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Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen alaqua 213 Voila Antoine Illa Allah demean or shadow Allah Illallah who had the hula Shetty Cara EULA who actually know what you really should do and then a billionaire Mohammed Abdullah who are pseudo Mustafa Amin Allahumma Salli was selling my medical abductor or pseudo Muhammad what are the early he was VP engineering a madman Welcome to another episode of our our to see program page by page and inshallah to Allah today we are on page number 21 which is the final page of the first jewels of the Quran Surah Baqarah. Allah subhanaw taala in the previous couple of episodes, Allah

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azza wa jal had not started speaking about the Prophet Ibrahim Ali salatu salam, as well as some of his descendants, like you smile, and like it's happening. Oh Balikian salatu salam, and Allah azza wa jal is still continuing on within that same type of theme or that same, that same topic of discussing these prophets and what their beliefs were in terms of the Eman and Allah subhanaw taala alone and worshiping Him alone, what they called to then subsequently their people, that they call them to that very aspect of their head, and how those who came after them who lay claim to them was quite themselves as being followers of them. Because it's not just the Muslims who believe in these

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prophets and claim to follow them. It is others as well, the Jews and the Christians and others. Allah subhanaw taala shows the difference between what the late two Jews and Christians were upon in terms of their belief, and how that is different and distinct from the Eman and the way of the prophets and messengers who came before.

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Allah subhanaw taala in verse 135, he says subhanaw taala I will be letting the shape on a regime were called who then Oh NESARA do BonBon militare Ibrahim Hanifa wanna Can I mean as much shrinking? They say become Jews are questions and you will be rightly guided. Say to them no, four hours is the religion of Ibrahim upright, who do not worship anyone other than Allah Subhana Allah Tada. Allah azza wa jal says that they clean or that they make the assertion that unless you are Jewish or Christian, you will never be eradicated. The Jews and the Christians both of them accept the prophets and messengers of Allah Azza wa salatu salam that we as Muslims also believe in the names

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of those prophets and messengers that were being that were mentioned in the previous couple of episodes. Ibrahim ARIA salatu salam and Sumerian and this happened yeah goob and use of and all of these prophets of Allah Allahu wa salatu salam. Their claim, though that you have to be from their religion in order to be rightly guided Allah subhanaw taala refutes this, because actually what they are upon in terms of their religion is not what those prophets of Allah Arnim salatu salam ala upon those prophets of Allah call to the to heed of Allah subhanaw taala as we mentioned in the previous episode, in the last episode, that Jagow Valley salatu salam asked his children at the time of his

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death, what will you worship after me? And his children replied and they said, We will worship your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers who came before you Ibrahim is married, and his heart out to him salatu salam. And so Allah azza wa jal is saying that you say to people, you have to either follow Judaism or Christianity in order to be guided. Allah azza wa jal says no, rather say Bill Me Later Ibrahim Hanifa or that will be followed is the religion of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam. Hanif is the one who turns meaning he turns away from shirk and from disbelief and he tends towards the monotheism of Allah subhanaw taala his worship alone. And Allah azza wa jal says that we follow the

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upright religion of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, because all of these religions claim to follow Ibrahim, they all identify themselves as Abrahamic faiths, meaning that they all go back to the tradition of Ibrahim Ali salatu salam O Allah azza wa jal says here, that the true tradition of Ibrahim is that he was Hanif, someone who worshipped Allah alone, one that can I mean, Mushrikeen and he was not from amongst those who are associated others in the worship of Allah subhanaw taala in the following verse 136, Allah azza wa jal dimensioned this with more clarity with more detail, Allah subhanaw taala emphasizes this further, and he says, All Nabila he will not wounds, you know,

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Elaine wounds, you know, you know, Ibrahim, I want you to smile you wanna

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eat Brahim? I want you smile. Isla is Hakka boo boo.

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Well as balcony warmer will do Musa warmer otium also our isa Odeon maybe you wanna mill Rob be him learn or Federico main I had the minuman Angela homes the moon.

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Rather you say Allah azza wa jal commands, you say Buno. You say, Oh Allah subhanaw taala tells us that this is the claim that D make, that you have to be Jewish or Christian in order to be guided. Allah subhanaw taala now commands us as the believers, the followers of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to declare the true statement of the hate, and the true statement of Eman and it's true concept and what it denotes and what it how it is defined. Allah subhanaw taala says, You see, and that seeing on the tongue must be therefore also in agreement with what is in the heart, the belief of the heart. And so when you have the statement of the tongue, which matches the statement

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and the actions of the heart, then you have a man, Allah subhanaw taala that says, say to them, and in this statement, or this command of Allah azza wa jal to openly state is also a sign that we should be proud of our iman, that Allah azza wa jal toes tells us to publicly proclaim to publicly state our Imam and what it is that we believe in. So the Muslim should never be shy. The Muslim should never hide the Muslim should never feel that they can't speak about what it is that they believe in. Because Allah azza wa jal not only wants us to have this Iman, he wants us to spread this Eman to others as well. And to call others to that very imagine that Allah azza wa jal has

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endowed us and blessed us with Allah subhanaw taala says therefore see, and Nabila, we believe in Allah subhanaw taala meaning as I will Lord, the one who Allah has the right to be worshipped, that he is unique, subhanaw taala and perfect in every way, that Allah azza wa jal is unique in His Lordship and in His worship and in His names, and its attributes subhanho wa Taala

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and Billa woman Xena, Elena, and that which was sent down to us we believe in meaning that everything that Allah azza wa jal gave to us by way of Revelation, either in the Quran, what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us in his sunnah because that too is revelation, as Allah azza wa jal mentions in Surah najem that the prophets of Allah don't speak from their own desires, what they say and they command in terms of religion, that is, revelation from Allah subhanaw taala. So we believe in Allah azza wa jal, and we believe in all of the revelation in the Quran, in the Sunnah in the commands of Allah in the stories that Allah has related in what Allah azza wa jal has

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told us to do stay away from in the path that will lead us to Allah and the path that will distance us from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and Allah azza wa jal mentions in elsewhere in the Quran that Allah azza wa jal revealed to us the Kitab and the hikma, the book and the Wisdom, the book being the Quran and the wisdom being the wisdom of the Sharia, or the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah azza wa jal then goes on to clarify a woman, Xena Illa Ibrahim. And we also believe in that which was revealed to Ibrahim and this marine and his heart and Yaqoob. And the tribes meaning the tribes that came from from Yaqoob Alexander tribes have been slightly warmer all to Musa

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Issa, and that which was revealed to Moses and to Jesus. And this is what distinguishes us from the other religions. They accept prophets only up to a certain level, they believe in all of the prophets up until a certain level, whereas we, the people of Islam, believe in all of the messengers and prophets of Allah, from the time of Adam and Eve salatu salam, all the way up to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And so we believe in all of these prophets, because every single one of those prophets called the heat of Allah subhanaw taala, and every single one of them in their own time and in their place, they call to that which Allah azza wa jal commanded them to call you. And

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so we believe in all of that, in general terms, we accept all of those prophets and believe in them and that they were true, chosen messengers of Allah, that call to the to heed of Allah subhanaw taala. But with every one of those prophets and messengers, there are people who came after them, manipulated their religion, twisted their teachings, chose to ignore certain elements of their message, and so on and so forth, until the pristine Dawa and Paul that they will send you it was no longer in tact. But then the Prophet SAW Allah what He was sending was sent with a message that would last and the large soldier has preserved until human piano and its preservation is seen

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through the Quran, and in the way that many memorize it and read it and study it. And it is seen in the preservation of the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that is why Allah azza wa jal then says well, my OT and maybe your number Robbie him. And we believe in all of that which the prophets were given by the Lord, every single prophet what they received in terms of revelation in terms of the rulings of the Sharia, because we know that all of the prophets agreed on the central concepts of Islam, the concepts that we believe in after heathen worshipping Allah azza wa jal alone and so on and so forth seeking salvation through good deeds and and what have you, but

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There will be differences between the minutiae of the smaller rulings, if you like, of the respective laws and systems and shadows. And so therefore, the laws of the Prophet Musa may not necessarily be the same as the laws of the Prophet Risa. And what the prophets Musa reads about may not be the same as what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam had in terms of his laws, Allah azza wa jal changes some of those concepts from generation to generation from time and place to time and place. However, the general overarching principle of Islam, the general aspect and the broad arc of believing in Allah azza wa jal and Eman those aspects, that is something which all of the prophets

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of Allah agreed upon. And that is why Allah azza wa jal instructs, instructs us to say, learn, fulfill, obey. Now I had the minimum, we do not distinguish between any of the prophets of Allah, we don't make any distinctions. And the prophets of Allah Allah He was telling me in a number of Hadith told the Companions not to give preference to one prophet over another, not to give favor to one over another, even though we know that the different prophets of Allah have levels and that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the greatest of them. But the type of distinguishing that type of giving one favor or preference over another should not be done in a way, by way of arrogance

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shouldn't be done in a way that demeans in any way or belittles the status of any of the prophets of Allah subhanaw taala because all of them are sevens that Allah chose. All of them are servants that Allah azza wa jal loves and that Allah has honored and that Allah subhanaw taala has granted them the status that is the highest status amongst humankind, and that is the status of prophethood. And so Allah azza wa jal commanded us not to distinguish between them in that way. However, we can say, for example, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the greatest of the prophets of Allah, the owners of those five messengers that Allah chose to be the prophets of high determination of

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high distinction, they have a station over the others, it is permissible to make those distinctions, but not in a way that makes us belittle or in any way demean the status of the prophets of Allah azza wa jal

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brother we says Allah subhanaw taala commands us here, when Lulu who was New Moon, when Angela homes the new we devote ourselves to Him, meaning to Allah subhanaw taala alone. And Allah azza wa jal therefore shows in this verse, that this is the man of the believers, that everything that Allah sent down to his prophets came from him. We believe in Allah azza wa jal and everything that he revealed, in general terms because we don't know the specific details of what Allah revealed to Sumerian or to Salim and or to, for example, in risotto, all of those prophets of Allah azza wa jal, the names and the general concepts we're familiar with, but the individual details we don't know.

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But we have a general Eman in everything that Allah azza wa jal has mentioned to us by way of the Quran and the Sunnah. However, when it comes to our prophets of Allah, who Allah wa salam, then we know the details, because it is established in the Quran, it is mentioned clearly in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa salam. And so therefore we believe in this, this is the difference between the people of Islam and the religions of those who came before us. So the practices and ways of those who came before us from the past nations, from the people of the book and the Scripture and so on. Allah subhanaw taala tells us and commands us to make this statement, this is Iman, if you

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accept this, then you have believed, whether whatever you call the labels and the terms and love themselves, are secondary, because the person can claim to be Muslim as we know as Allah azza wa jal mentions concerning the hypocrites, but in reality, they are disbelievers. And at the same time, a person may not know the term of Islam. They may not know what it is, in terms of the name, but they believe in all of it in all of how often do we come across non Muslims and when you speak to them, we find that they actually believe in Allah azza wa jal when he's right to be worshipped on all of the prophets and messengers and so on. They just haven't been able to find the name that fits to

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their belief system that they have already adopted. And so Allah azza wa jal says, this is the way that the believers are this is the statement of Eman that each and every single one of us should hold on to and believe in. And therefore Allah azza wa jal continues in verse 137. And he says subhanaw taala for in an OB myth NEMA to behave according to the

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devil over in NEMA home fishing Koco first aid fika home Allah wa who was semi rely on him. So if they believe like you do, they will also be rightly guided meaning and when they say that we believe or they say that you will be have salvation or that you will have success or that you will be saved from Allah's punishment if you become Jewish, or Christian or whatever. Say this is the true definition of Eman, the one that we mentioned in verse 136. If you believe like we believe, then you too will be rightly guided believe in Allah and his right to be worshipped alone. Believe in all of the prophets and messengers of Allah, including our Prophet sallallahu

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Regal Cinema, believe and accept all of the revelation of Allah subhanaw taala including the Quran, the book of Allah azza wa jal, his final revelation to mankind, you accept all of these principles, then there is no problem, we have no differences, there are no issues. And so then you have been rightly guided. And so therefore guidance as Allah azza wa jal therefore is mentioning is what it is when you have knowledge and action, you have the knowledge and the belief system and you are willing to act upon it in terms of your actions in terms of where you take your your guidance from in terms of the worship that you're going to perform an order is done in accordance with, however, Allah azza

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wa jal then says we're interval low, but if you turn away, if you show us your backs, for in NEMA, who Vichy o'clock, then they will be entrenched in opposition. And therefore opposition to Allah subhanaw taala is when you have no knowledge. If knowledge is guidance, knowledge and action is guidance, then it's opposite is ignorance. And that ignorance or the opposite of guidance in this, in this context is misguided or being in opposition to Allah azza wa jal, and that being an opposition is when you have ignorance of your religion, or you don't have the action to go with the knowledge that you have, meaning that you choose to ignore the knowledge that you have and the truth

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that you understand. And that is when Allah subhanaw taala says, and if that is the case, if that is how they will behave, if that is how they will be, then Allah will protect you from them, plus a fee to whom Allah, Allah will suffice you from them. Well, who was sent me on it? And Allah azza wa jal is all hearing all knowing, Allah hears everything that they do. And Allah subhanaw taala is well aware of all of their voices, and all of the statements that are untrue and all of their the statements that they make that go and oppose the religion of Allah subhanaw taala and the teachings are one of the prophets and messengers, and He is all knowing subhanaw taala of that which they

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contain, and conceal in their hearts and that which they hide and intentions and that which they wish to conceal from others. Allah azza wa jal then says in verse 138, Sibert Allah He woman said, we'll meet Allah he's super well known nyrb doon, our life takes its color from Allah I mean, our religion is the religion of Allah, and who gives a better color than Allah azza wa jal or a better color of life or a better religion than the religion of Allah subhanaw taala the word Simcha in the Arabic language is like a Daya colored dye. And the reason why the word similar is used is when you have for example, water and you place a few drops of dye in it, it merges with that water until the

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color of the water becomes the color of the dye. So, if you have red colored dye, green color dye blue color dye you please sit into water that is clear. But once it emerges, it mixes so thoroughly with water that you can no longer separate the two you can no longer say this part is water that part is died before they were distinct. One was in a small bottle and the other was in a for example, a bucket one is water and the other is dark. Now that they have been mixed together they become so immersed with one another, that it is no longer possible for you to to distinguish between the two. This now is blue colored water or red colored water, it is dyed water that is the meaning

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of the word similar and that is one that says similar to Allah, the life or the color of our life is taken from Allah azza wa jal meaning when Eman comes into your heart, this is how it should be immersed within the heart, the way the dye mixes with water. That is how a man should be mixed within our heart, so that we don't undistinguished we don't say no, that part of the religion I liked. But this part of the region I don't really accept or find it difficult to accept. We don't be from amongst those people who, when it's easy going, we go and we say yes, we're Muslims. But when it's difficult, or when there's pressures, or when there's problems in society, whatever it may be,

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then we try to distance ourself from the religion and that's something which you see amongst many Muslims. When things are good and easy, it's easy, but when things are hard, then you kind of distance yourself from the religion of Allah subhanaw taala. That is not the way of the believer. We don't get to choose the true believer doesn't because they believe in a large religion, and they except Allah subhanaw taala with the heart completely and wholeheartedly, and they know therefore that everything that Allah subhanaw taala has decreed, even if it brings difficulty and trial and hardship, it is because Allah azza wa jal wants us to excel in terms of our deeds and reward and in

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terms of our station in the next life. woman asked I don't mean Allah He similar and so therefore, what is the better color to take in terms of life? What is the better system of belief? What is the better level of Eman to have than the the man or the religion of Allah subhana wa Tada. And so therefore the heart is the place that is full of love for Allah azza wa jal and hoping Allah subhanaw taala and trust in Allah azza wa jal as well as being the place where we feel Allah azza wa jal is punishment and

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Fear Allah subhanho data is under and it's wrath and Allah azza wa jal says and therefore one Hannula what are we doing? We are people that worship Him alone. This is our religion. We tend to Allah azza wa jal in worship Allah subhanho wa Taala investments that unite Allah azza wa jal and continues and he says, to have

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Jonah Villa he will who are of Buena whare buco Mallanna man Luna, wala Anna, a man who now welcome Muhammad who commanded Nola whom have his own, say on Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, how can you argue with us about Allah, when He is our Lord and your Lord, our deeds belong to us and yours belong to you? We have devoted ourselves sincerely to him Subhana wa Tada. The word Hijjah that Allah azza wa jal uses of this verse in verse 113, and cola to Ha Joon Anna, it is when you have groups of people disputing or two people disputing one or more people one or more, one or more persons on either side disputing with one another. And so they are disputing over what they are

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disputing over in this context. What is true Eman? What is true belief, who truly worships Allah azza wa jal and follows the religion of Allah subhanaw taala. And so Allah azza wa jal instructs us to say, how can you argue with this between us? How can we argue over this? Because it's not for me to decide? What is the true worship of Allah? Or what is what constitutes original Allah azza wa jal, just as there is not for you to decide that who decides it is Allah subhanaw taala and that is why Allah azza wa jal told us to make the proclamation that this is the heat of Allah subhanaw taala and the religion of Allah azza wa jal, you don't get to decide and we don't get to decide, it is

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Allah who decides, and so therefore, whoever follows the path of Allah azza wa jal has chosen to follow the religion of Allah subhanaw taala. And whoever turns away from that path, whoever turns away from the guidance, then they have chosen a path other than the path that leads to Allah subhana wa Tada. Well, who are a boon our book needs our Lord and your Lord, one Under Armour, Luna welcome mat, Amma LUCAM. And for us our our deeds and for you or your deeds, all of these religions, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, all of them turn themselves as monotheistic religions, all of them will say at some in some essence or form, that we believe in Allah Alone, that we worship one God alone. But

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the reality is when it comes to their practice that they have, as we know in Christianity, the Trinity and in Judaism are the beliefs as well. That is where the problem occurs. And so Allah azza wa jal tells us this is the distinction and the distinguishing factor between Islam and between other religions when as soon as for us, we worship Allah azza wa jal in complete and full sincerity. Allah will judge us for our deeds, he will judge you for your deeds. In verse 140, Allah subhanaw taala then continues and he says deliver your order. I'm Topo Luna in Ibrahima is Mariela is happening via Uber well as Belle Pokken. Who then owner Zara? Or are you claiming that Ibrahim is

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married? Is happy Yaqoob and the tribesmen the descendants of Iacob were Jews or Christians?

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To our level, I mean, ask them meaning the prophets of Allah why do you send them ask them? Who knows better? You or Allah? So are you claiming therefore, if the way that you worship Allah is the true chosen vision of Allah subhanaw taala you then claiming that all of these prophets of Allah, why the Jews or Christians, that this was the way because if we say, for example, that Christianity came with Jesus, so what about before Jesus, if Jesus came with his religion, and this is the way that you have to accept now in order? What about before him? Well, they questions What about Ibrahim and is married and his hack? What about Idris? What about all of these prophets, no hand Saleh and

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all of these prophets of Allah Arnim salatu salam, what were they? And the same goes for the with the Jews. For us as Muslims, what will we say? We say that all of the Muslims, all of them for the time of Adam Ali salaam, until the very last messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they were all Muslims, and all of them were given the name and the term as Muslims is Allah azza wa jal mentioned concerning the number of them in the Quran musi this as we progressed throughout the Quran, there are a number of the prophets of Allah, like Nora and others would say concerning themselves, we are Muslims, they would openly call themselves Muslims. And so

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therefore, the statements their statements that they must have been Jews or Christians, Allah azza wa jal is asking the question here, What about those prophets who came before Ibrahim is Mary is happier than others? What about them? Will they also will they also, as you claim Jews or Christians all unto me, Allah, who knows better? You

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You are Allah. Did Allah azza wa jal choose these prophets? Give them profited send to the messages and revelation? Doesn't Allah azza wa jal know better what Ibrahim was? And is tomorrow? It was, and it's happening Coleman the prophets of Allah Azza wa salatu salam, or do you claim to have this knowledge of the Unseen that you that you yourself not witness? You weren't present at that time? And that is why Allah azza wa jal then continues and he says, Woman of Lemoore mean men, Katha mentioned had that and that will mean Allah. So who can be more oppressive than the one who hide a testimony that they received from Allah azza wa jal? What is the testimony that they're hiding? It

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is the testimony that is found in all of the Scriptures, the Torah, in Jean the Quran, the role of these prophets of Allah, called the worship of Allah subhanaw taala alone, and they call that every single nation should believe in the prophets and messengers. And if amongst them at the time, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was to emerge, that they should believe in Him and accept Him as well. All of the prophets of Allah declared this to them that the time would soon come, or a time would emerge upon this earth, when Allah azza wa jal would send his final messenger. And when that final messenger came, that he must everyone must follow his way. And that's something which we know

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in our religion as well, because for my will believe, is that towards the end of time when the Prophet reciting salatu salam descends, once again, he will judge a rule according to the Sharia of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, not according to his own laws that he was sent with during his time and he said, he will rather change or he will rather follow the Sharia and the laws of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because that is the covenant that Allah took from one of those prophets of Allah. When Allah Who behalf in in unmad time alone Allah says, He is not unmindful of that which you do. And the final verse on this page, one 114 one it is a repetition of a list of

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Allah azza wa jal mentioned at the end of the last page, and that is the statement of Allah azza wa jal Tilka. Mattoon cada harlot these are nations that have passed away the hammock so but whether Comerica Saba tomb for them is that which they earned and for you is that which you earn what are known as American men on and you will not be questioned concerning that which they did. Allah azza wa jal repeats this again that if they insist, if they remain upon this and say, This is what we're going to be upon, those nations have passed away. The people of Ibrahim and is married and Musa one of them have passed away. And even if they stay upon this, they will be judged by Allah for their

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deeds, you will be judged according to what it is that you believe. And therefore, in terms of us as Muslims, Allah azza wa jal will judge us according to what we do our belief, our Eman, our actions. And so therefore, just as you won't be questioned about the nations before us, neither will we will be held to account for the generations that came before us in terms of our parents and our grandparents and others, Allah azza wa jal will judge us according to us, and you will not be asked concerning the actions of others and with that we come to the end of this page and the end of the first chapter of the Quran, by Allah's blessing and His mercy and ask Allah subhanaw taala that

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Allah azza wa jal gives us the understanding of the Quran and the ability to act upon its teachings Baraka lofi come with Solomon now I'm gonna be

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in Santa Monica

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