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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shalom Gaver, mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to seek empathy.

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From above, oh, my brothers and sisters, we have been talking about the issue of loans and interest and so on. Now, one of the most important things that I want to say to you and emphasize for you, is the issue of returning a loan that you borrow.

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Please understand, people have all kinds of misconceptions. As far as Islam is concerned, Islam is concerned with the transaction. So, whether you borrow the money from a Muslim or non Muslim, whether you borrow the money from an individual or an institution, or a government or a bank or whoever, if you have borrowed the money, if it is a loan, that means that you have borrowed the money as a loan and you are supposed to return it, then that returning of this loan is forced on you, and you must return that loan.

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If you are unable to return the loan, then you must speak to the person willing to the money and if they are willing to forgive that loan, and that's between you and them and Insha Allah, this is Allah subhanaw taala we'll accept that. But if the person does not forgive the law, if the person says no, I am not able to forgive the loan and you have to pay me back, then you must pay the person back. There is no scope for anything else in Islam.

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Now, this is so serious, that in a hadith that is narrated in say Buhari by Salama, Minocqua or Villano, a body of a diseased believer or when you say disease believer, it was a person who died. And in the in this case, it was a hobby of sort of life or very seldom, it was one of his companions.

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He said a body of a disease believer, which means now when I'm saying one of his companions, obviously, this was a practicing Muslim of the highest order highest level. And the money that he borrowed was something that he obviously wanted to return it to have something he did not borrow it with a bad intention or anything like that he borrowed the money before the money could be returned. He died.

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So Salma Minocqua Ravi Alonso the rates. In adhesins Eva hurry, a body of a disease believer was brought to rasool Allah is on Salem, so that he might lead the funeral prayer for him so that he might lead the salatu Gerasa for him. Also, Lazarus Selim asked

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Is he in debt? Does he owe money? When the people replied in the negative? He said, No, he's not in debt. Also rasa Salam led the Salado janazah he led the funeral prep, another dead person was brought. And he's always asked, Is he in debt? They said yes. So Ross was refused to lead the salah to janazah. And he said, lead the prayer of Your friend and he was going to walk away. Then a mocha Tada. One of the

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Sahaba processes Allah He was there. And he said, Yasser Allah, Allah Salam, I undertake to repay his debt

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I undertake to repay his debt

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or sorrows are upset. That is fine. And then he led the Serato janazah of that person. Now see how serious this matter is. is not a matter of fun and games. It is not a matter of, you know, sort of thing RTK of getting here we will do is okay. It's not okay. It is a very, very serious matter, which is so serious that rasool Allah is Allah Salam did not even lead the Serato janazah of one of his own Sahaba right now, it is a very

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sad thing. That we seem to take it very lightly. Right. Please understand Rasulullah Salam did not pray salatu Janas on somebody, what does it mean? It means that he is not going to ask forgiveness for that person from Allah until that person settles his debt. That is how serious it is.

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In Fiocco, sunnah.

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We have this narration.

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There that Rasulullah saw Selim did not perform funeral prayers salatu Janaza for those who have died in debt, when, however, Allah subhanaw taala granted him certain lands as a result of conquest and the

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The wealth of the Muslims increased. He's arrived Salem then or used to

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offer Salah to Janaza for them after settling their debts.

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In the Hadith in Bukhari, it relates that Ross was salam said to hear now she said, I'm nearer to the believers than their own selves, that is from the Quran, where Allah subhanaw taala said, the messages of Salah is nearer to them than themselves. So he said Salah Salem. So if somebody dies leaving behind a debt, but there is no what has no where with all meaning he is destitute, he is unable to pay settle the debt. And so, as a result, we will pay his debt.

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But if someone dies and leaves some estate behind him, it is for his heirs, it is for those who inherited from him to pay his debt. So, the issue of debt is, you understand two things in this one is that to pay to repay a debt is for and it is for to the extent that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not even lead the Serato janazah of one of his Arba who owed money to somebody. Right? So it is something which is so serious. Number one, number two, that

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if the person has debt has debt, and if he leaves behind a state, if you Ebn, any inheritance, then it was the debt must be paid out of that inheritance, which means that those who are inheriting from him are also inheriting his debt.

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They cannot say, Well, you know, my father borrowed I can't I don't care. As far as I'm concerned, I didn't borrow No, it is part of your duty to your father, or your mother, that you repay their debts.

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Obviously, here we are talking about people who borrowed with the sincere intention of returning the money. We're not talking about people who when they borrow the money itself, there is no intention of returning, this would be tough, this would be a sign of hypocrisy and the * and this is something which is very serious and it is punishable by a loss Bharata Allah, Allah, masha Allah. So please, understand this issue of debt very, very seriously.

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If you owe money repaid, if you are unable to repay, talk to the person you borrowed from and come to some some agreement between yourselves. And if somebody dies, it is actually part of the way Salah to Jana, that is to be prayed that before the Serato janazah is prayed, the son of the person who passed away will announce or should announce and say, did my father or my mother did they owe money to anyone.

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You if that is so then I will repay this money, or they should forgive this money. This is something that should be done before the Serato Gerasa is great. If they don't do that, then this app has been bred. I don't say it is not valid. But definitely it is deficient. This announcement shouldn't be made. And this matter should be settled before these another spread. Because the fact of the matter is that if somebody dies and they owe money, then they will not go into Jannah. Because of this debt. Allah subhanaw taala will hold them in abeyance until this debt is paid. And if it is never paid, then there is a very big problem.

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So we don't want

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to be in that problem. And we don't want our loved ones to be the problem. So whoever inherits from somebody, or if the even if you're not inheriting maybe it's a friend who died and no, this friend cannot repay the money, then it is from the Hassan from the flag of the Muslim it is from the good deeds to repay the debt for your brother or your sister.

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The sad story is today in our country in our culture, we have made this into a joke. In other words, there is a joke, carne asada burrito or the Hazara burrito later, or Cara Leonardo, but

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this is a terrible thing. It is not a joke. It is a terrible thing. I'm deliberately not translating this because I don't want to propagate something which is bad.

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Those who understood it understood humbler. So please understand this very clearly. If you owe money, rebates, there is a reason why it is best not to borrow then you don't have all this hassle. But if you borrowed you borrowed for whatever reason, make sure you return the money or make sure you have an agreement with the person to say what will happen if you die. Because if you die and you have not repaid your debt, believe me, you are in serious trouble. And if your children don't repay your debt, your children

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are also putting you in serious trouble and they are not fulfilling the responsibility that is due to them from on behalf of their father or mother.

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That is why it is very important to write down if you borrow anything from anybody who you borrowed from how much it is and to have this record and to give it to somebody in your family, your spouse or your children and let them know who you owe what to so that when you die, they can settle those debts. That is why along the law Allah subhanaw taala reveals a lot the longest it in the Quran. With that I am done with any larger limosa to the end to emphasize this the importance of having our see at will which in which which has these records so that you don't die and then people don't know who you owe war to. And then you are you have problems with Allah subhanaw taala because you when

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you owe the money

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unless it is paid, it is a it's an impediment to getting into Jannah. So very important to make these records and to ensure that people who are your close people that they know that they know about these things. So debts are extremely serious. At least take note of this inshallah and let us live a life which is free inshallah from any kind of debt that we owe only to Allah subhanaw taala because Allah is the One Who forgives. People don't forget, was Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was IBM Emirati girl