Mohammad Elshinawy – Allah’s Precise Generosity – Sign Your Own Checks

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The importance of guidance and faith in actions is emphasized in the creation of the universe and its laws. The need for faith and actions is also discussed, with a focus on the importance of faith in actions and actions in the creation of the universe and its laws. The segment also touches on the return to Islam and the importance of excellence in achieving goals. Ultimately, excellence is not a excuse and anything is possible with it.
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In an hour and a

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half, la,

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la, la la la la la

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la la. Nina Simone. Yeah you know suitor for Bakula de la COVID. FC Margarita. ohana coming

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here on manisa de la la de Luna Viva La ham in Nevada can la Cooperativa? Yeah yo Latina de la Koo overland said either use

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for male or

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female, or praise and glory belongs to a lovely thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and pleasure.

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And he's forgiveness and we turn to Him appealing for protection from the evil whispers within us and the awful consequences of our misdeeds for whomever Allah chooses to guide to grant guidance. This is a great gift that no one can take away the whole world together Cosmos guides such a person, and whomever on Bazalgette chooses to leave a stream My problem is guides. The whole worlds together cannot provide guidance such a person. And we testify that no one is worthy of our worship, and the dedication of our lives, and all that we can exert of love and obedience and servitude but a law soldier alone without any partners, the mighty and majestic and exalted at the Prophet Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a servant and His Prophet and his messenger was sent as a mercy to the world's

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people of email, oh, you work believe. Keep mindful of a law keep your duty to a lot in the manner that he deserves in a manner that is befitting of his greatness of God

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and do not die except in a state of complete and total willing, loving surrender to a law state of Islam.

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And to begin

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to see a lot they both narrate from a beloved elite thing.

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He says, connect

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yourself with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the masjid

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in acapella, Alena, Fela, Setsuna, four and three individuals approached, approached us as the prophet SAW Selim was sitting with the people

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for that, and that was a habit. And so two of them kept coming closer and one of them turned around and he walked away from us.

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ml l one, fella did a full Jetson for jealous Effie, one of them found the gap there was an open space so he walked into it and sat inside gap between people.

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What am I any for jealous of AlphaGo and the second person who sat behind the crowd, he just sat in the back of the gathering.

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fell in love with the third one just walked out

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for them.

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Once the messenger was finished, saying what he intended on saying share it with the people the guidance that he shared that gathering

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it necessary fella Shall I inform you? Shall I tell you the reality of these three people that just came?

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He says Emma hadoo, whom? For our ilahi for Allah would love one of them. He sought shelter with Allah. He tried to get as close as possible to Allah. He tried to get the best seat with the best reward with the best Listen, he tried to get as close as possible to a law that was mentioned for coming in and finding the closest gap and sitting in it and so I love granted him shelter.

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What am I What am I

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festa here, study above amino acid for the second one, he was shocked. He was embarrassed to open between people, even if there may have been gaps that he should have filled. He did fill them out of shyness. He was shy and so a lot of was shy from him getting shy to deprive them of their award or some of the award at least.

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He says what am I a photo

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of a loved one and the third one

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He turned away and he was he ignored deliberately. He came and saw oh haha, and he walked away

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the province talking again, perhaps one of the hypocrites of Medina.

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He walked away he turned away, so a lot turned away from him.

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One such shelter will give him shelter. One of them was shy, so I'll level shy with him. And one of them turned away so I'll turn away from him so pineapple died last week. Last week, we discuss this universal principle and

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then the repayment comes so perfectly from Allah, that it always comes in the same nature as the deed.

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And we said that when it comes to oppression, a person must always remember that, that if they are the ones committing oppression, it will come back to haunt them, guaranteed unless they repent from it. And if they are the victim of injustice, the victim who oppression know that this whole presser, it will come full circle for him, like it always has been, it always will continue to happen unless your or she repents from it. But we said by Allah's grace, this does not just apply to oppression does not just apply to law wrongdoing. It also applies even more so to right doing

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to excellence to righteousness to good deeds as well of law. So it just says

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he says the lady that

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was Jada, for those that do their very best will have the very best, best for best perfect match was the ad and more. So your repayment for your good as well will come in the same type in the same nature as the deed of love will always outdo you. Whatever you do alone will repay you with the most appropriate, but he will augment it, he will give you even more on top of it. That's why they said that, if Allah would ever give you more than you deserve, it would be in his mercy, it would never be in his punishment, it would be in his generosity, it would not be in justice.

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And so we wish to visit this one concept right that Allah has promised whomever takes a step towards him, he'll take steps towards them, but many more, whomever does something to please,

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Allah will please them, and so much more. You don't have

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to begin

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medical massage sauce as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he told us about the Night Journey to an upside upside in Jerusalem, and then his ascent through the skies. And you know, some people try to shame you away from this belief of yours. They say you Muslims, actually, when you say this, you must actually believe that your profit doctrine a little hoarse, and he went all the way to Jerusalem. And he said that in the heavens, and is that even logical.

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And though this is not the topic of the hotel at all, it is far more logical to believe that the creator of the universe and its laws, the creator of physics, is not bound by the rules of physics, then it is much more logical to believe that than to believe that this universe has no greater whatsoever.

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And the prophet SAW Selim told us that when he took this journey, it was not on a horse. It was an animal that was smaller than a horse. And there's a reason why he told us that I thought it was a small comfortable animal, because it wasn't about the animal. It was about the miracle being from a loss,

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not the animal. So there's a reason why he told us that it was smaller than a horse. That's irrelevant. We're talking about a lot here, not the animal. And so he wrote this animals what he did on his auto Sarah records,

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and then he ascended to the heavens. He said, I saw those setup.

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And then when I reached the seventh heaven roofie Arielle Bay tomorrow, moon and Bay tomorrow Moon is the cabin basically, of the skies of the heavens that Allah swears by. He says, What are more I swear by this great secret house in the heavens. He says it came into view I saw it. So I said, oh god, what is this? He said, this is a big move. Every day 70,000 angels answered you saw Luna fee for either one or two men who play our

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game and once they exit they never come back for as long as they live. Meaning every single day 70,000 brand new angels go in and print and beta Mama. He says that I saw a man leaning on away tomorrow more who resembled me sizing old up

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Who is this? He says this is your father, Ibrahim alayhis salam.

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And that was from the perfection of the most suitable rewards for Ibrahim alayhi salam, because Ibrahim alayhis salam is the one that raised the pillars of macabre in the dunya Well, if you're a fiery boy, he would go out to a submarine or

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think about it. This is Bonnie Madison lifted the pillars of the cabin him and his son is married and was so humble about it. This great acceptance from me. I know it's not much I know it's gonna be fitting of your greatness, but accept it from me. So a lot of so agenda made his reward to await the the cab of the heavens until the day of admissions, how perfect how suitable how beautiful repayments, it comes in the same nature as the deed.

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You know, the Sahaba they live to these meetings you know, the hadith of men very lengthy messages and whenever whenever baiting for gender widow can immediately Miss Halsey attack. Whoever builds a house for a lot in this world a lot builds for him a house in the hereafter. Even if that house that he built the masjid is a small as a bird's nest. Obvious as an expression. no mystery can be a bird's nest in size with meaning regardless of how small you know who, who reported this, to us will relate it to us.

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And our family, a loved one. He took it, he heard it, he memorized it. He said I need to build me a house. And Allah asks me a house to build me a house. And Allah is perfectly fair. And so he is the one that was behind the funding single handedly of the expansion of the profits. misschien does want to look at it.

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I'm furnishing a house over there. I know of love will not shortchange me. I'll give it my dad's an investment. I'm going to give it my all here.

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They would build massage and then go far and they would dig wells. And these were their investments, you know.

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Similarly, when they entered his house, they didn't find furniture they didn't really anything. And they said to him, Where is your metallic? Where's the Where's your property? Where's your furnishings? He said, Let down. Never I couldn't believe. He said we have another house. We're sending everything to the next house to the new house.

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They said this month you will always need some furniture met my tutor fee. So long as you live in here. You need something to live off of. And this is true by the way. No one's saying get rid of your furniture. Right? The Islam encourages you to minimize so you're not attached but you're allowed to have it will sustain you. I was just able to lift himself to a level where less can sustain him. So he said to them, they said you have to have something to sustain yourself with. He said to them sorry, but lennier true. Can I feed him? The owner of this house not gonna leave us here? He's gonna take it back. So is there really no point in trying too hard? I got to build the

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other house. Like in Rahim Allah, He said I've had like our

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And so

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they lived with these meanings, that the repayment will come to the degree of the sacrifice. The good that I put forward a lot is letting us write our own check you whatever you want, you sign it, and you'll catch it for us. I know. How is there anyone who's generous generosity can compare with a lot of articles on you know the same sort of story

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about sincerity, the rewards for sincerity, for his loss. Alonso just says that Jeff julu moronic nakaji you're the owner of COVID wautoma.

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Their sides are averse to the business. You know, jefa is like when you're cold with somebody, right? So the Jaffa julu boom means it as if their sides have a problem with the bed. They just can't stay in bed. They don't like to stay in bed for long as if there's like a dispute of hard feelings between his side and the bed. This is the Quranic expression, their sides forsake their beds, and they call upon their Lord out of fear, an ounce of hope, and they spent for the love gave them that was their deed. What is their Award and the next Allah says fella

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Jessa and the McHenry ormolu.

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no soul knows what has been hidden for them

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of the comfort of their eyes as a repayment for what they used to do. You know, the scholars and others they say pay attention. What did they do? They prayed sincerely in the middle of the night where no one saw them

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last for up for what?

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They hid their deeds by praying and lights in

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Nearly not through anyone's eyes. So Allah says no soul knows what they're gonna get a love, hate their reward as a perfect repayments, he hid their reward from the imaginations of men. So kind of a dog.

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You know, a lot of suggestions also regarding this concept, and are in double Nat DD, how my slave assumes of me, I will be there. Meaning the way you look at me that same way I will be dealing with you.

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That's why when Allah says, I'm generous spend, I'll spend on you, the early Muslims would say, love can repay me right away, let me just give it up.

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When he used to give his monthly salary on his way home to the poor, he would find it all the time in his house. And so his cousin saw this, this is amazing. So he went and he gave his salary and went home and didn't find it in his house. So he explained to me, he said, Listen, I did what you did, but I didn't get the same repaid, I didn't get paid back the way you get paid back. He said he ended up going to gentlemen, your problem is that you're trying a lot when you see if it's gonna work. Let me see if I was gonna keep this promise. So there are some people that do that. There are other people that do it while they're certain.

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The way you look at him is the way he will deal with you. It will be a perfect repayment perfect justice in that regard. You know, some people they call upon a buyer's agent, as a last resort, other people they make due to a lot of uncertainty, they're gonna get the response. The way you treat a lot, deal with a lot perceive a lot is the way he will treat you and deal with you. So kind of hold on. He said that that's his promise. You know, one of the setup used to be so successful in calling people to slam waves of people sometimes some days he would a person would become Muslim some days and his whole tribe would become Muslim. And they said to me, what do you do? What's your

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trick? caller ID Rubina, how will aggro long delay? He says, I call them by daytime. So a lot invite them to dial up by daytime. And I do do i by nighttime and I call I speak to them in the day, and I speak to a lot at night. And he never lets me down. So kind of

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because that's what I perceive of him that he will not let me down. And so he does not let me down. He has never let me down. So kind of holds on.

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You know all the manifestations of this also. They didn't he had it was a freed slave that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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was approached by his parents eventually, when they tracked him down. And he was given as a gift to the prophet SAW Selim as a freed slave.

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His parents came forward demanding him. And so the message is up to him whenever he wants to do it's his choice. He's an older person, though. He's not a small child anymore.

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And so he says, Jose, what kind of person was it? You? How can I take care of you? And so

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he got nervous that he was gonna leave. So he began to cry. Why are you asking me this? jasola it's mosaic. It is up to you. You go with your parents, or you stay with me is your call. So he said to his father and his brother, the ones that were there, he said law item and had originally she

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left out IE I had an editor.

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He says, I've seen things from this man homosassa them I will never prefer anyone over. I can't. And so he took z. And he went to the Kava, and he said, Oh boy, this is a diviner Mohammed I'm officially adopting him as my son. This is the the son of Mohammed.

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And so later a lot selligent

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wanted to end this concept of adoption, taking care of the orphans, of course, but NDB adoptions, stealing people's ancestry, if you will, or ignoring people's ancestry, reformulating people's paternity. That's not correct. And so he said, Oh, the rumely

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who are suffering the path

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attribute them to their fathers that is fair in the sight of Allah. This of course was devastating.

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I'm called the son of Mohammed, right and now the poor and says you cannot call me that. How did I repay him for accepting that verdict? He's the only so happy in the end because he just lost his last name

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that I love mentioned his first name in the corner

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as the repayments for accepting next but I'm about a two minute walk around somewhere Janaka you lost your name for the sake of Allah, I'll make your name forever. I'll make your name immortal. I'll make saved your name. Very bad day in the fall.

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Because Allah never takes away something from someone except that he'll repay him or her with something better. You know the ISS when z divorced her. We married you to her

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This is also referring to another so happy that is relevant to our subject. Xena, she was married to z that she didn't want to say it's a freed slave and I'm an older woman from boys How am I going to work me Mary's aid? Never. And so a lot So Jen sent down what am I can any movement in one minute at the bottom? pseudo

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for believing man or believing woman when a lot is messenger choose a matter for them to have any say in the matter. It doesn't matter being a believer.

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You take your values, your instructions your world from Allah is messenger.

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And so she said for unbelieving, married, and it was this. This was a test. She was divorce. She didn't say Oh, no. That's what happens. And I tried to do the right thing and it came back and you regret it. No, a law surgeon said when they divorces her out, I have married you over to her. He replaced her with something that he never gave any woman.

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He himself married her to the profits of a loved one.

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So she was repaid for a sacrifice for her hurts.

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And repeat in a way that she used to boast about she would go to the otherwise and the prophet SAW Selim she would say who couldn't who couldn't? who couldn't you guys were married or for your father's and your families. As for me, that was any level you focus every some Allah, Allah married me off from Bob seven skies, a love replacing himself with the best husbands ever, like almost another perfect example, almost added on when her husband died. The prophet SAW Selim came to him and said, Owen was Selma.

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When a person he that we'll see but I mean, we'll see but I like him a lot. Law School common law when someone goes through a hardship and we must all learn this one a lot. take something from your life that is dear to you. And you say what Allah commanded you Meaning what?

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You say we belong to a lot names are reserved, for sure. He says and then they say, of mama journey feed mostly Betty was roughly clear, I mean, Oh Allah, reward me for my calamity and repay me compensate you with something better? Allah will certainly do. So he told me. She says, she says,

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women, hi, Roman, Abby, Solomon, who can possibly be better than my husband? She couldn't imagine it. She said, Alberto Bateson has already lost the very first household to not hesitate to migrate to the Messenger of Allah. Allah, Allah when I came here. I said it anyway. I couldn't imagine the compensation. But I just said it. She said so. So this proposed to me and I rejected. And then I find the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam proposing to me and I said, I can't she couldn't imagine she put excuses. She said, I'm an old woman. And I'm very I'm very jealous woman, and I have many children.

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He said, Sir, I'm older than you.

00:23:16 --> 00:23:52

And your jealousy of love will temporary Allah will do away with it. He'll help you get past it. And your children belong to a lot of this message. They will be taken care of. And so he compensated her for that as well. The repayment comes in the same nature as the deed. Some people say but I went through a tough marriage, I'm not compensated, the size of the repayment and the timing of the repayment cannot be known to us. Or else where's the surprise? Where's the exam? Where's the certainty being qualified here being tested, but we must be certain in the rule, it has an always is running for those that believe it.

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Henri de

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la ilaha illa

00:24:09 --> 00:24:10

Allah Muhammad

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00:24:13 --> 00:24:15

Allah love to know how long was the father of gender?

00:24:17 --> 00:24:20

Blood and how long was of the few in the Battle of oil

00:24:21 --> 00:24:25

that stayed on the mountain and when the ambush happened he was killed anyway.

00:24:26 --> 00:24:41

Jabari says I've never cried like I cried for my father. And I kept on covering his face and kissing him. And I said, I will try to stop him and then he said, I would never stop unless the Messenger of Allah tells me to stop until he finally came to me and said, Oh, Jabari.

00:24:42 --> 00:24:51

Don't you know that Allah never speaks to anyone except from behind the hijab behind the veil? Well, I kinaba can lemma

00:24:52 --> 00:24:57

qlm abakaliki fashion, but Allah has spoken

00:24:58 --> 00:24:59

to your father kalevala

00:25:00 --> 00:25:12

If I spoken to your father outright directly, and he said to me, he make a wish, he said send me back to the union. So I get killed again for you all.

00:25:13 --> 00:25:32

He said, I have already given my word that nobody goes back to it after they leave, make a wish. He said, Well, at least inform those back there and do and so on was at the center to meet sends down sends down in sort of area and Ron, one at Aquila

00:25:35 --> 00:25:37

and Watson, Bella here,

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00:25:41 --> 00:25:43

waste rubbish your own I believe in Allah.

00:25:45 --> 00:26:07

May Allah, Allah, Allah do not say about those who gave up their lives that they're dead, I've given them life. They've given up their lives I've given them life. They are rejoicing, celebrating with their Lord and sending messages back to those who have yet to catch up with them to not be afraid and to not grieve.

00:26:08 --> 00:26:13

He died defending Medina, which the machine we're about to annihilate run run over

00:26:14 --> 00:26:21

Medina was the state to protect the poor, and a lot immortalize him in the war and for his defensive

00:26:22 --> 00:26:47

jofran everybody loses both of his arms carrying the flag of the Muslims. He hidden this heroic act, we have monuments all over this country of people trying to erect the flag because of the importance of a flag in conflict. It's the morale of everything. And so the prophet SAW Selim said to the family of jofran, after three days not to cry for jofran anymore for him to mannequin, Amelie can feel genetti

00:26:49 --> 00:27:34

a loved one McKenna who maybe Jenna hain Allah has given him two wings instead of his two arms. I have seen him flying through genda with them a perfect repayments for the sacrifice. And so this applies across the board with anything and everything a lot. So just said hello, Alexa, an elixir is the wood is the reward for excellence, anything but excellence. Meaning is it befitting for Anwar or even for slaves to be anything but just meaning is it befitting is it expected of a lot at least if it slaves will be flawed that at least a lot. That when excellence is extended, anything with excellence comes in return?

00:27:36 --> 00:27:42

apply this with your children, you know be good to your parents, your children, absolutely your children will be good to you.

00:27:43 --> 00:28:10

You know, the interesting thing is Ibrahim Ali Hassan was told to give up his child. And so when he gave up his child muscles, you can keep your child he rewarded them a child and place a child because technically he was willing to give it up the repayment comes in that when you give up your child you dedicate his life meaning to the sake for the sake of a large agenda, then you will reap the fruits you will have your child and full in the dunya in the asteraceae.

00:28:11 --> 00:28:21

When you give up your tongue for the sake of Allah, I'm going to restrain from this conversation, I'm going to interrupt this person was mentioning people's flaws, a loved one models and then back to you.

00:28:22 --> 00:28:32

Our people will not speak ill of you, people will only they will forget your flaws when you insist on very snuffing out everyone else's flaws.

00:28:33 --> 00:28:36

The repayment will always come in the same nature as the deed.

00:28:37 --> 00:28:58

normally say I knew I knew people that had no flaws. They were really, truly righteous people. And then they got caught up for the color or even as mentioning the flaws of others for them or you people started mentioning their flaws, they unraveled they fell apart before they died. And they're mentioned in the worst ways. He said What

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can I do for you and we met people that were flawed, they were really struggling in the deed they were really they had real problems for one or two minutes and they abstain they restrain themselves from mentioning the flaws of others fantasy through their flaws or forgotten. The repayment will always come in the same nature as the deeds so be sure about was diligent. And when you read those were and now be very extra conscious every extra careful of why each word is there why this for that?

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And know the power of Allah permeates everything. Don't be diluted right beguiled by the surface know that our love is behind it also kind of want to honor and deal with him accordingly. and be confident in that be certain in depth. May Allah give us lives of confidence in him and and surety of his promises to kind of what Allah May Allah enable us to reach the stations of excellence stations of a son, may Allah make us of those things.

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We hold him in our speech and our actions and our circumstances behind closed doors in private and also in public. May Allah make us of those that live lives of obedience to Him and lives when we properly rely on him and always assume the best of him above him. I mean, I love them.

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The big

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of muffuletta has run out dinner,

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which a lot

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No brainer, you

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it was very


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