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A consultant discusses the similarities between political and economic conditions in the present century, citing the success of Sirteen's "well-done program" in achieving world-class goals. They explain that their "well-done program" is a pilot program for them to apply to their world. The consultant also mentions their "well-done program" in various countries and mentions a new "well-done program" in Seattle.

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Villa Ramallah Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Aisha Villa ba will mousseline Muhammad

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Ali Salam, the Sleeman cathedral cathedra. My brothers and sisters, when I studied the Syrah of Rasulillah Salam, from my perspective, as a leadership consultant, I was amazed to find something very incredible. And that was that the conditions of seventh century Arabia

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were so similar to our conditions today, in the 21st century, globally speaking,

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political conditions, economic conditions, social conditions

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are very, very similar. Now, why is that important? Because,

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in this era, what we see here is that Rasulullah, Salah, was able to take his people from being the least influential, most disliked, most oppressed

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to becoming role models for their world, in a period of a single generation.

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In America, de la, who became the Hollywood mostly me, I will work near, he was from the same generation as our sources.

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Now, question is how

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that is where I

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researched, and I wrote my book, Sierra is the answer.

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in this book,

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and that's the Sierra is the answer. Now, in this book, what I have tried to show is how we have for our worldly problems today, how we have a well documented, well researched methodology that works. Seventh Century Arabia,

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from the perspective of

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today, was like a pilot program

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for us to apply in our world today. Now, why is that important? Because as I said, what he did, worked in conditions, very, very similar, if not identical to our conditions. And so therefore, my contention is that if what he did worked in that situation, then inshallah if we try that, it will work for us also.

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And that is why I wrote this book. And we created this program called Syrah solution workshop. That's the program. We have done it in many countries in the world. In the United States. We've done it in Chicago. We've done it in West Springfield in Massachusetts. And now this program is coming to Seattle. And I look forward to seeing you there. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.