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The history of Islam is discussed, including the implementation of Islam as a criminal code and the use of blood money to save lives. The use of images to inform people of consequences of actions and the history of the use of slavery. The importance of learning to deal with difficult situations and being prepared for them is emphasized. The use of the Quran with their heart and soul is also discussed, as it is crucial for achieving understanding and knowledge. The issue of mass murder and the problem of human beings spending too much money on evil and illegal sexual projected on children is also discussed.

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fill out another human hungry little bit Alameen wa salatu salam ala Asha, Philomena Eva mousseline, Muhammad Rasul, Allah is Allah Allah He lied and he was Abu Salah,

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the Sleeman, Kathira and cathedra from Allah do my brothers and sisters, we are on the story of Yusuf Ali salaam which Allah subhanho wa Taala called external causes and

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we as we saw the

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of what they

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are, what his brothers did

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to him usable etc. So now

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the purpose of all stories I mentioned before and I mentioned again and again is for us to learn lessons from them. The stories are not just for us to listen to and say how wonderful they are.

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So he said here that Rizzoli Salomon Brothers the day most of them wanted to escape him

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but one of them was within quotes kinda then the others he said let us not kill him let us just throw him down down into a well and

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obviously if you throw somebody run into a well then they usually die. Right? I mean, they either die because there's water they drown or they just die because they fall into the well and you know, the crime their skull or break their back or something. But of course Allah is the One who Allah wants to save Allah saves. So Allah subhanho wa Taala caused us what is haram to fall very gently. This was a lesson observed in the Vedas salaam, Lord, he wanted his wing

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whatever be the case, Allah's wrath and knows best and Allah subhanaw taala give him courage a lot, right? And I said to him,

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Allah said to him, don't worry. He said, No, not worry Allah subhanaw taala will

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will help you follow mazahub will be here as well as your i Lo Fi via joke Baba or hyena II, learn to not be another whom be Amory him, are homeless or own. Allah says when they took him away, they all agreed to throw him down to the bottom of the well and we inspired in him, Allah subhanaw taala

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central hate to just what he said and Allah said, Indeed you shall one day inform them of this affair when they will not know you, they will not recognize you. So this is our last martela gives support to the hearts of his MBA masala and to whoever believes in Him as our colony of insha Allah when they are in dire danger and dire need so that they remain steadfast and firm and they don't run away and they are not afraid.

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Then Allah Samaritan as Elijah who abou whom are Aisha, I will goon Fallujah Abba yoga in the hub nah nah stubby Oh, whatever I can use so far in the matter I kind of

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warmer that'd be more meaningful meaning more money Lena

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Whoa, cool. Now saw the team

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where jell O Allah come easy with them in Kazim kala balsa wallet la calm and Busan Amron for sunburn Jimmy Allah who's the Han wala amount of the phone and they came to their father in the early part of the night weeping. So in the evening, they came and they were crying all these crocodile tears pretending and they said our father we went

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racing with one another and we left us of by our belongings, and a wolf ate him up devoured it. But you will never believe us even when we speak the truth. And the British shirt stained with false blood and Tao delay Salam said no, but you your own selves, you yourself have made up a tale. So for me, patience is most fitting sovereign Jameel and it is Allah alone, whose help can be sought against that which you search.

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This is a beautiful Majan the

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the state and the grief of the aqualisa labs for some Orangevale Allah was died. Allah Moto Z phone now.

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Yeah, what is the last dilemma was that he could do nothing against his own son, what would you do? We can't, you know, you cannot imprison them. You cannot execute them. You cannot punish them, but they are also his sons. So he said, Well, I will have server and that's the best option for me and I will ask a Magellan Alalu to help me

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that the story continues a caravan came by and they saw the wells they

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So one of the one of them meant to draw water from the well thinking that there is water but the well was dry. But usually, when the bucket was lowered usable Islam he held on a clung to the bucket, and came out of the well.

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The man was delighted because he knew that he could sell him for a good price as a slave in Egypt. So talk about falling from the frying pan into the fire kind of thing.

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From this, well, now he is looking at life as a slave, and that is literally it's like, when slavery is worse than death. It's, it's a terrible, terrible situation to be in. That's why Islam, slavery is prohibited. And the the expiation of murder, for example is one is to free a slave, because a slave is considered dead. So you bring a man back to life by bringing him back from slavery by freeing him from slavery. And of course, the other explanations is, is the which is blood money or of course the person can be completely freed by the family of the person who is murdered by his victim's family if they should if they wish to do that for the sake of one last round of data. And

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of course the final punishment if the person is guilty is execution. Anyway that's on a side note.

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But the point I'm making here is that becoming

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becoming savings

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in terms of savings if we look at you know

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not saving what am I saying? Slavery? It is in Islam it is private now.

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The story continues with ya see ya rotten father Solu Wadi the home for Adela de la who call Bucha Hola, very happy. What sort of rule who with our attend while long Riley mambi Maya I'm alone will shadow be someone in

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boxin Daraa Hema tiene waka and Wolfie Mirza he did Bacala dish Tara who Misurata Lim Marathi he creamy masala who Eisah I even thought oh not that either. What are the workers early workers early got

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nearly use of fill out of the Wali no I really do I live who mean that we had these wala who live in Isla de Waal, Keaton axon Nancy Lai Allah moon.

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Allahu Allah, when Allah

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Subhan Allah, Allah, there came a caravan of travelers, they send their water draw somebody to get water. And he laid down his bucket into the well and use what he gave up in the bucket. He says What good news here is a boy. So they hit him as merchandise as a slave and Allah was the all knower of what they did. And they sold him for a low price for a few grams that is for a fusible guys, and they were of those who regarded him as insignificant. And he a man from Egypt, who bought him said to his wife, Make his stay comfortable, maybe he will profit us or we shall adopt him as a son. Does did we establish Yusuf Ali Salaam in the land that we might teach him the interpretation of events,

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and Allah has full power and control over his affairs, but most of people do not know. So these people there's all

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usually salah.

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I mean, they got him they got a very good price for him but Allah said that they sold him for a small price because they did not know who they had in their hands. Now they regarded him as insignificant they didn't realize who's fully Salah is right. So it's one thing for example, that there was a way to understand this is very simple that supposing somebody has the code, you know, not in its current form in the original form, or the Jacobs diamond or something. And this person sells this thing for $10,000 You won't say well, you know $10,000 is a lot of money, but compared to the value of the store $10,000 is peanuts. So if you have a stone if you have a you know, a

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solitaire, diamond or rock, which is worth 10 million and you sell it for 10,000 10,000 itself, you might feel oh, you know, I got a good price I got $10,000 but you could have got 10 million The thing is worth 10 million. So here of course obviously we are not talking in terms of the price of human life, there is no price for human life.

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And on top of that, somebody who is like who's very salah, who is an a viola and one of the greatest of the obvious MBIA was salam. So they didn't realize obviously these people did obviously how will they know the they were selling a little boy bad enough as it was. So

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they regarded him as insignificant. Now

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there are there is one of the service ally and he said that three people had very good philosophy Very good. You know, they had foresight. One was a person was the person who bought usually Salah because this man he, he said that this giant will be beneficial for us. So He said that was our salary salary. And he said that three people are great for us. Great foresight. One was the man who bought us when he Salam the second one was a daughter of the man in Medina who went to her father and told him to hire Musa li set up. So whether this was already set up or not, we don't know. But anyway, this is the the lady who told her father to hire Musa alayhis salaam. And obviously she had

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great foresight. And then also he said that I will look over your landlord, who appointed Uber to be the default of your landlord. He also had great philosophy he also had great

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Now, the lesson is Allah subhanaw taala wanted to establish His will is a lab in Egypt. And so he does the put him through tests and hardship. Allah subhanaw taala autosource SLM and the Sahaba through tests because he wanted to establish them in the land. He put Musa Lisa ran through tests and hardship to establish him. So Allah subhanaw taala puts us through tests so that we get the experience of dealing with difficulty

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and we learn how to take good decisions. Today, the OMA is underway hardship because Allah subhanaw taala wants to

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inshallah establish us in the land, but we must prove our mettle and worthiness in this test by living by his law.

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Now think about this.

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We cannot pass the test of Allah subhanaw taala by disobeying Allah subhanaw taala what we need to do is to make as the foreign Toba and to come back to the deen to come back on Islam to become firm on Islam. That is what we learned was not you know, not not not going away from the deed and leaving the deen and doing things which are, which are haram. Now the lesson is for us also to understand is that Allah subhanaw taala trained Musa Ali Salaam in the house of Iran in the place of authority, because he is teaching them how to deal with authority, he was teaching of leadership, you can't learn leadership in the House of slaves, you can learn leadership in the House of the other ruler,

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the monarch of the king, in the case of usury, CERAM he was trained him in the house of Al Aziz was the he was like the Prime Minister and the

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the treasurer or the

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the person who control the finances of the kingdom. And then there was one that I said and when he usually set up attained full manhood, we gave him wisdom and knowledge which is prophethood and thus We reward the most you know, what am I bad ah, should the Who are they now Hawkman Wilder, look at that he can add ZIL Masini Allah subhanaw taala mentions hope, Manuela good judgment and knowledge, having the knowledge and the understanding of it, the two are not the same. The two are not the same. Rossano Sandstrom said you may have knowledge and give it to someone who understands it better than you had, this is a very important thing to understand. It doesn't automatically mean that just

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there's because you have knowledge that you always are the best person with that knowledge because you may not be. It may be that you have the knowledge, but somebody understands it better than you. Now, a good example of this is

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that Imam Abu Hanifa Hunter Lally.

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He used to have his classes were very, in our current context, these classes were far more modern than most of our classes are

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about 100 ultimately used to teach by asking questions by what we call you, like giving products kind of thing. And he had his students were not called his, his talaga or to LA or his meridian. They were called his boss. I mean, they used to call them Levi the mambo when he first companions now, and that's because he treated them like that he treated him like his equals. Now he used to teach them in concert, so he would present an issue for a debate, and then people would give their opinions and then he would deliver his own verdict. He would also share his opinion. He didn't just come and go

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As you know, I learned about, for example, taught in our student leader to a student teacher relationship

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where they gave rulings and people noted them doubt. But remember how he found the law was different used to ask questions.

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And let people talk about that, and so on and so forth. Because he was teaching them you This is the beauty of, of the teaching, of teaching in that method, because you are simultaneously empowering the students to learn you're not just leaving them by themselves. And then they just memorize what you told them. But you're teaching them to think you're teaching them to do it to the derivation. So how do you derive this answer? What do you what did you when you rule? What were you thinking? How did you come to that? answer all of these come because he puts them into the actual situation. So one day, there is there was a scholar who used to sit in his council and his buddies. He mentioned a

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hadith. And Abu Hanifah Rahmatullah. He said, Hamdulillah. I thanked him, and he said, but I did not know this hadith. Then a woman came and asked a question to that scholar

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who gave this hadith? And the man said, I don't know the answer. Allah knows best. Well, Hanifa Abdullah said I know the answer and to give the US the scholar asked him, How do you know the answer? He said, from the Hadith you just mentioned. So you may have the data, but not the understanding. So now, the, the issue is that Mambo Abu Hanifa Angela Lee, when he heard the Hadith, he was able to understand it and perceive it at a very different level, from the man who simply narrated it, so many times we see things that made me say things. For example, people like to quote other people. The other day, one of my good friends, he said, that he was talking about

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how do you connect to the last 100? So he said that, if you said,

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Milan, Rome,

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Italy, he said he one of his boards, he said that if you

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if you read the Quran with knowledge, you will, you will only have the words. But if you read the Quran, with your, with your with your heart and your soul, then you will have an understanding of it and you will get close to Allah Samantha. So I asked him, I said, What does it mean to say, read the Quran with your heart and soul? How to do that?

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He didn't know. So the My point is, well, the issue is, whether I know or not, may Allah may Allah, Save me from myself and save us all from ourselves. The issue is that it's not just the words, you say, well read the Quran with heart and soul. What does it mean? How do I read the Quran without that unless I learned that that's the reason why that'll be so important. Because then you went to the zoo, they taught you how to actually do this. Right How to actually read the Quran with heart and soul meaning, read the Quran, as if this is being

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it as if ALLAH is talking to you,

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as if the news of the Quran is on your heart. And I have been on rallies to say that his father would say to him, his father had sent him a goal that everybody here to recite a certain part of the Quran, a 123, whatever juice, and he said, I used to read. And as I was residing, my father would be walking up and down, you were either sitting on the terrace of the house or somewhere. And the father, his father would walk up and down while he completed the recitation and his task as a boy was that he should not leave that place until he completes the resolution. So you said I was sitting and reading my father's walking up and down. And then his father stopped and he said that you will

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never understand the Quran until you read it as if it is being revealed to you, as if the muzzle of the Quran is happening to you on your heart. That's the meaning of reading with your heart and soul. We read it in a way where you feel that this is Allah talking to me.

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So therefore, what must I do?

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The recitation of the reading of the Quran must result in a change of life for me.

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If that is not happening, then it doesn't matter. You can have the most perfect as you even have the most perfect telephones and the most perfect

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you know,

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a tune or recitation. Lohan is the Quran is not a song. There is not a it's not a raga that you have to sing in particular to. The Quran is the kalam of Allah subhanho del

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Sol. And that's why we say data is not information. Information is not knowledge and knowledge is not wisdom.

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Data is not information alone, random bits of information rather it has to be organized and information once it's organized. is not knowledge because knowledge comes from understanding and knowledge is not wisdom because wisdom

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When comes from experience, the wisdom comes from actually practicing that knowledge. Not not from even knowing the hookman were Elma is good judgment plus knowledge. And they are the most important ingredients of leadership, when one is lost at the expense of the other person failed as a leader. And the country's also failed in the same way, where good judgment is lost, even though knowledge is there. Today, if you think about that, see the state of the world.

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It's a terrible tragedy, that some of the most barbaric things

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in the world by action in the world wars and mass killings and so on, are done by the most intelligent people. And by the most educated people, I would say intelligent by the most educated people. Right? Take, for example, the amount of money that is spent on manufacturing of weapons of mass destruction. These are highly highly technically complicated, highly sophisticated things, these people are not simply, you know, making clubs to bash somebody's but somebody over the head with

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these are extremely sophisticated weapons, extremely sophisticated weapon systems, not as weapons, which in which involve artificial intelligence, and while the trauma is involved all kinds of very high technology.

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You and I know that that weapons technology is usually far ahead of whatever we find in the civilian world. So if you are looking, for example, GPS tracking systems today, which have become standard, standard,

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you know, standard operating systems and,

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and standard fixtures, in most cars,

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the way they originated in the military.

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And later on, they came to the very high end cars, and then now you know, even the not so high end cars out there, we have also the handheld things topped off and whatever. So the point is that the thing about desert here is a bunch of people who are extremely well educated,

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highly, highly coveted, dealing in very, very advanced technology, and what are they doing? What is the result of all that actual death, mass death. The purpose of all of those is to see how many people and we're not talking about here about this, these are manufactured specifically for killing human beings. They also kill everything else, but the point is they're not for example, they're not manufacturing them for killing flies or mosquitoes. So for human beings, so, the goal of all that is to see how you can create something which can give you maximum amount of deaths per bank.

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And we call this being intelligent, we say we are the most intelligent, the most advanced of all civilizations, that cave and our and our crowning glory and our caring graces that the maximum amount of money we spend is on manufacturing ways of murdering each other of mass murder.

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That intelligence

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compatible, this is not my opinion, this is fact right? Compare the expenditure global expenditure on weapons manufacturer not even talking about sales, sales is even more manufactured. Get that data compare that with amount of money spent on space exploration, amount of money spent on cancer cures. Right now we are the middle bits of COVID amount of money spent on COVID amount of money spent on to to prevent infant deaths, amount of money spent on geriatric care the amount of money spent on general health care for people, amount of money spent on general education for people.

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Just think about that.

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We have people who are drowning in debt, because they want to study

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and we are throwing money like there is no tomorrow and there will be no tomorrow if that if that happens. Creating weapons of mass murder.

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This is the problem with Heckman while

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just the knowledge compared with knowledge with Hikmah with wisdom. Anyone who has wisdom will never use his or her knowledge and education and technical their technique and technology for anything which is evil and there's nothing more evil than what

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someone does rather than our tells us about the trials and tribulations of usable asylums youth. I'm just going to go through that very quickly and inshallah next class we'll look at them in far more detail. Allah Sarah and she in whose house he was sought to say

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she closed the door that she said Come on. And he invited him. He said I seek refuge in Allah. Or may Allah forbid distinct truly, your husband is my master. He made me comfortable here he made my stay agreeable. So I will not betray, very desirable, the wrongdoers and evildoers will never be successful. So, committing adultery is the most dishonorable thing. And he was very upset No. And indeed, she did desire him and she and he would have inclined to our desire had we had he not seen the evidence of Islam does it was that we might turn away from his evil and illegal, turn him away

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and turn evil and illegal sexual intercourse away from him. And surely he was

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one of our chosen and guided slaves. So there is with one another, she was chasing, he was running, and she grabbed his shirt and tore his shirt from the back. And they both found her, her rub, meaning her husband at the door.

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So when the door open, there was other and then the woman of course, he twisted the tail. And she said, What is the recompense punishment for the one who intended and even evil design against your wife, except that he shouldn't be put in prison and or a more painful trauma? It is twisted, she said, he was trying to rip me or something.

00:26:33--> 00:26:44

She was lying against his word. And he usually isn't upset it was she who sought to seduce me. For now it's his word, I can tell that he's a statement. She's the mistress of the house. So what do you think?

00:26:45--> 00:26:47

What Allah subhanaw taala

00:26:48--> 00:27:30

help. So he said and a witness of a household, more witness and say saying, let us see, if his shirt is drawn from the front, then she is speaking the truth and he is a liar. But if his shirt is drawn from the back, then she has told a lie and he is speaking the truth. So when the husband when he her husband saw use of Elisa Lam shirt drawn at the back, he said, Surely this is a plot of you women, certainly Mighty is your plot meaning very evil is your plot. And he said all us have done away from this woman and asked for forgiveness for your sin very, you are of the sinful now this is

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you know something he's trying to keep

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up appearances or whatever Allah, Allah Allah Allah. Anyway, so this is the

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this trials of Yusuf alayhi salam in his youth and inshallah we will look at them in more

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more detail

00:27:53--> 00:27:59

when we in the next class Inshallah, but just think about that and say, Well, you know, how,

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how much this

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reflects the kinds of things that even we face in our lives even today, not in the exactly the same context of slavery and so on, but obviously, in the context of temptation and different ways in which this temptation comes to us.

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Wherever they are to let the Wi Fi by Dr. Anna Lee, we're gonna look at the lab web of ACARA Haylock pa Muhammad Allah in Hora B Aksana. Mas VI. In the hula. You have Leo's Ali Moon Welaka dama be one behind Behala Hola. Mohan Arabi Gallica llenos River and also one fascia in the whole winner a bad in muffler see?

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What Starbuck Alibaba pamesa For whom in do boring Well, I will say either high level talent managers

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like managers who might be Alika so and I use Jenna either early.

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Paula here are what the UNEF See ya the gyro you don't mean earlier in Ghana permies Oh, put them in Oberlin confer zakat? Wahoo amin alkazi. We were in Ghana communities who put them in Doreen for cassava. Well, who am I Amenas wha hoo. Amina saw the pain for Allama. For Misa who could demean the word in color in Houben K The Con in K the con now the use of oars and Hala was tough. He didn't Biggie in neck econ, the middle for the

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It ends with the husband accepting that his wife is sinful. And she says to her use of turn away from this and he says a woman asked forgiveness for your sins very you were of the sinful. So the husband understand that this is the woman's blood, and that she was trying to seduce us over a Salaam and he tells her to,

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to stop doing evil things and to seek forgiveness for what she has done. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep us safe from all the

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trials of

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and trials of our lives and to save us from shatta and deceive us from our own knifes and to enable us to always be on the right path leading to his pleasure was Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was a member of me. Was Allah Allah, Allah he will work