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till around Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam Rajgira will be able more serene Muhammad Rasul Allah is among our highly, highly visible Salam, the Steven cathedra mobilego.

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I thought today I will start a series of others on the issue of,

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of invading Islam. Inshallah, we'll see how many times how many days it takes whatever

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the issue of the doubt of Islam to invite to Islam.

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Let me begin by

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looking at what Allah subhanaw taala told us and those words are told us about the purpose itself of our creation. Is it going to hurt Ramadan? Or Korea's leanness?

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If you look at it a lot, rather, let me take a step back Allah, Allah mentioned our purpose in two places and two kinds. One he mentioned our purpose individually in Farhadi, as people, when he said Omar cannot project our insha Allah.

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So the purpose of the individual purpose of the creation of every human being, is and Jin is to worship.

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And worship is taken in its broad sense, which is not only the ritual of worship, which is Salah, and so on and so on, but worship in the broad sense of obedience to Allah subhanaw taala so worship of Allah in everything in the way I do business in the way I have my family and the way I conduct a wedding in the way I if I'm angry, how do I behave if I have to take

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you know, intercom or revenge on somebody? How do I do that there isn't as a as a complete format for every single situation that a person might find themselves in. And therefore, worship of Allah means to obey Allah subhanaw taala in all of those ways, second meaning of the abdomen is also taken in the meaning of the buffer Syrian observed is also taken in the meaning of Jarocho of knowing Allah subhanaw taala define of Allah subhanaw taala

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so and both are obviously linked because if you don't know Allah, how do you obey Him? You obeying Allah? Why? Because you know, Allah. You don't know where like the blind is the I don't know what it is what I will know. We know. So knowing Allah Subhana Allah geladeira know and worshiping Allah Samantha, this is our infura The ARPA, our individual purpose of our creation.

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The East Mia purpose of creation, the collective purpose of creation is where Allah subhanaw taala set into the law LeBron Quandong, Kira oma in Orillia Salinas Morona Bill Maher roofie, was around on YouTube in a villa. Allah said you have been created, extracted selected for the benefit of mankind. Lin as for the people that did not say meanness, Allah did not say from the river, he said for the people, you have been created for the people to do what to enjoin, good and forbid evil and to have faith in Allah subhanaw taala email was one of them. So the power of Islam inviting people towards Allah subhana woodburner this is something which Allah has enjoined upon us, number one.

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Number two,

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what is the extent of this da? Did Allah subhanaw taala tell us that we have to convert people to Islam because there is a go there and convince and talk to that person until they are convinced to do whatever it takes to convince them bring them into certain tell us it? No.

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Unless Roger has ever met Elena, Ill Bella will be Allah said for you there is nothing more than clearly conveying what has been sent to you.

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In southern Majda Allah's Raja said believer ma on Zillow, la que se to resume yo yo Rasul believer on Zillow ILEC Omar Rasool convey what I have

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sent you. That's it.

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Now, you might say, Well, I'm conveying but no one nobody listens to me and you know, nothing happens. That's not your problem.

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Think about this.

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What if the opposite was there? If Allah subhanaw taala said that until you bring at least one person into Islam, you will be in Jannah then what we do

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then what will we do?

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So this is the Mercy of Allah. Allah subhanho that has mercy on the Rasul Allah is 11 on all Muslims, Allah said Your job is to convey

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but our movie can we clearly don't, don't mess around with it and don't disguise it and don't sugarcoat it and don't dip it in chocolate and you know, don't bother, just say it like it is

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directly, we're not saying be rude, no, be nice and polite, but don't hide things. And don't try to, you know,

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make it

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whatever compliant No, we are not here to make things compliant, we're here to convey what Allah subhanaw taala told us to convey

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this is our job. So, as far as the work of doubt is concerned, it is fun.

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It is something which is

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to be done with a clear intention of conveying what has been sent to or soulless or sentiment was. Now, obviously, therefore, means that if I want to teach something, if I want to convey something, I have to learn it,

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I cannot be I cannot be ignorant, and then I'm teaching somebody else or logically How does it work? It cannot work. Now, what is the extent of my How much should I learn

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this again is open,

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I must learn

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at least the basic fundamentals this this there is no compromise because of the fundamentals. But beyond this, I hamdulillah as much topic as Allah gives, we will learn. So, again there is ease a lot of heart that has not said that you must qualify you must get this degree that degree No.

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But simply speaking and telling people things without knowledge, this cannot lead to anything good.

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So, that's very important. Learn the fundamentals of the what are the fundamentals again, it begins with the Aqeedah itself. What is the head? What is the salad? What is our Kara three things?

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And we're going to read I don't want to do all the deal details today, I'm just giving you the broad framework. So what is the theory of Allah subhanaw taala? What is the result or is a Salah including hotword results and of the of the of the reseller and what is the issue of Akira which is our demand right? This basic fundamental Aqeedah we must know

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after that, we must know about the products what are the and these this is the five pillars of Islam, the rather than the five pillars of Islam, we have shahada we have salah, so

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zakat and hajj. So, we have the shahada, we will bring the testimony we have salah, which is prayer which have sold which is fasting which of zakat, which is the God which is our charity and there is hatch. So, these are the five pillars of Islam and we must know about them, what is to be done and so on. So, how to do that properly excellent and so on. So,

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then we must know

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about the basic fundamental practices which start with the hara

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what are what are the things which make you impure How do I purify myself? What are the minor impurities? What are the major impurity impurities, how do I purify myself from a minor impurity, how do I purify myself from a major improved impurity, so although and awesome, and then the impurities, what there there is a issue of purifying physically as well as purifying ritually both are equally important without the ritual purity will will still not be pure, there will not be there will not be any Tahara even though you have taken a shower or you wash your face and your feet, you are your widow is not there even though you may have washed all the all the parts of the body that

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should be washed, but if you did not do them in the proper sequence and in the proper way, it is not will.

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So we'll come to all of this inshallah whatever, but I'm just sort of putting on the framework.

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Then the issue of how do you take this message to the people? Yeah, there's a whole bunch of stuff that we will talk about inshallah going forward. But

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one basic principle

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How do you sell

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By doing what?

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Talking to people. How, by this right now? Advertise.

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practice, what do you teach? demand? Demand?

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What did Allah say? Although it is a really big. Bill Hekmati? Well, not only that it has an

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invite towards the way of Europe, with hikma

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With beautiful things with friendship with wisdom,

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one murder that has an N Good advice. We're Martha

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How do you sell by making friends?

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fundamental principle you can only sell to friends. Doesn't matter how great your argument is. If the guy doesn't like your face he's not taking it from you period.

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Simple as that

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the biggest asset that you can ever have is a smile. Please understand this is not just a matter of Socrates okay? Yes.

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If you want to walk around in the world with a face that that you look like you came back from funeral That's your problem. That will be your funeral.

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Figuratively speaking. Smile. Be nice. Be polite.

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What it is that we were what are the first thing he said to people when he came in? In Cuba?

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They asked him What shall we do here as well? What it is

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first thing

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who said after Ebola why?

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After Sarah spreads Ramsay salaam to people

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says alarm to people.

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Who are the people there? The vast majority of them were not even Muslim. DDCS Allah says alarm to the Muslims.

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The second

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half to Salem says around to people everybody.

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Spirit Sarah, and then feed the people.

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You say another story of Allah. Another Bahamas. Onsala. Mr. Rossano say salam to people a Salam Alaikum please come have this meal. Come sit with us eat.

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You're not even talking about making friends. And 30 is what? He said stand in the night and pray when people are sleeping and Allah will make the way gentle easy for you. Why is he saying that?

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After you make friends, what must you do?

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Go to their heart. How will you go to the heart?

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Through Allah there is no other way.

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You cannot go to the heart Allah will go to the heart. So what do you do? After Salah feed them

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and then stand before Allah ask Allah

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Yara I did this much you're up their heart their heart is in your hand. You have done them to Islam

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we want to do it we want to argue we want to do this or do that

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every single thing I told you is from the Quran and I gave you the line yes or no

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it's not my opinion.

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Read the carnamah follows via a letter word with hardwood.

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So Inshallah, this whole thing you do it tomorrow we begin with an exam on this and then we'll go to the next one. Okay, inshallah.

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Robina fulfill another one our coffee Ramadasa yet in our phenomenal open as a loan officer. Now we linked up with another Hamdallah facility. Yeah, you have a younger sister with us, Leila now Shannon Akula Island overnight in AVID dunya has an auto Villa 100 years ago Canada will not was alone Nevada. Nabil Karim Allah Allah He also had been named after that.