Haifaa Younis – Oh believer! Why are you losing hope

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the loss of hope in the state of sorrow and the difficulty of achieving victory in Islam. They encourage people to apply their faith and obey the instructions of Islam to achieve victory. The speaker also mentions the importance of not taking too long to think about the victory and the need for more time to reflect on it.
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Very nice area, very nice as the one before last. Again to Rasul Allah Saito Samet applies very much these days had take the status of

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the prophets lost hope,

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with unknown unknown adequately will acquit the Boo. And they came to the conclusion that people are not believing them.

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Do we live this this these days?

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Yes. In which way

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in which way?

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I was

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right. Many of many people are losing hope. A lot of people are losing hope. Right? And Allah said this had the state of sorrow so when you reach the point there is a say in Arabi those of you who know how to be will know it Yeah, as a Mr. dictum Ferengi they say when it gets so bad smile

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it's gonna get better. That's how they say.

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And that's exactly the concept had died the state of sorrow so the profits lost hope. People will not believe in them. People are gonna keep walking them. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. Well, unknown unknown, Cutco zebu and they are now seeing that people not believing them. Right, what happened? What happened? Jah homeless fauna, the victory of unlocking

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the support of a lucky

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winner GM and Nisha and we will save whom we will why all these people are dying and some are not Manisha that Allah subhanaw taala

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who will not be saved

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and it is here. When I read the word sunnah and uncommon mudra mean? The wrongdoers will not be saved. I don't want this. I want when the victory of Allah comes in, my name should be number one. Because I supported him at the time of difficulty. When the victory comes in, I'm going to be saved this you apply it everywhere I remember it. We were in a class. And one of the students was really struggling, really, really struggling. Finally she did it one of the students mashallah she was a half of the Quran and brings the Quran the moment you looked at her and says hackday, the state of Sarasota because she thought she will fail. Finally she passed. So the other student look at her and

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quoted this verse, wonder when the Prophet SAW they will they all are not going to be believed. The victory of Allah came she looked at her and says, the victory of Allah came

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gives me hope.

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Whatever difficulty we're living in, whether on a personal level whether on a community level, whether on a global level, don't to lose hope. The Muslim is always always always

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hopeful in the victory of Allah hopeful in the victory of Allah, I may not see it in my lifetime, but I know it's gonna come like I see it.

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And we live that in the Sierra and majority of you have seen it, you know, in that hazard, they were all surrounded and no way you 40 days you know, food, and he say I see it, that 40 hotkey slot, I see that we are going to go and conquer Kisara which is like the Persian Iraq and you're surrounded with all completely in, completely surrounded, besieged, he says, I see. That's what we all should be. We all should have this strong faith, serenity in Allah's Fontana, he will give us the victory. But maybe, and please forgive me. Maybe we are not yet you know why?

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Because we are not yet the people who give Allah victory.

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When the people who gives Allah victory, he will give us victory in terms of Allah. He also conferred with a bit of dharma, he'll give victory to Allah, Allah will give you victory.

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You will fast and you have an exam. And it's very difficult. And guess what Allah will do? We made Xander easy, easiest. Everybody will tell you what feels dizzy. And you said, Oh no, I'm just going to do it. That's pleased to Allah. Now you give victory to Allah meaning you obeyed him, what will happen? You go to the exam and you are fully awake.

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I was like, how did this happen? Normally without my coffee, don't talk to me.

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That's how Allah gives you victory. The victory of Allah is not like you're in a in a war and you're fighting the victory of Allah sometimes so subtle. But again, because we are too

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busy, busy, we don't pay attention to how Allah operates. If you just take time, sit down and reflect, as he said here Subhanallah and reflect around you. Now sometimes things change in a way

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then you will be so surprised

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