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My brothers and sisters Islam I love Sydney Mashallah

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our law he loves Sydney

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because of the Brotherhood because of the food

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because of the beautiful harbour

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and because of so many reasons but Allah that I don't want to show you, but you all know Mashallah, Sydney's a beautiful place. And Mashallah even though I can't see your faces you're all beautiful people Mashallah.

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But there is something we hate about Sydney.

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I'm sure you agree. And the lads laughing because I know he agrees.

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I know you agree with me? I think

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there's something we dislike about Sydney from our heart. Both the people that come here to visit and the people that live here, and you know what that is? It is that we are so divided.

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We are so divided.

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Everyone has their own group. Everyone has their own man. Everyone has their own membership card to their own mosque.

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Yeah, what is going on? You know, I have been to more than 40 different cities around the Earth Mashallah. And this is one of Allah's blessings upon me. But yeah, Allah have not found a city more divided than Sydney. I'm talking about the Muslims. No doubt Muslims worldwide are very divided people. May Allah unite our hearts together. But But Allah we are far more divided than many places here. We are divided upon racial lines, were divided upon nationality, we're probably divided by the color of skin, we possibly divided by

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our membership to a scholar, or our belonging to this mother, but that mother or to this particular part of our particular country, and Subhanallah, this division continues. But my brothers and sisters in Islam, this situation is a situation which cannot be laughed at or celebrated. This is a sign of weakness, as shown on the slide with me rahimullah says a sign that people are upon the truth. And the sign of an assumed melodrama is that they are united. And the sign of people that are going to be disgraced by Allah and that are defeated and that they are upon the wrong path is that they are divided.

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So why is it that the people who are upon the truth are the most divided people? How is it possible that Muslims be so divided when we have one prophet one Qibla one time for Salah Have you seen but Allah, a religion or a institution more perfect them the Salah one Eman says Allahu Akbar straight away a million people behind him say Allahu Akbar. If you don't believe me, go to MCC and go to Medina and breaker if they are there. As soon as the first Allahu Akbar comes straight away, everyone putting the food to the mouth. perfect unison perfect unity but Allah. So our religion teaches us to be one. Yet our surroundings we ourselves have become so divided. It reminds me of a

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situation in history in China, known as a time of the Three Kingdoms Have you ever heard of that? is actually a PlayStation game out. I don't play PlayStation. I don't own a PlayStation. I have seen PlayStations. And I've read about this game. It's a game called Three Kingdoms. It's about a time in 220 bc before the supposed birth of or the date of Christ.

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And in the year 220 bc that the kingdom that was ruling over China at that time was known as the Han kingdom. So in the year 220 BC, the Han kingdom was destroyed. And in its place came three separate kingdoms. They are difficult names to pronounce, so I'm not going to pronounce those names. But they're three separate kingdoms known as the time of three kingdoms. They lasted for approximately 320 years. Now, the time of the Three Kingdoms were a time of great, amazing richness, rich cultural varieties came out, you know, those heroes and the stories of the Chinese warriors and if you've seen them, you know, the the Chinese monster with this really blonde eyebrows that he just whacks

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you with his eyebrows and it kills you with it. You know what I'm talking about? It all came from the time of the Three Kingdoms. Because in the time of the Three Kingdoms, the great heroes of Islam, the great heroes of China came about people wrote mystical stories about how they would walk across water and fly across lands. Great heroes became no well known to people. They were fighters, they were warriors, and they were poets as well at the same time in Chinese Of course, but at what cost? At what cost at the cost of millions.

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And millions and millions of Chinese losing their life every single year, because the Three Kingdoms were constantly at war with each other, constantly fighting, constantly trying for more and more kingdom and more and more glory, constantly losing battles and then gaining some more. And this is how they lead their life for 320 years. And in the 320 years, they were attacked by other kingdoms around around them. So China was divided, and even a small country like Japan, wanted to invade them as they did in the World War Two.

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But when they became united, but Allah, look, the probably the chair was sitting on now is made in China. Probably my jacket was made in China except that invite from Target. Probably this podium is made in China Subhan Allah, they control so much of the life and the world that we have around us. Because why because they are one nation, one body, one unity. And when I saw the Olympic Games, and I saw the opening and closing ceremony, look at how China celebrated the Unity one nation, one oma one people one identity. My brothers and sisters is the same problem that China went through in the year 220 bc for the Three Kingdoms is exactly what's happening now.

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We have our own scholars, we have our own heroes, heroes, we call them now these are our scholars and shakes. These titles we have set up and they own their own territories. It's called a mosque.

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they own their own territories. Don't you dare take a mosque. Don't you dare give a hood binus Mosque because you're gonna take his territory. Don't you dare try and take his people to your own classes because guess what? You're taking us territory. My brothers and sisters Islam. When this territorial thinking entered into our Deen into our people, it broke us up. The day that Iraq was conquered Persia was conquered by the Muslims after the Battle of god this year. The Muslims laughed and smiled. But oh my god, Allahu anhu cried. So when they went to Omar and said Jamar, what happened? Why are you crying? He said I saw the treasures of the Persian Emperor's coming to us. But

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Allah the dunya never came to a people accept that because of it. They fought and they were divided. Yes or no? How true is that? This is why the authentic hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said, verily, I do not fear *er for you. Rather, I fear, I fear a Day when Allah will open the world to you. And because of this, you will become divided. So my friends were divided because of two reasons. Number one is the Chihuahua, which you've just heard of territory, wealth, dominion, power, kingdom, glory, honor, name, fame. All of these things are great things, attractive things. attractive, but love, we are able to fight for it, and fight to the death by Allah. Just go

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to any mosque election, and you will see what's going on. Go to the election of any committee of any mosque, or any committee of any organization that Allah has not blessed. And you see what I'm talking about the power struggle? Yes, Allah, the power struggle. in Birmingham in one of the mosques that I remember, an uncle had a heart attack during one of the elections that was going on. And when this uncle this poor uncle stood for elections, why in the world is done for elections, I don't know, with a poor heart. And he stood for elections, he had a heart attack, and the people were arguing and the parallel paramedics came, the people who wouldn't let the paramedics enter into

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the mosque, why kuffaar can enter the mosque.

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And one of them was a woman not covering her hair. So the poor uncle passed away,

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while still debating whether to let these people in or not divided individuals, but Allah divided when they're alive and divided upon the moment of death. Yes, sir, that

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my brother's distance, now, there is the desire split. And then there is the doubt split. The ship the ship who had nothing has divided us like the desires and the doubts, the shallot, and the shoe had. As far as I'm concerned. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that this oma would divide into 73 different sects. 73 different sex why the dividing because each one of them is self righteous. Each one of them thinks that they are upon the truth. Each one of them thinks that they are it they are the student.

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My friends, we know these days when Salman Rushdie calls himself Muslim. We don't agree with we tell him No, you're not Muslim.

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So just because someone calls and says, it doesn't make them, does it? No, but Allah, you have to walk the talk. You have to walk the talk. That's what makes a lesson on demand. My chef, may Allah have mercy upon him once we were in the mosque, and we were praying our salon we finished our Salah, they were leaving without actually praying, assuming the prayers intending, you know that we will go home and pray and we know about law that we possibly probably won't end up praying or sooner when we reach home. So a chef saw us and looked at us and he says no fake you want to be from Alison knowledge, Amar. And you do not hold on to the sooner Rasulullah salah

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and Allah that shook me into place. Do we truly believe we want to be from the people assuming that we don't follow the sooner

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we don't live the sooner in our lives. So my brothers, my brothers and sisters in Islam. Every group claims to be the IT group, the saved group, the helped group, the only group that will go to gender but Allah, the 7072 cents in the fire, and one set in paradise but Allah And because of this, unfortunately, these days, we have a huge number of coverage amongst them. It's how are you? Yes, you know, the hawala jar. Interesting that I'm talking about this now, you might be shocking into in your place. When I talk about this, the Hawaiians, my brothers and sisters, Islam.

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We're not the people simply that say that anyone who does a major sin that will enter into hellfire. That was one type of how to do you know, the Hawaii bridge actually consists of 12 to 14 different sets. The Hawaii bridge broke up into 12 to 14 different sets. The original coverage were one group united against other European law and when they it was added group, of course, when Anuradha Allahu anhu went

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out and made a peace deal with

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a part of the group it went against the law. Right, they were the original commodity united against Ali reunited against the Muslims killing Muslims. And that group used to believe that anyone who does a minor sin, or a major sin will come out of Islam. Because a man cannot be subdivided. It's one hole they used to say.

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Until they used to make their menstruating women pray. Why? Because they were afraid, oh my god. If they miss the Salah, they'll come out of slam. So they better pray. So just be cautious is pray even when you're menstruating as well. Well, you have to be loved, as even had your hand Allah mentioned his fertile belly.

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But do you know that the coverage broke up into 10 to 14 different sets from some of the coverage are also some people who are more GEA. Those who actually believe that if you do major sins, your Eman is still like the amount of Rasulullah Setsuna. The point I'm trying to make is that Hawaii is not defined about that by the belief in Eman. The coverage were defined as people who attacked Islam attack these people and attack the Eman show these days. We don't have any ma'am. We don't have one halifa. So can we still say their coverage? Absolutely. Because a group of people amongst us cannot tolerate any other fare other than them. A group of people amongst us unfortunately exist amongst

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us, and not just in Sydney but around the world. And they are so self righteous, so intolerant of any other group, that they cannot tolerate any other fear going on by Allah, they are the commodity of our time. These people are the coverage of our time for the attack Muslims, they attack the scholars, they attack other groups trying to do some hair but Allah they belittle it even though their Prophet said that.

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Do not belittle any small amount of good that anyone does. And the Prophet said, I have one verse even transfer from me, yet people belittle it. So you will find these people existing amongst us. My brothers and sisters, Islam do not follow this. Leave this misguidance the way of division and this unity and come back to unity. And what and upon one oma one Prophethood one message, one Qibla one Islam, come back to this path do not divide away from the people. And I say this with the strongest of words and the strongest of meanings, intentions but Allah do not divide.

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And by Allah do not become like the coverage, those who hate the hair that is happening. If the fair does not emanate from them. Those who dislike the fair that is happening.

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Because they are chefs not doing it, their mosque is not doing it. Their Institute is not doing it. They themselves are not doing it by law.

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How will the answer alone the day of judgment? What will they say when Allah says to them when Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us

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that every single people will be called by the Imams Yeoman una de que la una semi me him that they will call each people by the Imams which emammal they follow. Is it Rasulullah Salah mother own mustard Imam, or their own chef that they have made into heroes, heroes now that the bad until my brothers and my sisters Islam break all of this, come back to believing and becoming true believers. Who are the true believers, the true adherents of Islam, true Muslims who are there. There are people who Allah talks about in verse 157, in Surah Baqarah what Allah Subhana Allah tells us what a man truly is, and who true believers are and who have been truthful to Allah and to the amount that

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they have uttered from their mouth. Who are they lacell belong to a loo table mushroom, Maverick. Voila, Kenobi Rahman, Amana Bella, he will melodica to Nikita who to the people who are near to them, and to the poor and to the orphans miskeen and those who are in slavery, right. And then Allah continues and he mentions those who establish the Salah. While you keep on Masada up masala Chaka they're the ones who established as the sada and this occurred while mu foo.

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And they are those who are truthful to their covenant and the word was sabi rune and they and they are the truthful ones, those who are patient upon when the best sir under the law when the difficulties of hardship touched them, then Allah says Allah equal Latina sada who they are the ones who have been truthful, the student ojama are in agreement that this verse is an understanding what a man truly is. This verse shows that the man is not only belief, but it is also statements of the tongue and actions of the limbs. Don't you say? You're a believer just because you call yourself a Muslim? Don't you say you're a believer because you're wearing a soul when you're wearing a hijab,

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my beloved brother and sister in Islam, but a believer is someone who has it in his heart and shows the actions of his limbs and on his tongue. Such is a true believer, my brothers and sisters in Islam.

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And there is another verse

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Mohammedan Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam one lady in America who

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she wanted to follow him Albania albino. Those who are with Rasulullah Salim they are difficult with the enemies of Islam, but merciful with the people amongst the mercy of Mohammed, Mercy.

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Mercy, my brothers and sisters in Islam, where is the mercy? Where is your mercy towards your brother and sister in Islam? Where is the mercy that you've shown to the scholars of Islam? Where is the mercy that you showed to me? Where's the mercy of shown to my family? Where is the mercy that you've shown to each other my friends, mercy, mercy, mercy. Do you know who are the people that are merciful, merciful people love each other merciful people look over other people's mistakes, merciful people, merciful people are kind to each other. merciful people do not talk about their mistakes. My brothers and sisters lamb never does a person in our community do some something wrong.

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Except that the very next day the everyone from the last person to the other person hears about it.

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But Allah the last person, the first person in the community hears about it.

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We like to spread tales and we divide

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and but Allah this divides the community, and especially when it's a hot topic when it comes to people that are well known in our community, we will spread the tale. Yet some of the scholars of the past citizen was here Alhamdulillah rahimullah who was a great scholar and one of the kingdoms one of the philosophers of the previous time. And he was a was he was a minister as well as a scholar Islam and he and he was well known because he explained the Hadith Rasul Allah says Allah man you read the law to be fair and effective at this one Hadith The one who Allah wants good for Allah will give them fit of the religion and explain this heavy in no less than 20 volumes. So the

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scholar Islam he said, when you hear something about the oma that you don't like, do not spread it.

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Do not spread it. Why? Because every word that you utter about this fitna, or this mistake that someone from the oma of Mohammed Salah Salem has done is Ieave upon Muslims, I am upon believers and we are a noble people. Allah

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made so we can lead mankind not be slaves for mankind. So people who are leaders and the people who are meant to be the noble people, you don't speak about them in a rude way. So don't speak about one of the believers thinking that it's okay. It's when the muscle how are we preventing the harm that this person is doing? The fitna that this person is causing but but Allah, this intention of ours, so called noble intention has divided our community. No less does a person do something wrong? Yet we love to spread that. And we further divide the community up.

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But But Allah we think we're doing right? And is not jahannam paved by good intentions is not the road to jahannam paved with good intentions. But Allah Of course it is. Of course it is. It's paved with good intentions. Every single Mukhtar there thinks is upon the right, and he's doing something right. And he's doing it to please Allah. The Road to jahannam is paved with good intentions, my friends, do not fall into that road. Do not be of those people who talk about the problems in our community and try and love to spread it. Do not be of those people who get together and rendezvous with your friends at the cafe and talk about Oh, did you know that chef divorced his wife, or that

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particular chef did something something whatever, or did you see that particular picture of that chef or newspaper when they spoke about him being this was being him being that Eva like I gave up on the oma Mohammed says Allah do not spread this keep quiet about it.

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And do not be of the hawara to divide.

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My brothers and sisters Islam.

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Truly, my brothers Islam there is a methodology for us uniting. And these are my last words to you from this talk that you I hope you go back with

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the message and the means of uniting our oma is not a very difficult way. Though, though. Of course it's really difficult to unite the oma but the methodologies are very simple two step methodology. When the angels asked Allah Atocha Allah Fie her my youth Sufi her ways people demand Oh Allah you're going to send on this earth, a creation that is going to spill blood be divided and kill themselves and spread mischief on this earth. What did Allah tell them?

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In Alibaba Allah tala mon verily I know that what you don't know meaning I have a divine plan. What was the last divine plan to stop this unity? What was Allah His divine plan to stop people becoming disunited? What did he say? Well, Allah,

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Allah, Allah taught mankind knowledge, knowledge was a last way, the first divine step by which Allah will unite the people and prevent them from killing themselves and spilling blood and mischief on this earth is through knowledge. What Allah, Allah until Adam became better than the angels because of knowledge and until they were told to prostrate to him. So the first advice that I have for you is knowledge. l my friends, become people of knowledge, become people who are knowledgeable, learn, become educated. The more you learn about the deen doesn't matter which must be going to doesn't matter which Institute you're going to learn about love become more educated. It is the

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ignorant ones who hate each other It is the the knowledgeable ones that love each other. People of knowledge are closer to each other people ignorance, they cannot tolerate each other. So gain knowledge and become knowledgeable people people have value. And then after that, remember that the Arabs of the past I'm talking with the original Arabs of the desert. They intended to show the relationship, the strong relationship between knowledge and action. So they use the same three letter words. What is L except I'm lamb knee and what is ml? Except I mean, just a simple rearrangement just to show you the strong relationship between knowledge and action. That Indeed, it

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is as in hustle and bustle he said that he metal album and metal jewelry wire. He said, the worry of the scholar is how to act upon the knowledge and the worry of the jail is how to pass on the knowledge who shall pass it on to

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it is it is truly my brother's Islam as this is Islam action that must follow knowledge that must follow it. It is for this reason why am Rahim Allah He says in his steps of how to gain knowledge number one, he says go and learn.

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Okay, simple enough. Number two, it says act upon it. Number three, he says teach it

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and these are all steps to what to gaining knowledge. My friends knowledge is not

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Not just for the sake knowledge is sought for action.

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It is for this reason why the scholars say if you seek knowledge, intending knowledge itself, knowledge will not come to you. If you seek knowledge intended action, that indeed knowledge will truly come to you and benefit you. Otherwise you will be like that donkey that carries books on its back and leaves nothing but a huge mark on its back.

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So my friends, the divine way in order to come close to Allah subhanho wa Taala. To avoid being disunited, to become one body, one oma one people is what is knowledge and action.

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Learn the deen and then act upon it but Allah and you will find the hearts coming together.

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If you become knowledgeable, you will stay away from shuhada shallotte. When you start when you stay away from shubho heart and when you act upon it, you stay away from Misha Hawa. And but Allah she will happen what is what's the Euro disunited us? So therefore, if you unite upon this on this simple methodology but Allah, you will find this community becoming far more united. We've gone wrong somewhere, but we can still make amends and become united. May Allah subhanho wa Taala. Bring a day before I die, when this community is the most United Community after I have seen it with my eyes, it is one of the most disunited communities. May Allah bring a people a generation, a group of

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youth, who will truly hold hands and who will not be misled by by people talking against each other. Yes, machines will always talk against each other who cares? They're all people anyway, let them talk. Machine I've got nothing better to do sometimes they when they have too much time to talk against each other. So when machine is talking against each other, what do you do you close the books upon them? It is for this reason why is for this reason what Allah says in Surah, Allah, Allah, He says in volume number two, around about the mid mid pages between the middle pages of between the first 100 pages he says, I have seen the scholars have genuine Daddy, when the cron

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speaks about the cron they used to close the books against each other meaning what when one scholar in one generation speaks about against badly against another scholar in the same generation. We don't listen to him. Why conflict of interest? Of course, that guy's got his students I want his students speak out against him perhaps they'll come to me.

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I'll have more people. More people means more fundraising. More fundraising means more money for my mosque. More money for my mosque means more salary for me. Of course much I have not so low to think like that. But but a lot they're also human beings.

00:27:42--> 00:28:06

So don't become disunited by this. Stay away from the differences of those people who like to differ, come and unite upon knowledge and action and Allah subhanho wa Taala make you from the most strongest people united upon the truth, that no one can divide and no one can break by law. Because truly that is what Allah had said. And Allah intended when he said, and with this verse I finish in Munich, verily, believers are nothing but brothers.

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Walking with the one on hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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tofik and

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we're not introduced Jeff Novick chadway. I never gave him his rights. never mentioned that he's a man that likes to party. Okay, so Amanda loves partying and I know Amanda loves party hub, as I was told she's so more about this party in Harding. Sharla chef has a little party plan for all of us in Shaolin. Apparently I was invited and all of us inshallah, to chef tell us more about this party inshallah.

00:28:46--> 00:28:48

inshallah, that will be happening as we speak okay.

00:28:49--> 00:28:50

Brothers and sisters

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i'm not i'm not a very serious person. I'm really fun loving. And yes, exactly as you said, I love to party will come to the life to come to my house. It's a big party everyday. loves that. Absolutely. This is why it's a mess. But we try and clean it up hamdulillah after our five children Mashallah. All right.

00:29:11--> 00:29:35

Man, I am I'm part of a large group of brothers and sisters around the world, spanning across six continents, Mashallah. Known as the mercy mission movement. The mercy mission movement is a movement based upon the Quran and Sunnah. were no less than about 11 different organizations come together

00:29:37--> 00:29:42

to form a group in order to educate the oma and then to bring them back to action.

00:29:43--> 00:29:59

And this is called mercy mission. You will hear about this group in the future in Charlotte, Allah wills. We are not operational in Sydney as yet, though you have one of our educational arms active here, which is known as our Cultural Institute, which delivers weekend courses you might have heard of them in sha Allah

00:30:00--> 00:30:12

And of course I deliver courses with a culture where some of you may have seen me. One of the projects that we are launching now is called the world house party day because falling after me because I really love to party.

00:30:13--> 00:30:16

Right and we want the world to party in hallelujah. inshallah.

00:30:17--> 00:30:36

You see, the problem is when people upon facade and fitna Take, take certain words, and make these words their own, they define it. So when the Kufa took the word interest, they've defined what interest means, when they've taken the word terrorism, they define what terrorism is, I'm not going to let them use the word party. I'm going to define it.

00:30:37--> 00:30:57

I'm going to own the word party. So we have called it the wall house party day, what is it about? What is the single biggest danger to Muslims at the moment in the West, it's called Islamophobia. The single single biggest problem that we have is that people as soon as I tell the first word, Muslim, what do you say? What second word?

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terrorism? You see, the problem is not so much that the non Muslims, the second word they think of is terrorism. As much as you all sitting here, as soon as I say the word Muslim, you'll all tell me the second word is terrorism, isn't it? That's a big problem. Not only the Muslims are saying it, but even the Muslims have been programmed into thinking second, what is terrorism?

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And that's Islamophobia. How are we going to tackle Islamophobia? Well,

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what does Islamophobia mean? Well, they think we're dirty. They think that Muslims are not fun loving people. They think Muslims are hard hearted, very difficult. They, you know, terrorists know that, you know, the look of the terrorists like that, you know, have you ever seen a smiling face of a terrorist in a picture now, it's always a very serious looking in a heart, that sort of face. So we said, You know what, let's change the image of Muslims. So we're going to, on the 15th of may launch a day called the world house party day where we want each one of you, each one of you, or one amongst every 10 of you, or one among 75 of you to have a party in your house. Just That's it, just

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a party could be a barbecue could be a big function that you do. It could be a mosque that you that you book out, and you have a big Food Festival, or whatever it is that you hold, of course, you bring the meat, and you provide the drinks as well, and the bread as well. And the sauce as well, please. Okay, so to have a big party in your house, then whoever comes to the party, we want you to charge them. Please don't take the money yourself. But put the money into a pot into a big pot that we're going to use

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to use Ramadan as a very huge campaign worldwide to tackle Islamophobia. What are we going to do in Ramadan? Well, we are going to buy TV space on major TV channels, we're going to buy

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the media space on 150 to 200 major buses worldwide on different in major countries, buses, right major buses that are running the most important routes in that country in that city.

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We are going to buy media space on some of the most important billboards in the city, in some of the most major important cities around the world.

00:33:14--> 00:33:55

We're going to give a lot of gifts and presence to children's hospitals, we're going to give a lot of food and and stuff to various different organizations that are doing good. And generally helping the people basically what we want to do is on the 15th of may show that we are people that party. And in Ramadan, we want to show our giving nature and a humane nature. And this is exactly the objective of world house party day to tackle Islamophobia. we're tackling it at the beginning of the year by showing that we are people that love to party and the end of the year, which is towards Ramadan, we want to hit the streets and the high streets with the biggest thing. So we're going to

00:33:55--> 00:34:39

distribute toys, and we're going to get billboards, I will decorate hundreds of buses, right? Can we turn to the next page, please? We're going to and of course, we come to how you're going to make it happen. We need 200,000 we don't want to ask you for money. We don't want your money. Now. What we want you to do is take that $100 but have a party with it. With $100 you could actually invite probably, you know what? 20 people depending on how much they eat. You could probably invite 20 sisters to what 15 brothers of course. Alright, but charge them money charge them $10 charge $20 $20 is more reasonable $10 is peanuts these days, right? So $20 charge them $20 tell them the money goes

00:34:39--> 00:34:43

into a pot and our aim is to raise 200,000 so we need 1000 people

00:34:44--> 00:35:00

to have parties in their homes, each putting in $20 for each people's over 1000 people hold parties to educate people about the ambitious campaign and we raise at least $200 from each party. We will raise our target. This is happening around the world. We are now going

00:35:00--> 00:35:14

to pilot this campaign in UK and then next year we're going to pilot it around the world but we have people around the world that are raising money for this and and and piloting it while we politic in UK because a number of reasons number one because

00:35:16--> 00:35:54

m m UK which is mercy mission UK we have been approached to become a faith partner for the Olympic Games. So if you become a partner for the Olympic Games, then Mashallah we get to push Islam at the Olympic Games, which is a huge thing. Imagine having Islam plastered all over everywhere in the Olympic Games in every Olympic games as well, because you get it in one Olympic Games you get through in every Olympic Games is a huge, huge thing. So help this pilot work in UK, so that the very next year it will happen in Australia and around the world. Secondly, the Mersey mission countries will support the campaign first, best will be the first countries to actually have this

00:35:54--> 00:36:33

large campaign. And lastly, regardless, the 2010 pilot, there are some great prizes to be won, like what? Well, I believe there's some Lotus cars and all these sort of, you know, this cars. Have you seen the cars? Yeah, they're really large, beautiful cars to be won and some other prizes. You can go to the website and find out what the prizes are in Sharla. Next page, please, we're coming to the end. So my brothers and sisters Ma'am, we want you to take part in this in order to help us come to the Olympic Games. And of course work towards free has an add by having a party that's all you're doing. Having a massive party in your house, enjoy your day, be with friends, you know how many

00:36:33--> 00:37:03

people you haven't caught up with? So invite them all but when they come Can I have your wallet please? Okay, so just go just go party.com go to this website please write it down or put it into your into your phone right now. Go there, register yourself register your party, raise money for this and attack Islamophobia head on. We're going to do this every year. We're going to have massive campaigns, massive campaigns to do this inshallah. And once you're helping to make it successful Zakouma