it's inevitable, right?

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Provided you keep on putting the grand that's the main thing. The main thing is, if at any point you give up, you say okay, and I did like 15 kilos of it. Nothing is happening. I am so tired. The whole morning I've been working all day I've been working.

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I don't see any result.

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And that is what happens to

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probably the majority of people, including myself, I mentioned this, he said, when you ask Allah subhanaw taala ask with complete your pain. And he said keep asking your job is to ask.

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He said Allah will give in his way at the right time when he wants to give. He said people don't get because they give up.

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When you make the offer, sometimes there is what's the good I made this so many times. I'm not getting it, leave it No.

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Your job is to do the job. So you make the

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your job is not to worry about is it coming not coming. That's up to one that's up from Allah, Samantha your job was made. And Allah gives us the reward for making dua dua whatever that mean, meaning you will get a reward for the well.

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So focus on the process and continue with that process with perseverance.

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Right. Right now we are looking at this whole issue of Philippine. Yesterday, somebody asked me what do you think will happen? I said, What's the point? I don't answer questions like they do. First of all, I'm not some profit or whether they are not going away. What do I think will happen? Oh, my thinking what does it matter to anyway?

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I think I think what do you think? So I don't answer this question. And my point is, what are you doing? What am I doing to make that happen?

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So you might say, well, what can I do? Well, it's not in your control to change the minds of the the leaders or the opioid makers or the president of this country or the kingdom that that's not in our hands, but in our hand is to do what we can, which is for example, protesting. If we do that, and we do that sincerely, and we continue to do that. That's the very important that's the most important thing is not going to say oh, you know, I went to one protest. What's the word nothing happened.

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That's like weighing 20 kilos and add 15 kilos, say I put 15 kilos, nothing happened. Nothing will happen. Nothing is impossible. How can unreal you put the 20th grain

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nothing will happen. But it is equally true that once you put that way, there's no way this has to happen. This is a law of nature. There's a law a law sprouted.

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Wet. What is that interfered law because in life, which is no scale, there's no grain weight and whatnot. Right? This is only an example. In Life. We don't know what is their point. But we know that there is a point which is called a tipping point we say for a balance. There is a tipping point there has to happen. No it cannot.

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So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the perseverance and to continue with sincerity with a step

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in the right way, in the way that pleases Allah Jalla Shanna,

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right. So please don't give up. Continue to work.

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continue to work with sincerity and know that Allah subhana wa della della della was watching

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and when the hisab is taken, this is the Mercy of Allah. Allah will not say did you succeed or fail? No, Allah will say who are the people that

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the Malaika count the number of people live.

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Count the people there

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we know the Hadith of the Juma right.

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What is

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that there are two Malaika at the door of the masjid before Salado Juma before the 13 games on the member there are two maraca they are they are writing down the names of people entering the Masjid.

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So as long as you enter the module before that time your name is written you raise returns at least Arambula but once the Imam says Salam Alikum Carla's that they shut the book and they come inside.

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Now in the Mercy of Allah, Allah did not say, oh, leave them who Salah was the best, who had the best console who Salah is Allah not counting all these Alhamdulillah this is the Minutemen, you know the

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generosity of Allah, Allah as he enters the module, he accepted.

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Right? So our job is what, get inside there, come to the masjid in tight, don't don't wait till the end. Before the Imam comes on to the member, you should be in service. This is your job, your job is not to worry about anything and you just get into the module before. So similarly, in this case, our job is to do our job.

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Don't worry about is it happening? Not happening. What is the effect? What is not directly? That's not your Allah has not given you that responsibility? Why do you want to put it on your head? Right? If Allah had given the responsibility, what would you have done? What would I have done? Nothing, we can't do anything we have. We are helpless. So Allah is not given the response. Allah says you go show up. Our job is to show up. So show up.

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Don't make excuses. Don't let this happen. That happened. It was when it was so you know.

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Somebody sent me yesterday a picture of a protest in Norway. They said the temperature is minus 40 Celsius, without the Fahrenheit for that 40 below zero.

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And that band says looks like the entire population of Norway is on the street. He said that freezing cold did not stop the people from coming out with us. And believe me, Norway is not filled with Muslims.

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If there were that many people on that street, I can guarantee you that the majority of them are not Muslim. Because there are not there there. I mean, I'm not saying that. There are some Muslims, but Norway is not a Muslim majority country. So if you've got a whole bunch of people on the street, it is absolutely certain that the majority of them are not Muslim.

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In that freezing cold

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they're not saying you know what is the point Norway somewhere in the north is raising buddy god what's happening? No, no, my job is to show up. So show up.

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That's it. Your job is to show up. If I don't show up, then I have I have not done my job simpler than what happened what doesn't happen? That's not my problem. My problem is to show up, right? So let us show

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we ask Allah subhanaw taala to count as among those who showed up and to reward us along with those he rewards for showing up. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to cover our faults and to cover our inabilities and to grant us from His glory and majesty and to help us in ways that we cannot imagine was a longer one and that we will carry while he was happy as my Marathi car