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And this is my thing from the beginning. It's the children it's the not eight to 9000 children and this is the misconception a lot of people out there talk shows does this fit into that description the what's the definition of terrorism it is the purposeful killing of innocent civilians. Despite being Jewish I've been anti you know what Israel wants. They want them to be Dubai Gopi the Dubai of the Mediterranean we wish you luck This is hilarious it honestly it could be it could be a comedy sketch what he's saying says as a Jew, I've been to many Holocaust Museum locked the rest of you in the basement and said we'll control your water your food, we won't let you out. greetings of peace.

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My next guests. Lee camp is one of the most censored comedians in America writer podcaster news journalists, news commentator, and he's also Jewish. And what fascinated me about him was one of his earlier tweets that I read and I'm gonna go ahead and read it to you before we bring him out. Lee camp says as a Jew, I've been to many Holocaust museums, they often have a pile of shoes or clothing of those who are killed. It's painful to see it's moving. One day there will be a museum to remind us of all the genocide that's been being perpetuated against Palestinians. It's very well might have a pile of 1000s of children's shoes. Will you be able to say you did what you could to stop this

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massacre? Ladies and gentlemen, Sister dijo.

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was ready to talk about our

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faith show Welcome to the deen show. The day show

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Lee camp thanks for having me. How you doing my friend? How are you? I'm all right. Certainly can't complain considering the tragedies that are going on around the world. Let's start off before I play this clip I'm gonna get your reaction to it what got you into this what got you just you know instead of like many people you covered where even have celebrities they get paid off supporting this kind of stuff. You know, people are just busy and hustle bustle of day to day life and they don't want to get canceled. They're scared to go against the norm. What did it for you that you're speaking up on the side of your inhumanity?

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Thanks for asking. Yeah, I for those who don't know me, you did mention the beginning that I'm the most or one of the most censored comedians in America. But I'm more than a comedian I've been a political commentator for years now I wrote hosted and CO created a comedy news show that got very popular called redacted tonight, it was on RT America that was shut down the entire channel was shut down two years ago due to US sanctions. But since then, and even before that, I've been censored and suppressed on many different channels and platforms shadow banned on Facebook I had my youtube channel of a quarter million subscribers banned around the world and many people may hear that and

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they may think oh he's a you know far right winger to be that banned and suppressed but no, they do it against real left wingers as well. Real leftist who actually stand for peace and sustainability and, and those are the things I'm fighting for. And it has made me incredibly suppressed censored and the like. But like you mentioned, I'm I do more than just comedy. I've been doing political comedy for years. But now especially in the past couple of years. My live streams, which I do four days a week have very little comedy in them. Because the the truth just seems too important to to pause and make the jokes. And you know, I feel like I'm doing something important. So it doesn't bug

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me that much that I am not doing as much comedy. But these are incredibly critical times. I've been despite being Jewish, I've been anti Zionist for years now. But I did grow up you kind of grow up as a Jew in America just thinking that Judaism equals Israel. And that is not true. There are many millions of anti Zionist Jews around the world. There are also more Zionist Christians in the United States than there are Jews in the world. So the Zionist experiment, the apartheid state of Israel is actually more supported by Christians than it is by Jews. And most people never talk about that aspect of it. Is that

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the network you were on the TV program, was that with Abby Martin? Yeah, she actually I first started appearing on her show art on RT America before I ever had a show and they saw me on her show and then gave me my own comedy show. And I was with her at RT America for about a year before she moved to do other things. But uh

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still good friends with her. She's amazing.

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Yeah, tell I said hello. I've had her on the program also. Alright, let's go ahead. Let's go ahead and get your reaction to this clip here from the PVD podcast. I cannot remind you enough how many times Israel has tried to compromise with a two state solution. So let me just read the facts because I don't speak on emotion 1936 Peel Commission Israel accepted Palestinians rejected 1947 un Partition Plan rejected and then the Arab League's waged a war the next day that led to the alleged Nakba of displacement because they said get out of here, let's kill all the Jews and you'll take the land back the next day 1967 Khartoum resolution rejected by the Palestinians 2000 Camp David summit,

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Arafat and a hoot Barak rejected by the Palestinians 2005 We tried to compromise Israel withdrew from Gaza could have been the biggest, beautiful resort on the beach and the best piece of land that they had to offer. Instead, they turned it into a terrorism Haven. So we often hear this that

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this pushed out there that they've always wanted peace and how you're going to have peace when they keep rejecting peace. Yeah, it's, of course, laughable. And I don't I don't think getting bogged down in the, in the nitty gritty of exactly what was in each different possible agreement, I don't generally think that's of much use. Because if you look at the overall structure of this, the overall structure of these agreements, it is as if someone you know, came into your house, killed a couple of your family members, lock the rest of you in the basement and said, we'll control your water, your food, we won't let you out. But here's an agreement, you get to govern yourself, and you

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can do whatever you want, as long as you remain in the basement. And then you being in the basement with a couple of dead family members says, you know, I'm not going to agree to that. And now you're the person who turned down piece. So it's a it's a laughable, you know, propagandist viewpoint to begin with to even go through that stuff. But many of the times you know, if you get into the nitty gritty many of the times it Israel that actually blew up the peace process, the whole idea of the two state solution is useful to Israel because they can keep finding reasons to never let it happen. Because the truth is, the truth that they don't want to reveal is they will never allow a

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Palestinian state because they view it as an existential threat if you allow a Palestinian state then that state has certain rights such as to actually be represented at the UN or to have a military or to have access to their own your own water and food and to be able to leave and you know come and go from your country as you see fit all of those things Israel does not want to allow so when Israel says when various people or various Israeli say they want a two state solution, they actually do not they just know that saying that makes it seem like they want peace.

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Let's go into this next clip. And I think this is one of the people in the panelists. So Vinnie made him seem like a nice man. And he's thinking he he's one who's his humanity, humanity seems like it's still there. And he's raising some really good points. So get your feedback on this. There's no winning in this situation, but it's and this is my thing from the beginning. It's the children it's the not eight to 9000 children and this is the misconception a lot of people out there talk * you can be pro Palestinian kids not dying and not be a supporter from us. That * drives me bananas because I see people saying that stuff if you care about the kids you support Hamas there has to be

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a tactical shift was not just bom bom bom bom bom, because we got to get rid of Hamas. That's my attic. Yeah. So he's talking about the kids. I mean, we're seeing what is it a population of 2.3, half of which are under 18 children, and they're just being massacred. Their heads are actually coming off from these bombs. And he's speaking logically.

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What do you think of from what he was talking about? Yeah, he's he's making a fine point. I unfortunately, watch this full video of the the Israeli propagandist woman, they're the blond haired woman. And she goes on after he says that she, she, she kind of for a second says I agree with you, but then immediately dodges to how horrible Israelis have it or something like that. So she actually does not want to talk or think or even for a moment, think about the number of sheer insane numbers of children that are being murdered daily by the Israeli bombing. I mean, they've dropped enough bombs to equal two atomic bombs, the size of Hiroshima. They have killed as we know, over 20,000

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people 70% of those are women and children. And that doesn't even count the innocent men that they're also killing. But so he says that and there's very little I watched most of the video I didn't watch all of it. There's very little pushback from the hosts. Now that may be the style of their show that they just let someone speak. But they let her for the most part. Just

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spout the complete garbage propaganda about Israel

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endlessly, and they don't really push back from it. And you mentioned the the kids are being beheaded and killed by bombs. You mentioned that point. And earlier in the interview, I think or later, the other host when she says, Well, let's remember, Israelis are not beheading anyone, Israelis are not doing that type of violence. And the host goes, absolutely agreeing. Now, of course they are. What's the difference whether it and then the whole Hamas beheaded babies we found out is completely debunked. But besides that point, what's the difference between beheading a baby and dropping bombs that behead babies? The only difference is that it allows you a slight level of

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distance. So you can say, Oh, we didn't mean to. But we all know after three months after killing over 20,000 people after having a rate of child murder per bomb that is far higher than any other modern war we've seen in generations, over decades. We know they're intentionally doing this. We know this is the goal of Israel. In most modern warfare nowadays, the number of children killed by bombs is like six to 8% children in Gaza. It's 40. Some percent are children. Wow. 43 or 45%. So Israel knows what they're doing. The idea that they don't know they're murdering children is laughable. So when she says, Oh, Israel, Israelis, Israel is not doing that type of thing. Yeah,

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they are. They absolutely are. So it's just ridiculous.

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Yeah, you've seen you've probably seen most of the footage where you have a father, or you have a mother, they're literally picking up body parts. So there'll be arm here, a leg here ahead here. So this is false to say that they do not take enough heads but they they actually are, you know, with from the sky, from these bombs from and Israel. Israel absolutely knew what they were doing by cutting off all resources to the hospitals cutting off the electricity, the hospitals. You know, we've heard this propaganda talking point at various times over the many decades of a military force killing babies. It was used to invade Iraq back in the first Gulf War against Kuwait, the killing

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babies thing that Hamas do, they accused Hamas of it on October 7, without any evidence, and, and so it's used as propaganda. But it's actually true when it comes to Israel, because literally, they cut off the electricity to incubators, and we see that those children have died. 1000s of babies in these hospitals have died. And, again, Israel knows what they're doing. They they are not striking hospitals accidentally. The reason they're doing that is because they want to create a health care crisis in Gaza. Even the UN has said half of all Gazans are at risk of dying of starvation and disease may ultimately kill more Gazans than bombs. And that, again, is Israel strategy. If they can

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destroy the health systems, then they can actually kill more Gazans with disease.

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Is that the definition of terrorism? I'm gonna let one of the CO hosts he defines what terrorism is, does this fit into that description? The What's the definition of terrorism is the purposeful killing of innocent civilians, for political agenda for any agenda, and it's such a way to create fear of other things. So what's my why is it I mean, I don't have a problem. I mean, you know, you're Jewish or Muslim, we're coming together so beautiful to see. And as a Muslim, if something's confirmed, that they're innocent. This is something just clear. I mean, you cannot target innocent men women, shall we? We don't have a probably don't have a problem. If something's confirmed. That

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intentionally, men, women, children target will condemn this. But why is it a field ask someone like this? Do you condemn this IDF? Are they doing terrorism? It's like, very, you'll never get someone to condemn that and call it terrorism. Because in their view, they to do the propaganda the husband, they feel they can never admit that they've targeted civilians. So instead, they act like they haven't. But we know they've targeted civilians. These are not just accidental strikes. We know that they have called journalists and said we're going to strike you and the reason they do that is because some of the time they've asked the journalist to leave crowded areas so they can kill them.

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As with Dr.

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refeed, our our real wasn't him anyway, robot.

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But he was told to leave the refugee area he was in if he didn't want that whole area destroyed, which is an admission that they are targeting a civilian journalist academic. So we know they're targeting civilians. It's not even a question but they

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denying that. And so they won't admit that they won't admit it's terrorism. But it clearly is. Although, actually, as I say that in many ways they have admitted those things. You know, because we have seen Israeli cabinet ministers say that no one in Gaza is innocent. What meaning they can bomb anyone? Well, that's an admission of war crimes, because bombing children is a war crime bombing civilians that are not connected to military are is a war crime. So saying there are no collective collective punishment. What do I call it? Yeah, absolutely. These are, these are war crimes. And the it's ethnic cleansing. It's genocide, if you look at the definition of genocide, and on the

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Holocaust Memorial funds website, which they're getting it from the UN as well, but you look on their website, and every single box will be ticked as to as to proof this is genocide. And the only thing that that they could argue, that they try and argue is you have to have intention, you have to do these things intentionally. Well, many of them have said that there's no innocence in Gaza, many of them have called these non human they've called the beasts and things like to allow ethnic cleansing. And let's remember, just days before October, seventh, Netanyahu got up in front of the UN and held up a map of the Middle East with Gaza and the West Bank erased, gone. And so this is the

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goal is to erase the Palestinian people from Gaza. It's so clear they've I mean, they've really admitted it. What do you think when you hear statements like this, you know what Israel wants, they want them to be Dubai. Go be the Dubai of the Mediterranean, we wish you luck. We want GDP we want happiness, we want success. We want much Nagas for you a trading partner we want we want exactly. And that you know who will benefit from that every Palestinian people. That is when you hear that as someone who doesn't have much knowledge like yourself, you know, just average person who's hearing that he's like, what's wrong with these people? They'd love for them to prosper, to be like Dubai,

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it's like, what is wrong with these people? Are they insane? Are they crazy? But what are your comments? Someone who's an expert in this, someone's been covering this for years hilarious it honestly it could be it could be a comedy sketch what he's saying like you could have an audience sitting there laughing and it would be a great comedy sketch. You go, you you notice he keeps doing this hand motion pushing outward, because they went in it pushed everyone out of their, you know, ancestral lands, kick them out, and put the at least the gods into an open air prison where they don't have access to so when they keep saying Oh, become the Dubai or the military, they don't have

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access to materials, too often do enough food to clean water. There are so many reasons they cannot quote unquote, be the Dubai of that area. It's so laughable. They're not even allowed to their own fish. They're not allowed to go fishing beyond a mile outside of the the waters there. Israel has destroyed their airports and they can't have people or things flown in Israel has destroyed their ports so they can't have boats arrived. Let's remember that the Freedom Flotilla tried to get to Gaza to bring medication. This is years ago, like 2014 or something and IDF troops and from helicopters landed on the boat and killed one of the unarmed activists. So that is what they get

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when they try and do anything, bring in materials or anything else. Israel has them in a prison. And so the idea it'd be like looking at people locked up in an American asylum a prison and saying Why aren't you guys building Wall Street here? Why aren't you guys building these massive skyscrapers? Oh, maybe it's because they're locked up in prison. It is so laughably insane. And I mean, it's sad that anyone can hear what he just said. And think that that makes any sense at all. I want to show you this next clip. It's regarding l beer. He's from the one of the disaster relief organizations, his of which raised close to $50 million. I want to get your reaction to this because you've covered

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a lot of different things like the handlebar directive, I think you were the one of the first I heard this from and then get your reaction. For example, Eli beer, the president of United Hatzolah went on a media tour around the United States telling audiences that babies were placed in ovens and baked to death a little baby in an oven. They put them in these bastards put these babies in an oven and put on the oven. We found the kid a few hours later. This propelled him and his organization to the forefront of the media for several days earning tons of awareness for his organization's work. He was able to leverage this media attention into several fundraisers where he managed to collect a

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whopping $50 million from shocked and appalled donors. But of course, the entire story was a lie. Israeli reporter II che Cohen investigated in detail

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moment that the story wasn't true. Another Israeli journalist time Lennon said, had this to say about ELI beer and the bull* of instore. Like any good Jew who sees the rich he thought about the money and told a story that does not exist. But this lie not only raised a ton of money for Eli beer did considerable now, is this just a conspiracy theory? Or is there any truth to this? Have you covered anything like this? Do you know about the story, so I haven't covered the specific

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organizations, charitable organizations or whatever they are, but in terms of the killing of children, and look, I am opposed to war I'm opposed to killing I'm opposed to hostages. So I don't support if if Hamas killed just shot innocent people that weren't IDF fighting with them, then I'm opposed to that, let absolute but in terms of the evidence, we've seen a large number, a large percentage, and we'll probably never know the actual percentage of those killed on October 7, were killed by the IDF in crossfire. And you mentioned the handable directive. This is a now fairly well known directive, although they didn't want it to be well known of the IDF of the Israeli government

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that if someone has taken hostages, you kill everyone, you kill the hostage your hostages, you kill the people taking them and you kill anyone around. Because the idea there, their conceptual idea is that it is useful, it is more useful to not have a hostage and to just kill everyone around than to try and, you know, deal with the hostage negotiations. So they first did this years ago and came up with this directive. And we saw it on October 7, which actually lasted through about October 9, where they arrived in tanks and we now have seen video of tanks, just shelling civilian

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facilities, civilian houses that were Hamas had hostages. And I think Hamas thought that those of them holding hostages thought they would be allowed to return to Gaza with certain number of hostages if they you know that Israel would make a deal with them. But instead, Israel showed up the IDF showed up and just blew up these facilities burning everyone inside in many cases. And so the babies they found that had been burned or burned by the IDF. And another another example of this is we've actually seen an interview with some of the tank gunners. It was actually supposed to be a pro Israel interview. It was of the female tank gunner group. So it was kind of these hero females from

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the Israeli perspective that were and you know, their 20 year olds, 21 year olds, and they talked about how they were driving these tanks, and they didn't really know what they were doing. And then they got to the place where the hostages were being held. And she says she was told to fire on the building. And she turned to her commanding officer and said, Aren't there civilians in there. And he said, I don't know, just fire. And she says, I decided not to fire the tank shells because there's civilians in there, but I fired my gun. So they were firing on civilian structures, and they knew it. And that is why we saw so many hundreds killed on October 7, when Hamas his plan was to take

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hostages, we've seen a lot of what I've just analyzing all of this and just getting more and more and more educated when this when this comes up

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is that the Zion is here, they usually have a script. And they go off many of these talking points like the one that you just refuted there. And a lot of these things, it takes a little bit more investigation, someone to come in look at and look at the other side, because I've seen that they're notorious for half truths. I call them spin doctors, sometimes just outright lies, things that are out of context. I'm going to give one example. And this is one of one of the one of the people that's debated. Many who are out there, and he just gets called out many times they don't get called out. But I want to commend this news commentator that she actually calls him out. Okay, so do you

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have evidence, you've seen a sign of a Jewish Voice for Peace member holding a sign that says clean Palestine of dirty Jews? That's a pretty remarkable sign, I feel like would have gone quite viral. If someone had some evidence of that.

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They clean clean is a Nazi term that was used in the 1930s and 40s. To refer to dirty Jews house, they will be free from the river. So you're saying you did not see a sign that said clean Palestine of dirty Jews. You're saying they saw the word clean? And you're reading into that? Of course, I'm reading into it when I see. Yeah. So in this situation, certain things are put out there, like he did saying that someone was they had signs as actually that was Jews for peace, use the Voice for Peace. Have you heard this of this organization?

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And he was trying to Yeah, go ahead. Yeah, Jewish Voice for Peace does great work. So that's Alan Dershowitz.

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said a pathetic human being who is, you know, a propagandist for Israel and propagandists for other horrible things such as Jeffrey Epstein. But he, he's arguing with Brianna, Joy Gray, she does great work. And yeah, he's he said he said himself, she got him to admit himself that he's reading into a sign that that he saw, but I always like to get past these. So let's say someone did see a sign that said something completely anti semitic, you know, get rid of the Jews or something like that. Well, okay, that's an anecdotal example of an idiot of an anti semitic idiot. It doesn't mean those don't exist. I'm sure those people exist in this world. And they probably have markers, and they probably

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make a sign sometimes. But that does not justify genocide that Israel is perpetrating. It doesn't justify anything. It is an anecdotal moron who is anti semitic. And in terms of the anti semitism, which, you know, one of Israel's greatest tactics, which they've used for decades is to accuse anyone is critical of Israel, of being anti semitic. I mean, Hell, they even will call Jewish people like me, who are anti Zionist, anti semitic, which again, is laughable. But

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so that's their thing is Don't call anyone criticizes Israel, anti semitic, but in fact, they are the ones making anti semitism in this world worse, because if you commit genocide, and you conflate and they intentionally conflate Israel with all Jews or Zionism, with all Jews, which it is not. These are two different things. Yes, it is a Jewish state. But there are millions of Jews around the world who do not support Israel's actions. Israel is an apartheid state, Israel's genocide their perpetrating right now. So Israel intentionally conflates Judaism with Zionism. And then this increases anti semitism, it confuses low information, people. And they think that all Jews are

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committing this genocide when that is 100% not the case.

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This next clip is from a Rabbi David, I had him on a program early I want this to hit home when you mentioned apartheid, racism, this is something now that people who say okay, this is the only democracy in the Middle East, what and whatever all the other, you know, Disney, like things that are portrayed with it. This is actually a rabbi who went out and he had his first instance and what have something opposite to that, and it led him into a state of cognitive dissonance. Let's take a look at this clip, and get your reaction to it. And then for people to really understand what they're supporting. I first went to Israel as a 19 year old young man, trying to find my place in

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the world coming to a place where I felt like whoa, you know, like Israel, that's, that's like my people's country, very first week, maybe the second or third day, I was in Jerusalem, I was walking down a street that's called Jaffa Street, and goes from the Jaffa Gate to Jaffa. And there's nice old stone shops and stuff. And there was a little boy, maybe six or seven year old boy, bleeding from his head, he must have cut his hand on a broken bottle, bleeding and crying. And then, and there was two policemen there. So I went to the boy. And I said, you know, come with me. And I took him to the policeman. And I said to the policeman in Hebrew, help help this boy. And they said to

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me, or I'm talking about is an Arab, do you know, just get rid of him? So that was my first experience?

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Have you seen things like this? I mean, you know, the videos go around. I've been to Israel twice. Once. Have you been to Israel? Have you? Have you experienced? Have you heard any stories like this? Well, not not specifically like that. But what I do have is, so I went, I went twice. I went as a teenager, when before I had understood what Israel was the apartheid state, everything else. And was that the right to return trip? Yeah. Then I did the birthright trip when I was 20. When I was 26. And I did understand what I was dealing with. I did understand that Israel was an apartheid state oppressing Arab people. And so I went with organize that time. And the reason I went was because I

00:29:25--> 00:30:00

figured, well, I want to see the reality. And the truth is you go on one of those trips, because it is funded by Israel in it. It is a propaganda showcase. I mean, it is the highest level of manipulation and propaganda. You spend time with the IDF. Many of these, many of the young men end up hooking up with women and the idea of you they use sleep deprivation, you've arrived jetlag and they allow you to hours asleep and then they get you up and force you to move on. So you are delirious. They use every every manipulation trip.

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In the book to get you obsessed with Israel or really endorsing Israel

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hilariously, we my group ended up being used for propaganda because they saw us sitting in a circle writing and notebooks and they use that photo on the cover of the main Israeli newspaper saying we were writing, you know, love letters to the prime minister or something. So it's just a parade of propaganda. It's just really impressive the amount of manipulation and propaganda that that I saw, I didn't actually witness abuse of Arabs but you know, that's because they try and hide that thing that that stuff.

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Last question is when the question is asked, Why have so many celebrities, politician influencers expressed strong support of Israel? And you give an answer to this wiser? Yeah, I just did a an eight minute video for breakthrough news, I hope people will check it out. But so many, and now look, many of the celebrities it is it is genuine. They don't understand what they're talking about. Many of them, they are Jewish, and much like I grew up in my early years, they think that Jewish people just support Israel, quote, unquote, and that's the end of the equation, they don't look into the reality. So there is some of that. But in terms of these influencers, many of the influence and

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it's been, it's been reported, you can find articles, many of the influencers were paid $5,000 After October 7, to make one video saying they support Israel $5,000 for your average influence, or really, your average human on this planet is a ton of money. And so to be offered that much money is just unbelievable. Then you have many of these pro Israel protests, where publicly we've seen offers of $250 per college student to show up at the one in Washington, DC. That is a lot of money to a college student. So it is tough to know the number of people that have been paid to make these statements and to be involved in this. But it is clearly a lot the amount of money that is dumped

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into creating support for apartheid and support for genocide is clearly a lot. And then you have a congress. Well, he's running for Congress in Michigan, and he made a video you can go watch it. I think his last name is Nassar. Maybe he was offered $20 million to drop out of the Senate race and run in the house against Rashida to leave, because she is the only Palestinian American in Congress. And she's the only one fully standing up for Palestinians in Congress. And he was offered $20 million I mean, unbelievable amount of monies, amount of money to manipulate the sentiment and the the talking points and the faces that are endorsing genocide.

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Last Last question, Lee camp. Tell us what would you what advice would you give for someone who's just there humanity's on and they're not liking what they're seeing? You know, they've been programmed over the years they watch a lot of mainstream media media, where can they go ahead and follow some of your work? And so they don't have to go through a long state of cognitive dissonance, you know, how should they look more into this to view this properly the way that so they can get the truth? I really appreciate that. Number one, step number one is turn off mainstream media. It's even if you think you're seeing through some of the manipulation you're probably not seeing through all

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of it, you people who leave it on are heavily manipulated. I spent my early 20s leaving it on in the background, thinking I was somehow learning something, you're learning nothing, you're you're just accepting garbage into your head, it just, it just takes a big giant dump in your brain is what it does. So that's step one. In terms of my stuff, most easiest way to find my stuff is Li l But like I said, I started a new show with breakthrough news. I hope people will check that out. And I'm on camp as well. But in terms of finding people other people that are doing great work you know, there's a whole long list of awesome people that I could give but I

00:34:03--> 00:34:34

will say many of them are at the media aggregate site rad are a D I N D I created it but it makes no money there's no paywalls it's just designed to show people news outside of the mainstream media so you know I do promote it because I think people need to wake up but I get essentially no money from it just loses money, but I did it anyway. So with Eleanor Goldfield so read in the

00:34:35--> 00:34:59

Thank you for speaking out. Thank you, thank you, but I want to come up with a lie but I can't do hello I'm Dr. Daniela and I'm so excited to be here at the Dean center. MashAllah which is under renovation. And I can't wait to see what's going to come and Charlotte there's going to be a data center. There's a masjid, there's a school and Islamic school, a gym and what we hope Inshallah, we'll also have a mental health part of this center as well in sha Allah. So I'm asking you to please make sure that you support

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This effort in sha Allah I really hope that it spreads and really the knowledge of astounded people get to know more about Muslims and Islam through this effort.

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I cannot leave without giving you a gift if you're not yet Muslim and you're tuning in to see what these Muslims are talking about, and you'd like a free copy of the Koran. Go and visit the deen We'll take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you. And if you still have some questions about Islam, call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll see you next time until then, Peace be with you as salaam alaikum