The Significance of Masajid #11

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Post-Isha Khatera

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Hello hello Bill Alameen

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wa sallahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabi you know Habib, you know Mohammed you know Allah early he Yosef big man, you know But

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Yahweh Imana al Bukhari you almost including face of Asia here and I Isha Radi Allahu Anhu call it the Hadith tonight collection of both Buhari Muslim again, read to us by Aisha this is still the theme of the significance of massage and I still have maybe a week worth of Hadith to go on to cover this from as many angles as possible. is a really nice one. You know this hadith mean you know the story maybe maybe, SLE maybe you haven't heard the Hadith word for word about you know the story behind it. So it's not going to be news to you. If it is, you know, the Lord had told us call it or a toonie or rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa early he was salam ala birbee How jurati OMA is

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that I remember myself I see myself and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam right in front of the door of my room or my house one day. So again, reminder say that Aisha Radi Allahu I know, meaning I'm gonna show her how her room was right? It was adjacent to the Prophet Allah usados masjid, right. So the Pragati has also made a door right into the masjid, which was easy for him because he was there all the time. And he would go home just to that door. So she said, I remember standing right at the door, and she wouldn't usually stand there because men are coming in and out so she wouldn't stand at the door very often, or almost ever but she was standing that day with him. Alia salatu salam,

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you remember standing with the Prophet one day at the door of my room? Well, hi Bashar to El gouna Fill masjid and the people from Habesha were playing in the masjid. And another narration not in digital Hi, Hannah and outside. In other collections, they were using their spears. I mean, they were playing with their with the spears or some of some of the weapons that they brought with them. And as I explained me about a week or two ago, and how Basha so the probability of sodomy sent people there. He said how Bucha here doesn't isn't the country's mean that people from harbors and it's just it's the linguistic term that the Arabic language is capable of. So the body is awesome

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sent, obviously some Muslims sustain and be seen here for a certain period of time. And then they came back and when they came back, then come back the same number they went, they came back maybe 15 or 20 fold, like they went 200 They came back a couple of 100 people. People got married, they had children, there's a lot of people who have converted and accepted Islam and how much and they came in, they came with them and they brought their their language and their culture and their backgrounds and all that stuff. So they have I showed that they were playing in the masjid with their spears, and they were putting on a little bit of a show and choreography. And I just remember

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myself setting up the door with the Prophet Alia Salatu was to them while the hobbit you were playing in the masjid, while a pseudo Allah He said Allah Allah you early he was telling them Yes, torrone buried, he was an own guru at him Oh, in an IBM and above Alia sauce was standing there and he's covering me with his with his Abba as I stood there and watch them play as I stood there and just watched them play in the masjid for a while. And another Hadith outside of the sign your hand that is also authentic, like the other narrations outside of those heinous all are also authentic, but that's not the wording in the sign.

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Okay, and as a loony

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I shall be it. You're done. But Otto Lula, and I say no. So he stands there for a little bit longer domains. Ellone shall be it for Akula and I say no. So he stands there for a little bit longer by Mazda Allah wa Kiffin Hi Tasha belt, he will say and he stood there are layoffs AUTOSAR I'm kind of allowing me to wait until I had enough until I got bored and I was I had enough from watching them Salalah Alia so I'm using them. Now the Hadith Can you can take a lot from this almost like you can take at least 50 points out of this hadith just 50 pieces of the you can derive 50 concepts of milk just from this hadith. But the point that I'm making with it really is very simple, that the masjid

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was a place where something like that happened, where some artistic

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show would be put on there. Whether it was physical or something else, it would happen in the masjid. And she would watch them Rhodiola Anna and the provider you saw this I had no problem with them putting on their show. Or I shall watching them. So there was no problem with them doing it. In his mind said Allah Hadees it somewhere else he would have told them take it outside. Right? Very simple. The Mercy didn't have walls. It wasn't like it would be it wouldn't be like a huge problem. Take it outside. It's not like carpeted No, no, they just had to like move 10 meters in any direction. They'd be outside the Masjid. You could have just told them just take 10 steps and that

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will be at the end of it. He didn't and he could have told her Aisha

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and he stay alcoholic. What are you doing this is there's no shame anymore. Go inside and he stood there is AutoSum until she had her she had enough of watching something like that.

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This is Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. I don't know what you were told.

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about him. But that's how he functioned. He didn't have his his lines were very clear he did not exaggerate them, nor did he run them down. He did not exaggerate them, nor did he play them down. He did neither, he did not take a line and say this doesn't matter anymore. Because people don't care about this. So this is no longer of importance. He didn't do that. Normally, he pushed it to a limit where people were no longer able to function or live life anymore. He took the line that Allah subhanaw taala Drew, and he stuck to it the way Allah subhanaw taala drew it very clearly, he didn't go in either direction, in either direction is a problem. But the masjid function like that, that

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was a service msgid offered at that time, but the profile is awesome. Again, nothing I'm saying here every night is me trying to say we should do that. There was you go find some brothers and sisters from other shelters and part of the world and have them come and have a dance here in the masjid. That's not what I'm trying to say. And then have people watch. Because that's not the service that the masjid actually offers. Now, that's not the need. That's not what the community requires. I'm saying that the masjid was whatever the community needed it to be. If you can just take that concept from learning, we learned that from him it was from the way he allowed the messenger to be so that

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our massagin can live up to the standard that the people need them to live up to not keep them in a box that we are accustomed to. Because that's how the masjid was when I grew up. That's how the masjid was where I come from. That's what I'm used to the masjid being when I was a kid. i With all due respect, I don't care what you're messing with the message was to you when you're a kid, I don't care what the message was to me when I was a kid. I'm not trying to make it what I want it to be. I'm not trying to make it something that suits me even though I'm the one who's leading I don't because it's not about me, or you or anyone else. It's about what does this community need? What is

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missing? How do you make sure the massages continue to be the centerpiece for Muslim people, male, female, young and old. How do you do it, you figure that out, you see what people need, and you offer it within the massage to make sure that this is a place that it can be available for the minutes. And that's what he did after he saw to Islam, which is why the masjid was the central part of the even after he died out of his thoughts or something. That's where people went. If there was good news, bad news, difficulty beauty wherever it was they wanted the masjid. And that's where they talked about it. That's where they discussed it. And that's where they got their information. That's

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where they figured out their plans. That's where they found their support. That's where they came up with their plans for the future. This was it.

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It's a beautiful thing that we have lost that we can easily take back. This is an easy thing. This is an easy win. This is an easy win. Just a little bit of a few adjustments. I know Aisha tell me Well the Allahu Akbar pilot. Are you tuning in rasool Allah He Salah Allahu Allah you earlier he was selling them

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and another narration so what are you to write rasool Allah has I sell them without the addition but this one is I find to be makes more sense from linguistically on the hurdler to OMA well habla Shatta Wale Abu wonderful Masjid well Rasulullah he said Allah Allah Who early he was salam, you're still only buried he was. Either you him sadakazu Allah is Allah Allah Allah you at least like so so McCullagh 100 Shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah untestable filoblu glucosyl Allahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad, while early he was like a big man, he's talking about heyland BarakAllahu li como