Do You Know The Difference Between A Mujizah And A Karamah

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The speaker discusses the concept of mortgages and the use of Kurama as a token for victory. They also mention Omar's actions during the Iraq War and the strategy of moving into the region to defeat enemies. The speaker suggests that Kurama is a gift from Allah's subhanaw.

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We have in our literature, in our understanding mortgages. There's the concept of mortgages, this comes from the verb, our job, and our job is to be unable to do something, something that's sort of beyond you. Right? And so a mortgages are, is a miracle given to

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the Prophets. And the term that use if it happens with a person who's not in a prophetic state is Kurama. So there's difference between mortgages and Kurama margins that comes to the prophets. But Kurama can come to somebody else, who's not a prophet. But yet Allah bless them, literally to have a miraculous event to take place. For instance, to give you an idea of Kurama, one of the great leaders, the great Khalifa has Omar Abdullah top rhodiola,

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when he took over as the leader of the Muslims, the Persian Empire had attacked the Muslims from the eastern side. And it was a major empire with a huge army and the Muslims had to defend themselves. He said forward Saudi, but who costs Rhodiola Juan and his forces into Iraq. And when they were in a particular area of the Tigris Euphrates region, there was a group of the Muslim warriors led by a person named Satria Rhodiola one and they were moving to carry out a mission and in front of them was a mountain with a pass and

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the enemy were an ambush.

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So that if the Muslims went through this past, the enemy would then hail down on them stones, and then surround them and defeat them. And Omar ricotta was in Medina

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and his report, he was given the footpath Juma and something came up inside of him.

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Some sort of feeling came up inside of him, and so he shouted, yeah, Saudia algebra.

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Right. And obviously, the people in Medina

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probably looked at him like, you know, something's wrong with him because Saudia is 1000 miles away or so. But he said, and then it is Saudi. I reports later that they heard Omar's voice, like booming like loudspeaker today for us will be like a loudspeaker, saying, Saudia the mountain.

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And then when they thought about that, then they re analyze the mountain and they were able to strategically move into defeat the enemies. This is karamba they did not have mass communications.

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And it's something purely a gift from Allah subhanaw taala