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Salam al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Raja Philomena mousseline her mother Rasulullah sallallahu ala he right it was so similar to Steven cathedra and cathedra from Abbado

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rather than just as the year was 636 to 637.

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One year

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in the time of the

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villa for Rashida

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and the hell out of Katara Delano.

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The commander of the army was avoided Nigera Delano Amin Illuma.

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under his command was highly driven over the land.

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Jerusalem was besieged for just about a year.

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And then they

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sent a message. So Fronius was the patriarch of Jerusalem, Eastern Orthodox Church.

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So he sent a message saying that we are ready to surrender but we will surrender to the Emir moving in, not to the General of the Army, but we will surrender to the leader of the believers.

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The Southern Nevada Delana was in Medina when he got his message.

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You all know the story, I want you to reflect on it.

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So what did he do?

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He kept Medina he had matura with his Shura there.

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And some people advised him you stay here don't go as dangerous. So on so on, we need you. And other people said you have to go there. Anyway. He decided to go.

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Now as the Emir he has a whole army, which is besieged Jerusalem man is defeated the Crusaders. So he could have those that will not crusade, but just using the term.

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So if he is the head of the

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nation, how does he travel? Right? Normally our How does any head of a nation out of the tower?

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He was with one person.

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And that also they could have taken two mounts. I mean, after the as the Emir of the of the believers, I'm sure there were two camels, you know,

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what is your take one camera,

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we'll take one, okay.

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And then they have this back between them that

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one will write and the other one will lead. And then, you know, after that after time, they will exchange now unless we're doing the pact, according to that back now, as they are seeing the walls of Jerusalem.

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It is a time for the

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second hour who's writing and his sermon was leading the camera. It was time for them to exchange so the sermons that we have, look, it doesn't matter. It's only our pact is not as if it's, you know, word of Allah or something.

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We are going into the city, you are there we should be on the gavel. So no.

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He said we have an agreement we have an agreement

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that has nothing to do with anything else.

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So as they come close to the city says and Amara Delano is leading and the historian say that there was some rain so there was some mud and he's walking through the mud sill got mud on his clothes. He's leading this camel and I don't know if you've seen a camel walking it splashes it puts his foot down heavy

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so throwing up but

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as they get close to the city and the people obviously realize this is happening so they come out and oh by the imager or the Alonso was called me Romana we loved him very much. He came to us to set an hour will Satara de la mesa will warn you, he brought some clothes, he brought some very nice, you know on it robes and

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so on. And he said please put on these clothes.

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So the numbers are why? He said because you are the Emir you are coming here to take the surrender from these people. And you are dressed like this. I mean, you know, your job as patches on it. It got on top of that now there's mud on it even traveling and so on.

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So then our Adela said to him he said if I did not know that Rasul Allah is Allah salaam loved you. He said I would have used my Durrani

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he said the only thing that saves you is because resources have loved you.

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He said you want me

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to leave the Sunnah of Muhammad Salah to please these people.

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He said they were defeated because we follow the Sunnah and you want me to change

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so when they

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came to the city gates, so

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Voronezh, he saw the patriarch of Rome of Jerusalem.

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So he has a visa where is the me? That's me? Which one of the one below one on top of the camera? This is a man below.

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He said, This is what we knew.

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He said, You are right, because they don't know me. They never know they've never seen him. Anybody can live with me, right?

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People even some people even suggested to help me worry that well, no, they said, You look almost like Southern our. So just say you are him and take the keys. Of course.

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Also, our hobbies don't realize the 700. But the point being that they did not know who the person was. And Sophronia says, This is what has been predicted. And we know this is true.

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So they came in.

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And when they came in,

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they Sophronia said,

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Are you willing, I propose to you that you and I pray together.

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Right? And I pray my way and you pray in Your way together? Can we do this? Otherwise, we'll do it.

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He's an most welcoming to our church. And that is the Church of the

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Holy Sepulchre, which is the church in which they had what they call the real cross, the true cross

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on which they claim that is it salaam was crucified Of course we know this is not true, but that's the belief of the Christians. So

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he invited him inside the church says our the learner said no, I will not come inside the church. I will not pray inside the church because my fear is if I do that, then my people will take away your church. I don't want that to happen. We want to protect your church.

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So let's pray outside. So they prayed outside in the spot where today there is the masjid Omar Nakata. I was at the Church of Horace uppercut, that's where they build the Masjid. That's where these two prayed together.

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Then seven out of the runners said to them

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I see Christians here where the Jews

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so Ronnie says there are no Jews. He said we

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chased them out and we killed every Jew in this place. And we were escaped escaped a long time ago. This is not easier

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than our other answer. How can Jerusalem have no Jews?

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This city is for all three of us.

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How can Jerusalem not have any Jews?

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Then he asked, is there anybody here who is who was a Jew? And there was one of the people have one of the Muslims who had been a Jew here converted to Islam. He said you go and bring 40 families.

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I want 40 Jewish families to come here and say that Omar Abdel Fattah will resettled Jewish people in Jerusalem 40 Jewish families were settled in Jerusalem by Southern Amara delicata Nadella

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they've all forgotten this history.

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Now, why am I telling this whole story?

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For one very simple reason. The reason is, it is the hallmark of leaders to set the rules

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to set the standards not to follow whatever happens.

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Today, we live in a world where parents and teachers

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and Imams and hotze and Alma everybody

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or do this way, no people don't like this.

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Don't do this. Because people don't like this. Since when is that a standard Islam? Tell me?

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Since when is that a standard Islam that you must do what people like?

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Your job is to change people's likes not to follow people's likes.

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We are not entertainers.

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We are people who set them set to rule contemplado Martin, aka Richard

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Linares. What is the work? That Morona Bill maruf but then how an annual mon Corona Villa established good not follow the people forbid evil, not follow people.

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You're here to set the standard. Please understand this very clearly.

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You're not here to sing anybody everybody is to know

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you are here

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to say what is right. Whether anyone likes it or not. This is our tradition. This is the tradition of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

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Not for everybody. And this is the tradition that the Sahaba did

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And believe me this OMA had is this uma had power this Zuma had authority this OMA had prestige as long as the followed

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when we left this and we started chasing every monkey was running around

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saying no do this do this do that people like people like

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we have gotten to the state where nobody cares a hoot about us.

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Nobody gets anything at all.

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Our opinion doesn't matter. Whether we like something or not doesn't matter whether anything is good for us or not, doesn't matter. Nobody consults us for anything.

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Nobody cares, a hoot whether you like it don't like it nothing. Why? Because we lost our differentiator.

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Our differentiator is Islam. Our differentiator is the Sunnah of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam

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so please my brother and sister I strongly strongly advise you Please do this for about the world we don't care if somebody doesn't like it or not like it it's okay. What's gonna happen they don't come to your they don't come to your mother is that they will not come?

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Let's not come what is it that you are doing for the pleasure of Allah Halas if nobody comes no problem.

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Right. If you are in a situation where because of speaking the truth, you lose your job, lose your job, your resume is Allah not the not the person is paying a salary.

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If you are going to hide the truth, because you're worried about your salary,

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in rely on the ledger, then you have no emotion.

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And you have no emotion because then you are you are thinking that the person paying your salary is your result, the way you're human.

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Right. And believe me, all of this is in the head. All of this is them I have not seen Alhamdulillah anybody losing his job because he spoke the truth. Nobody Allah would relate to Allah subhanaw taala said Don't misunderstand, I'm clearly

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Yeah, you are not a believer, my own jewelry like

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foil I'm different from Amata Risala Wallah who? Yeah ASIMO caviness

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Alexa, oh my anyway, you convey what has been conveyed what has been sent to you, if you do not do that, you will not have fulfilled the responsibility of Ursula and Allah will protect you from the people.

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It is the job of parents to set the standards in the home, not to be afraid of children.

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Not to allow children to do whatever they want. Because you feel what will happen, what will happen. It is your job. That is why you are a parent to set the standard. It's the job of the teachers to set the standard in the work that when the mothers are in the school and so on. So we're not to do whatever the children want.

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It's the job of the moms on the teams to set that standard in the massage in their footsteps. Not worry about what people think let people think anything you speak the truth. You're the leader is the kidnap of Allah. You're the leader is the teaching of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, not anything else.

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And as long as you keep to that, Allah subhanaw taala will protect you. You don't have to worry about anything. The problem happens when you leave that and you want to impose your will and your no don't do that. Do not do that. I am not a valid Indian, you are not a real Indian. The Indian is the Kitab of Allah. And the Sunnah of is Habib Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, we ask Allah subhanaw taala and De La Jolla Lu, to rekindle the standards of Islam in the most beautiful way possible, and to get people to change their likes. And not to sing the tune of people because they like

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to understand that we are people who have been sent by Allah subhanaw taala to set a standard we're not entertainers. You're not here for likes and dislikes. And we're not here to you know, for people to clap for us. We're here to set a standard And Alhamdulillah we ask Allah Subhana Allah for his help, this will happen there is no doubt in our mind. If you start if you set a standard, that standard will be will be followed and Allah Subhana Allah will reward us inshallah. Was Allah Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was named Radhika holla