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Wahaj Tarin
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Alhamdulillah Allah Avi mille hobbie REL Mata Ali

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Alhamdulillah Hila de la tapa G. Boo Boo Loma Tila Jani.

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Alhamdulillah Hill Avi autosol j burl Allah

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Subhana hoomin ala hin Avi Miyoshi Rosano Baba Yaga de la ilaha illa la Whoa, Bihar, Bihar Namu tobyhanna con la noir Li well a shadow an AVI Mana wapato wa wa molana karatu ie Mohammed bin Abdullah Abu Rasulo wasafi, whom in Hull de Vaca Li Salah, who,

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fertile in Chiba Shi Yong Juana de la with a la la Hebei even he was your Raja Mooney euro for Bella Casa del Amana. Wanna Salama for CATIA for LA Hobi Hello home. Roger had a filler he had, he had he had polyethylene Allahumma jersey he on hayama Jersey 10 lB nanometric Rasulullah Nanda t he worries about

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my beloved brother and most respected elders, friends and colleagues. We have dedicated today to the challenges of modern times and modern times are challenging.

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I say this and say it again. Never before has sin been so pervasive. Never before has sin been so all encompassing. Never before has sin reached your pockets. Never before has since slept on the pillow of your bed. Can you imagine today, there is not a place that you go where sin isn't available to you. I looked at the stats before coming here. One out of every five searches on mobile phones is a search of fluidness

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sin has become pervasive invasive, it is everywhere.

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if you look at other aspects of life, and as our chef said and my Allah protect them and bless them and guide them and guard them and increase the likes of them.

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Whilst technologically we have advanced

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and you would have anticipated that with this advancement with this ease, I would have found happiness yet sadness and depression seems to be grabbing an envelope in the whole of the human race. You know, a million plus people commit suicide every year because of sadness and depression. A million people it's the biggest killer and No one calls it what it needs to be called a no one's labeled the secret terrorist and it's the biggest killer on earth today or one of the biggest killers on earth today. Sadness seems to be gripping human grind.

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And the results of this handle Harlock divorce rates have climbed through the roof 44% of the marriages and forgive the sadness and this end up in divorce within the first 15 years and

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the vicious cycle continues so that forbidden May Allah protect one and all if you have come as a product of a broken home and my honor and protect everyone out up your chances of getting divorced when your marriage itself increases and of both the couples come from broken families. 156% comes to the locker. It's mind boggling it doesn't make mathematical sense. But the chance quad triples and quadruples.

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So our challenges are in this backdrop in this climate. Muslims are trying to live to have families to grow to go to school. It is difficult days. But that isn't the surprise. The Prophet told us this

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is Salalah alayhi wa sallam

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in his last days, and you will know the story. He goes with a boom away Heba to the graveyard of Dotty, and he wants him up to battle fitten Calcutta in Leyland Muslim, calamities challenges difficulties are dawning upon my nation are waiting on the brink to be unleashed upon my oma. They will cover you like a dark night wave after the after a wave

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All for short Romina oola and every time the next challenge worse than its previous one, the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said yet plns is a man on uncopyable fee, he added in a copy,

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there will come a time where for a man to hold on to his religion will be like holding on to burning coal. And you understand when you hold the burning coal, it is very tempting and desirable to let bits of it go or let go.

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These are times

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in which we live. But then the Prophet gave the beautiful news and I want to share this with you the raw soul said in a memoir I am a sob. After you my Sahaba will come the days of patience. Little mo tamasic aefi habima and tamale he a judo home scene and whoever and those days have difficulty and patience holds on to what you have held on to for him will be the reward of 50 So, they say the auto solo law Hamsun min min home 50 of us or 50 of them 50 of the US have or 50 of the of the time have eaten and the time of subber he said Bellman calm know the reward will be 50 of my Sahaba

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but the condition Bhima and toma la if they hold on to what you have held on to everyday take the path that you have taken and wearable kada if we take the path that they took all our problems will be solved all up and I listened and Alhamdulillah arthropod is a little bit ASVAB is going to take

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us the means available to you is the Sunnah, so if it is a computer that is a problem in your family, learn how to use it, learn how to control it, there are endless programs out there that will help you to monitor and keep up to date with what your children are doing. If it is a business transaction, you have to learn Excel and develop skills to be able to do that. Those are the above and you need to hold on to it. But the crux of the problem and I picked it from the words of our dear chef Suleiman Mullah the crux of the problem is the problem of the half so that if we fix this horrible Aqaba, everything else will be fixed Allah say so. Allah say so. Listen parler subhana wa

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mania tequila Yaga Allah hoomin Emery he Yusra. Whoever has stuck to our of Allah. Allah will ease in his situation. What is taqwa?

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A person came to Abu huraira the Allahu Allah subhanho wa tiss taqwa so Abu hurayrah radi Allahu Allahu Allah asked him, Have you ever crossed a thorny path? Have you ever walked on a pathway? This forms? He said, Yes, he goes, What did you do? He said, I grabbed my cloak around me carefully and navigated my way safely, so that my gob does not get stuck and tangled up in any of the tones. It goes on that is stuck,

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to go through life, cautious and conscientious, that I am not stepped in anything that is the disobedience of Allah, my lord become unhappy.

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So taqwa is Allah consciousness, that in everything you do you say what does a lot of biologists say? Will Allah become happy, jealous of Hannah? If I overlook this will he become happy? If I take an exception to that? Do you understand that your whole of life with your family, with your wife with your kids, everything is related to this and Allah guarantee says,

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when money or tequila whoever has taqwa of Allah whoever becomes Allah conscious I will make his situation easy for him.

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You have family problems, Allah says I will make it easy you're going through a divorce. Allah says I will make it easy. You having a quote problem, Allah says I will make it easy.

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You have financial problems, Allah subhana wa Mejia tequila, Allahu Maharajah while your resume in high school.

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If you have problems financially, Allah says have my taqwa become Allah conscious. Love Me and remember me and fear me and I will solve it the way judge Allahu Maharaja, I will make a way out for you. Imagine this auditorium is blocked like it's old brick walls. If there's a door Maharaja is already there, no one needs to make a massage for you. But if there is a door or everything is blocked a lot of but as the size I will tear away out for you, your jala who Maharajah while your resume in high school.

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And I will provide for you from means you didn't anticipate one of the beautiful stories that I mentioned over and over again. There was a person in the

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pasties name was Hatem allow some rights just stuffing your nappy, Leila Hillary and he came to his family wanting to go to Hajj. So he said, You know, I want to go to Hajj, Hajj and those days was a long trip took many, many weeks and many months. And he said, I want to go to hedge, but I don't have enough provisions for you guys. So what do you say? So the wife said, haha, let's do it some other times when you have the means, but then the daughter the daughter was special.

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So she said, Dad, in of law, what was the opposite of what is Mateen? Go Allah will provide for us. So that took heart from this and went and when he went a little while later, a couple of weeks later, the provisions ran out. So the moment the rest of the siblings are you big mouth. What What happened? So the little girl went to the backroom

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and she raises her hands and she says, Allah hum and who local Huck, woman tequila. Allahu Maharaja your home in Haifa, zip. And oh la, you said in your word is the true that whoever has a lot of consciousness, you will find the way out and you would provide from means unanticipated and her hand is in the dryer and the door knocks.

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So she goes and opens the door and it's the God of the governor, the entourage of the governor is you know, His Excellency is crossing through here. He's thirsty. Do you have any water so she went and got water and made it nice presentable, you know, Amanda Zilla home, they took the man took the water, took it to the governor, and the governor drank the water and he found in a delight, or Allah put the light in it for him. So he drank and it made him think where did this water come from? Who did you get this from? So they said from the house of Hatton

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so the famous hot Yes, we must go say salam. They said No, Your Excellency is an homage.

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So he said then it is our duty to look after his family.

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So he reached into his end the olden days, they had those little sacks of the coins, you know, the so he reached into this and he chucked it into the house of the gold coins, but a lot of bullets wish to increase. So the man looked at his entourage and said Whoever loves me do what I have done

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so all the entourage took their purses and chucked it into the house of heart and pretty soon gold coins were loitering around on the floor and the little girl started to cry.

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So the mom said well beyond you we were poor and dying you are happy now money has come you're crying so she said a lot for an instant a human looked at us with with mercy and look at what had happened imagine of the dollar she'll Madrid and fire to Lima you read what to look at us with an eye of mercy what would happen when mania tequila, Lou Maharajah well your resume in high school and you say your status but I don't know how to deal with family I don't know how to bring up kids and I'm having challenges a lot of Blizzard says what de la limo como la have Taqwa Allah will teach it to you have stuck to Allah will show you the why and this other and many other things in this life.

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But look at this. The the cream of the cream, the Allah Allah is the size

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in Allah.

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Allah loves those who have stuck. Can you imagine I say this, imagine your little brother comes to you and hugs you because I love you. What does it do to the heart like Oh, my, my brother loves me. And imagine your parents tell you you know, the sun. Allah knows I love you.

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Imagine what law he I think imagine your stars your share a person you look up to you know hugs you and says, I love you.

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Imagine the Rasool says, I love you.

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But what wouldn't you do for that?

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I love you.

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But a lot of bullet says I love you.

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And the love of Allah Allah Buddha when he loves you, he summons Gabriella gibreel I love so love him.

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So jabril starts to love you. jabril comes to the heavens or inhabitants of the heavens, Allah love so and so love him. Your love enters the hearts of the angels. So the angels call out or inhabitants of the earth Allah love so and so love him. So your love falls in acceptance in Kabul falls in the heart of the righteous and we don't need the love of the unrighteous.

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And a lot of Buddha says why lembu anila him

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I'll move in. And remember, a bla bla bla is is with those who have Taqwa. Well, Maria,

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Maria, Maria, Maria and Maria is two types of law being with you with two types. There's the general type that a lot of bulldozer says who American Asian American allies with you wherever you are well who was sent me on Basia a summary he will be bizarrely he will be I will make a lot of Buddha is with us by His knowledge and his understanding. He knows our world and our voices reach out to him. The lady came to to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam complaining a lot of bulldozers, it's called semi Allah who Colella de De Luca fiza Allah heard the words of the lady who came complaining about her husband so Allah Buddha, he has this his arm for everyone, Muslim, non Muslim bird. Allah

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knows everything. He is aware of everything. But for the people of taqwa this man is Hoss. It's a special type of I am with you as in I am there to support you protect you maintain, you honor you boost job of gotchu

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Do you understand? So your solutions is in the taqwa of Allah shil Majeed

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and that is in this world. And Allah Allah Allah says, Well hirato in the Arabic lil Matata in the entirety of the Akira belongs to the people of taqwa.

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The entirety of the euro belongs to the people of taqwa. So you're resurrected. The trumpet, you know, the trumpet blows you come out from your grave for fat and all art and Wallah night.

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barefooted naked uncircumcised. No, come on. Now. Come on. Well, Amara, the way you were created the first time round, and you get up and you get up three ways three styles.

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Some people stand up, and they walk to the land of accountability to give account to the Lord and others crawl to it. Not others walk on their faces. And another group of people as they are resurrected angels wait for them, to give them a ride into john into the account of the load.

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One actual role Mata Puna Illa. Rahman he was the Euro cabana and we will resurrect those who have Taqwa to the meeting of their load arriving.

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And then the Surat comes what a min come allow you to her Canada, Rebecca Hackman Macedonia, and there is none of you that will not pass it. This is a decree decreed by your Lord. Everyone will pass that bridge thinner than hair sharper than blade jahannam underneath.

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But then a lot of blazer says some unknown agility in a taco and we will save those who have Taqwa and we will kneel the criminals in the fire.

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And in the calamity under the heat, and under the fear of that die away everyone is shivering and worried a lot of bluster says in in a FEMA farming I mean, those who have stuck in a safe place.

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hisab finishes account finishes Where's your abode? We'll see for Latina taco boom lol jannetty Zamora and those that have the taqwa and Allah consciousness will be moved and they hold towards Jenna, my Allah, Allah grant me a new taqwa.

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So the biggest outcome of this convention Muslims and we learn the challenges today and got skills to deal with them and the day before we learn how the prophets dealt with it and the secret is have the taqwa of Allah, Allah Azza and taqwa via

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taqwa is the purpose of all purposes, a lot of bellezza created you forward. One mahalo telegin our insert Illa Leah boon I made you for my worship. What did he make worship for?

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Yeah, Johan Nassau boo Dora como la hawla wa la Vina min public Allah Allah,

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that the boon so that you can attain taqwa as such it as the purpose of purposes. So Muslims, attain taqwa, become unlock conscious, and a lot of biologia will deal with your problems will give you the strength and motivation and the courage and their ism and the stamina to be able to plow through the difficulties of life and stand before your Lord. Allah Subhana at the end of the day, happy that you have served and happy

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