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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of creating a life full of blessing and sharing answers for one's life. They share a story about a woman who created a solution for her own suffering and become a positive person for everyone. The speaker also mentions a program called "the Sierra solution workshop" to explore and apply the lessons learned in their own lives.
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will add on to him at Hamdulillah.

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My brothers and sisters I'm reading

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the excerpt from my book.

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Allah subhanaw taala sent his last and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, as a mercy to all creation, and to teach us how to create a life full of blessing for ourselves and all those around us. Everyone everywhere is searching for answers for the question. How can we hoard this rest words and elation and create a society that is just merciful, compassionate and prosperous? For everyone who lives in it? Allah subhanaw taala send Mohamed Salah Salem and told us that his life is the answer. A template to be followed for anyone who wants a life that is full of goodness for all consent. The Sierra is the backbone of the ummah. It is the fieldbook, the live demo of the Quran,

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it is the how, for those who know the why. My brothers and sisters when I was reading the Syrah, and this book is based on that.

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I called his book Syrah as the answer, because I found an amazing similarity between the times over Surah Surah Salam and our times, the only difference I found was a difference of scale. That was one towel. Seventh Century Makkah. Today it is the whole word.

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But the proof of concept is what happened with his people. He took his people from being the least influential,

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weakest, most oppressed to becoming role models for his time.

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The question I asked myself is, do I think this is important today? Do I think I, and you would like to do this? My answer is yes.

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And that's why I wrote the book. And that is why I created this program called the Syrah solution workshop, to which I invite you please come. And let's explore and see how the life of an Amazon seller is a template. It is an example for us, which is critically important to apply in our world today, so that we become

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people who are beneficial to everyone around us.

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Just like Willow Glen was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.