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Salam al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sheila Philomela will mostly Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam to Sleeman Kathira Katya pomerado, reven sister, there are two, you know, there are different signs which

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tell a doctor,

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the disease that

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ails a person, like this is what clinical diagnosis is, which is that you look for the signs. So what are the signs of an ID? For example? What are the what are the signs of asthma asthma, for example? What are the signs of heart disease and so on. So for doctors who are clinicians who are good at clinical diagnosis, we'll just look at a person maybe even ask a couple of questions they will diagnose correctly, this is what is the issue with this person.

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Same thing applies to society.

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Two of the

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two of the signs that I want to talk to you about today is one is uncritical followership, like my mindless followers, blind bots.

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And that is linked with,

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we've got popularity.

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So people say, oh, you know what, this person is so popular on Instagram, they have 10 million followers. On Facebook, they have 50 million followers.

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They have YouTube videos, they are this person is a YouTuber, and on YouTube videos, his channel there are 100,000 followers, right? So this is a seen as a symbol of

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the fact that this person is worth following.

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Let me ask you a question.

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Who in your

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notice opinion? I'm talking here facts? Who is the most? Absolutely number one without?

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Without? Without a doubt? Who is the number one?

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Bye popular person

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in the world?

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Number one,

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think about it. And I want you to

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compare that to anyone, right?

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To anyone I mean, do look at profits, for example, or look at, you know, great scientists. Look at great academicians and authors and whatnot.

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Think about what are

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they? How to order everything everywhere? Everyone who's the most popular?

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And the answer is the most popular. Absolutely. Hands down without any

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you know, without a doubt is who is a bliss is shut up. Showdown is the most popular

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creature on the face of the planet.

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There's no one more popular than shaper. Now.

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Therefore, what do you want to say about China?

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What do you want to say about

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The follow ability?

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What what do you want to say what the people who follow share that? What would you like to

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polish it? Because here is somebody who is so powerful, right?

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We get these statements over you know, swords are so popular. Okay, it's popular. What is this person saying? He's saying this, or whatever he's giving us so many proofs. What is proof? What is proof? Shatter will give you a proof

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point for your illusion for you to do with that for you to

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worship other than Allah. He will give you proof. Why do you think people are doing that people? Are people doing that? Knowing it is wrong? No. They're doing that because they have proofs

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within courts, which convince them that their action is right.

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A person worshipping an idol is doing that because he or she thinks it is correct. And that is the thing to do.

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But as a Muslim would you say?

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So they have evidence. You also evidence. Why do you believe your evidence? And this is the reason why it's important to learn the deen systematically not from random video

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London in systematically.

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My brother sisters, our proof is the book of Allah. Our proof is the word of Allah. Our pre proof is the teaching of rasool Allah is also

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not anything else. Now you have people who come around and you will say, Well, this is proof that is proven, then they try to give you lead you down the road on

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the so called the you know, they they appear to be

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very scientific and analytical and, and, and basically is argumentation and try to prove to you that what the Quran says is wrong, what a sorcerer sallam said is wrong. And you say what do you see as proof?

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What is the meaning of

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all of these are the disciples of

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all those people. Were taking you away from the discipleship. Think about this. I always when myself anytime I'm in this kind of a doubt, or any kind of doubt with regard to religion as myself that what I believe today

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is what I believe

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which is

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something which was believed

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by everyone I know from

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the Sahaba to the debate with the with our way into the, to the I'm off to the to all the greats, classical scholars, great modern scholars, all of them believed in this thing which I also believe in and now somebody comes along and says you know, all of them are wrong. Completely trash everything. And I am right.

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I'll tell you why would I believe that a person

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and if somebody is saying oh you see but he has proof? What proof so you mean he has proof with you? I'm Abu Hanifa did not have which Imams have we did not have whichever Malik did not have. We should have not had a genetic Allah did not have all of them rather than Ali Ali with me with a walker and Norma Rossmann and Alia Delana. Did I know they did not have

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with all the bodies in did not have. And this man has got proof ca.

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This is a game of shatter.

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Today we follow influencers? Who is the biggest influence in the world chatter? Who has the most number of followers in the world chatter?

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Who is the most viral? If you think about this even language, right? We don't use the word flower, we use the word viral meaning virus. So you got something which

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remind you of a virus?

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See, the problem today? Is that what do we consider? Or what do we take into account when you want to believe somebody, when you see somebody, somebody somebody is influential, we seem to have only one criterion that is popularity. That is a very dangerous ground to be on. And you can just see that if you just think about seeing the so called influencers that we have in society. There are people who are there many of them are people who have no morals, no ethics, no values, you know, their life is just intelligence, and all kinds of

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all kinds of

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evil that they do

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all kinds of

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promiscuity, shamelessness, I mean, you just don't want that. This is the kind of stuff we have. And that my point is,

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we never we don't look at any of that. We say Oh, but you know, so and so has got so many followers on this. What is the oh really seriously ask yourself this question. Is this something that you want to,

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you know,

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to follow? Or is this something that you want to be judged by? Ask yourself just one question on the Day of Judgment. Do you want to be raised with this person? This this great follower? I mean, these great leader, this icon, this influencer, the person you're following? Would you like to be raised with that person on the duty? Right? Would you like to go to wherever Lego take them? I'm not sitting in judgment on somebody saying this one will go here, they're gonna go no, I don't know that. And I hope you know that all of us will go to the right place. But

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the chances of that happening, what are the chances of going to the right place? If our life is not on the Sunnah of Resource Center? zero, zilch. If our life is going against the Sunnah of resources, our chances of going to the right place which is Jana are literally zero.

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So why would you want to put yourself in that situation? A brother and sister series The ask yourself, Who are you following popularity is the

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Worst indicator, absolutely there was any guy that will do the most popular person in the world shirt and just see how many people are following each other.

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How many people fall in one SRM less than 100 How many people are following Jeddah? 1000s? Millions what is the show? It just shows the number of mindless sheep that in this world so leave shatta for the Brd masala masala will carry while he was happy, maybe I have to get one