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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala COVID mursaleen

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Allah He was happy about

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today inshallah, I would like to remind myself when you

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about the difference between

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Wait a number

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wasn't added

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especially with relation to our Amal

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if you think about it Allah subhanaw taala did not say he will count our deeds, he will say he will wait

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the counting will also happen, but the counting will happen only when the weight passes the test.

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So, the number of

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the number of times we braid will be counted only if the prayer comes to the measurement of what is acceptable which in the breath

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and as well as rather safer way to live mousseline Allah in Oman salatu salam ala Xenon Iran

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is not mentioning number is talking about the witch

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and I say wait

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as you know in order those also in Arabic So also in English word does not refer only to physical which which also means the value of something.

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Remember, there was one cover was and we had a

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longer was Ernie does not mean the How heavy is his tongue, what it means is gay. But Mr. gagne as

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you know is somebody who's worth relying on is somebody that you can trust or is somebody who just talks and at the end of the day, there is nothing to show.

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I want to find myself when you that therefore it is very important for us to concentrate on the quality of our actions. hamdulillah we are in the month of Ramadan, a month which is dedicated for about that of Allah subhanaw taala inshallah vizilite Allah if Allah subhanaw taala wishes, in the next few days, we will be in the last 10 days of Ramadan. And inshallah those of us who Allah subhanaw taala gives the trophy will make Africa in whichever muscles that we are.

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The key thing to think about at that time is what is the weight of my dates?

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What is the weight of my date, when we are unethical for example, itself. Some people go to Africa to have fun. Some people go to Africa to hang out with friends, some people go to Africa, to make new business connections, networking,

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I'd go to these mergers because a lot of business people come here.

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So that ethica is going to be of any use to you on the Day of Judgment

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junkie thrown in the garbage because Allah who shows up late again.

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So the one of the That's why, if you take the Hadees of Nia in our Albania, what is it referring to not the number of deeds talking about the weight of the date, America Dharma network Monica.

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So the Nia gives the weight to the hour.

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So very good principle for us to remember this and to concentrate on the value and the weight of our deeds.

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Now there are two very important things

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which determine the value of a deed the weight of a deed. Number one, whether that deed is according to the Sharia also not lakita Wilson because a deed which is against the Kitab vasana has no value zero.

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So if you are doing something which is a visa if you're doing something which is haram, you're doing something you may be doing it with a good intention, that's the second part. So two things one is Is it is it according to kita wasana. Second one is, does it have a class in the near? Is it what is the Nia of the deed what is the intention with which the deed is being done is it only and only to please Allah subhanaw taala.

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But both of these have both these conditions have to be satisfied and you can't have one or the other.

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For example, in sort of our own diet, which I decided void only mousseline I live in Oman sarathi was our allergy now you're on reverse to what reverse to a problem with any

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Salah is according to kita also naza you cannot just lie

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that is the ion of event. But that same Salah which is done with Ria which is done to show people

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the same Salah which is done with laziness and you know delay it and battilana hasta was what I

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must do a gumbo pata Coachella that is Salah. Somehow fulfill

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something particular

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Allah give us good evening Allah subhanaw taala does not accept Salawat like that may Allah protect our Salah from this And may Allah subhanaw taala fulfill the cuckoo of our Salah from his Rama insha Allah, but we must make some effort. So even though the deed is according to the Gita also know if the Nia is wrong, that deed is not acceptable. Similarly, other side of the story a person may have 1,000% is lasagna absolutely only and only to praise Allah, but the deed VFC in itself is against the kittelson.

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And influence autograph Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the last part of the surah

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he mentioned those people who do deeds, thinking that they will benefit them, but those deeds are no benefits.

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For example, all the people who are committing here in the name of Nevada, all the people who are doing as an American catalana famous story when after the opening of bedroom of this

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there's a number of Delano saw some Christian priests coming out of a church and he wept. So people asked him, Why are you crying? He didn't look at his people.

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He said look at how much of his loss there how much of you know intention, how pure it is to please Allah, but their action is have

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their governing share in the name of pleasing Allah.

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So today even we have the same situation with with the Muslims in the name of pleasing Allah thinking it is about the going and worshipping at this Durga that they are making such the here making the off of this cover that cover

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this will be

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that Nia is good Mashallah nothing wrong with going with the class many people even out of gallery they do not have him so they're going out of you know, that somebody tells them that is why the people who will truly answer to Allah are the ones who create these things. You know, somebody floats a rumor. Instead of going to Hajj go to asthma three times that is equal to hatch. Who created this?

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Who created is wrong?

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Is it in the book of Allah? Is it No sooner?

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But there are Allah knows how many millions of people

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they have they don't know. So they believe you know, some shaitan sitting with a turban on his head.

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And then they have a door their agenda to darwaza

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if you pay enough money, they open it for allocation of money also.

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which is all comedy

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comes Lw da da

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da da da Jan Angelica Masha

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la hora hotel

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Jenna babkin get the colegas El Dorado

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brown Sousa, Grandpa la hora hoteller Lana, Lana Allah subhanaw taala places of

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam brought a pure beautiful Deen.

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But for some people, it is not enough they have to mix some you know filth in it, then only it was nice for

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the wasn't of the deed.

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The weight of the deed, not the numbers. And as I said two conditions kita vasana. And second one is is lasagna both have to be satisfied as a company telega you can't have one and the other No, both are satisfied. This is a very good principle. Also, this issue of wasn't it's a very good principle also to apply in our own daily actions in our assessment of people.

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In my own life, I used to have a friend.

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So voila, that one friend. If I think in my mind, I can sacrifice every friend I had before him and every friend I had after him till today on that one guy.

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There was one guy that was that wasn't one but one person, every other friend I can sacrifice on that one person.

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And to give you an idea,

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I was doing Bangalore and there was a time when I needed some money.

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And somehow he came to he came to know. So one day he came to my house. He said Come with me.

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He took me

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to a lawyers office.

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My lawyer said what why bring me

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he goes to the lawyer. He gives him a set of papers. He said these are the documents of my house.

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Take it to the bank, get a loan of the on this house and give it to Mr. Baker.

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I said You're crazy. What are you talking about? I need some amount of money.

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That money I need for business, I need some money for business, your house is worth five times, maybe 10 times that amount of money. You're putting your house, giving the house to the bank, and you give us money. What happens if I lose the money in the business is unavailable?

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Is it? What do you mean? You lose your house? I said, What are you saying? He said, Look, tell me something. He says you have a problem. And at that time, I have the means to help you. And I don't help you. He said what is the good of the house?

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What is the good of that house?

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That was married? That's the What about your wife is 100% with me in this decision?

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That's a different matter. I did not take that money. I did not allow him to go to the bank. That's a different issue. But this Allah Allah Allah subhanaw taala is knows he's with us this happened. Demand takes How many people do you know who will give their own house for you because you have some issue for a business then your own brother will not do it.

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Your own brother will not do it.

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This guy, complete stranger in terms he's not related to me nothing.

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And on the other hand, I have so many people today especially today, Allah subhanaw taala has given some visibility. What Elijah I love you for the sake of Allah.

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And then you say the same *. Always Walla.

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Walla, one word you say which he does not like? Which what's your

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if it was not for the Hadees or Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam where he said say to your brother I love you for the sake of Allah if it was not for the words of the of the Salah Salem Witch I would obviously I would not go against if somebody told me I love you. I love you for the sake of Allah I will tell him Please don't let me for the sake of Allah love me for my sake otherwise don't love me.

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This is dunya This is dunya so having being surrounded by you know dozens and dozens of people all of whom are singing your praises means nothing means absolutely nothing

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desire to turn the knob

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one day he tells me

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as I was growing

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up he said you can be cheaper on Amazon USA

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daddy's rally This is with Navy.

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As I know all of these I didn't get a white by standing is a

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very important for us assess people on the basis of weight and value people value people value people who have wasn't who have that which

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because there are a lot of people as long as you are saying things with their like swara they will be you know with us we will be your name

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instead of our last name. But the minute you say one thing which they don't like it has same people with slander you will back by it you will you know do all sorts of things against the law what I love.

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Number means nothing. Number means nothing before Allah. And number means should mean nothing before us. What means and what matters is Wait, wasn't in South Africa was in a manga guy was in a

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position a guy was

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not given a aadmi Hey, or keaveny Back up, back up back.

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Finally, to take an example of this from the Sierra, take numbers Allah Allah Allah azza wa jal, if you read the whole series of Rasul Allah salam,

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at no point in time, we're more than 100 people around us

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even though at the end, they were awarded to various durations, probably more than 125,000 Sahaba.

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And when they when they passed away, you know, they came in the parade, salado, janazah and groups and so on and so forth. But actually the core group of Rasulullah sallallahu savasana, was never more than 100

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absol group from Makkah to Medina through bazaar through through conduct through Fatima through the via to hoonah

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including in Holland and when is a very good example of this including it on

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the going towards Fatima before that the wing towards towards the towards Makkah

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and the pastor area where there was some trees and in this tree they used to be some fruits and berries

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which the adults like to eat. So abdulai massada delanco he climbed one of them

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trees to pluck some berries. And

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a very thin man he was very slim. So his shins got exposed his legs Shin got exposed. So somebody laughed at his legs. They were kind of skinny legs.

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And there was a lot of them said, those legs You are laughing at. He said on the Day of Judgment, their weight will be more than the mountain. What

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was he talking about? He's not talking about actual physical weight. He's talking about the value of Abdullah Abdullah soul as a person as among the Sahaba is one right anyway.

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said if Abdullah bin must oath quotes from me take it.

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luck, whatever he said anything that Abdullah Abdullah Saud says from me take it and that reason why no one has taken so many of the ideas which are quoted by Abdullah because that was the value of that salary.

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You know, nine, for example,

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when the house was attacked, and the bozo cave,

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when they attacked, there was a route

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the Muslims turn and run.

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And people ran in such a way salami, Acorah delana. was one of the he was an athlete. He ran from

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standing he ran

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past Asana and Asana smile desert looks like Salah has seen something very frightening. He was running like that. I was aware of it again recently entered Islam I was aware and said only are they allowed no is that only the see will stop them.

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He said this is finished this battle is over. Only the sea will stop them. Omar

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Was there somebody said what is happening is that this is the color of Allah. Nobody can stop this is the color of Allah.

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Wanted restaurant.

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Abdullah muscle avellana salam went towards the enemy

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is an alley and somebody is hanging on to the bridle of his mule the iris would not stop, stop. He went towards the enemy sir. I am Mohammed bin Abdul Mutallab. You are looking for me here I am. Because they will kill you.

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They're trying to hold him back. Abdullah masala said he turned he saw me standing there. And he said call the answer.

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He's a call to answer. He didn't say call the Muslims. He said called the answer wasn't wasn't Who are you looking for? He said call the answer. Abdullah also said I shouted. He said I call I said yeah.

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And he said they came to him. He said they came to him the turn towards him and they came from like cows come towards the car.

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He said they came and surrounded himself.

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The balloon ajar his family from his mother's height from Madeira, the austro Hungarian Tsar of Russia.

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As soon as McKee whorish. He didn't call the chorus. He did not say call the viola cadenza called the Mojave road, he did not even say call. He said call the anshar.

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They came and surrounded him

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and also said there was not more than 100

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and now Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the ayah about Baba, Baba, about finance. Allah subhanaw taala said then we help you with forces you could not see.

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Juno the lump dharohar Abdullah Hassan said we saw a black mass descend from the heavens, and it hit the Earth and dispersed and it was like some ants.

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Allow Allah. Allah subhanaw taala knows his armies Allah knows what are the jewels of Allah Subhana

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Allah help them with Malika

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and that group of 100 something people turned round turned and they fought and they turned back 20,000 of the housing

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and the route turned into victory.

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Why? Because of the wasn't enough people because of the value of people. Today this Muslim oma the famous Hadith. He said a time will come and May Allah protect us he said a time will come when the enemies of Islam will call one another

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to take from this oma pieces like people call each other to eat from a plate.

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Zazula when this happened because we are so small in number, he said no, he said you will be very large number but you will be like the form on the ocean. No wasn't

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no wait. No value, said you'd like the form on the ocean.

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He said on the sale and on the flood field. We would like to charge the flood

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The flotsam and jetsam all the junk that floats on top has no value.

00:20:06--> 00:20:09

And they asked him jasola for why why will this happen?

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And he said because of Alwan

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and he said What is 100?

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And he said hello Johnny Walker here to remote

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it's a love of video

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and dislike for death.

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No wasn't

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the love of dunya instead of the love of

00:20:37--> 00:20:42

the love of dunya and the dislike for why do you dislike that? If you love our life would want to meet Allah Subhana Allah

00:20:44--> 00:20:49

Who is this person who loves somebody but does not want to meet them that love is false. That love is false.

00:20:52--> 00:20:54

Hope Buddha or Cara Tomas,

00:20:55--> 00:21:02

we ask Allah subhanaw taala to remove a Buddha from our heart to help us in this month to earn his pleasure

00:21:04--> 00:21:45

to open our hearts to his foot and to his love. And to open our hearts to the love of his mama sal Allahu Allah subhanaw taala and the love of bringing his son like to our lives, inshallah Allah tala gives us we will talk about all of this in the days to come. But seriously seriously let us ask ourselves wasn't is not about judging other people. He chose to judge ourselves and say what is my wasn't? What is my wit? Before a law? What is the weight of my arm? Well before law, what is my weight as a friend was somebody else? sharp was pointing a finger at somebody else saying what kind of a friend is he? What kind of what kind of rate are you?

00:21:46--> 00:21:48

What kind of a friend are you?

00:21:49--> 00:21:59

And I give an example from my own life, somebody of our time not and I'm not talking about friends. The people of the past were good people. I'm talking about people today.

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you ask Allah subhanaw taala to make this easy for us and to help us in our practice of our Deen in such a way that it pleases him was a lalana will kill him while he was heavy his main bureaucratically