Tazkiyah 14 – Be Thankful and Never Complain

Mirza Yawar Baig


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Number 11 salatu salam ala philomela Allah Allah He was happy human well. Today I want to remind myself a knew about the importance of being of having a thankful heart. Allah Subhana data surgeon Salta Rahim, what is as an Arab Bukola in Chicago from less than knuckle wala Inca for Tomi na Vila Shadi. This means Allah says that you

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that he promises to increase the bounty that He has given us if we are grateful to him for it.

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And Allah subhanaw taala warns us of his punishment, if we are ungrateful.

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I want to remind myself a new one of the diseases of the heart, is the habit of complaining. And this is something which seems to be inherent in us today as Muslims, anywhere in the world you go, almost the first word out of the mouth is about is a word of complaint. We complain about the weather, we complain about governments, we complain about society, we complain about our families, we complain about every single thing. And always there is a voice of this aligning a tone to the voice and the voice of complete, nothing is ever good enough for us. And this is a disease, this is a disease of the heart. And all and this was a restaurant said that's why I said he said look at

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people who have less than you. And then you would be grateful for what you have. And Allah says he will increase the bounty. This is not to be seen, in a material sense, Allah, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala might do that as well. But key thing to understand is that the enjoyment of something increases, if we are thankful for it, if I if I'm in my house, wherever and however the house might be, and then I say to myself, 100, Allah, Allah has given me a place where I'm comfortable, where I'm safe, which has whatever comforts it has, if I'm conscious of that, I start enjoying it more, the whole key thing to enjoyment is to be conscious of what we have. And this is something which is

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very important to keep in mind. Because

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the, the the being unconscious of what we have, or we're still complaining, the first curse that comes with it is the fact that the enjoyment is taken away from us. So we have a nice car, but we look at somebody has a scar, and we feel envious. And we say oh, you know, I wish I had that car. Now the beauty and the enjoyment of your own car has gone from your life. And that's why it's very important for us to be thankful to Allah subhanaw taala, constantly thankful to Allah subhanaw taala have a thankful heart. One of the signs of a thankful heart is also to thank those people who do something good for us, no matter how small. It's once again, one of our issues that unlike we in the

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West, where at least in the past, I'm in Harlem, I think the West is also many things are changing in those cultures. And not all the changes good. But at least older people. You found that they always said thank you, no matter what it was, you give them a glass of water, you opened the door for them, you just stepped aside who said go first whatever it would be, they're saying please and saying thank you and saying sorry, the three things, three words in English language.

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All over the West, most commonly spoken. So people say thank you for every single thing. Whereas we take things for granted. So many incidents where we ask people to do something for us. And when they do it, we do not even bother to turn around and say thank you. And I have an amazing number of emails that come from various people all over the world.

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Most of them younger than I am. Who asked me this question and that question and and can you give me this information, give me that information. And when I do that, less than 1% will write another mail to say thank you very much for this less than 1% 99% of the people that disappear. And this includes people I know personally very well. Friends of mine, so called students because I don't have students. I don't consider anyone to be my student, but they call me the teacher. But they don't have the courtesy to say thank you after I have done something for a jeep. This is this is this bottom easy. This absolute lack of manners. I don't know how people are brought up law level. This

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is so common. Nobody bothers to say thank you and they ask for favors. They asked you do this, do that. Do that do that, as if you know your life is dedicated to serving them. And then when you do something for them, they don't bother to say thank you. And then they're the one who has not thanked the human being the one who has not saying the person has not thanked Allah and this is very, very important for us to understand.

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Well, let me let me go to Allah. Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah said the one who was not saying that people have not signed a loss. So therefore, it is very important for us to thank think also why Allah subhanaw taala once has mentioned specifically that we should thank you

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Even though he knows whether we are thankful or not, Allah does not need us to tell him to know whether we are being thankful that the the the ayah to In my opinion, the reason why Allah subhanaw taala said told us to thank him is not because he needs to know because he knows already but so, that we are aware and we are grateful for what he has given us, because tanking is about. So, this is so beautiful because it invites us trouble invites us to make sugar of Allah subhanaw taala This is your brother and then we make the sugar of Allah subhanaw taala rewards us for making sugar Allah gives us and gamma and then when we when we thank him for this Namah He rewards us for thanking him.

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So how logic is so beautiful is DNS. So let us be let us make this into an absolute habit. Thank people thank people thank people and thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for all that He has given us constantly and continuously and make sure you do this because as we said, well in Gotham in Villa de de de la jolla, Allah said well in Gotham in, in diabetologia. De that Allah said that if you do not thank me if you are ungrateful, one is not to thank and take for granted. The other one is to complain. I mean, that's even worse, right? To take for granted is bad enough. But to call to complain is even worse, and constantly complaining and whining and whining, whatever is in will we

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have made misery a part of our lives and it's our own doing our own doing until Allah has given us so many good things, but we don't think we complain. And for that boarded Allah say Allah said I, my punishment is severe. So Allah subhanaw taala is promising his punishment and also severe punishment for people who are ungrateful because I'm to be ungrateful, just like to be grateful is a bother to be ungrateful, discover, confront in a matter of Allah subhanaw taala. So therefore, that is be very clear and careful in our mind and now, actions in our hearts that we are always grateful to Allah thankful to Allah subhanaw taala. And never.

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And we are never ungrateful to him, for all that the good that he has given us, starting with our Eman with our health and wealth and families, and I'll say and safety and the places we live in as well. May Allah May Allah

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increases blessing for all of you, and may Allah make our hearts full of gratitude for him. And may Allah subhanaw taala decree that inshallah from today we will never, ever complain, no complaints about anything, just be very few, if there is a if there is an issue, have somebody say nothing, and if there is and try to change that. And if Alhamdulillah when there is good Alhamdulillah be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala in a hadith Let me tell us about no because Allah, it is related that he if he was eating something, and if he didn't like it, he would be silent, he would not say anything. And if he liked it, he would praise it. So this is the this is the the habit of Salah that

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he didn't dislike he didn't complain about food. And this is one of the major, major reasons for us. The moment we eat something, we always have to make some kind of

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some kind of critical comments about this food. Thank Allah subhanaw taala that he that there is food for us to eat, that are hamdulillah there is food which in which we have multiple choices. There's so many people our problem is to eat less. But there are so many people in the world whose problem is to eat, they have no food. And those people are also the creatures of Allah, Allah Allah, but Allah Subhana Allah has given us this much and has given us plenty. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to enable us to enjoy all the bounties that He has given us and always, always, always be grateful to him and thankful to him. And never, never, never, ever complain about anything that

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Allah subhanaw taala has given us I want to end with a story which I've mentioned many times before, many of you have heard but it's a very good teaching story about the king Muhammad Allah has no he and his live uncle is now I am very fond of wires and they were very good friends. And one day my eyes and

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they were sitting, you know, I stand in the summer. And a lot of people in the in those parts of the world

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to beat the heat. They eat cucumbers and they eat watermelons. So Mama was eating a cucumber, he had a cucumber in his hand he was

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cutting slices of it. And this cucumber he was given two slices, two wires and as was sitting at his feet. So when they were chatting then Mahmoud would cut a slice and give it to as an as he did. And then he would cut another slice while they were talking. And he would give it to as and as we eat it. And this went on until the entire cucumber manual had actually fed to us. And there was one last slice left.

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And that last slice Mohit put in his own mouse. And the moment he bit into it, he discovered it was very, very bitter sometimes because cucumber is extremely bitter. So mama spat it out and he turned to and he was irritated. He said Why didn't you tell me the sobhita you just kept eating it. I kept giving you the I didn't realize it was bitter. I wouldn't have given it to you. I didn't realize it but I was giving you this license and you just have

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Tell me it's better well you didn't say anything you just kept eating it. Now as turned to him and he said oh my master, there is so much good that comes from you to me that you want me to complain or one bitter cucumber is that what is that does nothing but I think about dessert this is a this is a These are two human beings

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is may have been a slave of my mood, but my mood was neither his Roger Malik nor his hagino decided, but my mo the IRS was so grateful to his master, for all the good that he gave him that even when something bitter came to him, he didn't even bother to complain. He just took it as 111 and this is the the key thing of risiville kata inshallah, that's another topic we will talk about that later. But the whole issue is to be it is to be thankful and grateful to Allah Subhana Allah for all that He has given us, and never ever to complain about anything. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make this easy for us, and we pleased with us and to enable us to live our lives in a way which is pleasing to

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Him was a little of Atlanta. We'll get him while he was happy as mine but I had to go