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Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The title of the Quran is the closest to the speech of Islam, and it is a reference to the teachings of Islam. Its significance in various ways, including its impact on the world, has been discussed, including its importance in creating the world and its beneficial impact on all citizens. The importance of Islam's actions and its impact on the world is also emphasized, along with its use of various eyes to measure its presence. The segment concludes with a request for the audience to make a beneficial change and receive daily blessings.
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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Muhammad Rasool Allah is Allah Azza wa salaam to Sliven cathedral cathedra

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The thing to remember is

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the Quran Al Karim is the actual speech of Allah.

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So the first thing to understand about this is the Quran is not Akita. The Quran is the kalam

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Kitab is later

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which the kalam was

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collected and it was written down and put together. But what came first was the speech of Allah Allah subhanaw taala spoke with a very solemn and Gibreel Islam spoke to us all night and Salaam and from the surah salaam we got the speech of Allah Samantha. So the Quran Al Karim, is the actual speech of Allah is Allah speaking. And Allah subhanaw taala speaking to us, so when you sit with the moose, if you are reading the Quran, when you hold it in your hand for a second stop and remind yourself that what I have in my hand is the actual speech of Allah Kalaam Allah

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the Quran Allah Kareem is the closest that we can get to Allah subhanaw taala in this life,

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because in this life you cannot see Allah. We ask Allah subhanaw taala for his roja to show Himself to us insha Allah in general for those we ask Allah subhanaw taala for this and inshallah we have hoped that Allah will show us and we will see a lot of potential. But until that time, we cannot see this life you cannot tell us. So

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the Quran is the closest we cannot see Allah but we can hear and listen to his color. I don't say specifically voice because it is not the question of why is it is the word of Allah monitor.

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So it is very important when you are studying the Quran. When you are learning to read the Quran, when you are memorizing it when you are reading the meanings on two continents do continuously remind yourself that this is not some ordinary thing. It is not a word it is not just some wise sayings by this one or that this is the actual speech of Allah. Just as an example of that Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola is above all examples? Supposing somebody beams down from outer space, right? Some planet

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a document, which is very highly sophisticated. Very important scientifically. If it comes down, what do you think is the value of that? That is incredible. There's no There's no, there's no Carper put a number on. For example, if you take the when when

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Neil Armstrong went to the moon and first boardwalk, and then he got some rocks and stuff on the wall. If you say what is the value of that moon rockets? You know, God knows 100,000 million dollars, because it is something from another dimension. Imagine what is the value of the Creator Himself. Gela is

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the one who created us, he is speaking to us. So have that sense of awe and majesty. Second thing is also this shows us that Allah subhanaw taala loves us.

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Otherwise, why should Allah speak to us? What is it all?

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Right, you live or die, who cares?

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As we sit here, and we are talking there are 1000s of children who have died in person

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who cares?

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Certainly not the leaders of the world who are complicit and who are culpable in that mass murder and genocide. They are the ones who are doing it and who are getting it done.

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But this is not Allah Subhan Allah subhanaw taala cares about his creatures. Allah subhanaw taala loves us a lot of loves the whole world he's he loves everything that he created. And that is the reason why Allah subhanaw taala sent human beings on this earth, not simply to live and die not simply to make money not simply to buy cars and homes, and lots of data centers to establish a way of life on the Earth, which is good for all the inhabitants of the earth. A way of life is good for human beings. A way of life is good for animals for the birds for the insects, for reptiles, or amphibians. Right a way of life that's good for the rivers, for the seas for the air for the trees

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for everything. Allah did not send us to destroy it didn't send us to kill. It didn't

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Send us to pollute it didn't send us to create toxicity he sent us to spread goodness that's why Allah swagger said in Niger I don't feel are the Khalifa another I've decided to send on the earth a Khalifa somebody to take care of the earth

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and that is why now okay so routers router sends you as the believer when you say okay I'm here what I don't know what to do,

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how much I do this. So that is why a lot smarter ascent is books

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and Alhamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala for us as Muslims, Allah subhanaw taala sent Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam as the teacher and he sent him with the book Al Quran LP

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So the Quran is somebody says how do you know? How can you how can you say Allah loves us? The Quran is evidence the Quran is proof that Allah loves us, because if Allah did not love us, there was no need to send anything we could have lived in the world, anyhow.

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succeeded, failed, live died, it would not make any difference anybody but Allah subhanaw taala did not just create us and abandon us. Allah subhanaw taala created us he ensured by sending us the Quran that we live a life which is beneficial for us because Allah subhanaw taala himself is

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Allah has Samad right Allah it has no need. Allah is free from all need.

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So even if the whole world right right now it looks like the whole world is ready to disintegrate and destroy itself right? This thing was everywhere, global warming and all kinds of stuff. Inshallah we asked we have the best hope in Allah subhanaw taala and we hope that people with power will get some sense and that this disaster which we are going toward won't happen, but the point is that Allah subhanaw taala created a an centers a system which if you follow then it will be something which is beautiful for all of us. Right? So that is the important thing to keep in mind. And

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remember that Allah subhanaw taala

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sent to Therefore when you read the Quran, now think of it like that I am reading this is Allah talking to me.

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So in the Quran, therefore when you when Allah says something, this is Allah subhanaw taala talking to me, Allah tomatoes telling me this is who I am. So there are two two or other three kinds of eyes in the Quran that I had which talk about Allah Himself geladeira Who is Allah, idle courses regular class and so on and so on.

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I add an individual athletic a little bit will work right, and so forth. Raha Oliver Quran so all of these are iron which are telling us about the glory and majesty of Allah Who is Allah, so that we recognize Allah subhanaw taala why is it necessary together because the only when we recognize the glory and majesty of Allah, then the glory of the kalam of Allah will also come into our hearts. Oh my God is Allah subhanaw taala SP, who is Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Well, he will tell you, he is the one who is speaking to you. So this is one set of eyes. The second set of eyes are about people about different kinds of people. Musala survival is the people of your own the people of

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Shuddha Dharma and so on and so on good people, bad people. Allah subhanaw taala saying sent us a whole lot of these stories, not for the entertainment value. Okay, let us talk about now stories of the Prophet store. We should do all that 100. But the purpose of that story is to show us that there were people like us before us who some of them did good and the good habit deserves, did evil, you will happen to them. So now it is our turn to live on the face of this earth. How should we live? Here? Here are examples live like Ibrahim alayhis salam Don't live like the brute live live was Ali Salam Don't live like you're out. Right? It just because Allah gave you some money and Allah gave

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you authority, don't start acting like fear out.

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Be humble, Be even with authority and money and so on. Be the be like use of a Salah he had all this.

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So this is for us lessons.

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And third is a set of iron, which are actually the laws what was the do with inheritance? What most how much they get married, how much they get divorced, if the divorce has to happen, what must happen? Right?

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All the all the outcome

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I want to worship begins with the worship of Allah. So I want to do Salah How must I do salah? What is the what is the way of doing that before solid purification? How was that? So all of these accounts okay.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala sent us another set of revelations which is like a second book, which we know as this one

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now offer so licenser This is called Verhey zire metro Verhey which is not recited in Salah, but that is also way so for example, I was rather I said it was salah, okay Musala tadley decree establish Salah for my ticket. So you see now Daniel says yes good hamdulillah inshallah I'm ready. How must I pray? That is not in the Quran that Allah did not give us the methodology of research stand up by saying Allahu

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Allah subhanaw taala taught this tour as well as our Salam who taught it to us.

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So he taught us how to pray, he taught us the entire method of it. He taught us the purification before we come into prayer, he taught us how to purify ourselves, small impurity major impurities. And then Allah subhanaw, Taala and asceticism, all of this will also ye all of this is also revelation drama nostalgia, right? So this is called where he read what the pupils or what you know, Hadees is not important. That's nonsense. Because without Hadees you cannot practice Islam

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is extremely, extremely important.

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But hadith is not the actual speech of Allah had this is what Allah subhanaw taala taught no is a Salaam and also Rosa Salam then taught it to us.

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So when I said Sir Luca Ito newsa Lee, these are the words of Allah. Okay, well Salah is whose word? Allah's word.

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Right? This is the one so I'm the love we have a religion which is connected with us, which is real, which is valid, which we apply and it gives us benefit.

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So we ask Allah subhanaw taala

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Jazak Allah Hi, thank you for spending the time with me and the law. May Allah bless you. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make this beneficial for all of us. I make dua that Allah subhanaw taala should fill your hearts and your lives with the Quran and make you living walking docking models of the financial right. And I request you to make dua for me also, when you do it in Shell, just like when Lokeren was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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